Philippines Battered by 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda

4chan Take on the Devastation of the Philippines

My apologies to our Filipino friends, but I had to take a screenshot of that precious line when I saw it on 4chan. To make up for it, I must mention that the Philippines is one Christian country that had the balls to stand up to evil Zionists twice – when it came to admitting the Palestine to the UNESCO, and pressing on Israel to join the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Mad respect to the Philippines for not readily bending over, unlike the traitors (aka leaders) of our countries.

Best Gore member Assassinisher provided us with two videos of recent devastation caused first by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and then by Typhoon Yolanda, considered the most powerful super storm to ever make landfall. Yolanda was more powerful that hurricane Katrina and claimed more than 1,200 lives.

We stand firmly by our Filipino friends and wish them strength to pull through these difficult and challenging times.

First video shows the collapse of a portion of the Basilica del Sto. Ni帽o in Cebu City, central Philippines. The belfry was brought down by the earthquake. Allahu Akbar is quite out of place:

Second video shows a female victim of Typhoon Yolanda:

173 thoughts on “Philippines Battered by 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda”

    1. I always found it a bit ironic when someone says, and they have already over there, that the only reason they lived was because of God.

      So for all the believers that perished, that was Gods doing as well, but don’t take it personal, God just liked those people he “saved” better than you!

      Same is true for sports where some idiot thanks Jesus or God for throwing a touchdown. Me thinks people are asking way too much of God; or simply giving way too much credit where it is not due.

      1. Ahhh yes..dear i love to see your posts..i most certainly agree with you my creepy looking friend…too many invest too much into something that may not even exist…but like I’m always saying what the fuck so i really know..i nothing but a meer meat puppet in this ridiculously long game called life…. =/
        .by the way..your avatar gives my roommate the creeps when he says something bout his precious…haha…

      2. I believe in god. I’ve stared death in the face at least 3 times that I know of. And I can truly say I think god or largely responsible for why I’m here.(aside from being one tough sucka. Haha.)
        Any who just felt the need to testify.
        Much love.

          1. @frodo
            yes! It could have. Example: I’m a darn tootin talented driver. However I feel that I have defied physics in the middle of trying to avoid a car accident.
            I’ve also been found and saved while dying passed out on the floor(no not from drugz) by someone who normally wouldn’t have even been there.
            Coincidences? Maybe. But I’d be a real dick to ignore a god who saved my life so many times and continued to show me blessings. A great family, a good job, decent health with all my basic senses intact. Even an exceptionally pretty face to top it all off! Haha.

          1. @frodo
            not a single clue. Haha.
            maybe i have more to do here on earth to help others. Or maybe god(if you believe in him) is a loving character who, for reasons unknown to us, shows mercy and love to individuals.
            I presume the “if there’s a god then why do bad things happen” question is next. I’ll just say right now, no idea. Bad things have happened in my life as well. Unfortunately we just live in a world that sucks balls and that’s part of the deal.

          2. Actually, it could’ve been my mom praying for me that persuaded him to save my sorry ass from certain death and injury. She’s a sweet lady. I got her back till death.

          3. @ Killa

            That’s actually a great answer!

            But why show mercy to some devote followers, but then shit on others? I agree that even though I asked that question, it’s impossible to answer.

          4. Ain’t that a beezy? I wonder a lot ‘why would this happen to that person?’ Unfortunately I can’t ever know. There may be circumstances I might not see. However, I think its a matter of what we choose to do with bad situations that counts. For instance, I have been the victim of child abuse. Luckily ive Been able to heal from a lot of the effects of it. But i could choose to be angry and say fuck you god you son of a bitch. Or i can sack up and use my experience to relate better to those dealing with the turmoil that i went through and hopefully be of some encouragement.
            ps i love your avatar. Hahaha. “Whats taters preciousssss!?”

          5. @ Killa

            I too for the first 6 years was a product of child abuse in a hardcore sense.

            I agree with you a 100% that it’s easy to say “fuck you” because of that experience.

