Video of Old Woman Dying of Natural Causes in Hospital Bed

Video of Old Woman Dying of Natural Causes in Hospital Bed

As they say – You can be a Jew or a street sweeper, but in the end we all dance with the Grim Reaper.

This video is a sequence from a film by the director Alan King who made a documentary on people dying in beds at Grace Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada titled “Dying in Grace”. The participants gracefully agreed to having the intimacy of their death shown in all its realistic detail. What Alan King achieved with his controversial documentary is offer us an uncensored view of the surest thing that each of us will encounter at one point in their lives. It’s unfortunate that in the Western world, our governments strive to “shield and insulate” us from death – the only constant in life.

The woman named Eda is shown at the beginning of the video while still alive and seemingly still full of life. Later, her personhood leaves her as she slowly withers and slips into the sweet release from pain. Perhaps on to an afterlife, if there is one?

At the three minute mark you can see and hear what’s known as Death Rattle.

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    1. It’s always an honor to have the first comment of the day slider…way to kick us off…lolz..hope your benzos treated you better the that beer chugging I did last night..FUCK my stomachs all fucked off…. I need breakfast sigh….too much work…I’ll just roll over and suffer…. =/

      1. Still, ms. W, iI feel like I could’ve done so much better with the opportunity. I’d give you the whole downlow on hangover remedies, but then I’d just be repeating what you said to me a few days ago. Seriously though, I ‘ll give you a few of my own suggestions later on….Now rest with an easy heart

        1. Lolz..I’m smoking and singing right now actually…. hoping to get in a fap session or two before trying to sleep again…we were up late last night..lolz…loved the convo though…can’t wait till the next… 馃槈

  1. Reminds me of my Uncle Gerry. He passed away at the Elisabeth Bruyere Centre of lung cancer. I was alone with him and holding his hand when he passed, but he did not do the death rattle. He just took two small half-breaths and let them go. God i loved him though. This reminds me of him. But at the same time , every time i see somebody pass i find it sooo peaceful that it has helped me with my own Anxieties regarding dying & death.

      1. Feel ya, mate. Lost my father to lung cancer something over 10 years ago. Though it wasn’t as pretty to witness as this. He was in so much pain that at one point he asked mother to get him a gun…

          1. Really..shit I don’t know fiend..if you’re in good health at that age then I could see living that long..but I’m already breaking down at 28….sigh..21 more yrs of life like this and I’m going to have to go back to slamming dope…atleast that way I’ll be numb and on the go…plus side I’ll lose a grip of weight again….then 21+ yrs wouldn’t be shit 馃槈

          2. I’m glad you liked it =) it’s a great movie.

            I’ll smoke some cannabis and then use a magnum 44. Just to make sure.

            I intend to live life to the fullest, so I’ll have no regrets. I’m nearly 23, so I still have quite a while to go.

          3. @Portuguese Dude

            I thought you were older, maybe late 20’s or early 30’s, you’ve got a wise head on your shoulders for a 22 year old, maybe you Portuguese just grow up quicker.

  2. The slip into the abyss, say goodbye everything and hello to nothing. Even though it doesn’t really matter, I want to be at peace when I’m on my death bed. And the only thing that will stop me from being so are regrets. That is my greatest fear, to be in your final hours and all you can think is how you never really left your comfort zone, never truly stopped caring of what others think of you, never strived to become the best possible version of yourself.

    1. Yeah , well said. Yet I think when the specters of regret don’t come until your final hours, you’re still well off . When they come way before that, and keep on haunting you, that’s really shit. It sometimes makes me wonder whether there’s an afterlife where all that shit will still be there.

      1. @Realitycheck, I’d rather think rationally and come to terms with my eventual non-existence to then spur me into living with no filter than kidding myself into accepting Christ as my saviour or whatever. I don’t need to believe in an after life in order to have a peaceful death. And hey, if it turns out there is an afterlife then so be it. I’m a sincere person and if this God sends me to hell for not having faith in him, then he is no God I want to worship.

