Shovel Excavates Man Found Frozen in Barnaul, Russia

Shovel Excavates Man Found Frozen in Barnaul, Russia

In Barnaul, Russia a local 53-year-old man was identified by his relatives after he is found frozen. Reportedly, no foul play is suspected.

Rescuers film the excavation of the ice pop man, having a friendly and hilarious conversation back and forth.

The mans legs are bent backwards, as if he had an accident of sorts in the snow before dying.

Here’s the video of a frozen Angus Young pose:

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64 thoughts on “Shovel Excavates Man Found Frozen in Barnaul, Russia”

    1. A lot of us russians go that way on winter. We are still the world’s leader in alcoholism.

      I once downed a bottle of vodka in about 10 minutes. Nearly died, and it was a miracle I woke up after that, even though I was at home in my bed and my GF looked after me.

      The funny thing? I did it to numb the pain before self performed depilation procedure. I didn’t account for the fact that I got knocked out almost instantly, fully naked, and that’s the way my GF found me. Can’t stand vodka since, after many years, so there’s something good I took away from that.

        1. Ha. No, I was gonna depilate my legs with electric depilator, the one which just rips the hairs with force without any foreplay and with no question asked. A torture device, I tell you.

          Probably the most embarassing story of my life though. We didn’t talk about that with my GF since… too embarassing.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            No, it’s just that the women I was seeing in bed preferred a more smooth skin. Most of them were bisexual, or at least tried to seem that way, so no wonder. Yeah, I hanged a lot with LGBT people because they are less conservative and more inclined towards polygamous relationships, and for me, there is no such thing as too much sex.

            Had to break hearts of several boys because I’m only interested in girls though.

  1. Winter in Siberia can be boring with folks always looking for new things to do. “Find the Frozen Body” is the newest craze. You download the app, then search for clues in the tundra, but be careful, get misled and your it!

  2. The “rescuers” are probably sanitation workers, and they’re reflecting on the fact that stray dogs ate his face and the temperature is -35C. When they flip him on the stretcher they almost ponder the dignity of handling the corpse, but then agree “what’s the diffence?” It’s likely that the guy was a local bum/drunk.

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