Four Young Men Allegedly Struck by Lightning in Ceara, Brazil

Four Young Men Allegedly Struck by Lightning in Ceara, Brazil

Four Young Men Allegedly Struck by Lightning in Ceara, Brazil

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Viçosa do Ceará, Brazil, where four young men were struck by a lightning. All ended up hospitalized with serious injuries, but so far none died.

While I do believe there are cases of people getting struck by lightnings, I’m struggling to understand how it happened in this case (if that’s indeed what happened). Did the lightning burst in through the roof, stun some inside and propel some outside? Weirder things happened in Brazil, so who knows…

Thanks a lot for the video, @gringobrasil:

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68 thoughts on “Four Young Men Allegedly Struck by Lightning in Ceara, Brazil”

  1. nope. bullshit.

    no lightning here for sure.

    – the dude at the end who get touched by the lightning (apparently) make no sens. lightning, like any source of electricity will have 2 point, come in and come out. would never arc between the feets/legs. it mostly will go from highest point to loweest point (aka from head, to under the feet and not the side of it)

    – lightning would NEVER go througth a non conductive plateform (roof) but will instantly spread all over it (similar that if a lightning struck a car, it wont pass througth the roof to hit the driver, but will spread all over the vehicules metalic parts. if it hit a piece of rock that is not conductive, it will spread all around it trying to find a quick way to the closest conductive piece)
    – supposedly (even if impossible) if the lightning actually pass througth the roof, he will inevitably hit the ground and not the wall like in the video. (bricks obviously aint conduct electricity)
    – victims can be “shocked” by the electric wave that hit the ground. (supposed they dont wear plastic flip-flop or any kind of shoes that is not metallic) and fall on the ground inconscious.
    – considered the shit all around the house, they are chance that the whole house start burning after a lightning strike. the fridge, wich is the closest and highest point inside the house , will have been the next link to the lightning if it pass througth the roof. fridge would be completly fucked up and not in condition like in video.

    also just saying, you do not kick and slap someone who get hit by a lightning… the heart is taking a shit hell of shock, hitting the dude will kill him faster. (and no, you dont get electrified as the lightning dont stay on the body but continu to the ground)

    my knowledge is based on a friend of mine that get hit by lightning while fishing with me. and a neighbors that get his house hit by lightning on the roof (wich didnt explodede the roof, but blacked it badly)

    this look more like some kind of explosion happening on top of the roof that injured the guys with shrapnel from the broked roof.
    guy at end , i dont know, but that not lightning injury for sure.

      1. ’cause ground is wet that mean the lightning would electrify the whole ground ?

        do you know how electricity work ?

        at the moment it touch the ground the lightning is gone, it will only spread a shockwave around. it aint gonna run around and touch everybody around. wet ground or not. lightning isnt continu like a wall electric plug, its a 1 hit strike.

          1. and i have many years of electro-technician.

            mr electrician cant even understand the logic of a simple lightning…. sure thing, whatever, go play with your little toy.

            next time you see the whole country under heavy rain and lightning strike, remember that all the peoples outside are going to die in 1 single hit…. because its the logic of dumb people here apparently. including pseudo-electrician.

        1. That foot looked pretty ‘burned’ up to me. He also had an exit on the other foot and down his thigh………
          Plus the roof was just a couple thin terracotta tiles, easily broken yeah?

          1. no, not easy to broke.

            a lightning is not a flaming ball falling from the sky. it came up from ground and sky and join together creating the strike (light)

        2. You spent a lot of time writing a lot of shit, spreading misinformation.

          It is not only possible, but also very common, that buildings struck by a lightning have their roof damaged or destroyed.

          That’s why there is a very simple, but also very efficient device called LIGHTNING ROD, which prevents the lightning from “falling” through the building. Instead, it conducts the current safely to the ground, down deep.

          Also, yes, the current passing through the human body can divert through both feet. There are several reports of such cases.

          So, you damn pseudo-scientific explanator son of a thundercunt, please, STOP SPREADING BULLSHIT AROUND AS IF YOU WERE TALKING TO YOUR PUPPY DOG (surely an animal that is smarter than you).

    1. Can you please learn how to speak BEFORE you write essays of bullshit that mean literally nothing?
      “ZoMg HoW dId LiGnTnInG gO tHrU PaPeR pLy WoOd RoOf?”
      fucking waste of space because youre the type of stupid who also likes eating their own shit. Then you walk around all day being proud of your shit eating ways, not realizing your a fucking turd

          1. Ha! 🙂

            They Seriesously, should think about keeping their Amped up reaction at the same level for Circuit training purposes. However, drawing a Parallel to this catastrophe, could reduce this Amped Up behavior as well.

          1. I doubt it, this judge is a real dynamo, it’ll take a lot of juice to get him removed.
            Remember, he was volted in to office by a wide margin.

  2. They may have been trying to hook up to the power grid like 90% of Brazilians do. Have you ever seen a photo of the bird nests of wires in the favelas. Sometimes they just drape a wire onto a high power line without and secure connection.

  3. Yep, that’s a lightning strike. The blackened area on the one dude’s foot is where it went to ‘ground’ after following its path down his body.

    Again, I saw about two dozen deaths due to this during the paramedic/ER nurse part of my life, including a 12 year-old cousin that was outside when a big storm whipped up. He was running toward his house and he got hit. Killed him, but didn’t get his Dad or brother who were running within ten feet of him.

  4. And now the mother nature was at it this time , along with the other unimaginable atrocities Brazil often has to comprehend with; on a day to day basis . Its a miracle these people survived the lightening bolt without suffering from any respiratory arrests or other serious complications .
    Looks like, that bolt before exiting left all occupants of the house in a state of trance . It struck through the roof and found its way out channeling through the person’s feet who had to take the brunt by being there directly in its path .

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