            Relating and sharing, if needed, is much more important. Hating, I think, hurts more in the end. Regardless of religion or lack there of.

            Another great reply! Thank you!

          6. Luckily mine didn’t last years but it was damaging because I didn’t recall any of it until years later. But the symptoms were still there. Suicidal thoughts. Anxiety. Self destructive thought patterns. I’m done with that stuff though! And you’re right. Hatred doesn’t bring healing. Justice is necessary however. But in my heart it was more beneficial to forgive.
            These days I can relate to kids I meet and not judge them as most would because I can stand in their shoes. Sometimes I even get the chance to encourage them. Much better than being bitter!
            I’m glad you’re managing well though. A hard childhood takes a toll.

          7. @ Killa

            Yeah, I agree. I went though those same emotions including self hatred.

            My healing was to first take 20 – 10mg diazepam, just to throw them up (luckily) and then as I grew, to get satisfaction with a settlement that I donated 95% of it for the good. At that point, the hatred ended.

            Great conversasion, thank you!

            This is another reason why I love Bestgore, the discussion can break the chains so-to-speak, without judgment.

          8. @frodo
            I managed to scoot through life with no meds! Super thankful for that. It ends up destroying you more than rebuilding.
            no kidding! The first time I remember feeling death was when I was maybe only 2 years old. But within the last 5-6 years I’ve had doctors look at me weird on at least 2 occasions and be like “there must be a mistake with these tests. You should be dead.” To which I simply laugh in an idontgiveafu*k manner ignoring the severity of the situation and say “that was close!” Hahaha.

        1. And I’m not mad at you killa..i once was a follower myself…once he took Silas from me though I’ve given up hope that there is a God…heaven or hell..then again..since my son died I’ve given up hope on Alot of things…

          1. That would indeed beba huge test and strain on ones faith. My pastor lost his daughter to a bear, it almost got him too. Then his oldest son just got married and had a baby on the way and boom! Lung aneurism! He ups and collapses in the bathroom, never drank smoked etc typical pastors son and the youth leader. I can’t imagine the loss , I havea two year old boy myself.

          2. I was okay for awhile…ive just kind of given up..i live for my daughter…..that’s really it…while i may say my blasphemy…there will always be a part of me that believes that there’s a possibility there is higher power…i live a very paradoxical life lately….ehh….ive seen and been through too much not to believe…but I’ve suffered so much that why the fuck should i keep believing in something that can stop my pain but intead keeps throwing more bullshit my way…in my opinion seems like Gods been giving me buttrapings with out lube long enough…..

        2. Wow – you’re super tough, you’re a talented driver and you’re exceptionally pretty. Too bad god forgot to make you humble. By the way, I don’t believe he saved you – I believe in a god but I don’t believe he intervenes in anything ever… like at all. You move a little to the left instead of the right, boom a bullet hits you in the head instead of whizzing past you. Simple as that in my opinion. Humans have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to the unexplained; we love having supernatural explanations and stories for shit that just boggles our little minds. It’s easier to digest that way, when we organize what happens into neat little packages. At one time, man said Zeus was angry and threw his giant lighting bolts down upon the flat earth. Get my point?

          1. Hahaha. I get your point. Not arguing at all. Just stating MY opinion. That’s it. I’m sorry you took my jokes as arrogance. I have a silly sense of humor. Have a good day dude.

          1. Lmao! Thank you doll. I’m straight on the hole “seeing it for myself” deal though! That’s nuts. Those African tribesmen just seem to put everything they can to good use hahaha

      1. I have only one qs. to those believers in god: why jesus supposedly living god on earth and teacher of truth never for once told people that earth is round and goes around the sun and is not the center of the universe? Such a simple truth? Not even in the bible for once it is stated,,, Something does not add up to the theory..

          1. Thank’s man, but I allredy checked it out time ago and I’m sure the bible dosen’t say about earth being round or spherical only that it is shaped as a “clay under the seal” and thats just one example I remeber now off hand. Search this: does bible says that earth is a sphere?

