Ghetto Brawl Involving Terminator Woman at NDemand in Charlotte, NC

Ghetto Brawl Involving Terminator Woman at NDemand in Charlotte, NC

An after-party for the Carolina Awards Ball 2013 which was held at the NDemand venue at 617 East 28th Street in Charlotte, North Carolina, seemingly attended by all black populace, resulted in an all in ghetto brawl starring a fucking terminator woman. This monster of a hood rant picked up a folding table like it was a piece of plastic and hurled it at the opposing party. After the opposing party retaliated with folding chairs, she just deflected them like they were blow up balls, catching one under her chunky arm. WTF? I’d hate for this bitch to slap me. She’d knock the motherfucking wind out of me in an instant.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to the disturbance call for the brawl, but found no one with visible signs of injuries and made no arrests. People involved have reportedly been unwilling to cooperate with officers, giving no accounts of what happened and identifying no one who may have been involved in the fight.

Is it really impossible to amass a larger group of black people without them turning violent the first chance they get? Are there any whites in North Carolina?

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      1. fuck, i know, it’s one thing if you’re in a gang, and it’s another when white fuckers throw them up to look cool, i dont know why white people actually try to imitate and act like black people, i sure as fuck would NEVER want to be black

          1. Please Miguelito, shut the fuck up, in behalf of all mexicans, i want to say that this piece of shit, is not mexican, he most likely is a chicano, big difference, looks like us but has shit for brains, can’t speak either language right and thinks he’s black. you can do with him whatever you guys please. just post pics us pls.

          2. MIguelito! LMAO! and I agree Tockzilla, This shit is happening everywhere, acting all gangster with pimp shit wear that’s how reggaeton was born out of black culture FACT. Destroying, insulting and infesting to other native cultures.

  1. I also share the opinion that a large gathering of black people cannot happen without violence breaking out at some point.

    It would be easy to simply say that this is because they are black however I find myself angered by such simplicity and I demand answers, well thought out, reasoned answers.

    We do not say that our televisions show us moving pictures because this is what they do, no, we research matters until we understand how and why our televisions work so lets get thinking on this matter.

    I believe that black people tend to have higher testosterone levels due to their genetic evolution. They are, for the most part, more physically developed than we are due to their, the Africans, need to hunt and survive in a harsh, dangerous environment.

    Most Africans, unlike their western counterparts, lived in much the same way for many millennia. They lived of the land, they hunted, they survived extreme weather, we on the other hand had created social structure, created farming practices, we learned to live in a less physical way.

    Evolution means that those of African decent are more prone to acts of violence, higher testosterone levels, because they needed to be this way to survive.

    Their neurotransmitters use Dopamine in slightly different ways, punishment, reward, sexual gratification, learning, all different in their approach to achievement, their minds are geared towards those actions that bring the most pleasure and because they have had to survive in the world of hunting they derive satisfaction from acts of aggression.

    The domestic cat is a great example. A well fed cat does not need to hunt birds nor to eat them and yet this is often the case with our furry friends and the reason being that evolution plays a large part in our genetic structure and therefore our actions.

    So lets not take the easy approach and lets get some thinking done

    1. Here in Australia we have the aboriginals, they’re a long way behind the evolution process next to the negro, the social problems that come with them when they’re expected to join in with a capitalist society are desctructive at best, most of them walk around the city sniffing paint, petrol, paint thinners or glue. Ive always wanted to know how to fix it, but there is no answer.

      1. Yep, I’m from Queensland, where blacks can be thick as flies on shit. I’ve punched on with many of them over the years, never at my own instigation, and have had flesh, loved-ones, pets and property violated at various times.

        Essentially, theft, violence; indeed the commission of all types of crime comes as naturally to the black as swinging into the tree canopy might to a chimp. I should include one caveat – many white collar crimes require a level of sophistication far exceeding their limited capabilities, so these are an exception.

        One should remember, these man-monkeys, indeed, were living in the stone age, until well into the 19th century. Their principal innovations – the woomera and boomerang – had been ‘done and dusted’, so to speak, by western caucasian peoples before cro-magnon times.

        The sooty miscreants shown in this video are, indeed, behaving predictably and true to form. Nonetheless they – even she most hideous and obese of their ranks – is more evolved than their jungle cousins here in Aus.

    2. I’m offended.

      How are they superior physically? Because they run faster in short spurts?

      Blacks are the closet humans on the planet to the primates. It stands to reason they have more animalistic tendencies than the rest of us.

      Evolution doesn’t cut corners, apparently, and it needed a bridge from the Primates to the Homo-sapiens.

      And everyone knows Whites evolved from the Unicorns sent from Valhalla to safe guard the Earth.

      1. Hi Silenced,

        I said more physically developed not physically superior. Superiority, physically speaking, would be deduced based upon the success at any given task and depending upon whether that task required strength or nimbleness, force or dexterity the results would be biased therefore black people, as a rule but not entirely, would be better suited to hard physical labour whilst white/Asian people would be better suited to making and designing things.

