Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed

Nightmarish Bloated Female in Bed

How would you like to roll over in bed and come face to face with this shit? I’d probably never sleep again. No real info on the dead woman other than it happened in “District 6”, take that as you will. Hard to rule out foul play but it does seem to jive more along the lines of the Thai suicide. They seem to like to off themselves and as a final “fuck you” they turn themselves into horrific, bug-eyed, green-skinned, nigger-lipped monstrosities.

Lean in, and take a big whiff.

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  1. Hardly suicide, she seemed to be relaxed when she died, yet felt unconfortable before dying, hence the arm on her head. Im gonna guess heart attack… Or since it happened on District 6, can we blame aliens for it? 😆

    1. @LF – looks like an inhaler box and part of a nebulizer on that dusty headboard in the first pick… You may be on to something : problems breathing (due to dust buildup), so instead of having someone wipe it up she just tried to treat the symptoms? Oh well…

      1. I was never into the grog very much after college @Dutchy. I did battle the opies which sunk their hooks into me for a good 7 or 8 years. I managed to kick those going on almost 4 years now. Besides the occasional puff puff once or twice a month I’m a good boy now.

  2. I f I woke up in bed with that thing in that condition laying next to me the first thought that would go through my head is….My God I must have over slept.

  3. A nightmarish bloater found in bed. It’s not the first time I’ve witnessed that, not my conquest I hasten to add. No, this is reminiscent of a Saturday night some years ago. Cutting it short, my buddy said, ” Well someone’s to fuck ’em lad ”
    I remember thinking, OK, rather you than me fella.

  4. She died knowing that her pizza never arrived…

    Prices were to high, that even the drive of waiting killed her in a desperation move to pass gas on to the other side…

    In the end, her lust for food ended her on Bestgore with a smell of success…in the hood…for food.

      1. I like live women way better than the dead ones. They smell better, usually, and they make better sandwiches.
        The dead bitches stain my sheets and I don’t know what they do in the shitter but they’re always plugin’ up my toilet.

  5. What’s up with the fan in all these suicides? Bitch wants to spread the stench around or something so people know she’s dead. Who cares! You’re dead bitch! You’re only inconveniencing the people around you with your stank ass.

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