Woman Gives Birth in a Parking Lot, Cops Help to Deliver Baby

Woman Gives Birth in a Parking Lot, Cops Help to Deliver Baby

Luckily this happened in Brazil, so the story has a happy ending. If it happened in America or Canada, the woman would have gotten shot and the baby tazed straight out of her vagina. In the report, the cops would write that they feared for their own lives by the threatening noises and advances of the baby.

A 22 year old housewife gave birth in a parking lot in front of the Barata Ribeiro City Hospital in the North Zone (Zona Norte) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her husband wanted to get her to a maternity ward but she went into labor en route so he quickly pulled over and sought help. He asked two UPP (Unidade de Polรญcia Pacificadora) policemen who were nearby if they could find a professional but the baby was already coming out so there was no time for that. The husband also ran to the nearby hospital (which does not have a maternity ward) and asked a nurse for help, but she refused.

The cops however did not hesitate and did whatever they could. 32 year old Marcondes de Souza took off his uniform and used his shirt to hold the baby in, and even though he’s never been at the delivery, and doesn’t have any children of his own, he was ready to do whatever needed to be done to help deliver a healthy baby.

The Municipal Health Secretariat reported that they would investigate why no one from the nearby hospital came to the woman’s aid. The hospital representative responded by stating that they only house orthopedic and plastic surgery units and don’t have any emergency obstetricians on staff.

Seriously, can you imagine the blood bath if this happened in America where asking the cops for help often equals getting shot or getting one’s beloved dog shot, or similar douchebaggery?

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      1. They probably made a good choice as a baby can bleed out enough through an unclamped or untied umbilical cord that is cut too close to baby’s body and if not immediately attended to may lose so much blood that he/she dies.

        Thanks for the posts!

  1. a normal natural childbirth. the mothers abs do all the work all the helper does is play catch, clean the mouth and nose then ,wipe off slime and clamp or cut the umbi cord*
    i’ve done two in the back seat of a chevy.
    ps. my only training was at a dairy farm.

    1. then why do first world women need all this super special extra bullshit when its as easy as taking a fucking dump? theres a number a vids right here that show how easy and fucking painless childbirth is but the media preconditions women to make it a fucking spectacle.

      1. Very True @obli, It’s all about the $. but to be fair even most 1st calf heifers do need a little hep` if the puss is too tight .
        ya just use a fence stretcher and some twine string!

      2. The worst part of giving birth is all those painful hours of labor…but I agree, many women make such an espectacle of it. And of course, money is a factor here, hospitals and doctors always try to make it more difficult than it is

  2. When a man see’s his son or female child coming into the world, most men, no matter how big and strong they are they teeter on thie point of passing out. All the blood and guts and the excitment of seeng thier baby, it;s often too much for a man.

    1. Two years ago i was prepared to witness my child birth, but alas my wife has to go with c section procedural because of her lack of fetal membrane, i really didn’t have a clue about any of that. Now i imagine if the circumstance was the different, could i have watch it? I guess i could.

          1. Don’t feel too bad, as mothers we can’t see whats going on down the business end. We put up with all the pain but we don’t get to see the miracle of birth.

  3. Kind of reminds me of about ten years ago I worked as a 911 dispatcher and I had to talk the guy through the delivery. About a week later they came by to show me the baby, it was a truly amazing experience, even though I wasn’t actually “there” when it happened.

      1. @obli, I completely agree with you there, Obamacare is the biggest fucking joke I’ve ever seen. The cheapest policy I can get is $170/month, has a deductible of $6,530/year, and my doctor is not even going to accept it. However, if I had a couple illegitimate kids, or were pregnant, I could get it for free!!

  4. Personally, i’m a 57-year old American who has been arrested for drugs, probation violations as well as for stealing a sick, dying dog from a negligent homeless drunk in order to take it to a vet who would help it.

    In all fairness, and from one who has actually BEEN there, the only abuse i ever suffered at any American cops’ hands was being maced once.

    Actually, since this took place in South America, i’m suprised that the baby wasn’t born wearing flip-flops, doing pointers, and didn’t have its head squashed flat by a passing bus!

  5. Child birth turns my stomach it can literally make me nauseous sometimes. It’s suppose to be such a good thing and it is to some degree. But death for is just more comfortable even though that’s uncomfortable as well. I do almost feel bad for the little one being born into this sometimes I wish I wasn’t.

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