Rescue of Newborn Baby Trapped in a Sewage Pipe in China

Rescue of Newborn Baby Trapped in a Sewage Pipe in China

A newborn baby, still inside the placenta but with the umbilical cord severed, was thrown in a toilet bowl and flushed. The flush moved the baby from the bowl to the sewer pipes where it got trapped. Residents overheard a baby cry coming from inside the pipes and alarmed authorities.

Firefighters sawed open the pipes and took the section of the pipe in which the baby was trapped to a hospital. Once in the hospital setting with medical professionals at hand, the pipe was carefully opened to reveal the infant that was still alive and seemingly healthy. Doctors took care of the bay from there and reported that it was in stable condition. Baby’s parents have not come forward.

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56 thoughts on “Rescue of Newborn Baby Trapped in a Sewage Pipe in China”

  1. It’s so sad how meaningless life is in China. Anyways there seems to be a lot of content coming from China and none coming from Thailand lately. Does that mean it’s safe enough to go there? Because I’m going next month 馃槈

  2. This baby is lucky to be flushed down the toilet and found alive rather than being cooked in a soup pot with Chinese herbs. The Chinese instead of evolving to become better human they become better animals instead.

  3. These are some ass-backward FV’s! They’ll pull out their bung-holes in public- a fucking elevator WITH windows all around for fucks sake, etc to shit a stinky fucking dump but they’ll flush a perfectly healthy baby down the shitter?! Un-fucking-believable!!

  4. Makes me wonder if they’d made the same effort to rescue the baby if they’d believed it was a girl?
    Hopefully it didn’t get a lung full of shit or whatever. Like someone said, the only way is up for that poor little thing now. For feck’s sake, don’t give him back to the parents if they’re ever found.

  5. My countrymen are not too familiar with Western plumbing, and they neglected to dismember the infant before flushing it.

    Hopefully, this will serve to educate the proletariat and avoid such future disruptions to the sewage system.

  6. Apparently the ‘official’ story changed from being flushed down the toilet by the mother to the mother having a hidden pregnancy, giving birth in the toilet unexpectedly and then calling their landlord when they heard strange noises from the pipe work. Did get that from mainstream media so is more than likely some kinda curveball spun for some faceless agenda. Baaaaaaah!

    1. Why? Now that is a loaded questioned. I could actually go into any number of phychological, physiological and environmental factors that could prelude this woman making such a decision…….but I have other appointments.

  7. How the fuk did a baby fit through the toliet drain and be flushed???? She much of pushed it down. Howwwww can someone do that??? Have an abortion or adopt it out. Not fluch it down the its a shit or dead fish. Its an innocent baby. Makes me so sad…..but glad she wont be.w her terrible FV of “parents”. I can’t handle child or animal posts. *tear*

  8. The news has been reporting that the mother of the child was present at the time of the rescue and was actually the one that called for help. But, it is local media and things tend to become skewed.

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