Man Taking Selfie on Top of Waterfall Slips and Falls to His Death

Man Taking Selfie on Top of Waterfall Slips and Falls to His Death

Man Taking Selfie on Top of Waterfall Slips and Falls to His Death

I don’t know much about this video, but apparently it is from South India. It shows a guy who allegedly lost his balance while taking selfie on top of a waterfall. He slipped on slippery rocks and slid to his death, landing hard on the rock at the base of the falls.

I replayed the moment of landing a few times and I’m pretty sure he went full force into the rock with his face. That could not have been survivable. I’m actually surprised his head still looked round after the bounce.

Props to Best Gore members @yamraja and @shireesh111 for the video:

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      1. I’m not sure that the selfie is an invention @suraj-adh rather idiots have turned an invention into an idiot use for it. Rather like when my ex missus hit me over the head with a ghetto blaster. I’m pretty sure that’s not what it was invented for.

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  1. Would have been a lot more entertaining had he landed on unsuspecting Gupta’s shoulders and Gupta then headed off, forever walking like John Wayne.

    Gupta’s CV could have then read ” I can do many many tasks sir but unfortunately I cannot stop a charging pig in a corridor. A thousand thanks”.

  2. The person who fell was not taking a selfie. at 00:01 you can see a man on the top right side of the hill walking towards the man at the top of the waterfall, who may have been mistaken for the man who fell. However, he is still there after the man who was walking (not taking a selfie) towards the top of the waterfall falls, sliding for most of the fall, and landing painfully, for his whole body and for the witnesses as they watched his un-intentional downfall (pun intended). But He is 100% guaranteed NOT using a phone before his fall, and It was NOT a selfie that caused this tragedy, but an accidental completely innocent mistake of footing while walking up the hill, stepping on a very, very slippery rock and falling to his presumed death (I’ve cliff dived, these rocks get extremely dangerously hazardous when , yet not submerged in water- specially when mud is on them as well from your feet)

    He was NOT taking a selfie at all, as seen in the footage at 00:01 and I would appreciate if one of the more open sources for the world’s most shocking truths would STOP BEING SO ANTI-SIMETIC AND DISRESPECTFUL TO THE INJURED/KILLED! The first page this website displays speaks of this content as a way to open one’s eyes to biased reality, however, all I ever read on the actual video descriptions are insulting comments toward the victims, and if there is none of that on some, you will find incorrect and false information on the other half. This website is supposed to be a humbling look at the realities of this world, not a place to slander jews, disrespect the victims, laugh at their deaths, or lie about the facts. It is sickening to see from the management of this once respectable site a vulgar lack-of-empathy and consideration for the fact that THESE PEOPLE HAVE FAMILIES LIKE YOU AND I! If it was your uncle, brother, father, mother, or cousin getting killed and desecrated after death ON FOOTAGE, you would absolutely get sick and enraged at some faceless troll commenting on their “flip-flops” or how their jewish ethnicity makes them “pests” deserving to be “exterminated”, as I read in another video capturing a palestinian stabbing a jew to death. IF IT WAS YOU FAMILY OR RACE, YOU WOULD BE HORRIFIED, but it isn’t, and you PROVE TO THE WORLD that you are FRAUDS to what this website was created and once stood for- FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, which is to protect those jews from being killed in a racist homicide behind the closed doors of false, privatized media. NOW, this website sits here and makes fun of the same people that this site once “said” it “represented”. It seems like the freedom fighters of this faction have sold out, and they are just another cog in the Capitalist agenda of murder and neglect towards the population. Not I, however. I will stay strong to my beliefs, and will never join the capitalist snitch-pack like the moderators of this site who disrespect the lives lost to the hands of those who are pushing for oppression and evil. No, I will never follow in the footsteps of the accuser. Long live Humanae Libertas, and Down with the Anuit!

    1. @luciftias616

      While reading, I was about to applaud your powers of observation…,
      till I realised you’re just another NWO pro-Zionist fucktard conformist libretard (The same reason this world is so fucked up). Though I agree with some of your points, I’ll say to you the same your fucktard mainstream zionist media says to us: If you dont like BG you can simply fock off. Zionists already control 99.6% of the internet. Leave this little one for us, you idiot

  3. Not to self: don’t take selfie while standing over a slippery surface. Especially if you’re not wearing shoes. And you’re next to the waterfall’s ledge. And your on high altitude. & no one is there to grab you, in case you fall. & you’re potentially in India, where there’s probably no ‘No do not take selfies over slippery waterfall ledge’ warning sign.

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