        Again, Black people possess, as a rule but not entirely, more fast twitch muscle fibres. This allows a much better performance for quick action such as running and jumping.

        When I create an argument or theory I leave any emotional baggage and bias at the door and concentrate on truth and the pursuit of truth therefore I am never offended.

        I use logic and reason when presenting a statement that way people in general cannot dismiss me as a ignoramus and must engage me in a similar manner.

        Its the best way for debate.

    3. There’s a festival called, ‘supa fest’ that came to Brisbane and its all about Nigger Music. Unknowingly, I went with my girlfriend who had scored free tickets and before we even got inside, some niggers and mauri trash had curb stomped some other niggers and mauri trash on the street. As you can imagine, the rest of the day unfolded in a similar fashion.

      1. @wicked mama, I looked it up, it’s a fashion show competition for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. Fight supposedly started because someone was mad they didn’t make it to the finals, and threw a chair…

  2. North Carolina resident here, too many niggers to count. Theres some black people, most being niggers. You’d have to go to the mountains or sporadic little farm towns to be free from them.

  3. damn all those funny ass comments kept me laughing.
    i live in Lincolnton and its about 1 hour from charlotte. THAT is the fucking reason i WILL NOT live in charlotte. it is almost all like that. you always hearing about someone getting shot or stabbed or some other shit like that. you couldnt pay me enough money to live there. i saw the headlines and thought oh fuck i dont fucking believe it we are on BG how much worse could it get. love to call NC home but so glad it aint charlotte.

  4. I seconded what 6456257 said. If you?re in NC, avoid metropolitan areas: Greensboro, Raleigh, ect. One is less likely to encounter these chimps in rural areas.
    That said; contrary to what most people believe, Charlotte is NOT NC, everyone here knows that once your feet touch Charlotte, you’re in SC.
    And SC is a sh1t hole compared to NC.

  5. I don’t know what to say about my black people anymore. Hell, they aren’t mine anymore anyway. DISOWNED! That was just fucking ridiculous. Grown ass adults throwing tables and chairs at each other at a damn party. Not ONE of them smart enough to say, “Wait a minute. I’m acting like an ape. Maybe I should stop yelling and swinging at other humans when I wasn’t even personally offended to begin with.”
    Fucking Idiots -_-‘

  6. Lol wow everyone was literally talking, acting and dressing gay, bitch mustv’e gotten up in someones grill bout they “get up” and had a little hissy fit lol. Oh btw there IS at least one white guy. 0:36 the wigger with the white/red top and that shaved sides and long up up top haircut, whatever the fuck you call it.

  7. These post is really… I’m not even sure what words would quite fit all the black comments are really not needed, what about all the idiotic shit that white people do? Lose all their money and kill themselves, oh he or she bullied me some I’m going to go to school and kill everyone! He or she cheated on me so I’m going to stab them up 45 times mom and dad don’t love me so I’m going to kill them and my little sister in their sleep along with the family dog. With y’all the list goes on there is no people more violent all the wars and taking over Whole countries and if the native people resist Kill them all because that’s the white way. Just like you throw stereotypes out about black people there are plenty about you all that you should be ashamed of just like well before this last depression dating back to the start of it there has been more white people on welfare in this county than any other group if you don’t believe me then look of the federal web site . That chicken and watermelon shit really irritates me too chickens are not native to africa so guess who was eating them first and watermelon may be native to africa but you bastards cultivated it way back in rome time so guess what you must have enjoyed the taste too and that evolution thing is some crap we all came from common ancesters in africa yeah blacks might seem more adapt for physical activities in harsh enviroments but so are whites it can be said that you all can handle and thrive in colder climates which is the reason why your skin is fairer in the first place as the population expanded and people moved to colder places there was on need for the darker skin which is an adaptive mechanism to protect against the sun. I know that no matter what is said some will still have this o well niggers going to be this and niggers going to be that but maybe I black had a fair chance in this county in the first place some of the social sigmas and continued violence and frustration would not be there. After all we where brought here byn process of elmination you tried to use the poor whites and indians and other nationalites to crop your plantations first and they died off so you moved on to blacks because of the simple fact which you seem to hate them the most for their resilence. Simple fact is because they could no longer be controlled and used legally and you all had to do your own handy work from that day forward it became a mission that if they won’t do what it told of them like some pet then they are not fit to live and be looked at as equals every thing wrong with the american black has roots or from the american white open your eyes people

    1. All the things, “whites” do wrong are EXCEPTIONS to the rule. All the terrible shit Blacks do,…well, it’s just in their nature. They are evil to the core and even they themselves know it. Slavery will come back.

  8. They are a very violent, hateful, mean, dangerous race of people. They will never-ever change. They bring down Cities and states and countries. They sponge off of hard working tax payers and close down facilities and businesses all around. They have no natural love towards anyone-not even their own kind. They are Satan’s children who love to run to trouble. They are like Roaches, they love to live in dark dingy places. Freeing them was a big mistake.

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