The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of those famous “what really happened” stories from history. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones movies now-a-days plaster “Based on a true story” all over in the promotional ads. Well, despite the fiction vomited out by movie studios recently, the Dyatlov Pass Incident was indeed real and occurred in February of 1959. A team of ski hikers, organized by one Igor Alekseievich Dyatlov(whom the area is now named after),for a ski trek across the Northern Ural Mountains in Russia. Most of the team were students or graduates of Ural Polytechnical Institute (Уральский Политехнический Институт, УПИ) and consisted of eight men and two women:

Igor Alekseievich Dyatlov (Игорь Алексеевич Дятлов) -age 23
Zinaida Alekseevna Kolmogorova (Зинаида Алексеевна Колмогорова) – age 24
Lyudmila Alexandrovna Dubinina (Людмила Александровна Дубинина) – age 21
Alexander Sergeievich Kolevatov (Александр Сергеевич Колеватов) – age 25
Rustem Vladimirovich Slobodin (Рустем Владимирович Слободин) – age 23
Yuri Alexeievich Krivonischenko (Юрий Алексеевич Кривонищенко) – age 24
Yuri Nikolaievich Doroshenko (Юрий Николаевич Дорошенко) – 21
Nicolai Vladimirovich Thibeaux-Brignolles (Николай Владимирович Тибо-Бриньоль) – age 24
Semyon (Alexander) Alexandrovich Zolotariov (Семен (Александр) Александрович Золотарёв) – age 38

Another man, Yuri Yefimovich Yudin (Юрий Ефимович Юдин), was supposed to be the tenth member of the team but fell ill right before the trek started and had to return home.

The following information about the trek has been established through the teams audio recordings and journal entries found at the site.

The team set out from Vizhai, Siberia on January 27th, 1959. The goal of the expedition was to reach Otorten (Отортен) Mountain. At the time of year they were trekking the hike was rated at it’s highest difficulty but all members of the team were experienced climbers and hikers and they proceeded with little difficulty. Until the snows came.

Between January 31st and February 1st the team began moving through what would become known as Dyatlov Pass. They had begun climbing up into the mountains from the forest but snowstorms were decreasing their visibility and they were gradually taken off course to the west. Instead of backtracking and climbing back down into the forest for better shelter from the snows, Dyatlov had the team set up camp on the moutain side.

Dyatlov was expected to send a telegram confirming their successful climb by February 12th. It never got there. On February 20th, the first search party was sent out.

February 26th – The camp was found, along with the first five bodies:

Searchers found the site to be in ruins. The tent was collapsed and filled with snow. The most curious thing was that the tent had been cut open and coats and other protective gear had all been left behind. Thet found footprints of people without shoes and most without socks, either. The tent appeared to have been cut open from the inside. It seems that they had been buried by a freak avalanche during the night and had to cut themselves out of the tent, running away in whatever they happened to be wearing at the time. Temperatures that time of year are −25 to −30 °C (−13 to −22 °F).

Yuri Nikolaievich Doroshenko and Yuri Alexeievich Krivonischenko were found at a makeshift camp down in the forest in front of a burnt out fire.

Three others; Dyatlov, Kolmogorova and Slobodin were found several hundred meters further and it appeared as if they may have been trying to get back to the tent when they had frozen to death.

It took over two months to find the remaining four bodies. They were under four meters of snow seventy five meters from the other bodies in a ravine. They were found to be wearing some of the clothes of their teammates who had died first in an attempt to stay warm. Three had suffered fatal injuries. Two had skull fractures and another had chest fractures. It is speculated that the injuries were inflicted when they had fallen into the ravine and not from being attacked by a native Mansi tribe as had been originally postulated. The bodies were all well preserved from the cold temperatures. Dubinia had suffered the most post mortem decay, losing her eyes and tongue and lips.

An official investigation was launched and for the most part it was conclusively determined that the avalanche theory had the most credence. Although a very interesting part of this whole story is that several articles of clothing from the victims were found to be carrying high level radiation. It has been established that Dyatlov Pass had taken the team right between two military testing areas of the Russian army. One for the intercontinental R-7 missles and the other for nuclear bomb tests. Which gave rise to another theory that they had gotten too close to “something” and the military killed them. Just more bullshit conspiracy as no tracks were ever found around the camp or any of the bodies aside from the victims themselves.

