Unexpected Tsunami Sweeps Off Stage with Performing Musicians in Indonesia

Unexpected Tsunami Sweeps Off Stage with Performing Musicians in Indonesia

Unexpected Tsunami Sweeps Off Stage with Performing Musicians in Indonesia

At around 9:30pm on Saturday December 22, 2018, on Anyer Beach in West Java, Indonesia, a tsunami struck the area, causing reported 168 deaths and 745 injuries, and leaving 30 people missing.

In the video footage below, a band is seen performing live on stage when the tsunami sweeps the stage off and mercilessly swamps the audience. Some Indonesian artists, including the bassist from the performing band, some additional musicians and a comedian were reportedly killed as a result of the tsunami striking this live music event.

Props to Best Gore member @sadister666 for the video:

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175 thoughts on “Unexpected Tsunami Sweeps Off Stage with Performing Musicians in Indonesia”

        1. Ha ha – that’s great. I mean, what part of Indonesia doesn’t smell like a dead seagull’s fart? Fucking ‘muzza’ monkeys!! Tell ’em to go watch more “MOnkey Magic” from the 70s & fckn learn something..

          1. The music itself is beyond crap but as for the music video.. they got swept away by a freakin tsunami… if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

        1. Well .. Bali is very musical, but in the end, all the cunts give you is ‘Bali Belly’ where you throw up & shit yr guts out every 2 minutes. Not exactly a symphony! Fuck those slant-eyes!
          (And Merry Xmas everyone!)

    1. Wow!

      Thanks for the links thedre. This took place, almost to the day 14 years ago. When that 9.1 mag hit in Sumatra, killing about a quarter million people.

      I remember seeing these videos, shortly after that one happened. All that water moving everything out of it’s way.

      …and all those dead bodies floating around in the ocean


      1. @pigsonthewing
        My pleasure brother, as you,re always welcome.

        Yuk is right brother i thought that the body bags would bring some kinda more gore but no leakage. 🙁 Could you imagine being one the family members having to unzip 100 or more bloaters to hopefully, well “”hopefully not”” but if missing at least get some kind of closure you know 🙁

        And if not found and it,s getting dark you end-up going home with Sticky/Stinky Fingers and not the Type us Pigs (Your Name, & My Avatar) Would love to smell instead, of insdead. And Have to go back the next day with a fat blister on your thumb and start unzipping, than zipping closed another couple hundred of getting stinkier by the day bodies. Man That Would Suck for those poor people.

        And brother, were you saying that the two video,s i posted were from 14 years ago, or only that they reminded you of so??

        1. Oh no thedre!

          I knew the two videos you posted, were from a couple days ago. The recent volcanic tsunami, reminded me of the earthquake tsunami 14 years ago.

          That was the first time I’ve ever seen a tsunami in action. Can’t imagine how anyone’s life would ever be the same, after something like that. I’ve always underestimated how heavy water is, until one has about 3 trillion gallons of it, moving your way.

          Kinda a Twilight Zone type of day. Not a cloud in the sky. Warm. Beautiful girls on the beach then, wham! That one still lingers in my mind, 14 years later.

          1. Fuck brother,,, when you think of it that way,,, yea, could you image??? that would certainly look like hell on earth bud, for sure, and scary as fuck ta boot! 🙁

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    1. Bullshit! These asshole should know better by now. The fact that they don’t have inflatable backpack kayaks on everyone all the time is simply irresponsible on thier part. Fuck ’em.

          1. Lol. That’s hilarious. But, in some parts of the world it might be safe to assume that all concerts are disaster-in-progress concerts.

    1. If they can even be called “musicians”.. today’s music is just so auto tuned, empty and lifeless, it almost always feels like you’re listening to the opening credits song of some children’s tv show.

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