          1. The Round Shape of the Earth – “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in,” (Isaiah 40:22).

          2. Here it is man:Isaiah 40:22 “”He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.” (How could the “heavens” be spread out over the Earth like a tent if they believe it’s a sphere? They believe the sky literally came down and touched the edges of the Earth.)

          3. @arjuna, the writers used common language and comparisons to help people grasp the point. At that time people could understand the tent comparison because the Hebrews lived in tents.

          4. Yea You could be right. earlier I wrote that I am sure it does not says it is spherical, after checking few more samples I must admit I was wrong on that. Anyway I still can’t believe that there is some god out there that intervenes in everything and everybody just look at some shit you can see on the this site.

        1. Haha..some even sound the same too..but i love me some orange chicken..nom noooooom….Asians are cool in my books…totally understand the Asian hierarchi also..all gooks are niggers in my opinion also..blaaaaaah…clean my feet you baby eating gook cuntlick…sorry…not anyone here…i just don’t like people in general honestly…fuck society.. =)

          1. Mmmm rape and honey?!?!..sounds like the perfect night..add some vodka shots and a few Jays and that would be what id consider my heaven….ahhh..if i could only find someone as sick minded as i to fulfill this request..sigh…there’s always my trusty left hand..she never does me wrong…. ; )

          2. Hmm sure sure, you know, I’ll be going back to states when I’ll finally get my crap together here in europe sometime next year. What do you think? should we talk off this site somehow? ps. ?The Land of Rape and Honey? is one of my best industrial records I just can’t visit BG witout fucken industrial, and loud too, you could call me an industrialist when it comes to music oh, and if you wanna laugh your ass off really get everything from Revolting Cocks

          3. someone off a gore site..sounds dangerous……i like it..but I’m not putting my personal shit up on here and my roommates computer Bertha just took a shit so idk when i can make s throw away address……raincheck??.. =)

          4. Yea. As you can see I don’t wanna put any personal info here too, not even my pic in the avatar, but I’m sure we’ll talk again and something could be done, like I just had a thought: daddysprincessxo we could ask her for help I’ve seen her put some e-mail she doesn’t use anymore, and I think I could trust her with some brand new e-mail I would set up just for you. What do you think?

          5. I’m sure she’ll be lurking here soon, oh, and let’s not forget about LilMissSunshinexo too. I remember you all tree had exchanged some thoughts on pussies and vaginas some time ago,HeHeHe!:-)You know I’m laughin all the time as I’m writing this, it’s 9:30am my time and I haven’t sleep for over 24hrs now, so forgive me if I won’t last too long now, but there’s always tomorrow evening

          6. But of course..i love’s my kyrptonite in many cases……i go through woman like one who wears panties..but males are a whole different story..i can I’ve only been with less then a handful of them..i intimidate them with my…Umm..sexual lifestyle??’s 0139 here in California and I’m sleep deprived as well…until tomorrow evening Arjuna..i bid you a kind adieu…

    1. Shut up you INTSIK. Before you start ranting about Filipinos, I’d like to share a few things about your people in the Philippines. Chinese people are the biggest drug lords and drug manufacturers in the country. Your people launder billions of USD from the country to your communist country. Your Chinese countrymen rape the environments of the Philippines and steal its abundant natural resources, most especially by your fraudulent mining companies. Most of your countrymen in the Philippines are involved in illegal activities and all of them are nothing but illegal aliens. Your greedy country is now trying to take over Philippine territory. Look in the fucking mirror before you say shit, okay?

    2. you are too much chinese man. you can’t even spell filipinos correctly and you seem to consider yourself above the people of the philippines. if you, chinese people hates filipinos, the more we don’t like you for devastating and exploiting our resources. you bring drugs, crime and other heinous crimes on our land. btw, i just saw on the news, world news, that china is not being afflicted with the typhoon which devastated some of our land, and am hoping that you will be one of the survivors who would experience more than what our survivors are now undergoing. you piece of shit does not deserve to be saved.