        1. Being a christian isn’t weak or irrational, it takes bravery to go against the flow often rejection and well, being considered weak and irrational lol. This is where the viewpoints differ ; our standards vs God’s. What is good and acceptable to us isn’t to God so simply saying “I’m a good guy” doesn’t cut it . I see it this way, mankind is in a fallen state, separated from out maker by sin which is our master whether we like it or not. Nobody has control over this truth but God provided a way to reset the connection, so to speak. All this ugliness in the world is through mans sin , Gos simply wants to be in a relationship with us and let us see true joy and peace which is way beyond anything we can know. We can get glimpses now but we rest assured all things will be made clear one day and set as they should be . Good chat kiwi, I usually enjoy your comments 馃檪

  3. If you want to see an undignified death make sure to visit an NHS hospital, where they employ mostly immigrant non English speaking doctors from Africa, who have never actually been through university education in their life, to take care of you.

    If you are old or otherwise not long for this world you will be put on what they call ?care pathway? where total withdrawal of medication, food and fluids takes place and the staff all ignore you as you beg and beg for water only to die slowly and painfully all alone and in a puddle of your own filth.

    I would rather kill myself than spend my final moments in an NHS hospital, sad thing is that the NHS used to be great until the government started to destroy it for financial/political reasons.

      1. @thedre,

        NHS is the national health service of the United Kingdom.

        Every UK worker pays national health contributions, a tax, in order to fund this service, like Obama Care, and this service used to be one of the best in the world and provided professional care and treatment of a high standard.

        Today it is a disgrace and not because this model of health care was unworkable but because the government on purposely ran it down in order to say that its not working and privatise it, just like they did with the public transport services.

        They decided that a public funded healthcare service should really be a profit seeking operation and so they started making cutbacks in frontline care and spending more of the budget on administration and middle management and this of course created a situation where the hospitals had too many colonels and not enough soldiers.

        They also allowed the entire world to come over to the UK and use this service for free, free for them of course but not for the UK taxpayer. They started recruiting immigrant doctors and nurses from third world countries instead of indigenous and or first world doctors and nurses and they did this because third world doctors work for much less than highly trained first world ones.

        The end result is that if the third world doctors don’t kill you then the infection you will pick up from the dirty unclean, contaminated wards will.

        Greed destroys everything.

        1. Empty . Come on man . We all know NHS ain’t what it used to be but the picture your painting here is way grimmer than it needs to be . When was the last time you either had to visit A&E or actually stay in hospital ? ,cos my local hospital is pretty good mate and believe me , when I got a kidney infection a few years back , I was so damned grateful for the care I received . It ain’t all bad … treatment I got would have cost thousands abroad and I was right as rain within a week . And the pethidine injection was fucking awesome too 馃檪

    1. my nan died in an nhs hospital in london they killed her from neglect she was disabled and couldnt move yet they used to come in and leave her food and drink on the side knowing full well she couldnt move to get it. whenever we went in there her dinner was always on the side cold. I said to them that she has to be fed because she couldnt move and yet again the next day the dinner was on the side. she eventually got a bed sore and died of septicemia as they never cleaned her sore! disgusting. that was not her time to go she was full of life and the doctor said she had the heart of a 20 year old but due to their neglect she died.

        1. @thedre I know was really hard coming to terms with it..I made sure I went everyday and gave her drink and food and fed her myself because I knew they werent treating her right but I shouldn’t of had to. she had metal rods in her legs and she could’t straighten her legs yet she kept saying to me that they used to try and straighten her legs which caused her agony!! I was so angry and still am..sorry to vent lol x x

          1. My mom passed away in our home and she was also in a lot of pain and the fucking government didn’t want to give us help even though they knew she was going to pass away and she worked her ass off for over 30 years in this god damn country. I had to vent too, sorry but my point is that I know how you feel and I’m sorry you and your nan had to go through that. My condolences.

    2. my dad visited an NHS doctor at 9 ‘o’ clock one thursday morning complaining of not feeling himself , the doctor , only thinking of the commission he recieves from writing out a prescription , advised my dad he had heartburn and to take some indegestion tablets , my dad , never one to make a fuss , suffered a massive heart attack at 1:30 the same afternoon…he was dead before he hit the floor , he left my mother and 5 kids behind , he worked his fingers to the bone for 40 years to bring us up and make sure we had everything only to die at 55 because some lazy bag of shit immigrant who spoke in broken english couldnt be fucking bothered to take the stethescope from around his neck and give a proper examination ,his sandwich being more important , i take some comfort in thinking wherever my dad is , he’s waiting patiently for that dog … fuck the NHS

  4. It’s easier to watch one of the bad guys get hacked up with a machete. Thanks to @Ate for posting what death will look like for most of us if we’re lucky. And thanks to Eda for being brave enough to show us. RIP

  5. Disturbing. I had a lot of people in my life who must have looked and sounded like this when they passed in hospitals and old folks homes.

