Vultures Alert Farmers of Decomposing Human Corpse

Vultures Alert Farmers of Decomposing Human Corpse

Farmers from Portão do Ocuí, a village in rural zone of Linha Jacutinga in the city of Missal, Paraná, Brazil were alerted of a corpse in an advanced stage of decomposition by vultures who started to circle around the pasture. They went to check what attracted their attention and found the corpse.

Forensic experts determined that the corpse must have been dead for at least 15 days. Near the body they found a wallet with the identity card belonging to 44 year old Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida and a National Health Card under his name, issued by the Secretariat of Health in Foz do Iguaçu.

The corpse was taken to a morgue to determine the cause of death. Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the pics:

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