Videos Taken During Category 5 Hurricane Maria in Dominica

City of Roseau - Capital of Dominica Is a Pile of Mud, Sand and Debris

Hey guys,

my laptop and cell phone suffered serious water damage during Hurricane Maria, so I’m very limited in what I can do on the internet, but I was able to watermark and upload a few videos I took during and after the storm.

I roughly explained in my previous post what was going on around me as the core of Hurricane Maria made landfall in Dominica, and today I’d like to share two videos I took with my phone before water got the best of it. I’m sharing these videos exclusively with Best Gore readers only.

Both videos were filmed during the first blast of the core. The second blast was significantly more powerful and I needed both hands to keep the door from barging in.

First video was filmed during the initial minutes of the core’s arrival. It came with so much force, I never flew out of my bed that fast. I dashed out of the room, and crouched in the corridor leading into the bathroom. There were two vents in the upper section of the bathroom’s wall facing the backyard. I had wooden boards on the outside of the vents to act as hurricane shutters.

Despite the shutters, the noise the hurricane was causing was overwhelmingly deafening inside. However, the camera’s microphone auto-adjusted to the extreme noise in order to prevent audio distortion, and automatically lowered the input to the safest level at which it can be played back without sounding distorted. In spite of this limitation, which prevents the playback from sounding more realistic, listeners may get an idea of the rage caused by the Category 5 Storm outside my door.

Also, each time something banged, like when the neighbor’s roof got ripped off and tossed into the storage shack in my backyard, destroying it, the bang caused a noise spike, which was reacted to by the microphone by lowering the input level even more, so excessively loud bangs make it sound in the video as if things actually quieted down.

It was pitch dark, due to the Hurricane knocking the power out on the entire island, and I only had the phone in one hand, and a small flash light in the other, so pictures are on the darker side, but pitch darkness is what I was surrounded with when the Hurricane struck. Here’s the video:

The other video was filmed moments later, after the Hurricane blasted the towel from under my door, causing water mixed with mud and various debris to pour into the house and flood it within a second. I responded by standing by the weakest point of the house (the door), using my wet feet to at least keep the towel close to the door so water doesn’t continue pouring in completely unobstructed. It probably helped a little bit, but not a whole lot. Enjoy:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. I may need to add to it the fact that an important indication of intelligence is seeing sandals and presume they are sandals. If you look at sandals and see flip flops, you are probably lacking somewhere upstairs.

          2. Horny Devil: Fear is a huge topic and essential for survival. To fear requires conscious and/or unconscious perceptions of dangers. These fears may be instinctual as in fear of heights or acquired via experiences or education from others. It appears that nature has created us to “fear” because of its survival values. Virtually, from cradle to grave man deals with fears of various and sundry kinds. We humans carry a large bucket of fears that are healthy and essential for survival. Some people also carry fears are unrealistic and this includes phobias and psychiatric symptoms such as those found in neurotics and psychotics such as schizophrenics or victims of PTSD or abuses of many kinds.

            In many organisms, there can be survival value in hiding the signs of fear. Animals and humans often put on shows of bravado or dangerous aggression because they are based on underlying fears and meant to scare off dangerous others. Prisoners sometime tattoo themselves to intimidate others because they fear being victimized.

            Much of civilization is based on inducing fears of being punished, pain, or even gruesome torture and death. Many of the homicide cases in Best Gore (like lynchings of various kinds) are meant to punish and induce fear “scare” others to stay away, do right, or else. Those Brazilian kids who get shot in the hand are being taught to “fear.” Right?

            Paranoia: There are three basic kinds of extreme fear or “paranoias”.

            The first is “functional” paranoia. Here the paranoid person “really” does live in a dangerous environment where he/she could actually be hurt or killed. The behaviors of this kind of paranoid are realistic. Violent criminals commonly have this extreme fear problem because of the “real” enemies they have.*

            the second kind of paranoia is a mental illness and can manifest many forms especially that it can be mixed in with other mental and cultural factors. Thus, we can have paranoid schizophrenics and paranoid Bi-polars.

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            *P.S. I once met a prison inmate who confessed his very intimidating persona (big bad and nasty, don’t fuk with me attitude, covered with violent theme tats) was all contrived to induce “fear” in others, because “inside me is one scared MF dude !”

      1. Hey Kev, I wasn’t on the farm anymore. I moved from there two months ago. Folks there – I have no idea. Surely cut off from the rest off the world and if the spring that was about 3 miles up the hill got sealed by the storm (which is likely), I doubt their chances of survival exist.

        1. Oh damn. Prob a blessing u weren’t there. Glad you’re ok. Gotta be billions of dollars in damage. How’s food and water supply. When sandy hit here in ny. People were fist fighting to get gas etc. the aftermath is just as chaotic as the storm itself

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      At 9:35 p.m. Monday, Maria became the first Category 5 storm to strike Dominica in recorded history, leaving behind widespread destruction.

