Muslim Woman Dies While Reciting Quranic Prayer

Muslim Woman Dies While Reciting Quranic Prayer

On May 7, 2016, while reciting Yasin’s Prayer during the Isra and Mi’raj ceremony in Malaysia, a Muslim woman named Ustazah Halimah suddenly collapsed. Apparently, she died mid praying.

Props to Best Gore member @Gulliver for the video:

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  1. She crashed like a felled tree .
    Boy oh Boy was she up to reading some satanic verses ?
    Mystery surrounds the one departed .But that fan spun crazily up above and I felt anytime soon its giving way and either she is gonna get hit or get chopped off its blades but none of the two happened instead the death came suddenly but peacefully.

    That Satan of a fan spun crazily and it kinda became evident that something untoward was waiting to happen.

      1. @Theluvmuscle
        Damn well observations and their contemplations!!
        but that’s another name for a different game
        You gotta let your bowels feeling deep within whenever thought process kicks in .
        Hope ya are not without your snap judgmental skills..

        1. @blucon. When it comes to premonitions and ‘gut feelings’ (instincts) those kind of things come from the gut. The deeper in the bowel they come from, the more imperative it is to heed that feeling and take appropriate action. You sensed the fan had something to do with things? You realized it was a satanic fan. Now that’s from the gut and deep within the bowels, eh?

        1. They are infidels because they don’t believe in the same god as I, is how it goes. During the Crusades, the Christians called muslims “Infidels” and so on over time. It’s just one side calling the other side “disbelievers”.

          1. Not necessarily , they can be infidels even if they belong to the same religion and believers in the same God but with ” tolerance ” different than the other part of the faithful..
            (I hope my english is right)

    1. How come ISIS while carrying out executions at public squares not to forget at random places with their wickedly chanted prayers still manage to see another day.
      I wish it happens to all of the ISIS caliphate when they say their satanic prayers .
      I wish their own frickin sick prayers acted like nukes and obliterated each one of them to the last count to make this world a better place
      What say ya ? my man ???

        1. @Rancid mu shu75
          Amen my Bro !
          Every evil meets its end as ya know .
          This evil named ISIS has come to meet its own .
          Watch it happen before our very own eyes
          and come to rejoice.

      1. I say, you are correct 110% @blucon man. They deserve nothing less than to be cut out of this world while praying to their satanic master/s and sent to a hell where political correctness and feminaziism is the only rule?To exist under the thumbs of 77 Politically Correct female bitches for eternity…

        1. @Theluvmuscle
          Ya said it , and you meant it ……imagine their existence in a burning incinerating hell under 77 lust driven Politically Correct female bitches for eternity?perpetuity .
          where all their cum gets evaporated in the face of their Allah
          That would be the beginning of a well written end .

      1. Well with virgins waiting for me and all that rubbish after life blah blah, I don’t believe in reincarnation WORK 12, Knowing my luck I’ll come back as myself.. what a pisser that would be !!

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  2. This was torture. She dies (?) at the end of the vid fyi. The rest is gibberish. I just saved you from 2 minutes and 40 seconds of pain. You are welcome!

    Spoiler: When she dies (?) the crowd she is torturing burst out in laughs…

    1. Yep, sounded like they laughed to me too. Maybe they thought it was a joke. But shouldn’t playing a joke during their prayer be punishable by execution anyway? I mean they chop heads off if you breathe wrong. Fuckin savage people in the literal sense.

      1. Yeah agreed ~ fucking cockroaches. I bet also that not one of the fucking dirty cockroaches even attempted CPR ~ to try and undo God’s plan is punishable by beheading. I’ll say it again coz it sounds so good…. fucking cockroaches!!

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    A little ditty I just heard my 11 yr old singing, I said to him – “you must tell me the words!” sung to the tune of Jingle Bells.

      1. @Mr.Nightmare, kids are funny sometimes, I could hear him singing and I thought he was just singing ‘Jingle Bells’ then I really started to listen to his words and I thought they sounded quite funny! I’m sure some clever BG members could think of some more lines….

        @re-pete, they would probably cut off their ears, thinking that, that would stop them from hearing, “Argh! stop it, stop it, I cannot listen to that any longer!”

    1. Tassydoodles- That would be awesome to have Christmas music blasting through the entire middle east on Christmas day, without anyway for them to stop it. Some sort of extremely advanced mics and stuff carefully hidden everywhere or something. Boy would they be pissed!

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      1. @Gerry. I’ve had the strange experience with the eyes looking in different directions at once. I didn’t know which one to look at when we were talking. So, I asked her which eye she was using to watch me with while talking, so I could be sure of looking at the correct one…

    1. Loved it “yodeling the quran”.
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  5. Is it just me or does every song/prayer they do either sound like they are being shaken or riding a steel bicycle down a dirt road littered with potholes at various different speeds. Also every song they sing is either really sad sounding or has a very menacing tone. Every time I watch a beheading video and they’re doing that chanting, rattling bullshit I get distracted visualizing a sad guy in a turban singing riding an old schwinn bicycle though a neighborhood littered with I.E.D. potholes and biting his tongue in the process. It’s extremely fucking distracting and the honest reason why I have to watch the videos muted.

  6. Fuck me… what a horrific song, no wonder she dropped dead on the spot…

    Her god probably needed some virgins up there for all those killed jihadi’s, apparantly they’re running out of goats and camels to fuck over there so now they have to take old women singing awful songs…

  7. awesome…I love the ending of that song…it kinda tugs on the ole heart strings to watch it…good ending….saved a bullet there didn’t we….

  8. It would bring such pleasure to my heart to see people of all religions drop dead in the middle of their prayer. They will never know what hit them and it will never matter to them that there never was an omnipotent supreme leader in the sky and that it was all bullshit.

    Remember, just the religious people. I don’t want you to think that I want this to happen to everyone in the world. Nah, only the religious lunatics.

    You know, the ones that believe in invisible beings in the sky. The ones that want to set up rules according to their moronic ancient books. The ones that believe that they have a special relationship with this invisible being and they believe that the invisible being wants them to pass laws telling people how they should live their lives.

    I’m talking about those people. Only those people should die while they are in the middle of their idiotic prayers.

    So yeah, fuck all religions.

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