Over the years people have wanted desperately to make this something more than what it is. A yeti attack or some other supernatural occurrence is the most popular aside from the usual military conspiracy theory coverup or that they were attacked by cannibal mutants or native mountain tribes or whatever other bullshit creatively bankrupt movie makers want to come up with. They were buried in an avalanche in the middle of the night and with their shelter clothes and equipment soaked and ruined, they had nothing to do but try to make new ones and stay warm…That situation must have been scarier than any shallow hollywood screamfest…

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  1. I’ve always loved the dyatlov pass incident theories heard about this 6 years ago and I don’t get bored to learn more from it here’s what I think is the more reasonable explanation

    1- Russian military testing some sort of nuclear weapon and “accidentally” got the innocent hikers involved in the experiment

    the second theory I find a bit hard to believe is

    2- Greys or either reptilians were in the area, somehow they encountered the innocent hikers then they got annihilated by their alien-tech as in murder

    Only the Russian government knows what went down that day they kept so many archives and proof hidden away from its own citizens maybe it will be revealed after 50 years more or so

    my third theory would be

    3- american intelligence agencies testing alien-tech in russian soil, when they found out they weren’t alone they had to get rid of any witnesses of course if that was true russia wouldn’t have kept secrets locked up somewhere about the whole thing what do you guys think?

    1. I also believe a yeti could have been to blame. A lot of the bodies were found as if they were running away for their life, to the point that they had little clothes on in such cold temperatures. Also, Russia did a lot to cover this whole situation up. However, it still doesn’t explain the radiation, so who knows?

        1. Ewestomper, that makes more sense and explains why they would be missing articles of clothing. Why would only one person be missing their eyes and lips? If it was birds or animals that done that to her why wasn’t everyone’s eyeballs eaten?

      1. Haha. There was some show, like a documentary about it saying they must’ve stumbled upon yeti territory, and have been attacked because of some having bad bodily damage, and other freezing to death from running for their lives.
        Can people possibly believe bullshit like this?

    2. Jesus, military always cleans up behind themselves. They would not just hope the bodies would be covered by snow and never be found again. If it was military they would have got rid of those bodies. They cover their asses well. I doubt the Milatary killed them.

      1. Death has the same M.O. every time but the effects and time table of decay can vary. The others may have been frozen while Dubinia retained more moisture on her face. Another member had some mild facial decay as well but not as bad and all are consistent with death in a wet environment.

    1. Yup agreed. the best movie don’t have happy endings!
      I always wonder why people make more out of the “taking their clothes off” bit” seeing as feeling hot and wanting to taking your clothes off is a documented symptom of late stage hypothermia….. Or drinking too much bourbon!

        1. I didnt understood that hypotermia part… 😐 taking the clothes off is an advanced stage of hypotermia? Never heard of that one before… But if i take that logic it makes sense, since it could mean that the cold is already affecting (and burning) their skin nerves before it starts to burn their flesh. 😛

          I do agree on that last part though, i cant stand drunktards either, i already have enough in my family to deal with… So i dont think thats wierd at all, im impressed that theres still people that are able to use their brains for once, and choose to not drink. 🙂

          1. @Derkopf I think you read to much into my comment or I didn’t write it clearly enough. I don’t drink, and when I said the only way to be around drunks was to become one of them, but not in a literal sense. My thinking of drunks is you’d have to be one yourself to be able to stand being around them. My dad was an alcoholic as well. He stopped drinking when he was 42, I was a grown man before I felt like I really had a father. Like you I grew up enduring a violent and unpredictable parent. I get it bro I really do.;-)

          2. I misunderstood the thing, read it like “If you cant beat them, join them” sort of expression, thats why the “pacifist and quitter” part. But i was supposed to add my usual ” 😆 ” anyways… But either ways, i believe it still applies. If i could i would nuke them from orbit, having alcohol in their blood would make them pretty good fireworks. 🙂

          3. @Derkopf I figured that it was just a misunderstanding, That’s why I wanted to clear it up with you. As I said I know what it is like and I understand you’d be angry if you had felt I was making light of what you had to endure and been through. I would not do that bro. 😉

          4. It’s like when you have an extremely high fever you feel freezing cold. Just with hypothermia it’s the other way round!

            I’ve seen my family ruined by alcohol. Kinda makes you look at things differently doesn’t it?

            I also have the same feelings towards drug taking, ignorance, stupidity… I could go on. I guess I just don’t care for anyone really! but hey that’s me! you don’t like it well you can fuck off! I can’t stand people who will do or say something just so they will be liked.

            I’d be quite happy in the middle of nowhere with just my books and a record player to keep me company. People are overrated!

            Rant over 😀

          5. @rayf I was tired when i read that, so sorry about that… 😆

            @TankGirl I like you. 😆 Too bad theres not many people that think that way like you do, but i guess its for the best, makes them valuable. 🙂

          1. After working a River Fest event where there was upwards of 100,000 people getting drunk I came to the conclusion that the only way to be around that many drunks was to become one of them.

