Skeleton Found in the Woods Near a School in Thailand

Skeleton Found in the Woods Near a School in Thailand

A decomposed body was found in a wooded area near a school in Thailand. So far, no cause of death has been determined. The gender or the identity had not been identified either nor was any form of id or other documentation found on or near the body. Anyone guess murder? There is an epicly long translation that comes with this photo set, I have included it in it’s entirety just for you. Who’s your daddy?

Pathum Thani found dead died in the Woods behind the international school for sayam Rangsit Khlong 3.

January 8, 2015 at 15.50 Joint radio Centre, pathum Thani am. Foundation in conjunction with filial devotion and notified the sop that people discovered thanyaburi who died. So is a volunteer supported incident.

From the disaster area in the jungle under the tamarind trees next to the fence wall, behind Siam international school, Rangsit Khlong 3. Thanyaburi district, pathum Thani province, naiwiang district The bodies were found killed don’t know the name, age, sex, and any document, because there is no stick. State bodies only bones. Skull with my Body apart at arms found at the Orange wrist sabaen number 3 and wear. How to dress to wear shorts in blue, wearing a white vest and a pair of worn shoes near the torch head is expected to still find and empty water bottles, glass bottles, plastic bags and medicine. Expected deaths and approximately 2 months.

The inquiry found bodies killed by Mr. Udom light phichai, a gardener of the school. Talks that afternoon along the fence, climb a ladder while took it to the store to eat sweet tamarind. While climbing up the tempo fell into it so I found them so hurry call the police. Sop thanyaburi

There are over a hundred top command: sop, thanyaburi district, 64 militants, and the draft is sent to investigate to find out the real cause of death continues. “If you have any known or accustomed to such person, listening to sop thanyaburi,” he said.

Thank you pm 64 Metropolitan District, along with double line are volunteers participate in exclusive foundations pathum piety, is a volunteer network of canals and, five point zero radio Center, pathum Thani, pathum Thani and air are all volunteers who participate in all duties, Mr. at the accident spot.

Because there is no stick. Absolutely. It’s always stick.

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  1. Being found close to a school, I would take each one of these kids at the school in for questioning.
    If they’re anything like American kids they may be the perpetrators….
    And if they say no…keep beating them until they own that shit…!!

      1. I think it makes it easier for a them to see. Like in the third pic. Like I can’t tell the difference between bone and sticks. ???? Why they do the pointing thing when it’s obvious what it is. Just saying.

  2. That translation delves deep into the mind of a Thai investigator, boldly going where no man has gone before.

    First he ponders to himself ?The bodies were found killed, don?t know the name, age, sex?.

    The above is a reasonable line of deduction to be going down and will hopefully help him to find answers.

    However, he then ponders ?How to dress to wear shorts in blue?.

    The above line of thought does not seem appropriate at all given his current position as crime scene investigator. Ok, granted, wearing blue shorts would require careful consideration in choosing the rest of the outfit but a crime scene is not the right time and place for such frivolities.

          1. She ? , look at that left leg bone sticking up. Makes me wonder if this was that cardinal sin that is rape. Even so, she sure left this world with a fuck you grin on her kipper.

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