Woman Thinking Landslide Is Gonna Stop For Her Gets Buried

Woman Thinking Landslide Is Gonna Stop For Her Gets Buried

In Peru, on the road between the cities of Cusco and Paucartambo, a woman stood right in the path of an avalanching landslide and did not move an inch, because I guess, being a woman she’s never had to move for anyone or anything as everyone and everything was moved for her, so she thought her female privilege will arbitrarily extend to the laws of nature. Except, even though the laws of man privilege women, the laws of nature are universal and do not discriminate.

The huaico, as the landslides are known in this part of Peru, ate the woman alive and buried her under its massive dump of rock and dirt.

In the videos recorded by other commuters, whose passage was blocked by the slide, the people can be heard telling the woman to get the hell out of there, however she ignores the calls as she tries to get the perfect head-on footage of the mass of death coming down at her from the slopes.

The incident happened on March 11, 2018. As of this post, her body has not been recovered.

Props to Best Gore member @fracazzo for the video:

Here’s one more video with better audio, where you can hear the other people continuously pleading with the woman to get out of there. Props to Best Gore member @Dub_dose for this one:

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210 thoughts on “Woman Thinking Landslide Is Gonna Stop For Her Gets Buried”

  1. It’s obvious what happened. Her camera is on zoom x5, and she is looking through the viewfinder, so even though the shit is coming towards her really close (per viewfinder), she believes it is actually far away and just ignores everyone shouting at her.
    Poor girl did not go home that night. Her car is still parked somewhere in the parking lot.

  2. Unbelievable, this really is today’s smart-phone-inspired culture of oblivious cluelessness unfolding before the eyes of a multitude of witnesses. There come times when you just oughta put the damn thing away for a second. You know, like maybe when a mountain is about to fall on you.

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