Newborn Baby with Strong Will to Live Survives Being Buried Alive

Newborn Baby with Strong Will to Live Survives Being Buried Alive

We’ve seen this type of unshakeable will to live manifested by a newborn baby before. You may remember this Chinese girl who had her throat slashed before being dumped with garbage and survived.

Boy in these photos was born to 40 year old Lucinda Ferreira Guimarães in Curitiba, capital city of the state of Parana, Brazil. She must not have been much of a “birth hurts so much” whiner cause she was observed by her neighbor to leave the house at approximately 4:30 pm with big belly, but then the neighbor saw her return at around 6 pm with belly much smaller and clothes stained with blood.

In one and a half hour Lucinda managed to find a quiet spot in the bush to give birth to the baby, then found an armadillo burrow she used as a grave for the unwanted kid, she threw him in there and buried him alive, returning back home without any of that whinery sorry women from the west are notorious for.

Neighbor suspected something rotten and went to look around the neighborhood to see if he’d spot what he thought had happened but it got dark on him quickly so the mission was interrupted. He then returned the following afternoon and as he sniffed around the bush, found a baby head sticking out of an armadillo hole, washed clean of mud that covered it by the rain that sprayed the area over night.

The baby did not move nor show any sign of being alive so he assumed it was dead and called the police. Cops pulled the baby out of its grave, 24 hours after it had been buried, and the baby started to cry. Everybody thought they’d witnessed a miracle and indeed, it was nothing short of it.

Doctors that examined the baby explained that because the umbilical cord had been cut, blood loss was prevented and that helped the child to survive. Furthermore, the child still had all the nutrients from mother stored in his body therefore it did not starve.

Lucinda was reportedly sent to prison and the child given to his biological father. Not sure where he had been while Lucinda was pregnant, forcing her to want to get rid of the child as soon as he was born. Not much win for the kid to end up with father who didn’t look after the woman who bore his child while she was pregnant.

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    1. Fucking bitch.I’d love to stab her in the eyes with rusty scissors and kick her in the cunt with my steel toes.Women out there would give anything to have a baby and she is tossing hers away…..smfh

        1. You’re logic is really ducking dumb. Considering consent to sex doesn’t = consent to pregnancy. And as much as you’d like to pretend that humans don’t have orgasms and a need for sex outside of procreational purposes, the fact of the matter is that we are a species that has sex for recreational purposes. This is just more of that gender biased “but why woman have sex if she refuses pregnancy?” Bullshit. Of course what do you think birth control is for? Not that I’m excusing what that woman did. However it’s not surprising in a country where rape, domestic violence and human trafficking is rarely punished, abortion is illegal, and the only widely acceptable and free form of birth control is sterilization.

  1. I hope the cunting so called “Mother” rots in prison and gets repeatedly broom handle raped daily by the fattest dyke imaginable.

    I seriously hope this poor little guys life is better from here.
    Pissed me off Sooooooo fucking much.

  2. Considering that this person is and infant and among the weakest of us, major kudos to the baby for surviving such a shitty start in life. We need more people, such as this kid.

    About mom, Lucinda, she should have her puss cut out or simply be skinned alive. While sex is fun, it is serious business in the ‘game of life,’ as it will sometimes result in new life. With that comes the responsibility for nurturing it if that were to happen.

  3. So glad that baby had the will to live and the mother arrested. Baby is better off not being raised by such a retarded heartless bitch. The only downside is the fact there’s a good chance this kid will grow up to be a flip flop wearing loser.

  4. Ooo thank you for sending a hoe to prisonnn that kid is going to be told this story when hes a young man I’m glad he was alive id find that slutbag an dig a nice hole for her only leaving her nose out enough to barley breath an let mothernature take its course just to make it a lil pain full id toss some bullet ants on her nose ( bullet ants r called that bc their bite feels like you’ve been shot

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