Crazy Bug Eyed Bloater with Swollen Tongue

Crazy Bug Eyed Bloater with Swollen Tongue

What a day…but surely better than the day this man had. That is some creepy shit right there. So you know your pal Obli had to share it with you. Eyes bugging the fuck out, tongue swollen and looking like a slab of liver. All I really know is that he is/was from India. Cause of death at this point is anyone’s guess.

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        1. I always talk to them and Mormons. I love contradicting them with common sense and stories about santa Claus and the tooth fairy. They tend to walk away when I tell them I collect all their comic books, like the watchtower and awake.

      1. ***India? The only place where the Jehovah?s Witnesses tell YOU to fuck off!

        21st street, Willow street, West Boulevard, Dale Avenue and County Road 800 South…

        Five additional places, where the J.W’s have told someone to fuck off STD

        …my previous addresses, here in the United States

      1. ***If OBAMA had a son he would look just like that?

        Looks can be deceiving…

        You stick this little fellar in the oval office, with a decent set of threads and a “false flag” lapel, I imagine he would start to lie like him as well…

  1. Just goes to show that the truth is often stranger than fiction, if we all saw a horror film, and “that” was one of the corpses, if you didn’t know any better you’d be sayin ” fuckin Jim Henson made that!”

          1. That’s true @amnyc, anyone ” serious “about that would need chucking in the nut house !, and I typed that without licking my own ear at the same time !

        1. ***Which can happen, but not with eyes open !

          …would you like to explain, how these set of conditions could only happen with your eyes closed ES?

          πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

          …just “pullin’ your pupil hun”

          πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        1. ***Rumor has it when you sneeze you have 1/8th orgasm.

          …they both are muscle spasms

          That is why I sprinkle pepper in my wife and I’s bed, before we make love

          It’s a 9/8th’s experience, that should be experienced by everyone!!

          …but with your own partner of course

    1. ***Those kind of corpses float around the Ganges river every day, and they drink from that water, they shit and pee in it, dump their dead in it, let them rot and bath in it?filthy fucks. I?ve seen them do it?.

      …Jesus Christ SC

      Does the chlorine kill them, or just piss them off?

    2. I have seen Documentaries on The Ganges in India. I know what you are saying. Dead bodie, shit, garbage etc…Totally sick! They think the water is HOLY and it won’t make them sick. Religion! fucking Religion, I tell ha πŸ˜‰

  2. Coming soon to a dollar store near you: Gupta Dahl ! Wanna impress the ladies in the Ganges? Get a Gupta Dahl ! Need a last minute present for your mother in law? Gupta Dahl is for you ! How about those pesky neighbors stealing all of your oxygen? Toss’em a Gupta Dahl ! Need Halloween decoration that will scare the bejesus out of those trick or treaters? Hey hang a Gupta Dahl on your front door ! And just like wine theses pungent little fellers get better with time! Time to visit the local dollar store my friend! Gupta Dahl, the original all natural Dahl that will never disappoint! Beware of expensive imitations…get the real deal! Someone gonna get a hurt real bad!

  3. Cause of death a mystery?
    Have you lot ever ate a Vindaloo? This guy obviously just had a curry which was slightly wrong in the spice mix.
    1/4 teaspoon chilli too much and that was it, blow up time!

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