US Climate Scientist John All Falls 70 Feet Into a Crevasse in Himalayas

US Climate Scientist John All Falls 70 Feet Into a Crevasse in Himalayas

Any video that starts with “I’m pretty well fucked” has got to be a good one.

A US climate scientist, Western Kentucky University associate professor of geography and geology and director of the American Climber Science Program John All fell into a 70 foot crevasse on Mount Himlung in the Himalayas while conducting climate research in Nepal. The fall smashed his face, broke his arm, dislocated his shoulder and broke five of his ribs. Luckily, he was able to stop the fall on a ledge 70 feet down, as there was still a long way to the bottom of the crevasse.

During an interview with Right This Minute, John All said:

It probably took me four or five hours to climb out. I kept moving sideways, slightly up, sideways, slightly up, until I found an area where there was enough hard snow that I could get an ax in and pull myself up and over.

I knew that if I fell at any time in that entire four or five hours, I, of course, was going to fall all the way to the bottom of the crevasse. Any mistake, or any sort of rest or anything, I was going to die.

The scientist was rescued by helicopter the following morning and taken to a hospital.

Props to Best Gore member JohnTrololo for the video:

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  1. I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe he faked it for the recognition. Come on, how could he get out if he was so injured? Yet he didn’t lose his phone. Cynical, maybe I am.

      1. i am part of a high altitude response and rescue team part of our training is rescuing people who fall into a crevasse the first thing after making contact with the person who fell into a crevasse is to tell them try not to move because a spine injury is possible but mainly because we don;t know how stable the ice is. sometimes if you are alone you have to take control and try to get out it all depends on how far down you are. i have fallen into a crevasse they can very deep sometimes ever a thousand feet deep. the scariest fact is you only find one is by fallen into it. one gentleman we rescued was walking on a glacier when he fell over 100 feet he landed on a small ledge if he missed that small ledge he would have landed at the bottom at least 100o feet further we would have no way to recover his body. he only sustained a broken leg and a dislocated hip. i repelled down to him with a back board a neck brace and some splints along with pain meds witch he needed we eventually got him out and made a full recovery.

      1. Im with you @ Obli, it was definitely a Yeti save. I would bet they threatened him so he wouldn’t say anything. I think that is why he is, as Senor Piggy said, “hamming it up” for the cameras, because he’s really sitting there thinking, I was saved by a Yeti, I’m so fucking cool.

  2. I tend to agree with Senor Piggy. He fell 70 feet and landed on an ice shelf? Maybe. Is he in the Himalayas by himself? No guides or anyone to notice, “OMG, John fell into a crevasse!” ?

    1. I saw his interview on the news tonight and he was kind of hamming it up. Saying that a helicopter couldn’t get him out after he walked like three hours to camp. When the helicopter showed up he was about to die. He is planning another climb somewhere else next week. I think it was Peru. Really?

          1. @McTreblar, if it says that wordpress already has an account with that name, then try just adding a letter to the end of your username, that is what I had to do, but then it did not change my display name on here. Hope that helps! πŸ˜‰

      1. y’all hit it on the head. its a huge sham. i love the bewildered look on peoples face when you explain to them that its bullshit and merely a way to produce money, taxes and to control people.

      1. Global Warming is a multi billion dollar industry . A renowned scientist recently published a paper which contradicts the green brigade . He basically told the truth regarding the actual drop in temperature and the increase in size of the northern ice sheet .

        This guy was pressured to such an extent , he feared for his own safety .

        Computerised predictions of climatic changes can not be relied on , as has been proven in recent years .

        It’s all a load of old tosh anyway , the long overdue ice age will call a halt to the lot of it , and there s nothing anyone on this planet can do to stop it .

        1. We cant change the solar system cycles if we wanted to….Al Gore came up with the biggest lie and kept repeating it until the sheeple started believing it….it just goes to show you how half the country can be easily mislead….the dumbing down of America at it’s best…

          1. The fact that he was awarded the nobel prize for that shit made me see red, dude
            Men and women have devoted their entire fucking lives to bettering thecworld through science and medicine and this asshole makes a biased two hour propagandapiece and he gets that kind of status? Fuck Al gore.

          2. Absolutely . And the greenhouse gas bandwagon too .

            The advent of the industrial revolution and the subsequent huge amount of waste , smog causing smoke , makes today’s skies look like paradise by comparison . And this was the case in my own parents lifetime .

            People have very selective , short memories .

      2. Global warming is the wrong term. The proper term is “climate change” which makes a hell of a lot more sense. Climate change makes hotter summers and colder winters because it fucks up ocean currents, which in turn fucks up the weather.

        1. In the UK , we used to have hot summers and heavy snow in winter , more or less guaranteed every year , I’m talking late 70 ‘s to early 90’s .

          Then it changed and became milder with little snow in winter and just the odd week of hot sun in summer .

          Our weather is primarily governed by the gulf stream , which does give credence to your point . But , what I’m saying and believe is , when one boils it down , it is all cyclical , it’s all occurred before and will do so again .

          It has nothing whatsoever to do with greenhouse gases .

          There are much larger factors at play here , which are the causes of climatic changes and variations .

  3. I dunno.
    Seems like if I were in that situation, I’m pretty sure I would make a video, if I could, for those who find my body.
    Just doesn’t seem like you could “slide sideways” until you’re out from where he was, especially with a broken arm and dislocated shoulder.
    If it is true, this guy is pretty bad ass.

  4. Let me tell you , if that guy had broken five ribs , never mind the other injuries , he would not be going on another expedition so soon . Unless he has super powers , which is a possibility , because how the fuck did he get out of there !?

  5. “Western Kentucky University associate professor of geography and geology and director of the American Climber Science Program…”

    ‘Cause you’re not an expert in anything unless it takes an hour to say your full occupation.

  6. I can see there’s some seriously grade A cynics here, I’ve got a way to go to get there!!
    Anyway I was mildly impressed to be honest, the guy did well, these crevasses are death guaranteed for the most part.
    Decent escape Prof.

  7. All he had to do was dig himself a snow hole, make it look deep, punch himself in the face a few times and dislocate his shoulder on something. Great way to get 5 minutes of fame πŸ™‚

  8. No matter how smart a person is you’ll always find a few of them doing dumb things like this. This could have turned out very badly. Usually you either freeze or get crushed to death, or both – not a pretty picture. It’s a miracle he made it out of there

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