Woman Too Preoccupied with Posing for Selfies Drops Baby from Escalator

Woman Too Preoccupied with Posing for Selfies Drops Baby from Escalator

Woman Too Preoccupied with Posing for Selfies Drops Baby from Escalator

In what looks like a mall in India, a woman carrying a child in her arms is posing for selfies with her man. They pose themselves in different parts of the building to snap selfies, and eventually step on an escalator to take them upstairs.

At that point, the focused-on-everything-but-her-baby woman loses the grip of the little one who falls from the elevator on the floor below. The baby reportedly died.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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162 thoughts on “Woman Too Preoccupied with Posing for Selfies Drops Baby from Escalator”

    1. It looks like the douche next to her reached across and lifted something and the baby went with it, i can’t work out wtf happened, however this is the third world so doesn’t surprise me .

    2. They finished the selfie session before the accident.
      A female is naturally vested with utmost attention on her infant.
      But that’s far-fetched these days. Civilization not only taught but forced us (by law) to do away with natural instincts.
      For example, it’s not a crime to take selfies, even if it means the life of a child could be lost in the process. The law of man does not find a problem with the imbalance between natural instincts and artificiality. That’s hard to measure. So they resort to their meager wisdom and judge things as black and white even when the grey areas are more than the black and white. That’s why a bitch like Rose Arianna McGowan can come out and accuse Harvey Weinstein of rape. Take another good look at a gold-digging bitch like Rose McGowan. No one asked her what she was doing in Harvey’s room. That’s civilization. Natural instincts thrown in the trash, the one which fits better in the artificial media is taken. A liberal feminist idiot like Bill de Blasio has chosen to forget the value of Harvey Weinstein to this country is more than all the gold-digging bitches who accuse him combined

      1. They invested in a fone learnt how to take selfies. Concentration on safety for them selves and kid gone. Child pays the price. Probably last ever selfies they’ll ever take and will never be forgotten.

    3. While I can have alot to say about this, I’ll just simplify things and say that the way a little kid looks as it tumbles over something is hilarious. So helpless, so… unaware. In my alcohol induced buzz state I’m still giving chuckles at how the kid looked helplessly stiff just hitting the sides of whatever it made contact with. Idiot parents, ignorant future idiot kid. Is it really a loss

      1. I cling to my kids for dear life on escalators… Stairs… Fuck I cling to them most of the time because they haven’t graduated puppy school yet and can’t be trusted not to act like retards and get themselves killed…

        1. Damn right sookie, you’re a good mum, you only get one chance. This retarded pair of indians found out the hard way. Truth is most of the human race shouldn’t even be allowed out the front door let alone have any kind of technology. I wonder how many humans have died since we were allowed to have cars?

          1. That’s scary itsy, i reckon about you have to look out for about 40% of the people driving rather than trust them to be competent. A bit like these fools on their smartphone concentrating more on the selfie than the safety of their child. That’s fucked up.
            How’s your tooth?

      1. Yeah, it’s like, well you’re gonna die anyway so let’s just save all the heartache and cut to the chase.
        Itsy sorry about my muddled words up there, i think you can make out what i was saying. I’m a brain damaged fuck wit

  1. I reckon it was straight to the nearest Train station for those 2 mongoloids and positioning of throats on the track in readiness for the 5:30pm express to Delhi.
    Fucking whore THREW the little chapati nibbler, anyone with slightly more intelligence than a Rubber Plant could see that.

  2. Not that this absolves anyone, but I did notice that the escalator, erm, escalated rather quickly under her foot, mid-stride. She lost her balance and when hubby tried to steady her it looks as though he may have unintentionally knocked the kid right out of her grasp. She couldn’t try to catch the kid right away because her hand was below the railing and it took an extra moment to move over it.

    This is still a massive parenting fail (she should have either swapped the kid to her other arm or switched places with hubby) but I’d probably judge this as 60% parenting fail and 40% really shitty luck.

  3. Women are evil if they’re up to this kinda stuff. Losers. Every single one of these kinds of women, straight LOSERS! They shouldn’t be allowed to have smartphones because theyre’ A) women and B) totally evil.

    Take care of your stupid kids, that’s your entire role in life. Women take care of the kids.

  4. India the country of joy!

    Falling trees, shitty scooter accidents, trains, trains, TRAINS, dudes with big sticks, machetes, and now idiot mother kid dropping escalators! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. There’s hard to come up with something more useless than a selfie. It really show the IQ level of a person, because no intelligent person would do that shit.

      I would definitely not hire a person if their FB or insta page contains more than one (which I’m willing to forgive as accidental) selfie.

      1. yeah I just noticed after watching the video again it was atleast the 2nd floor, take a look on the screen there is a second escalator under it…
        well, if it was 1st floor baby probably would survive xd

  5. It was an accident, pure and simple. I have carried babies or very young children this way, too, and if the baby is too high up, as seems to be the case here, they can slip from your grasp very easily and very fast. The child is probably very light and actually not difficult to hang on to, if you hold them properly. It was her left arm, too, presumably her weaker arm, as is for most people. You don’t even need to be taking a selfie for this to happen, but the extra distraction sure doesn’t help. She should have carried the child on her right arm, so even if he falls, it would just be to the steps of the escalator. I believe they were on the 3rd. level and the baby did not survive.

  6. I choose to believe the baby “escalated” this situation on his own, as it were. He probably knew or at least intuited that his parents were narcissistic morons, so when he saw a path out of the genetic inevitable, he took it. #SmartBaby #EvolutionWins

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