Peace Keepers Remove Corpses of People Killed by Floods in Sierra Leone

Peace Keepers Remove Corpses of People Killed by Floods in Sierra Leone

The country of Sierra Leone in West Africa has been hit with severe rains that caused flash floods and mudslides in and around the country’s capital city of Freetown. As of this post, at least 300 people have been confirmed killed. Hundreds more remain trapped under tonnes of mud that reportedly buried 4 storey buildings, after a hillside in the Regent area on the outskirts of Freetown collapsed.

Video below allegedly shows peace keepers dealing with corpses of recovered dead people. They appear to transfer the corpses from the bed of the truck that brought them there, and place them on stretchers for removal to wherever they are expected to be safely taken care of.

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54 thoughts on “Peace Keepers Remove Corpses of People Killed by Floods in Sierra Leone”

      1. You know the survivors are there saying we “Din Du Nuffin” why so much rain??

        But wow over 300 killed something tells me they don’t have a public announcement’s in place.

        I really do wish my best for those peoples where is the financial aid package at??? Obama …. anyone, Bueller ? ?

        Shit if Obama was in office we would be there already with millions of our tax payers money given to them!! I’m sorry here is $200,000 for your loss

        Hope no kids died hopefully it was all bad peoples who died.

      2. @houstonrocket

        I think, they said, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” like a long letter “a” before they’d say anything else.

        “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” or they may have been competing with each other as to who’d say the longer “aaaaaaaaaa”!

      1. Shit their Obama phones did not work there???

        But I bet his dad’s worked and he is safe and sound eating cookies with the American secret service protecting him for life since his son was president. Which leads to millions and millions of our money to protect him!!!!

        Fuck …I’m sorry wish you could swin and could have evaded but it is what it is.. RIP

    1. A word from the teacher:
      “Why is it that whenever I ask a question in here all I see is white palms up in the air?
      From now on I’d like to see a few black hands go up as well to show me that some of you have done your homework!”

  1. They should use the corpses as manbags until the flood waters recede. Afterwards, give them a proper burial inside a Tombstone Pizza. The saltiness from the ocean’s waters should provide the proper seasoning.

    Manchovies anyone?

    1. YES! Me too.
      Maybe another week of torrential rains and some earthquakes, volcanos, tornados. Whatever the fuck wipes out more Dindus.

      Let’s bring some of that shit to the inner cities of America! They need a good “washing”

      1. Shit just give one a $1000 and that dindu will have half the block wanting to kill the person for it, I saw on the news a lot of upstart rappers in Atlanta are being killed at a rate 80% higher than Chicago which is crazy high.

        What if we handed out guns instead of Obama phones shit the purge would begin immediately !!!

  2. Did similar work diving in Port au Prince after the earthquake. We would bring the bodies out of the water onto a barge or the pier where they were loaded onto trucks and taken to the mass graves in the hills. Looking back, I had a cell phone, I should have taken video but I was very much in shock after arriving and went pretty numb after a few days. 28 days in all.

    1. Exactly! And with everybody that they dump on those stretchers, the women yell Aye,ye,ye,ye. for no apparent reason, lol. Happy to see you back @uli as i was starting to worry about you brother.

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