Woman Gives Birth to Child Just Like That in Waiting Room

Woman Gives Birth to Child Just Like That in Waiting Room

You know the myth spread about by feminists that birth giving is painful (real women don’t say that bullshit, only feminist scum do) – busted again.

Video from Goiânia in the state of Goiás, Brazil doesn’t show the moment of delivery because it was as quick as a fart, but shows what ensued immediately after. The woman popped the kid just like that in what looks like a waiting room of some kind of governmental institution, but maybe a hospital. The kid fell on the floor surrounded by a big splash of blood and got quickly picked up by a male member of staff who took it away. The newfound mother just chillaxed there on the bench like all she did was have a puff from a doobie.

At 0:36 a cleaning lady casually wipes off mother’s snatch cause it was still all bloody. I wouldn’t mind this type of job. Old lady at 1:01 sounds all pissed off and shit. Not sure what her problem is.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Woman Gives Birth to Child Just Like That in Waiting Room”

    1. Fuck, waiting room takes too long, they must be proper lazy bastards there then, there was hardly any people in there, even less when she gushed everywhere, old bitch just wanted to be centre of attention.

  1. The baby appeared to be crying loudly. However it did look on the very small side. Also that’s an awful lot of bright red bleeding from the mom. More bleeding than normal. Looks like a premature birth.

    BTW Mark , I’ve attended thousands of births as an OB nurse and had 2 of my own. Labor and childbirth are usually quite painful. It’s VERY rare that a mom just doesn’t experience much pain. Thank God for epidurals! Mark when you go to the dentist do you have your teeth drilled on without anesthetic ? Probably not, and why would you? Same with childbirth. If there is a safe and effective way to ease the pain why not take advantage of modern science? Just saying. 🙂

    1. Getting your teeth drilled and giving birth are 2 completely different things
      (And teeth are a bad example, because, yes, there are people that do prefer to opt out of drugs for various reasons.. But getting your teeth drilled is not a natural process your body was designed to go through)
      Giving a birth is a natural,instinctive process that every animal on this planet is well prepared for. Epidurals? Do dogs get epidurals? Women anywhere other than a 1st world country? shit, women 100 years ago? ..before they were brainwashed into thinking they cant give birth without one
      Labor is painful, yes.. Its also a part of life
      Most women these days dont even consider going natural because “thank god for epidurals”
      No.. Thank god for instincts
      Dont get me wrong, epidurals and pain meds are good to have on hand, in case something go wrong. But everyone abuses them and acts like they cant give birth without em.
      When mark says it’s easy as a fart, hes not saying its a pleasant experience… But have you seen the rest of this website?
      People go through a lot of pain daily and dont whine about it or ask for an easy way out because theyre too pussy to handle life.. If youre not willing to go through labor without an easy way out, dont get pregnant
      Seriously, watch an animal give birth and tell me we need epidurals. Do they go through the pain of labor? They sure do. Do they stop trying halfway and whine about it so someone else can do the work for them? If they did, theyd be dead. People ask for c sections for absolutely no reason other than being too pussy to handle life
      This is why humans (1st world mostly) are fucked.. Because of this nonsense

      1. And ive also watched many births, human and non human, also given birth, and the only thing the OB nurses were telling me was that i was crazy for refusing an epidural
        People are brainwashed into thinking they need to ‘take advantage’ and rely on modern science, acting like they need it.. People like that dont use instincts for anything anymore, not to give birth, not to raise kids. They rely on epidurals and kid manuals like babycenter instead of doing what they were meant to
        Then the single moms whine and post on facebook about ‘happy fathers day to all the single mommies pulling double duty!!!’ Like its a fuckin job to raise kids (clearly it is, because they demand shit like child support and child tax to pay them to raise their kids.. Lmfao..) anyway, i could go on and on on this subject and how everyone i know is a pathetic parent

    2. You are right. I’ve had some babies and it is extremely painful. However, my last two filings on my teeth, I had, without anaesthetic. It was painful. But not too bad.
      That video doesn’t even show her in labour so I don’t know where the silly idea came about it not being painful. Just a typical woman hater I suppose. Like half the men on here.

    1. Yes it deffinetly does. Especially in the early part of labor when the pain passes every 10, 5, then 2 minutes…..
      2 minutes I was fine then the next 2 minutes I grabbing hard on the bed rail with agony. It’s crazy.

      1. one of my kids was a natural birth. it isn’t the BIRTH that hurts, it is the fucking contractions! once I found out that pushing took that pain away I was all over it. I had my son out in 3 pushes and as soon as he was out the pain was gone. I was definitely sitting up. Although I wasn’t just chilling, I was holding him and very happy.

        you still bleed for a very long while after having a baby. I think the rag was there, not to be wiped off, but to try to catch more blood from ending up on the floor.

        and are we sure that was a cleaning lady and not a nurse?

    1. @The_Faster_Gun… Your comment just makes you sound stupid and ignorant. I bet you even call yourself a Christian. Jesus Christ’s primary command for believers is to love one another. This just saddens me to think so much ignorance is out there.
      Also, griping and whining because women claim childbirth is painful is just hypocrisy. You hate women yet whine about women hating men. I am by no means a feminist, but I imagine it is men like you who drive feminists on in their cause. I find it ironic that you complain about the complaints of pain while complaining yourself. I know you cannot access this comment now, but it will be here when you can (if you find it, that is).

  2. That birth was only so quick and easy cuz that was a premie. Or underdeveloped. And there’s a lot of blood so she may be so weak she just didn’t react and only sat there. Love the shitty old lady. “How dare you give birth when I’m trying to be old over here!”

  3. hmm, funny how you use this video as an example of how easy child birth is when it doesn’t show the actual LABOR part. you think she wasn’t screaming about 2 minutes before the person started recording? I guess ignorance really is bliss.

    1. oh and by the way, the old lady was probably mad at the STAFF for leaving this young woman in the waiting room while she was starting to have a baby. Seems like she was yelling at the workers.

  4. its not that the feminist scum complain about childbirth being too painful, it’s that the pain threshold is different for every person, some people can take a beating and ask for more, some cry at a bee sting, we aren’t all the same, some women are such whores that their snatch is loose enough for the baby to play slip and slide, some are very conservative and its very tight, some are naturally big enough for the baby to squeeze out, regardless, each will experience a different amount of pain due to their pain treshold and that is why some can give birth like a champ and others sound like they are near death

  5. For women it’s a fucking mutual admiration society in giving birth. They think because they carry a baby and drop it after nine months they some how rule the world. It’s especially prevalent in women of today forgetting that females have doing this for millions of years and they are not special.

    Couldn’t watch the video here but I can only imagine that thing being extruded to the point of practically falling out on its own!

    What else can we expect when she’s probably drop 5 or 6 already so number seven is gonna come out easier than taking a shit, which after all, being a brown baby, is exactly what she is doing anyway.

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