Machete Fight in a Narrow Street in Dominican Republic

Machete Fight in a Narrow Street in Dominican Republic

No wounds or casualties came out of this fight either, but it just boggles my mind how often these Dominicans turn to their machetes to get through the day. I can’t imagine what the country would turn into if everyone had a firearm.

The altercation took place in some kind of narrow corridor between houses. The guy in orange t-shirt wrapped cloth around his left forearm to use as a shield – he must have been in a few machete fights before to know that one needed a way to block incoming blows if he were to stand a chance. But his opponent was left handed (malfunctioned human) so that wouldn’t have been of that much help had the tension really escalated. Also, his blade was too small. The opponent wasn’t in a big mood to chop someone up that day cause he did have an opportunity to strike, but only threatened to, never really did.

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45 thoughts on “Machete Fight in a Narrow Street in Dominican Republic”

  1. ?My name is Fat Ugly Man in a stained orange shirt, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius, father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife and I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next, OK, I may have made some that up but I have a machete and can laugh like a jackal?

    1. Hah, yea, I’m a lefty too. There’s obviously different genetic makeup, but I’d like to see evidence there’s a malfunction. I’m actually not sold on the whole righty’s use their left brain and vice versa yet either.

  2. I can’t tell if the man who stood in between the 2 machete fighters is smart for trying to stop it… Or he is a complete dumb ass for trying to stop 2 people with machetes… Either way he wasn’t harmed, there were some close calls though. Lucky man…

    1. Depends on the people who are fighting. In the majority of cases the brawlers didnt attacked me as I went between them, even if they didnt knew me. Few times it escalated and some friends of one of the participating went loose on me. One time a guy was so OP, that he managed to shred all of us lol, but again mostly the people calm down, if it isnt too serious. Plus you have to have a disarming personality.

  3. Who’s the fucktard that “refereed?” Just proof how stupid these turd worlders are. To get in between two potential fighters with big blades? Yep thats using your noggin there man! Neither wanted to really do any damage. It looked more like a lets fight but not hurt each other to save face since the entire village of peasants are now watching us”

  4. Trust me, Dominican people are not as bad as you think, they are mostly all friendly and willing to help strangers. It’s just the poverty have been becoming more wide spread, which increases the crime, mostly robbery and theft, which sadly is destroying the country slowly =/

  5. I got Spanish translator,

    Orange shirt ; call me punkin one more time i’ll cut you up into zebra steaks.

    Black white stripe; jack o lanturn, i’ll carve you into a happy face.

    old guy white hat; i don’t have a shirt but i’ll cut up both you bitches.

    they must take clothing very serious there.

  6. Sadly Puerto Rico is slowly but surely turning into this shit-sack; my poor (but beautiful) country is decaying. Welfare is rampant plus police corruption is not helping either. Everyone there has connections and their own arsenals of weapons, seriously, the law of the land there is mind your own bussiness and do whatever you want.

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