      By meteorologist Philip Klotzbach‏ from the Colorado State University, specialist in seasonal Atlantic basin hurricanes (verified Twitter account):

        1. You wouldn’t believe if I told you whose cell phone that account was posting from. That was Mr. Mangina himself, still trolling BG. Must be realizing that feminists he spat on Best Gore for will only wink their lashes at him for as long as he’s a useful idiot to them. Sooner or later, once his mangina’s usability runs out, he gets discarded like the rest of them.

          I can’t post, but I can clean the site off trolls whose sole purpose on the site is constantly disagree with everything and toss personal attacks left and right with every comment. No second chances, no second guessings anymore. Feels good.

  3. This reminds me back when I was still in Northern Mariana islands at Pacific. Last 2015 a very strong typhoon hit our small island it literally tore down anything at its path electric utility poles were toppled down during the typhoon I was fighting my door trying to keep it closed.

      1. Oh they were here all the time. Now they see something that clearly ain’t no flipflop, and try to bash you over it. Try living on tropical island wearing boots or sneakers all day…. your feet will be a fungal garden in a week.

        I’d say Terminate those dickweeds asap.

        1. Flip Flops was something I wanted to buy. But Dominica is a very expensive island due to extremely high import tax on everything. You end up getting dollar store quality merch for a premium price. Flippies would have been really handy, actually, but it doesn’t make sense buying a pair that will last 2 weeks but costs $30US. So I would totally be a flip flop man if I lived somewhere where I could buy them for a decent price, and get decent quality ones. But shoes in the video are so obviously sandals with straps, it never occurred to me someone could in any capacity perceive them as flip flops. They were handy around the house, because they were not tough enough for outdoor use in the rugged country with steep hills everywhere.

          1. You just survived a category 5 hurricane and the only thing the sheeple trolls can comment on is your footwear? I’m glad you made it through that ordeal. Take it easy man, I’m sure you still need time to calm your nerves and plan your next course of action.

          2. Vincit: Great detailed and realistic description of your life threatening hurricane experiences.
            Correct me if I missed it, but did you ever pray to God (Allah, Jesus, Virgin Mary, or Zeus) for protection and salvation during the hurricane’s nastiest blows?

            Did you harbor any thoughts of a religious sort during the tempest?

            I am “praying” for your welfare and rapid recovery and for those on that beautiful island.

          3. Snafu, chill out geezer, Mark can take a rollicking and some more and then come back to demolish ‘ya, look what he did to the hurricane, he’s a man’s man to be sure FLIP FLOP or no FLIP FLOP.

  4. Yep, thats about what I remember from hurricane Sandy.. Constant barrage of extremely loud howling wind, things banging around outside.. Just terrifying.. You definitely got it worse though. Like I said, I wasn’t near the eye of the storm, more to the outskirts. This didn’t make it any less terrifying, just less intense than what we can see in your vids. We didn’t get any breaches or flooding in the house I was living in thankfully. Still, that constant feeling of the possibility that the entire house might rip open at any minute was there. And the fear that if that happened, there would be little hope of surviving the sheer, unattenuated force of those winds and rain. Super ballsy to have stayed there!

  5. Really glad you’re ok man,I was wondering how bad you were going to be hit,and the flooding part really fucking sucks.Water damage is no fun.
    I’m glad you pulled through,
    though,or I might’ve had to kill myself in lieu of not having any Gore to gawk at.
    Hope nothing of personal value was destroyed or fucked up in general,and that your health wasn’t affected by this literal shitstorm.Anyways I was a little worried for a minute there,but when I saw you’re earlier post,it was a relief and bad news at the same time.Stay strong man.

  6. man even just reading the description of that shitstorm was pretty up there on my fuck this scale, those videos have a creepy dark feel to them, hope the joint somewhat chilled you even if for a short time before hell broke loose, im actualy impressed you managed to get some footage,

    On a side note, that would of been one scary wait by yourself in that dark ol place listening to all that chaos, knowing that one breach an you’re toast

  7. Those videos were scary as fuck and then i saw it. I saw flipflops and for a second i was taken to the lovely country of Brazil and i was so happy thinking how many thieves and rapists and just general trash would be wiped off the face of the map. But then reality set in. This wasn’t brazil but the sandals. If it did hit brazil we would probably have less videos but believe me the world would be a better place. They are a bunch of fucked up people who will always screw you.

    1. That’s the thing. We were told it’s a Category 1, but gaining strength. We were also told its projected path was to the north of Dominica. Then within 6 hours – just as all communication on the island was lost, it grew into Category 5 and hit Dominica directly (which we only found out after the fact). How do you prepare for something that’s never in recorded history struck the island? Nobody could have prepared for this. Nobody’s experienced this level of natural force so nobody knew what to expect. Everybody knows what should have been done after the fact. But it’s a whole different story when you don’t have the benefit of hindsight. You can look at any disaster and be a smart ass after all was said and done. It’s like making an investment that doesn’t work out, and then somebody tells you that you should not have invested in that company. No shit, idiot. I know that now too… Or as we see often on BG, everybody knows somebody should have done something to notice a person was in trouble before they committed suicide, but the reason so many do, is because everybody is only this wise after the event.

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