        2. @Derkopf i’m just mighty obsessed with Rob Zombie. although his music has definitely got me in to trouble on more than one occasion…

          To be fair I like a lot f the older movies and Bmovies. if they get less than 4 on imdb they’re usually pretty good. But then I like weird things 😀

      1. I’ll admit i’m obsessed with Rob Zombie! getting Captain Spalding tattooed on my thigh next!

        Even better than his films you should see him live! although it’s impossible to not see him live and not want to fuck anything that moves!

        1. definitely worth it. plus his wife Sherri moon zombie is in a fair few and she’s pretty hot!

          One of my favourite movie scenes of all time is right at the end of Devil’s Rejects when they’re on the bridge and “freebird” is playing!

          That and the scene in hostel 2 with the lady in the bath tub playing with blood pouring from the woman hung above her… 😀

          1. I just limit myself watching the movies, i never gave a royal fuck to whoever makes them or even the name of the actors. 😆 I only care about the name of the title and if the movie is decent or not.

  2. Good post Obli, and you’re right about movies and actual history.

    I don’t think Hollywood has ever made a movie that was completely true to reality, most of their examples actually belong in the fiction section instead. Braveheart, Pearl Harbour ect.

    Hollywood is still better than the BBC though. I can’t bring myself to watch any modern BBC programme set in a particular historical period because they on purposely use the social, politically correct views of today to rewrite the past.

    It is very common to see a modern BBC tv series set in the 1800’s, and earlier, showing interracial relationships on every corner.

    There was even a Merlin tv series based upon the legend of King Arthur and set in that particular historical period and the BBC, bless their souls, cast a black woman as Queen Guinevere.

    Political correctness should never be used to rewrite history, it’s not about racism it’s about realism for crying out loud.

    Anyhow, my point is that if you want to learn about history read a book or do your own research because movies and tv shows are historically laughable.

      1. @MikeyGraves, I apologise for my presumptuous bashing of Hollywood. Sharknado was indeed a tear jerking, true to life cinematic masterpiece.

        I would also like to add Attack of the killer tomatoes and The Toxic Avenger to that list as well.

          1. Hahaha I remember those movies… sad to say I grew up watching them 🙂

            Poor group of people though. This story kinda reminds me of that movie Alive with the soccer team.

    1. That’s what I’ve always wondered too @Mama. I’ve been so fascinated by this event for years now, even writing a short paper on it in college. Many details don’t add up, and others have changed over the years.
      But that was something that always bothered me. Why didn’t any of the woodland critters munch on any other body?

    2. @Mama,

      “It took over two months to find the remaining four bodies. They were under four meters of snow”.

      Therein probably lies the answer, the missing features girl was one of the four who got buried in snow and left undiscovered for over two months.

      Maybe she, unlike the rest of the four, had been only partially buried leaving just enough room for an ill tempered rodent to get at her.

    3. Mama,
      Thank you . That is what I have been asking and trying to figure out. I am starting to think some of her friend’s got hungry and helped themselves. They probably planned to cosume more later for energy and staying alive. She was probably the first to die. People do things Thayne you would not expect in horrible situations.

  3. On top of the pyramid, lighting the torches
    Aligning of stars, the moon shining down upon my
    Left hand, the inferno of flesh and blood
    Nature and the wind, a voice of the arcane,
    A noose made of barbed wire, the black ocean
    Of the sky, falling victims pray to the monolith of
    Apathetic deities, they have all given up on us,
    Internal malevolence haunting the innocent
    There is no cure for this everlasting plague,
    I could no longer bare to stand, the tears
    Dragged me down, a soothing melody was playing
    And all life crumbled, every source of joy now dead
    The sickness lost under the permafrost where even
    The sun can not melt, hypothermia has become a
    Welcoming caretaker

    Michael Robertson

    1. If not for my muse
      snowflakes are snowflakes
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      Chenou Liu

      Hey this is fun dead poet. Going onto and typing in a subject then cut and pasting it into best gore. Look, I even found a haiku, how clever am I.

      1. I’ve said it before, I just don’t get the poetry thing here. It’s even worse when it’s not your own. I don’t go to the forum on the NFL’s website and post baking recipes and then tell people “if you don’t like it just don’t read it.”

          1. @Wicked Mama, iip and DeadPoetry are probably one and the same poster.

            They both post poetry in a similar style, both sometimes sign off their post with their user name and they both tend not to interact with other BG members but when they do it is to make a short snide but oddly comical remark.

