Group of People Swept Into Sea by Large Wave in Gran Canaria

Group of People Swept Into Sea by Large Wave in Gran Canaria

Group of People Swept Into Sea by Large Wave in Gran Canaria

On the island of Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands, Spain, a group of people tried pushing their luck by standing on the waves beaten sharp rock on the island’s ocean shore.

As they stood there, a large way swept them off their feet and into the salt water. Other large waves blew over the entire rock outcrop, making almost whole group disappear. One fucker somehow managed to stay on top, probably thanks to the rock wall right behind him.

According to Best Gore member @jassejames, the aftermath left several of them with compound fractures and serious injuries. I don’t know at this time if any of them died.

Many thanks for the video, @jassejames:

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50 thoughts on “Group of People Swept Into Sea by Large Wave in Gran Canaria”

    1. Under the sea
      Under the sea
      Darling it’s better
      Down where it’s wetter
      Take it from me
      Up on the shore they work all day
      Out in the sun they slave away
      While we devotin’
      Full time to floatin’
      Under the sea

  1. Counting 1, 2, 3, 4 Oops! It was not the 7th wave this time that was bigger.
    But in any case, as I sit here filing my nails enjoying BG, I feel so relaxed as everything is now so much more peaceful than “Live Man Gets His Chest Cut Open and Piece of Heart Eaten by Cartel”- Don’t think I’ll ever forget that one.

  2. Yeah I never listened either when my parents told me not to climb on those rocks at the beach as a kid. Unfortunately no waves ever swept me away and I had to grow to experience life. Unluckiest son of a bitch alive.

    1. You were just a kid so that’s understandable, but the amount of Jessicas and Stacys walking out on the rocks for a selfie when there’s literally a sign telling them not to is baffling. Always fun watching the lifeguard truck yell at them 50 meters away on sand. Or when a wave gets a little too big and they halfass run back.

  3. Not a lot of people understand the power of the sea till it’s too late. One moment you’re on the beach having the time of your life the next you’re in a washing machine slamming against sharp rocks the size of an American V8 engine.

  4. the human monkey always has to put himself in the path of most foul danger ..
    then he wonders why he gets swept away to die
    dumb fucks
    At least they know what salt water tastes like now
    R.I.P. idiots


  5. Once when I was a much younger man I was delivering newspapers on foot in Alloway. I didn’t have a bike (I was saving up for one outta my paper round money) and was walking along the Maybole Road. It had been raining. Then a bus passed by and hit a deep puddle which completely soaked me.

    It was just like this but it wasn’t a hot country. It was Scotland in November. I then had to deliver newspapers soaked to the skin for an hour and a half on a cold night. It was 1978.

    Memories… like the corners of my mind…

      1. @redthorn Thank you for feeling my pain man. That takes a rare sensitivity. It was a cold November back in 1978. Those beach bums in the video clip simply got the sand washed off their oiled up bods and hung out for beer and hot dogs later.

        It gets dark by about 5pm at that time of year in Scotland. It was around 7pm – so pitch dark, cold, windy and and wet. Rain and hail. I was already soaked from the cunting bus puddle incident. The evening was only lightened somewhat by some of the houses having porches which I waited under while they went and got the money for their soggy local newspaper. It was a Thursday Night and “Top of the Pops” was on folks TVs. I recall shivering (but grinning) hearing Blondie’s “Hanging on the Telephone” while I was waiting on the step of one house in Taybank Drive. They always struggled to find any money in those posh houses and counted my wet palms with pennies, two pences and smush. Never a fucking tip from any of the cunts. Shortly afterward in Finnick Glen I was smiling at the sound of the top Boston funsters The Cars playing “My Best Friend’s Girl” a little further up the chart. I bought the picture disc 7″ with my wages that week (still have it!). The relief was short lived though as at the next wet (porchless) house, the TOTPs Countdown revealed The Boomtown Rats horrible “Rat Trap” to be at Number 1. It was a looong cold walk back from The Loaning that evening, my wet pockets weighed down with heavy coinage, the rain driving into my 15 year old face… it was a defining moment for me and I instantly resented and hated Bob Geldof. When “Feed the World” and Live Aid shat itself onto the planet seven years later I was already in a heightened state of loathing for the Geldof cunt and so well ahead of the pack.

        Those fuckers in the video sunning themselves on rocks in the Canary Islands have it fucking easy. A video of me at 15 years old, on a wet November night delivering papers, getting soaked and disappointed in 1978 wouldn’t look as glamorous though.

        1. Have you ever thought about writing a book or small novels ? It seems like you already do, If you already do I apologize. That took me on a journey and quite a familiar one from similar settings as young’en.
          Ha what would you say to your 15 years soaked self right now knowing what you know?

          1. @redthorn Kind of you to suggest an alternative vocation as a writer. I have written some things which got published and I got paid real money for back in the day when people bought magazines and journals and suchlike. But I work in Education now to pay my bills.

            What would I say to the 15 year old me? Maybe some things like…
            1. “Hello 15 year old me! I am talking from the future. Hindsight is a great thing! In 1978 Joy Division released a 7″ EP called ‘An Ideal For A Living’. You have already purchased a copy. You must now go back to Speed Records and order another twenty copies of it on 7″. Box them up and keep them safe. They will cost you ยฃ20 now but in The Future they will buy you half a house when you really need it.”
            2. “Fuck University and academic qualifications. Learn to be a joiner, plumber or landscape gardener. You will be well paid and always have work. You can still read books and enjoy them. You can still write without a degree.”
            3. “Don’t suffer fools for long. They drain your spirit. Learn to avoid people who are trouble – they sap your will.”
            4. “Make more friends of all ages as you grow older. Keep in touch with them as you move home. It is hard now in 1978 but one day this thing called The Internet will make keeping in touch easier. Stick with pen, paper, envelopes and postage stamps till The Internet turns up. Old friends your own age don’t stick around forever unfortunately (though when we are young we think we’ll all live forever). One day you’ll turn around and realise that five of your six closest friends are dead. Don’t wait for that to happen. Spread your bets.”
            5. The important one? “Spread your bets.”

  6. More people unintentionally sacrificing themselves to the Gods of Social Media, I suppose. To suffer and die for the sake of an interesting photograph and a few “likes” is the very epitome of futility.

  7. What people don’t seem to realize is that when your standing on a rocky peninsula, you are essentially hundreds of meters out to sea. The waves are thus bigger than your typical beach break and if you fall in, there’s very little chance of recovery. It’s like a slippery slide into a watery grave. I’ve known people who fell in and were never found again.

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