Ice Cold Killer Ambushes Sluggish Senior Citizen of Almaty, Kazakhstan

Ice Cold Killer Ambushes Sluggish Senior Citizen of Almaty, Kazakhstan

The footage from the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan -country in Central Asia- shows Natalia Shamuzova coming out of a parked passenger car, and walking agonizingly slowly near the roof edge or railing of the prestigious “Adal Residence Housing Complex”. Then in a blink of an eye, a large icicle got loose and landed right on top of Natalia’s noggin!

The icy spike of doom miraculously did not hurt the other woman passing by, proving she is still quick enough to remain a contributing citizen of Kazakhstan. Natalia on the other hand… or head, just couldn’t hack it anymore and died on the spot from her injuries as result of her sluggish pace.

I really like these crude but efficient ways of population control. It’s fast and irreversible… Like Darwin on speed!

Best Gore member @terminator_g (GNeveNL) sends a shoutout for all the folks he holds dear at Best Gore to have a nice Xmas, and all the best wishes in health and gore in 2019!

Props to Best Gore members @srbijabgd and @terminator_g for the video:

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    2. Aw this is quite sad, if only the driver spent a little longer on his reverse parking the old woman would have survived and the other woman would have got knocked the fuck out instead. She’d have deserved it running from the scene like that

  1. Faaark me , did not miss her at all, but im suss , funny place for a camera and it was jostled and manipulated right before the actual event , just smells like a set up , could it be that coincidental to be repositioning and recalibrating a recording device moments before the perfect kill shot , i wonder

      1. Yep your right checked again and hadnt realised somebodg was filming a monitor, j thought those video buttons were from a calculator sitting on sill , dopey me , and i mean the earlier guy accusing me of being stoned picked it up as well but he wasnt prudent to include an expaination as you so kindly did, instead blamjng my rampanf drug use, either way to both of you, good call

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    1. I dunno. EYE see that other woman watch it happen right in front of her. Then she looks at her, shuffles around her and says “I’m fuckin’ outta here”. EYE saw the normal reaction from thin skinned sheep that freak out in crisis

  2. What a beautiful, quick death. What a lucky old gal. Why would you want to rot away in some disgusting central Asia elderly home? She was probably praying every day for that merciful angel of ice. And fuck yeah, let’s gross some people on the way out!

    1. Fuck!!!
      I just watched the vid again
      and only just noticed the ice.
      When I first looked earlier I was convinced that the person standing near had shot the oldun straight in the head.
      I was watching on a small screen the first time.
      Ice on the head is even more fucked up than getting shot in the head.
      What are the chances of that. Like one million to one.

  3. .. Seriously though… This almost happened to me.. Twice!.. On 2 separate occasions, during separate winters.. I’m walkin along under highway overpasses and the plowtrucks above are just launching fukn piles of this wintery mix of D. a. D over the sides and down below… Holy shit!… Lemme tellya, if you get caught up in that shit… It’s Dosvadanya comrade..!

  4. Thanks @GNeveNL

    For The Cool Video, and the Warm Christmas Wishes Brother. I Wish You, & Yours Also, Nothing But The Very Best, During This Holiday Season. And I Am Being Nothing But Very Sincere, When I Say That, I Hope You’s Will All Enjoy a Safe, And A Happy One. 🙂

    **Forgiveness Comes From The Heart, And Is One Of The Most Rewarding Gifts You Can Give.**

        1. No, man, haven’t seen it or got an email from Mark yet about it. Couple weeks ago I begged, pretty much if he would send me videos… you know, so I don’t have to go on a mission for them.. I sent out a plea on an Article for lurkers to send in their videos too… Was trying to get Best Gore more frequently updated.

          Send all you got @terminator_g and put “in care of”. That would be awesome!!

          What’s Deer & Dogs? hmm.. I think I’ve seen it.. with bunch of deer falling off cliff? Never really asked Mark what his stance is for animal death videos.

          1. I’ve seen three fatal car crashes and two dog road kills. I have to admit, only the canine incidents bothered me. That’s mostly because two of the drivers were assholes, that old guy in the Cadillac must have had a heart attack by the peculiar path he took, and they were all solo exits.

  5. No way!!! This was no accident, this was a murder clear and simple… Watch the video again… That chunk of ice was flat and cut off on both ends and really really big , I say there was a someone on the roof… and they waited for her to get out because she was an evil bitch and she had it coming in so many ways we can’t even count… this guy had waited for years to get his well-calculated revenge and probably got away scott-free hopefully

    1. And the woman who was standing next to her when the ice block hit was in on it !! as you watch the video, notice the woman who gets hit with the ice, she is just in the act about to stick her hand out and shake the other person’s hand… Then , as the ice block hits The other woman having drawn in her victim quickly scurries away without even a second thought or glance having done her horrible job well…. The victim went right over to her… That’s what really happened!!!

  6. That awkward moment you leave your mate with their head splattered and leave it to a man to actually do something, wow women leave even there own kind in times of trouble, oh well it’s like Unreal Tournament in this bitch HEADSHOT!!! Ace shit!

  7. Ice Cold Killer??? what’s wrong with warm killer? he looks pretty warm to me with that coat if you ask me. Only ice cold person here is the one on the ground. Russian Google translator is no good for America.

  8. This was hilarious!! I would love to see this happen to some negroids. I want to be that other lady and I want it to happen right in front of my face. That would be awesome!! Just need to be up close and personal while being far enough away so I don’t get nigger AIDS blood on me.

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