            The biggest piece of evidence however is the Clark Kent effect, when one is here the other, conveniently, is not.

            I think he should call himself “Unappreciated Poetry” and go back to writing his own stuff, it would fit his BG persona much better.

          2. I?m done with this knife I?m done with this blade
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            Dead Poetic

          3. @DeadPoetry, I don’t mean to come across dick-ish (no more than usual at least ;)) but would you be willing to at least give me your reason as to why you do it? Meaning why are you showcasing it here? Some of us have asked that other person but he never gives any kind of real answer. If it was me doing it and somebody asked why, I’d own that shit and proudly tell them. Unless of course my sole reason was just to be a troll, which I wouldn’t do because, you know, adulthood and all that.

          4. @mikeygraves

            Well met.
            Also I
            Do own
            This shit
            And I’m
            Proud of
            I appreciate
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          1. What about the member that puts numbersat the end of their comments. Something like 351 or something. I haven’t got an explanation for the numbers. I asked if they were iip. If that person is not him, all appologies. Just wondering.

          1. Wicked mama, I am not sure about the comment counter. At first I thought you meant me. I was going to explain my mind races and I hope nobody counts my comments because,they might actually get an idea of how much I am capable of talking at timtimes. Lol.I also change my avitar when I feel all bipolar.

        1. Obli, yes I am more on the manic side. I try to talk about several things at once. Reading comments reminds me of other things and it is difficult to stay on subject. When people get mad I get confused because often I feel like I done pretty good staying on subject. Some people don’t mind. My family and my town is so insane and I am often reminded of events and I just have to share them. It’s so difficult for me and when people talk shit or make little inside jokes about me I let them know.

          1. I think this was everything that was listed when I was at the last mental institution called 3 rivers. There are actually people that are finishingthere prison sentence there, people who killed. They love depicoat. People were passing out in the halls from dehydration.They would just call the hospital to come get them. If you did not take your meds they would strap you down and give you shots. I liked thenight gguards.They were black guardsand nurses.I know people on here don’t like black people but I have had surgeries and hospitalized for metal illness and 9x out of 10 the black people trested me the best. Way the Fuck off subject but I thought you should know WTF is wrong with me. Lmao

    1. I went to Myrtle beach this year and had a great time. I didn’t want to come home. When I got home I was depressed for atleast a week. I don’t like to be in all that snow. I’d rather take my chances with the sharks.

      1. I live next to south padre island so I looove the beach. That’s one of the only places where my anxiety fades away. But when I saw those few inches of snow for the first time it was really exciting…& then I was over it. Lol

        1. Blood binge, you are a lot like me in the agoraphobic way. I can go to the beach and feel calm. I used to have these dreams about being able to see the ocean but I couldn’t touch the water. Do you every freak out and think you are going bald? I do this a lot. Even though I have a ton of hair it seems so real when I get the idea in my head and I start to panic. Sometimes I seclude myself by hiding in my bedroom. Can you relate to any of this?

  4. Moderate to severe hypothermia

    As your body temperature drops, signs and symptoms of moderate to severe hypothermia include:

    Shivering, although as hypothermia worsens, shivering stops
    Clumsiness or lack of coordination
    Slurred speech or mumbling
    Confusion and poor decision-making, such as trying to remove warm clothes
    Drowsiness or very low energy
    Lack of concern about one’s condition
    Progressive loss of consciousness
    Weak pulse
    Slow, shallow breathing

    That’s from the Mayo clinic.
    The reason I looked it up was because I noticed marked flexation in several of the bodies limbs and clenched fists. That is not part of hypothermia.
    I also find it highly unlikely that they all hit the confusion stage at the same time and all scattered like that at once.
    I think something scared the shit out of them and they freaked.
    Russian military? I doubt it. Those guys ain’t shy about shooting the shit out of someone and they usually don’t try to hide it. They’re too fucking arrogant.

    1. @serenade great analysis. but did you mean flexion and not flexation? I still believe an extraterrestrial had something to do with their demise. I mean if this had happened in america there would have been an equal if not more amount of cover-up.

  5. It appears, that they may have wondered off into an area that was “out of bounds” by the Russian military.

    I wonder if the bodies were recovered by rescuers wearing radioactive protective gear?

    The Russian military may have spotted them in an unauthorized zone, such as a radioactive waste zone, and simply fired at them, causing an avalanche that buried them. Finding a few of the bodies in the ravine with skeletal fractures, tells me they were in a frantic state of panic.

