Intense Rockslide Triggered by Earthquake in Nepal

Intense Rockslide Triggered by Earthquake in Nepal

This cliff-side mountain pass in Nepal reminds me a bit of El Camino de la Muerte – arguably the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia.

The video was filmed during the recent magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit the country of Nepal. The earthquake triggered the intense rockslide that left commuters dodging the free-falling rocks and pressing themselves hard against the cliff side. Those who stayed in the van could do nothing but pray no large enough boulder that could squish it like a bug falls on it.

22 thoughts on “Intense Rockslide Triggered by Earthquake in Nepal”

  1. Anyone who drives that road could do with a good bang to the head, might knock some sense in to them.
    ” So, what brings you to this particularly perilous part of the world ? ”
    ” Well, it’s here, so why not ?. I knew I must do it before I die ”

    Yeh, and you’ll probably die doing it you fucking fool.

  2. I can’t tell if that’s the earth jiggling or if the video is shitty.
    I find (moderate) earthquakes to feel pretty cool. Shit that isn’t supposed to move, moves. Walls are swaying. It’s kind of visually confusing.
    As long as I don’t die young.

    Pretty puny rockslide though.

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