    What is the point in even trying to stay alive? You’re fucking dead no matter what happens. Its like a fucking joke.

    It seems like death is actually are natural state…

    1. Life and blood and a heartbeat is not natural in this universe. We came from stardust and are ultimately destined to return as such. We at best are literally fleshy viruses deatined to precreate and disease the planet (that just wants to be a rock in space) untill our sun goes supernova in a few billion years and we are returned to what we and everything we know should’ve remained all along. Stardust

  6. Is it just me or does the lady talking at the beginning seem different than the one dying?

    You cannot see the mole on her chin on the alive lady, or the one on her forehead. But on the dying lady, they are clearly visible.

    Not that it matters per se, more of an observation, it’s still a sad video and I suppose those two distinct spots could happen in a short amount of time. The ears seem to match close though, hard to compare nose as the view is from under as opposed to straight on.

    1. @lady you seem like a full on blast to be around hahaha! im always having a chuckle when i come across your interactions with others. man if BG was a bar… would sure be a party. anyone appose the creation of a local chapter of lodges?? ha!

  7. Since this post is related lost love ones, here it goes. Drccoco,,Baked,,Brokeback,,Rebelk,,Seth Putman,, Sunray65,,Grammy,s Gore,,Jesus,,Tha Drip,,Lagoonguy,,Big Johnson,,Tulio Hermil,,Phatman,,The Boatman,,Trooper72,,Buffsmom,,Pale Rider,,Fresh Bagels,,Senor Piggy,,Gorewhorenz,, You are all loved and missed, please come by and say hello. The site has not been the same without ALL you guys & gals here. It is still excellent but you are missed the same 馃檨

      1. Hello bud sorry, i have not heard from you for awhile so of course i though of the worst! Senor, do you know what happened to all the others. Many of them left after Mark,s run in with the law i think ? or do you know otherwise? 馃檪

        1. Thanks for caring Dre. I think most are still around, just not posting as frequently. That’s the case with me. Instill come here everyday. Our current posters are doing a great job, but I think a lot of us miss Mark. Some other people just move on I guess. Even Mouse has decreased his activity.

          1. I never got a change to post amongst guys are so lucky….I’m glad the sites still here…I know they say how bad this place is and how we’re all monsters..but I accredit this site and the people here for keeping me from drowning in my own miseries and eating a guy…HAHA put that in your pipe and smoke that shit all you sheepy hipster blogging assholes!!…I hope mm knows how appreciated by me… 馃檪

  8. I don’t know if I want to go out this way. I understand it’s natrual and suppose to be the best way, but seriously I like to have control. I guess that’s why most my loved ones that passed kill theirselves, full control of when you go. Say what you want about suicide but I think when I’m ready to go I’ll do as my father and others did and take it in my own hands. Die where I want, how I want, and when I want.

    1. @harleyQ,

      I think I’m beginning to understand why you chose to work with dead people and by dead people I mean the cadavers and not just your work colleagues.

      Fight or flight?, the dieing or the dead?, who do we fear and who do we face?.

      The natural fear of ones end and how it will be causes most to run from this sad reality and that is why they fear the doctor, that is why they hate hospitals and that is why they send their old people away to die out of sight because out of sight is out of mind.

      Yourself on the other hand enjoyed the medical world and you wanted to be a part of it, maybe an older family member such as a grandfather or grandmother was a doctor or a nurse and they used to tell you stories about it or maybe the death of your loved ones caused you to seek out answers by facing death rather than running away from it and as a result your natural interest in the medical world was peaked.

      However the thought of being around dieing people all day long and witnessing many deaths can be a depressing life to lead and so it made sense to work with the dead that way your medical interest would be satisfied and the dead are dead after all, they suffer no more, they by the very fact that life is no more can no longer be hurt and can be said to be peaceful.

      And so the question remains HarleyQ, has working with dead people helped you to come to terms with the natural cycle of life?, have you concluded yet that control is ultimately an illusion and that regardless of choices in life death is a certainty and most definitely out of our control.