      1. In the wake of a terrible tragedy, I don’t think it’s appropriate to add to the suffering of those hit the hardest. Today it’s them, tomorrow it could be us. In times like these we ought to bond together and forget our old strifes. I’m not advocating pretentious sweet talk, but a little word of support for affected people could mean a world to them now that it has collapsed around them.

    3. this is hilarious. this guy hasn’t said a word in months and look at all the shit he caused. well-played, sir!
      yes, fuck the philippines. i can’t wait for bloated bodies to be posted so i can nut all over my computer screen. cry about that, fairies.
      how is that many here call for the nuking of the entire middle east despite the fact that it would result in the deaths of tens of thousands of children and innocnent civilians and then when some major death does happen they all turn into cry babies.

      1. btw, i’m just kidding. its suggested that you do research on long-time members before you decide to come on here like you own shit. i’m an asshole. have been from day one on this site. if you can’t handle my fucked up humour…click the goddamn puppy.

  1. I was traveling the past 5 days, camping and shit along the Eastern United States. Anyway, when I had to jump into the fiery pits of scum to snag a bite to eat, the restaurant/bar had Fox news on covering the storm.

    Anyway, the dude ass news chick was talking to the Red Cross coordinator over there and she had the bolls to ask the following: Did that storm amount to anything that hit the United States, like Katrina? (paraphrasing). Huge face in the palm moment. Leave to an idiot American news cunt to ask something like that, it almost seemed like Amerika is the only country that is supposed to have big storms and how dare another country trump our Katrina.

    Anyway, sucks for them, Mother Nature is a fickle bitch. They will pull though it though. Chin up and all that shit.

    1. Ugh… I’m sorry to hear that, man. I hate it when restaurants or waiting rooms have TVs on that are turned to channels like Fox News. Torture.

      It sounds like that anchor was fishing for a reason to keep the news junkie viewers glued to the screen. News channels like Fox are no different than any other channel on the telly. They know what their views will watch, and they will damn sure give it to them. The more drama that can be added, the “better”.

    2. Fox News knows they have to dumb it down for their viewers. Most don’t even know where the Philippines is. A good percentage don’t even know what a typhoon is, so they have to dumb it down to calling it a storm and ask questions like how it relates to a hurricane we had way back. Fucking weak dude.

          1. Yeah frodo..after she immaculately concieved Jesus…once she spit him out her cunt she contracted typhoon and her twat fell off Bwahahaaa…welp..if i wasn’t going to hell driving the bus now….fuck am i saying??..satan will stand down and let me claim my throne once i die….to you believers and people of religion..I’m just fucking’s a joke don’t get butthurt and grab your crucifixes and holy water just yet…i might try to fap with them…another joke..?..HAHAHA…

  2. notmaly I would say kill the camera man but this is a exception to that.

    If you ever been in a simulated earth quake you should know how hard it is to stay standing let alone maintain a clear shot of something with a camera…

  3. Assinisher, salamat sa naibahagi mo. Kaaalis ko lang sa Pinas, isang buwan na ang nakakalipas. Grabe talaga yung nangyari sa Pilipinas. Taga Cavite ako, mabuti naman at walang naapektuhan doon. Sana naman kumilos ang pamahalaan para tulungan ang ating mga kababayan. Nalulugmok na nga sa kahirapan ang Pilipinas, ganito pa ang nangyayari.

    I feel sad for the Philippines. These past few months, the media has been parading about the strong economic growth that the country has been experiencing. With calamities like these, that economic growth cannot be sustained. I wish that one day the people and the government can work together to stand up from the rubble and make the country prosper to prevent the massive destruction caused by unpreparedness and lack of suffient resources in times like these.

