6 thoughts on “Bodies in the Snow”

    1. I can’t speak about being dead from Hypothermia, but I was unfortunate enough to get it once. It sucked more than I could describe. I got to the point that I wasn’t shaking anymore and my bones actually felt cold. It felt like I had gotten an IV of ice water. I was seeing in tunnel vision and could hear my heart beating…slow. Even though I was out of it, I was aware of what was going on and it got pretty scary before I was able to find others. The last thing I remember was them giving me hot water to sip and glucose cubes after they stuffed me into a sleeping bag next to a heater. Long story long…these guys had it a lot worse, and I have a feeling that it was scary as hell and they suffered quite a bit up till’ the end. I wouldn’t wish that on…most people!

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