      My conclusion, everything in life can be considered to be a cruel reminder of death, be it the wilting tree, the old person struggling to cross the road, the death of a pet, they all remind us that time is a cruel mistress and that we are all dieing every second that we live.

      Why let that reminder leave us unmotivated and sad, why not allow it to motivate us to act, to give us the courage to move forward when fear would otherwise hold us back, if death is unavoidable then it is worthless to fear it, seize the day I say.

      1. No family members in medical field, except my aunt recently became a nurse. My family has roots in aerospace and military, also truck driving.

        I have a family history of suicides and drug addicts. I’ve had a few family members come in to office which sucks, but at least I can spare my other family members from having to ID someone.

        For the most part you are spot on with why I choose this field of work. And to answer your question, no it hasn’t. It’s left me with more questions and anger for why things happen to innocent people.

        Such as why do I have a 5 year old little boy on my table, but the 26 year old gang banger neighbor is in the ER with a shot to his leg. Why can’t it be the other way around? Why do we have an innocent toddler in here dead from HIV complications, but his drug addict hooker mother is alive and reproducing another innocent life for the system to place in a loving home only to die like its siblings have.

        Sorry, I’m abit upset today, too many babies in the office today has me in a foul mood. Even got sent home early for my attitude.

        1. @HarleyQ,

          Thanks for answering the questions.

          What you have concluded is the truth regretfully, the truth is that life is not very fair and most of the time random too.

          Why are some people born into riches and others into poverty?, why is the 80 year old paedophile still alive but there are innocent children dieing of disease?, why did Justin Bieber become rich and famous when there are many, many more much better, real musicians around that remain at the bottom?.

          Good people dead before bad people, rubbish employees promoted above good employees, why do rapists and murderers win the lottery, it is all just randomness and fairness does not factor into it.

          Therefore it really annoys me when somebody who is rich by chance of birth starts to make statements about their supposed superiority based upon that wealth much like our politicians, those who base their egos and self worth on status born into are the worse kind of psychopaths.

          I look at these rich elite families who have been in wealth for hundreds of years and I think to myself it is only chance of birth, complete randomness, that separates us and to think that you get to rule over me, yes, this world is very, very silly and unfair.

    2. i have to agree. unless i had some years worth living and a chance of full recovery, pass me an OD of Morphine, a bottle of jack with two glasses and a memory of a life lived. thats peace enough for me. ill be damned if i allow any further waste of a tax payers hard earned dollar on hopeless treatment.

      1. @thedre, isn’t that how they take out the trash on death row? something similar, no? Lucky bastards get to go peacefully…all because some moron somewhere stirred up some debate on how gas and electricity were somehow cruel and unusual. Where does the punishment fitting the crime fit in? SMHS

          1. It,s ok Sli, I found out it is Facebook Acronyms & Similar douchebaggery, meaning shaking my head ! 馃檪 And, have a good morning sir!

          1. Dre I’m on painkillers now well not right now because I drank lay night..but I’m on pain meds now and this isn’t life hun…it’s a mess of a life….I miss when weeds all I needed to feel good…..I live off barf pills Percocets and tree now….THIS isn’t life…. 馃檨

          2. 1. SMHS means shaking my head….slowly
            2. I don’t know how I would react if I was doubled over in a pain riddled puking blood shell of a man. letting myself be put down might sound like the answer at that time. Maybe you recover or at least have something that’s manageable. Maybe not. But death is final. No going, whoops,I wanna stay alive. I dunno dre, thats a really deep questionthat unfortunately cause im at work, cant answer satisfactorily

          3. Dre,, as to your post above…..FUCK YES im taking painkillers…fuckin anythingthat they wanna hand my ass to feel comfortably numb. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nomminthose shits down. But euthanizing myself…not so sure. No mulligans there my friend

          4. Just so you know slider we’re not supposed to even say lolz….lolz..if mm was still around we’d get in trouble for using douchbaggery??…I’ve been talked to by the elder sobs here about the text talk…just passing the message along….. 馃槈

        1. Sorta Slider…they give you other shit TOO to stop your heart…I dint remember the names right now but it makes a pretty antifreeze green color….I call it the death juice…bfc from monster reminds me of the color sorta..lolz..