    1. Mabuti naman. Salamat na lang at hindi sentro ang metro manila or luzon baka maging scavenger o looter na rin tayo. I hope ung mga donation ng here and abroad ay napupunta sa mga taong nangangailangan diyan sa tacloban at hindi sa buwaya natin politiko. Don’t you think its kind a odd same thing is happening during our president’s mother cory aquino almost the same DELUBYO happen like Coup d’?tat = Zamboanga Siege, 1990 deadliest earthquake = Mag 7.2 Bohol earthquake and Mt Pinatubo eruption/ash fall covered almost all pampanga region=Yolanda/Haynan Typhoon(both have long term damage). Is it just a coincidence or bad luck for an Aquino clan for being a president?

      1. Thanks for the concern Juicy. I am a Filipino-American and I feel bad about the current condition of the Philippines. The Philippines was once on a path to economic prosperity, but so much mismanagement and a emotionally centered culture these past few decades has left it in a state of chaos. The only times when the country is given international media coverage are when a foreigner has been kidnapped, a massacre has occurred, a major corruption scandal is being investigated, or when major disasters hit the country.

  4. i’m sending extra-sensory love vibrations to all the mothers , fathers , sons and daughters whose lives and world turned upside down in the blink or an eye..
    how fragile we and this planet have in the blink or an eye or a ocean wave people, homes and countries disapper

    to anyone on this board from that end of the world..i pray strenght and hope surrounds your as you try move forth from this sadness and dark place yu find yourself today

    1. Been though all the ones since 1981 – 2011 in NW Florida, most notable were Opal, Dennis and one other I cannot recall the name. I worked on Navarre beach after Opal and that place looked exactly like what happened in the Philippines, just with a lot less death.

      I look at hurricanes and their opposite spinning cousins as natures toilet flushing along with an enema. I’d always hoped that sooner or later my house 3 miles inland will one day be waterfront property.

      1. Filipinos, in general, have a favorable view of Americans, as the Philippines was a colony of the United States for a few decades. However, Americans are hated by the Chinese funded leftist groups.

  5. Looks like God cares not for he’s faithful foolish followers, a temple of deceit and fable fairy tales brainwashing meek confused indigenous cast out islanders into submission.
    They who where before and who shall reap and destroy are revealing themselves onto us thru the tyranny of nature……..
    Let this be a lesson to all. Death is coming and your on he’s list!!!

          1. Okay, so should you be silent if the government starts oppressing you for freedom of speech as with Marks situation? Can’t just bitch down because its tough to stand up for what you believe in right?

          2. What’s your point, Man? Whatever you’re trying to pipe down is irrelevant to what I am saying. Please Re-read!!!
            Freedom hahaha
            what freedom is this that you talk about? A well thought out creation to enslave many, isn’t something you should be fighting for
            (well, not ME)
            as for you if that’s your Orgasm more power to you
            Once again, Re-read all 3 carefully
            especially the last!

    1. They believe because they are brainwashed from birth, they are weak.
      To once had been part of the original tribes and to succumb to the submission of a made up fairytale……They deserve eradication for they’re deceitful manners. To denounce what was original and true they ARE granted Death…………

  6. That shit sucks. But you can’t really expect much else when you live near the ocean. No disrespect, but what else did they think would happen? I’m just waiting for the people to say that the Illuminati were behind it.

          1. In fact, on the rare occasion that he does add any other sentences to his comment he continues to regurgitate the same exact thing again and again within each reply he writes on the off chance that he gets a response.

            I think I speak for many of us, if not all, when I say that unless he is not the only special ed using this site he can rest assured knowing that he can finally stop with his repetitive streak and refrain from typing the same exact sentences over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    1. 70% of all people in the World live near the oceans. I agree with you to some degree, you’d think 70% of people would be a wee bit more prepared, but it doesn’t seem that way. I know poverty will prevent preparedness and evacuations, but it just still seems as if a majority of that 70% are still clueless. Not to bring up Katrina, but take New Orleans for example: Why on Earth, in the US, were so many people not prepared with a weeks notice? Simply put, they rely on everyone else. This is a bad thing during a major storm.

