Man Crushed Trying to Save His Truck During Typhoon Hato

Man Crushed Trying to Save His Truck During Typhoon Hato

Typhoon Hato hit Hong Kong, Macau and southern China today (August 23, 2017). In one of these locations, a man was filmed trying to save a truck from being blown over, but the power of mother nature overwhelmed him. The truck overturned and landed on the guy, crushing him.

I got two videos of the incident. One shows the man’s losing battle against the forces of Hurricane Hato, the other apparently shows the aftermath of the truck crushing the guy. Props to Best Gore members @hkgore and @emila002 for the vids:

Aftermath video:

Also a video from Hong Kong showing people on the street having hard time staying on their feet:

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113 thoughts on “Man Crushed Trying to Save His Truck During Typhoon Hato”

      1. @srbijabgd
        In all fairness, this is BestGore. If you want to see people getting saved then you are clearly on the wrong site. It is unreasonable to expect sympathetic comments when you can clearly see idiots dying from their own stupidity on a daily basis. Also, there is a sense of justice to watching idiots dying from their own stupidity.

          1. Confucius say “Thou who have thoughts of one’s self with a mangina anagram should heed to the mention of house, stupid, and silly when speaking.”

    1. He,he,he, true this my man @Kevin , as he now looks like a deflated strip of retreaded rubber, you know,,, like the ones that Big Rigs tear off their Trucks all the time, and that you find on highways the world over. He would have fared better, if i would have gotten my paws on him, and given him a solid kick to the temple, to try and knock some common sense into that Tiny Brain of his, Dumb-Ass.

        1. many years ago I had flat at work I called out AAA and scary dude in van showed up I got in and we drove half mile up road to my disabled vehicle. he puts my donut on car for me and it’s flat and I said aren’t you going to inflate it and he says he doesn’t have compressor (wha?) so I say can’t we fill it at gas station up road? I’ll follow you he says..

  1. Was it really that worth trying to save your truck?… it would of end up same way with or w/o you! Except you’ll never find out if your truck survived the typhoon. But, your truck left a souvenir of your head shaped embedded to the the truck and your brain flowing in the flood!

  2. Like my grand-ma used to say….stupid go first.!
    This guy is better dead than alive……….
    The good thing when a moron is dead….is that he is not going to kill someone else…….by his erratic decisions…..
    His litter will be probably ignored or abused….while his wife will be fucked left and right all the new knight on a white moped….. swallowing the new nectar in the hope of a better future…….
    Oops….!!!!! a lil humerbird in the drawer already…..!!!!!
    Let’s prepare the arrival of the new lil angel in this world….
    Life goes on………just because of a lil typhoon…….
    Having lots of fun……..!!!!!

      1. Bestest KuntKopter, he was CRUSHED in a GRIZZLY way, the son of scat.

        He wanted to rescue his beta truck. And Karma CAMED and collected. Bahahahah. I cracked up.

        If he would have taken SYNTHOL like me, he would be SURVIVEDED!!!

  3. Try tying it down if it dosen’t work, oh well that is what insurance is for…and on another note he really thought he was big and strong enough to hold back a hurricane ??? To many Anime films in this noobs life…

      1. I had a canary called bob, bought a budgie to keep it company only for it to snap both it’s legs, canary died. Moral of the story, make sure that birds are compatible before introducing them to each other otherwise tears might flow.

  4. Jesus Man,,, Can the Chinese Really be that fucking stupid? To even contemplate the idea of,,,,( aww forget it,) cause it’s just so fucking stupid, that i can’t think straight!!! To try and hold up a Truck, and were not talking about ” A Tonka Truck Either”, but the real deal, that is about to flip-over because of Hurricane Force Winds, has got to be the absolutely dumbest, and most ridiculous thing that i have ever witnessed in my entire life. Like,,, “”You gotta be Fucking Kidding Me Pal””

  5. Smart person; Hmm i dont have enough strength to lift this truck, so i cannot have enough strength to stop this truck from falling.

    Dead person; I think i can hold this truck from falling.

  6. Clearly didn’t eat enough brains for breakfast that day.

    Could also be a missing clip from Dumb n Dumber too, just need the van dressed likd dag I mean dog
    Now stay, roll over, aww good vanny, now play dead. Like this.

  7. It is totally normal and acceptable for a human man to think he has the strength to prevent a large truck from tipping onto its side. It is perfectly logical to believe that the outcome would not be negative and potentially lethal. Why? Because, of course, a truck not tipping is vastly more important than surviving through the day(s) of one’s life. A truck on its side is less acceptable than death itself.

    To me, this is absolutely normal and I applaud the man’s intelligence in understanding how little his actual life matters compared to a truck. The importance is the truck.

  8. I keep watching this trying to give him benefit of doubt like maybe he was walking up to truck and was merely bracing himself against it trying to make his way into cabin but it’s not as though it’s in parking spot and there is that point where he clearly appears to try and hold it up. what in the world happened 5minutes prior to video? did he jump out? why would he ? is this man seriously out there trying to hold his truck up?

  9. EDIT: just ten people died in this typhoon. could he be the tourist mentioned?

    Five people were killed in the gambling mecca of Macau, where local media showed cars underwater and people swimming along what are normally streets. The enclave’s famed mega-casinos were running on backup generators.

    One man died after being injured by a wall that blew down, another fell from a fourth floor terrace and another was a Chinese tourist hit by a truck, the Macau government said. Details on the two other victims there were not immediately available.

    this man’s story is out there , don’t you want to know more! was that his truck? or was he just caught outdoors and sought shelter beneath truck..
    does it matter? I think it does!
    maybe few days they release victims names and we can research, I patiently await UPDATE

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