      1. Hold it tight LW, we are gonna fly! 馃槈

        No CanadaDre. I’m sure she sat there for days being a pin cushion. Probably alone too. No effing thank you! I’ll shoot myself before I waste away in a hospital where the only thing consistent is the blood pressure machine and constant beeping of all the machines! Hell to the NO thanks!

        1. Yes ma’am…again I agree with pretty lady…I’m getting my living will done before my next surgery for that reason right there…I fucking REFUSE to be a pin cushion living off machines…FUCK that…kill me if I get put on life support!!…I DON’T want to live? that….

          1. Lolz…thanks Dre..but I hope if I ever do turn into cementpaste I’m a post here…..I think it would be an honor to be forever glamorous on here…I’ve loved this site for yrs and would absolutely LOVE to be on here forever… ..I don’t plan on going any where anytime soon… 馃槈

          1. No. I’d rather they didn’t have to live with the memory of me taking my last breath. I personally feel it’s not fair to them. The way she looked (above) may have been peaceful but it would scar your loved ones. I’d rather to do it on my own- I feel death is personal. I’d rather flip my switch quickly! Someone can call my kids and let them know. Hopefully they’d be secure in my feelings for them beforehand..

          2. The way this woman looked is why I didn’t visit. My grandpa for 3 months as he was dying in a nursing home. I refused to let my last memories of him be in that bed dying. My last memory of him is him at home, happy, sitting in his favorite chair playing with my oldest (she was a year old at the time). A few weeks later he went to the nursing home. He had no memory of anyone and was usually asleep the whole time is what my mom says, she was there all the time with him.

            If I’m ever told I have so long to live, I’m taking my loved ones on an adventure to build happy loving memories of my last days. Complete with old school kodak pictures. Then I’m saying my goodbyes and love yous. Then I will cut off contact and do what I must do to take control of my own death on my own terms. One person will know where and when and will be charged with contacting the right offices in coming and collecting my corpse. I promise to not make a mess and be intact. I don’t want anyone to have to hunt down pieces of my brain or skull like I have to do sometimes.

            I don’t care if anyone says suicide is the easy way out, screw that, it’s the control way out. My dad did it on his terms and I’m ok with that (kinda wish he had choosen a different day, seriously he did it 8 days after my 12th birthday, thanks dad).

            Anyways, Juicy if you want to take your own life on your own terms, then you have my respect. It’s our lives, our bodies, we should be in control of our own deaths as well.

          3. With all due respect harleyQ I find your treatment of your Grandfather in the last months of his life selfish.
            If you truly love someone you will be there for them no matter what. You can choose how to remember a loved one.
            Just because he was asleep most of the time didn’t mean he wouldn’t know you had been there for him.
            Ultimately it is your choice to do so… I just hope you never have any regrets.

          4. @fiend had my grandpa ever asked for me I would of been there, but he lost his memory and everything years before we put him in the home. He also thought we were strangers there to bother him. When we put him in the home he was in a coma like state. I have no regrets in regards to him. Perhaps it was selfish, but it was my choice. At least I wasn’t like my cousins looting his house and pawning his coin collection and jewelry, while tell grandma to shut up. Of course once my brother gets out of prison those cousin will have a nice shallow grave in the desert.

            @wicked usually the pills and booze mixtures are the cleanest. Unless they are the unlucky few who end up like Chris Farley. But for the most part pills or poison leaving you looking as if you are asleep.

            Hangings would be second no mess really unless you shit yourself or vomit.

            Cutting and gun shots are always messy. Of course if you can get lucky have the bullet enter cleanly through the roof of your mouth and stay within your skull, you’ll just have blood from the nose and mouth, maybe the ears. But easy to clean up and open casket for you. Of course my dad didn’t get lucky, gun to side of head and bye bye skull.

          5. HarleyQ- Utmost respect and understanding to you. I don’t find you selfish. I’d never want to see a loved one like that and I wouldn’t want ANYONE to see ME like that! I’m not saying that my family wouldn’t want to, I’m saying I don’t want them to! Wether or not I end up in control will remain to be seen in the future..

          6. @harleyQ
            It doesn’t sound like your Grandfather had the cognitive abilities to ask for you to be there for him.
            But, as you said, it was your choice and I am glad you have no regrets.
            My Mother hasn’t known who I am for about 4 years now, yet I am still there for her each and every day… that’s my choice.