  7. When God was building the world, an angel was helping with the checklist.

    Angel: Japan?
    God: huricanes, floods, tsunamis…

    A: Africa?
    G: famine, diseases, wars.

    A: and US and A?
    G: terrorism, rednecks, cyclones…

    A: Brazil?
    G: Ah, beautiful nature, breathtaking landscapes, water, a lot of fresh and calm water…

    A: Only? This is not fair…
    G: well, you just wait for the politicians I?ll put there…

    1. Another Brazilian, I liked your joke!

      To believe in God or not to believe is everyone’s personal choice. I believe, and I show tolerance for peoples views, no matter what they believe. It would be nice if others could manage to do that too.

  8. Global warming.

    Over population and burning coal will be the death of us all unless we change our ways.

    I live on the east coast of Australia and weather gets nastier every year.

    I’m about to buy a PFD ( personal flotation device )………. with a rip cord 馃槈

    1. Okay how can carbon dioxide which we exhale and plants need to grow fuck up the environment? Don’t buy into the liberal elitist hypocrite bullshit. All they want to do is control your life and rape all your hard worked for money away from you. Global warning is false. Look how many birds and bats them shitty, inefficient land hogging wind farms kill. Also imagine that fucker falling and crashing down on your house. They are also loud as fuck which is noise pollution. Maybe you’re rich enough to pay three times as much for power , I don’t know but most of us aren’t.

      1. I hear you.

        BUT……… When those trees-forests are cut down for ‘human consumption’ we start to have a problem.

        I recently saw an unbiased documentary where there are a million cars per day / week put on the roads around the world.

        We’re fucked and it’s only taken 150 years out of a millennium to fuck it up.

        I’d love to come back in another 100 to see how smart we really are.

        Over-population is our biggest concern I reckon.

    1. go back to the gore forum alcove that spawned you, you’ll never shake and wake the world and world media like Best Gore

      that’s right cause the most you and your ilk can aspire to is be a Best Gore after thought

      now get back in the cage

      1. I feel bad for those of you that think this was a quality post covering the situation in the Phillipines and worthy of Best Gore. This is regurgitated MSM garbage with a 4chan comment as the main hook. Blow your Best Gore culture out your asshole if you don’t mind. This site is already an afterthought of itself and I pity the fool that hasn’t seen that already. Go on and hate me bitches.

  9. Hello,

    I just registered to say something. After reading this from the article ;

    “I must mention that the Philippines is one Christian country that had the balls to stand up to evil Zionists twice ? when it came to admitting the Palestine to the UNESCO, and pressing on Israel to join the nuclear non proliferation treaty. Mad respect to the Philippines for not readily bending over, unlike the traitors (aka leaders) of our countries.”

    That made me think that maybe it was an attack on the Philippines by the Zionists, they’re actively looking into controlling the climate and using its power in geo-warfare. We have a research center here in Canada called HARRP, which is suspected in being the cause of earthquakes and other catastrophes around the world.

    “HAARP is the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. Various individuals have speculated hidden motives and capabilities to the project, and have blamed it for triggering catastrophes such as floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes in Iran, Pakistan, Haiti and the Philippines, major power outages, the downing of TWA Flight 800, Gulf War syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome.[20][6][21]”… See :

    What’s funny is that we have a prime minister called Stephen HARPer. Lincoln was assassinated and Kennedy was killed while driving in a Lincoln… Such things are no coincidence to me because the Jews/Zionists are all about the symbolism.

      1. Years. ..

        This website is very informative and helped me making wise decisions while I’m travelling to other countries.

        Overall, knowing what the human kind is capable of, I feel wiser.

        One of the video that shocked me most is the one showing a martial arts black belt breaking the neck of a mentally ill student with his foot, finishing him, because he was challenged, right in front of spectators.

        The fact that this could happen if someone is angry enough, in America, awaken me.

        I’m going to write an email to the Edmonton police department and mayor right now, I feel inspired, in support to Mark Marek.

        Have a nice day!

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