Photos of Healing Poison Ivy Wound

Very Girly Hand

Photos of Healing Poison Ivy Wound

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @lies, who got his fingers burned by a poison ivy:

Hello mr.bestgore,

this is a healing poison ivy wound after the pus bubbles had been removed the skin was peeled off to get rid of any trace amounts of infectious pus. Unfortunately no photos of the bubbles. Have a nice day.

Many thanks for the pics, @lies. I once got my lip burned by the corrosive sap in the cashew nut shell. I quickly recovered from it with the use of a Witch Hazel extract. Amazing thing. One of the must haves in a natural medicine cabinet.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Photos of Healing Poison Ivy Wound”

  1. ‘Her’, or I’m just taking a wild guess with the nails and the very feminine hand!

    Holy fuck I was going say ‘She’ has more hair on the arms than that on my head, cause to me looked like she just took a pic while changing her tampon!!!

          1. Hah, Missed your snarky comment..

            All bitch here, But I can play a dude if you lay down and take my 9inch dildo like a good girl …

          1. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
            Yes true enough Mark the hard way indeed.
            I have been lucky so far to not have caught poison oak,,, ivy,,, or that toxic cashew shell.

            Fuck brother you have more lives than Morris The Cat, at 9 lives brother.
            With that being said, It would be much quicker to try and figure-out what
            “Did Not” happen to you during your short lifetime so far, lol,
            as opposed to what “Has Already Happened” to ya, lol.

            So in closing, i have a question for you.
            Is there anything that “Hasn’t Happen To You” my good man???
            There is No doubt in my mind whatsoever that God has been on your side, and keeping you safe throughout it all in order to continue being one of his messengers of truth. 🙂

  2. At first I was thinking she has long fingers like me and then I read hairy hand and lol is a dude. Wow. Do you pet kittens for a living? That is one dainty hand even the thumb is ashamed. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Poison ivy is not to be fucked with
    Neither is the Datura species of Poisonous Herbs.
    I took some in a tea once, make a long story short I was seeing shit and pretty much went full blown 5150. It works as a truth serum cuz I had told the Dr. All the Drugs I had consumed in my lifetime.

      1. I think I am smoking them 🙁

        This latest strain I picked up is “earthy with hints of mushroom flavor”

        It is pretty fucking gross. Took me about four joints to realize I just hate it

    1. Hahahaha, OMG yes they do.
      The older sort of generation.

      It’s totally fucking hilly billy style.. I hate watching people pick there trashy noses, when your driving along happy and see some fucker having a right good pick .

  4. Dude, cut your nails for one. You should already do so once a week. As for your wound, you made it far worse than it can be with the poison beneath the skin. You don’t cut the entirety of the infected area away from the rest of the location. You’re literally mutilating yourself, and unless you’re mentally ill, there’s no need for it. There’s ointment for it poison ivy. It sucks, and it can easily spread if you’re not careful, but you went way the fuck overboard. I’ve had it numerous times and I was miserable, even after having it spread more than once or twice, but I put up with it. I didn’t cut my finger up with a blade to remove it. Unless you like pain, I recommend some ointment next time if there is one.

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