    I know the U.S. has a large supply of uranium waste in Iraq, and wonder if this may be the case here. As with the U.S, this kind of information may NOT, be readily available, on their media as well.

    I’m only left to believe, that someone isn’t spilling all the beans…

    …and probably never will at this point

    …but I’m sure I’m not as familiar with Russian history/military, as many here.

  6. ***To each his own but this is why I only go camping in the summer.

    Me too!!

    And some of the warm terrestrial beings that I’ve see on the sandy beaches well…

    It creates a little terrestrial radioactivity of it’s own!!

    God, I hate to see summer cum to a close…

  7. ??????? ???????? ?????. ??????? ???????. ??????? ??????? ????????.

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      1. One group member (the eldest) had some top secret information concerning military misles. Probably nuclear missles. He planned to sell it to the USA or UK. KGB, with the help of local criminals, killed him and all his travelling companions. This was represented as an accident (winter, mountain, extreme cold and wind, lack of skills)

        1. Yours sounds more reasonable/rational but not necessarily more believable after analyzing evidence. (Though a ‘camping trip’ would have been the perfect cover up for some money grubbing spy or spies). 1). There was no avalanche because the tent was found intact, not swept away, no bent poles, no structural damage. 2). Several bodies were found far from the campsite indicating that KGB didn’t kill them (because they shoot to kill). 3). The rescue team were mainly students, no KGB. 4). Bright flying shperes were reported in March of 1959. 5). Several of them had blood filled organs suggesting internal damage. Some had such severe injuries their ribs were pulverized, yet no indication of external injuries reflected by cuts, bruises, and abrasions. 6). Lyudmila Dubinina’s eyes and tounge were removed, somehow…. Was it a ravaging yeti? Escapees from a nearby gulag? Top secret Soviet military devices such as infrasound or air burst cuncussion device(s)? A UFO? The truth is there’s many beautiful things in nature and science and sometimes it’s better when it mystifies and captivates.

          1. 2) not necessary to shoot. quite enough is to let them freeze to death. tourists were kicked out of the tent at night, most of them had no footwear no ????? ????????. some of them beaten. the only chance to survive was to run to the nearby wood, make shelter, and fire, make some footwear from their clothes and when morning comes try to find their spare equipment storage they made a day ago. 1) then tourists ran away (towards their death), tent was turned into an observation post. tent was cut by criminals

          2. * no outher clothing


            5) and 6) – there are several credible explanations for this. sorry, most of the materials were not translated from Russian

          3. @-atucker There’s several theories about the cut tent from the inside. 1. Diluted evididence from Soviet military. 2. The campers were scared by St. Elmo’s fire and (a lightning buildup) which would explain the strange orbs reported and freaked. 3. A thermal weapon was used on the campers, causing the tent zipper to overheat. 4. The campers hallucinated after wind gusts creating K?rm?n vortex streets, eating moldy bread, or clandestine Soviet weapons. @ Krotov The Theory of the campers being killed by indigenous Masi people (or anyone for that matter) has been dispelled by Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny stating that “the fatal injuries of the three bodies could not have been caused by another human being because the force of the blows had been too strong and no soft tissue had been damaged”.

  8. I saw a special on this couple of months ago. Didnt they find a note in the tent that said “We now know snowmen are real”? Also some pretty crazy photos that they were taking on their hike, on pic is of some weird looking (person i hope) coming around a tree. Google for the bigfoot Dyalov photo. Looks like a skinny bigfoot if thats what it is.

  9. @Dr. Frankensane : I think no. it could have been caused by humans! remember the well-known GULAG deadly punishment practiced among prisoners in 30s 40s and 50s. person dressed in some outer clothes is knocked down to earth or snow and fixed there. then the heaviest and strongest guy jumps up and falls on a victim’s chest or stomach with all his weight several times. lots of inner damage (victim usually dies in a day or two) with no outer damage.

  10. There is something highly bizarre about their run down the hill and slashing the tent open when the exit of the tent was not obstructed. There was no evidence to suggest an avalanche. 2 of them hurt their hands very badly trying to get in a tree. Whatever happened we may never know but obviously something horrified them beyond reason. Dyatlov died on the way back to the tent, look at his corpse he was in the self defensive pose.

  11. “The most curious thing was that the tent had been cut open and coats and other protective gear had all been left behind. They found footprints of people without shoes and most without socks, either. The tent appeared to have been cut open from the inside.”

    People suffering from hypothermia will often remove their clothing because in their delirium, they feel “too hot.” They got snowed in, had no warm to keep warm. Then they wandered off into the snow, removing their coats along the way. It was either that, or cannibal mutants.

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