          7. Hq I know all about the pills and liquor…my first time was 100 500mg Tylenols and a handle of vodka..I was 13 96lbs….I didn’t tell anyone was found almost 4 hrs after ingestion…I finally took myself off the liver transplant list in 03…but my liver is awesome now….ehh…I think I’m going to rent a hotel room and do it there…maybe out in the middle of nowhere…I would just feel really bad if one of my old co workers at the riverside coroners office or old classmates finding me or working on me…it would be kinda fucked up on my part I guess…sigh…thank you for the opinion hun..I appreciate it….

          8. The feelings are very mutual my sweet lady friend!
            As you said yesterday I wish we were closer, I would love to spend some time with you!

      1. Yeah if I ever did off myself I’d think I’d want to be on dope but in times of depression I visualized blowing my head off or jumping in traffic but as I thought it out I realized that would be selfish, have someone clean my nasty mess and traumatize a loved one or cause an accident and end up hurting/ killing someone else.

          1. I am with you @ P.O.Z. Heroin overdose, and you get a huge sweet rush that you never come out of. Very clean also ! Open casket for sure 馃檪

      2. If I’m oding off any drugs it’s going to be with a rig filled with a super thick meth syrup…..Yuppz..that’s the way…or I’ll do that and then eat a gun…my heart with be racing from the methamphetamines and would cause for a worse mess…….I guess I really am a mess…lolz

  9. Nope, going to have to give this one a pass…
    My sweet elderly friend passed last November and I was the one she chose to share that experience with.
    Although I am honored and humbled by the experience, there is only so much this old heart can take.
    Rest peacefully sweet Jean, I miss you and love you.

    1. I was going to pass on this one too because it’s hard..I took care of all my immediate family life and in’s very very hard…I watched the video though..I’m pretty immune to shit now..still very hard though…

  10. I grew up thinking I wouldn’t make it to 30 because of my lifestyle. Now I’m thinking more around 60. But that’s probably subject to change too if I make it that long.

    What I’m getting at is humans are horrible about predicting the way situations will make them feel until they actually experience them.

    Being bedridden seems to me like a horrible thing to go through. A prison in a prison. But until I actually am faced with that situation, I can’t say for certain what I would do.

    Rip Eda. I want to also thank her for bringing back memories of tripping on Dextromethorphan. Good times, but never again.

    1. dextromethorphan is my maintinance drug. since my tolerance grew ive been doseing 240mg give or take for the last 4 years with no complications to cognitave or motor function ability. dissasociative drugs do have a place in behavioral health management in my own experiance and i hope medical science sheds some official light on the possabilities. ive been diagnosed bipolar leaning towards depression more than manic, and while i have continued my self medical study i have not disclosed any of my self medication to any proffesional and recived noted significant improvement of symptoms by them.

  11. This is what my late grandmother looked like when she passed. They brought her back to her house and had her on a drip. I was shocked by how sick she looked, just like this lady. The only difference is my grandmother would moan every time she exhaled and we kept dipping a sponge in her mouth because she had it wide open. I kept thinking to myself “Maybe she will get better..” But of course she did not at this point. I was not there when she took her last breath and I am glad. Just seeing her lay and die like this lady was bad enough.

  12. I don’t wanna get old. I’m turning 34 in June. Getting old sucks. When I get too old I’m gonna blow my head. I will never go out like this. But I still have time so just enjoying life to the fullest.

  13. Apparently they didn’t tell this lady she was terminal. I went through this with a family member. She was terrified so I promised I would stay with her for the duration. She didn’t do the death rattle like this lady did. She took 2 short breaths and that was it, she was gone. But the look of peace on her face tells me she went to a better place. 2 days before she died she looked up toward the ceiling and called the name of her sister who had been dead almost 20 years, so I have to wonder what she saw. The last 2 days I made sure she was doped up a lot because of the amount of pain she was in. Death seemed a relief for her.

  14. Hell, I’m 61 and still feel like I’m 21. Been dating again too. I didn’t think I’d make it to 50 the way I’d been living. Now I’ve got something to live for! My dad died like this but at 91.5. I don’t like seeing people go out like this. Their body looks like someone out of Auschwitz. My dad was only 88 pounds when he died. Refusing to eat. That’s not a good way to die, even if it is in your bed with caregivers and family all around.

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