Six People Die As Floodwater Sweeps Vehicle in Ibb, Yemen

Boy Seen in Video Desperately Trying to Get Out of Drowning Vehicle Ended Up Drowned to Death

Six People Die As Floodwater Sweeps Vehicle in Ibb, Yemen

Two weeks ago, the city of Ibb in Yemen was hit by heavy rains which brought about floods. While floodwater was running uncontrollably down roads, a man decided to risk driving through it in order to get his son who had fallen ill to hospital.

Seven people were in the vehicle all together – the man with his wife, their four children and another woman. The vehicle got swept by the raging torrent and flew uncontrollably down stream.

Some witnesses threw ropes to save the car, but their fair efforts were doomed to fail. When all was said and done, out of seven people on board, six died. Corpses of three were found the same day. Three more were recovered the day later. The sole survivor was the driver himself.

Yeah, man…

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  1. LMFAO wow. How tragic. What a dumbass! That looked more like river than floodwater. I made that mistake one time and it was no where near as bad as that. Stalled the car and I remember calling home and all I got was incessant busy signal, days of AOL. I returned an hour later after what should have been 5 minute trip, was met with glow of computer in living room. man was I pissed.

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      1. Why didn’t he jump? Probably because he was too busy drowning. It’s really hard to jump underwater. Ya know?

        He was probably scared shitless. Probably froze up and didn’t see the grim reaper breathing down his neck. That’s the thing about it. Some people see death coming and take a leap of faith. Others don’t see it because they don’t know what death looks like or they become paralyzed in which case the choice is made for them. Survival is a weird thing. I feel bad for the kid because it’s not even his fault. His dad’s judgment was the siren song that called the reaper forth and death, the old cantankerous bastard that he is, never turns down an easy quarry.

        1. Who knows honestly. We weren’t there. This kind of speculation about who is at fault is ultimately pretty pointless in trying to ascertain likely outcomes. It’s a pretty sad situation. The father lived and his family died. Imagine the guilt of having to live with this reality.

          This kind of outcome kind of reminds me of the end of the film, The Mist. Imagine having to bury your family and surviving the very thing that killed them. I don’t think there is a fate worse than this. Death seems gracious, even preferable in such circumstances.

  2. If you look again at the images we realize that the vehicle is approaching very close to the bank on the side of the window of this innocent little Arab whose life was ruined by his father’s inability to teach him the instinct for survival or to guide him to survive from an early age because in my opinion by jumping from this heap of scrap metal quickly they could have avoided as many deaths as possible.

  3. Where I live we have long droughts, then non stop rain causing the water crossings to rise. There are clearly marked poles painted in one foot increments, but there’s always someone who tries to cross a low water crossing in their 4×4 truck with huge tires etc,,who think it can go anywhere and end up being swept away trying to cross.
    Usually about half drown, the others helicoptered off the roof of the vehicle or tree.
    The hydraulic pressure in a river two or three feet going 10-20 mph is going to sweep anything away.
    The funniest thing I ever saw along these lines was some bitch a Kia hanging on the roof and that thing must’ve went miles before the bitch was rescued.
    Lastly, what a complete asshole to take his family of six into situation. He didn’t seem to be trying to get anyone to safeties, but did use proper turn signals.

    1. I’m writing this with a buzz going so excuse the mistakes, or if unclear.
      It’s odd because I’ll type an “a” for instance and a “v” will come up.and other oddities things like that. My keyboard is possessed I.think.
      Cheers everyone!

  4. They should label this vid when the child is smarter then the father. He was reaching out the window knowing his dad was a dumbass about to die and he was hoping someone could save him from his fathers dumb decision. To bad nobody could save him. He probably would of grown to be a rocket scientist unmarried knowing woman are just a path leading to child support. This is why you have to avoid dumb lefty manginas their dumb decisions will make you go down in flames with them.

  5. Boy! With the window down you would think they would try to escape when the car got stuck by the right side embankment! I guess they put the window down to air out the car from that camel fart smell instead of escape! And the people on the bridge were NOT trying to help, they were waving goodbye! Goodbye you idiots are going to drown when the river ride ends! Poor camel fuckers expected Allah to save them- he did NOT! Instead allah is busy fucking camels and goats-oooh and add a new boy to his collection of fresh meat! I guess allah kills his own- not just us infidels! Just saying! But anyways fuck it!

  6. Here’s the decision. Do you stay in the vehicle and hope you survive? Or do you jump out while you have the chance and make a swim for shore?

    I think I would jump out and try to swim to shore. At least you have a chance to get your head above water. In that box, when it starts turning over, you’re fucked. Jump out and swim.

    1. Now none of this would have happened in a 1977 Austin Allegro!. Motherfuckin motors those were, just like the car in the 007 film The Spy Who Buttfucked My Grandmother.
      If these 6 had of been in an Allegro they would have all survived and driven out of the water up onto Shoab Beach, and happy days.

          1. Oh yea easily could have survived? Just what flap his wings and fly to safety. You are an assclown. Even if he did get out of the car and jump in the water to try and swim to grab onto something he still might not have been strong enough or lucky enough to survive. You don’t even know if he knew how to swim. You are just a loser who makes dumb ass comments on the internet. You would prob piss your pants with any real conflict out in the world

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