Deceased Woman Bloated Too Much to Fit Through Door

Deceased Woman Bloated Too Much to Fit Through Door

63 year old woman from Parnaíba, Brazil named Teresa de Jesus dos Santos has not been seen for 3 days so neighbors decided to check in on her and found her laid out on her bed, dead and bloated. The bloat expanded her size so much, the cadaver would not fit through the door so coroner had to cut a hole in the wall to have the woman removed. No foul play is suspected and everything suggests that she’d died of natural causes.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Hello people of best gore! So glad I’ve finally found an uncensored gore/reality site that actually updates on the reg! And what better page to post my first comment ever than the page I’ve stumbled upon while Google searching for uncensored pictures of dead bloated bodies! I love this site and will make an effort to comment at least twice a month! Hope to make many friends here during the coming months!

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