Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand

Rotting, Maggot-Riddled Bloater in Thailand

Alright, what’s better than a bloated corpse? A bloated corpse covered in…Maggots!!!

Video captures all of the grotesqueries as they unfold. Look at those feet and the toe nails, simply hideous. The peeling, wrinkled skin, sickening. And the maggots, maggots, maggots between her thighs. Unknown what happened although it is possible it’s a suicide. Pictures of what I assume to be her folks are near her body. Disgracing one’s family is often only rectifiable by suicide in these types of societies. MrsPink tells me the responders do not specify a cause of death and believe the body to have lain in it’s state for at least five days.

And thanks to MrsPink for the Thai stink.

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          1. Oh for sure……….yep…..aha……kidding me?………get the fuck out?……..really?………well fuck me………ok see ya…..

          2. You’re welcome Chris,my name is Karen Judith 😛 you shouldn’t worry if you’re a good person you won’t be alone much time but I’m gonna tell you a secret… I’m a very bad person lol 😆

    1. its true…..and if left long enough, the gasses inside bloat them so much that it does not take anything for them to explode. I worked with a coroner for 6 months and one was bloated like a Macys Day Parade balloon and when they tried to move it, she exploded goo all over the walls and the guys moving her…..nastiest thing i have ever seen in my life.

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