Thai Man Apparently Chokes to Death on His Rice Dinner

Thai Man Apparently Chokes to Death on His Rice Dinner

Christ, a man can’t even sit down to his dinner without risk of Death sticking her bony nose in his business. Older man here was enjoying his rice dinner when he choked on the meal and did a nice faceplant, remaining there until decomposition started.

Rice choking death.

Prompted by the client’s body was found deceased inside the house at 63 m. 8 in. Sai Thong. Bangsaphannoi Prachuapkhirikhan. Mr.Wiroj know the name of the line is 75 years old with persistent asthma. Relative to expected deaths for 2 days.

Sitting at the scene found the body face down on the floor. No signs of struggle With just a plate of rice and a bottle of water, a pharmacist’s duty. Bangsaphannoi that spatially. Risk of aspiration before death Relative to acknowledge what is not sequenced. Leading figures of religious worship at the temple Khaochairat next.

That rice must have been dry as hell. I guess he couldn’t get to his water bottle in time. It’s a pharmacist’s duty, afterall.

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  1. Fuck obli. If you were a writer and a reporter for a newspaper and got paid what they got paid. you would be well off, after writing 300+ articles of raw material. too bad we don’t have more writers exposing the machine.

        1. Nope, he’s right. “Fuck obli” is like saying, obli can fuck himself. “Fuck, obli” is like saying, “holy shit, obli,” or “wow, obli.”

          Oh, by the way, it’s not “mosquito’s,” you fucking moron, it’s “mosquitos.” “Mosquito’s” is possessive, “mosquitos” is plural.

  2. ?Leading figures of religious worship at the temple Khaochairat next?.

    That?s all very well but they could state at which temple these religious leaders are worshipping at presently before telling us where they plan to worship at next, it might help with the flow of the story a bit.

    1. Same here, I had no idea it was so dangerous until I found BG.

      Don’t forget the tourist ‘suicide’ from tall buildings.

      Fuck that, If someone gave me a ticket for a 2 week holiday to that shithole I would sell it.

    1. I started making a big plate of rice just a few weeks ago. Didn’t realize how fucking good it was. Brown rice taste like asshole, i’ll stick to white with lots of soy sauce. If I never post on BG anymore, then you know I choked on rice.

  3. This looks very sudpicious and the scene staged. Why was he bent over so far away from his food snd drink? Why was there so much blood just from choking? Why was there a blood trail when the guy did not even make it out the door. Definitelt a staged scene.

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