Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House

Thai Bloater Pulled From Under House

From Thailand, we are presented with a bloated greenie! Haven’t seen one of these old boys in a bit, always a treat. No info on it other than what you see. A man died under a house and wasn’t discovered until he had swollen up and really started making a stink of things. There is a pointer, although it’s partially blocked, looks like the medic is poking him. He’s hog-tied, dragged out and thrown in the meat wagon.

Mad props to African Angel. You know these are my favourites, very sweet of you.

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    1. I usually tie poultry or a cut of beef like that right before I put it in the oven…fuckers were probably afraid it was gonna explode from the bloat but that was still very 3rd world if sensible of them.

          1. Kids can do bizarre things! Lucky you could eventually get the rubber bands off, did you have to hook underneath the bands with a sharp knife or scissors?

          2. @trainwreck, some farm animals have very painful things done to them – de-horning, branding, ear-clipping, nose-rings, cutting castration etc. there’s heaps more but the ones I mentioned are probably some of the more painful. In Australia the farmers do this thing called mulesing, where the area around a sheeps ass, the SKIN is removed, sort of like de-gloving. It saves shearing the area all the time, it’s to stop fly-strike.

          3. I do everything in my power to not look into the full brunt of animal cruelty. The methods that are used etc. Horrific things that they do for no reason.

            Yes I do compartmentalize my hipocrasy because I eat meat. I understand that my meat can come from the least idyllic way.

          4. tas tiger, I think so but I don’t remember that so well. I do remember that trying to get under it with my fingernails was remarkably unpleasant. Oddly enough, I think I did it on three different occasions

          5. @Aegrescit medendo, you did it more that once!? lol, I bit into a power-cord when I was young, I felt a buzz through my body, I got a shock alright, an electric shock! 😉

  1. Looks like he found a private place to wank under mama’s house but he got carried away with it and after days of non stop wanking he died of dehydration. Makes me wonder how a corpse previously dried of all bodily fluids looks like that.

    1. He had bad gas?…

      Though… I’ve never smelled “good” gas… Unless you count that time I locked my dental surgeon out of her operating room and I discovered what ‘laughing gas’ can really do… 😉

      1. @Gnat, I still find farting hilarious, but because smell/taste are so closely ‘related’ to one another, you are really tasting that delicious wet blow-off! lol Hang on you’re talking about a different gas.

    1. Although I can understand how they couldn’t have seen him with all that greenery around, how could they not SMELL that DEAD SMELLY GOOK @mouse? Does it really smell so bad in Thailand that they couldn’t smell a bloated corpse right under their very noses? As many of us know – nothing, and I mean nothing, smells like a dead smelly bloated body. Anyway, I’d toss him in the farthest shithole i could find.

  2. Oh yuck! Imagine one day there is a bad smell, you ignore it because you’re busy going about your daily business. Later on, or the next day it’s a little worse. You think “what died? a rat, a cat?” Then the smell gets unbearable so you go looking….

    1. “Then the smell gets unbearable so you go looking?.”

      What if you and everybody you know has helped you look for the said “bad smell” and they couldn’t find the source?… What do you do then?…

      Anyway… Ummm… I’m asking for a friend…

  3. I’m not violent at all, but given the opportunity, I’d happily drive my knife through the chest of a juicy bloater! I hope one day someone does that on video. I’m really curious to see what happens. Would it be like the exploding whale videos??? Mmmm 🙂

      1. I have no idea why someone would take the time out to film or take pictures of a bloated corpse and not want to poke at it and then film the aftermath. If I had a really long pole and a hasmat suit I’d poke the shit out of it literally hahaha….

    1. C’mon, you were told to give it a rest, why are you tying to get someone else to argue with you? I found the commenting from you on the other post very entertaining though.
      Also can you tell me, are there any full blood American Indians left? What % are you?

      1. I agree. Its not a funny thing. Its just true. I didn’t mean to post the earlier one. I had to add that last line. Since you responded to the comment, it tells us something about you. Maybe that my comment pertains to you? Nah! 🙂

  4. I love Red Skin potatoes roasted with garlic butter…
    But like everything else in life… Once you peel the skin… It ends up having White undertones…

    Does that make me a cannibal?…

  5. in USA, some peoples find some racoon dead under house or some place like that… in thai its just similar but with bloating dead body human

    call the specialist for clean him and hop ! done ! next ?

    another day in dieland !

        1. that yeah.

          what i try to mean is:
          most of time “we” (normal peoples in world) find some dead animals when we smell some shit (sometime smell death, its an very specific smell, you know what i mean if you already have smell something dead for some times). in thai, peoples smell this too, but they never find animals (as they probably eat them anyway) so they find humans body. some sort of shitty version of the normal life, in thai version its more gore

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