Last Moments of Hot Air Balloon Crash Victims in Egypt Filmed on Video

Last Moments of Hot Air Balloon Crash Victims in Egypt Filmed on Video

Isn’t it ironic that had this hot air balloon ride not end up in a crash and deaths of nearly all tourists, this video would have been a fond memory of the highlight of their trip to Egypt? Instead, it’s a macabre footage of their last moments alive, before the fatal explosion.

This group of people had to get up while it was still dark in order to see the sunrise from up above the Valley of the Kings. They were all excited, if somewhat nervous, but surely ready to be awed. Minutes later… all but two of the 21 people onboard were dead.

The video was filmed by a cameraman for Luxor’s Sky Cruise. They do it to sell the video as a souvenir, ie. to milk more money from tourists.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Last Moments of Hot Air Balloon Crash Victims in Egypt Filmed on Video”

  1. At the end of the video when they all wave goodbye it is quite profound, we, the living can view this metaphorically as a wave goodbye to the world, to the end of their existence if you will however for these lot they were merely playing along with the cameraman.

    It reminds you that what you often ascribe to others be it moral standpoints, points of view or personality it if often more of our own self creation based upon our view of that person rather than a factual representation of that person.

    1. @empty- right on! I watched knowing the outcome, and they had no idea what was about to go down. Smiles, happy expressions, strangers to each other but on the same final destination. Kinda somber when you watch. I just think about the things i may do, or set out to do that seem so normal and fine, but really the end will be tragic. Totally makes you think though..

  2. the scotish guy and the egyptian pilot survived by jumping from 10 feet ( the pilot suffering 70% of burns and is in critical condition, while the scotish guy was already out of the hospital). The loss of their both weights apparently made the balloon lurch to more than 1000ft, 9 people jumping ( too late) to their death while burning alive, the rest dying in the final blaze.

      1. the fire started as they were landing, at 10 ft from the ground, at this moment the 2 survivors jumped. Then with the loss of their weight ( according to some newspapers but it is also due to a natural reaction with gas and flames), the balloon lurched to more than 1000 ft, while fire was spreading everywhere ( so 9 people were jumping on flames but from such an height that they couldn’t survive), the rest died in the final blast.

        1. im wondering if the pilot told them to all jump out, then they would have survived. but he selfishly tried to save his own life. and the other guy jumped out right after him and survived.
          its a sad thing having a holiday result in deaths.
          deaths like these are possibly the only one where i actually feel bad.

          1. No, the pilot jumped as he was in flames, it’s just a normal reaction, how could you just think about safety measures when you are in flames ? The scotish guy jumped at the same moment, probably because flames began to spread and when you see them entering the basket you can guess it is not easy to jump that, then the other british guy jumped as the balloon was at the height of a 7 floors building ( and died 5 hours later). The others were in flames. The horrible thing there is not they died in a crash, but they all were burning alive for a while befor the crash. And anyway, everybody couldn’t have jumped at the beginning, since the balloon soon rised up with the loss of the weight of the 2 survivors and the heat. The scotish guy may surely face a strong survivor guilty.

  3. would 4 japanese turists have jumped at 10 feet instead of this big scotish guy there wouldn’t have been such a noticeable weight loss and everybody would have survived. What a waste for the young indian, french and the chinese cuties. No matter for the rest, not a big waste for human aesthetic

  4. I might be the only one to have been really touched by this, I don’t know. But this is the first time in all of my days on Best Gore that a video made me teary-eyed. They had no idea that this was it…a very sobering video.

    1. once again, by jumping as the balloon was landing at 10ft and as the fire began to spread as the balloon went up. The scotish guy suffered only minor injuries with bruises, he stayed only a few days in hospital and is already back in England

      1. The Scottish guy is back in England ?Fuck me , did everyone in your home country FAIL Geography ?Mind you i guess he could work there but the drive home every night wearing his Kilt and pissed out of his mind on Whisky would be a bitch.

        1. as far as I know Scotland is not a country, but a part of England… If Scotland was a country, I would know it. And given the pictures of this shithole part of the world I’ve seen on the net, well, that’s definitely not a country

  5. when you travel to another country, you should try to blend in with the locals. if you can’t blend in, then don’t go. anyone who does retarded tourist shit and puts their lives into the hands of a stranger in a third world country, deserves no sympathy.

  6. Homeboy in yellow at 0.06 seconds survived. His name is Michael Rennie. He jumped from the balloon when it was still close to the ground before it shot back up. Smart motherfucker. Him and the pilot were the only ones. Must have been pretty fuckin scary for these people.

    1. she looks very nervous and quite suspect to me too, and notice that, she was standing just next to the flammable bottle and the pilot… And what would an egyptian woman do in a hot air balloon full of turists above the Valley of the Kings ? Stronger investigation is required there. If she’s innocent may she rest in peace cause she sure was one of the first to be in flames

  7. sad….but why travel to Egypt? The only thing I can think of, is the pyramids and sphinx, but then again they are crowded with tourists. Do they even have bars in that country? Do they have heavy metal?

  8. I don’t know anything about hot air balloons, but doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of people for one balloon? Otherwise the outfit seems fairly organized and safety conscious from the little you can see in the video. Just bad luck I guess.

  9. I’ve got a kind of morbid fascination for this video. There’s no gore in it but knowing those poor nice and happy people we have the feeling to travel with will have such an horrible end is very heartbreaking. It is also the first time a video in here makes me so sad… Why them ? Did they put someone in flames in another life ?

  10. I can handle gore and such things like that, but I think things like this really effect me more. Its just a lot sadder seeing the people who they were, and to think about how they were an actual person with thoughts and feelings, then they just die. Kinda makes you feel like it could happen to you just as easily, which it could.

  11. “Here you are Sir , there’s ten million quid , now go and enjoy the ride ”

    “Bollocks , you’ll need to at least double that to get me in a hot air balloon in Africa , in fact , sod it , I ain’t interested “

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