Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach

Wrinkly Rotten Tattooed Thai Washes Up on Beach

Hey guys, we haven’t had a floater or a bloater in a little while, so I got you both rolled into one! Bloated corpse was left floating in the ocean for at least twenty days when finally washing ashore, looking like a chicken wearing a sumo thong.

Stranded corpse! Head, limbs missing … dead for more than 20 days Nakhon Si Thammarat.. 16.00. (31 Oct 58) Radio Center under Teck Tung. The Shanghai Charity Foundation Tek Tung. Nakhon Si Thammarat. Been found stranded County Police. Sai …

Radio Center under Teck Tung. The Shanghai Charity Foundation Tek Tung. Nakhon Si Thammarat. South-Tek Hua Sai coordination. Prince Ea, who organized the volunteers into supporting examine the scene … The scene! Sai sea beach (Mosque after the city Phraek) m. 9. Page’s own district of Hua Sai Nakhon Si Thammarat. … The scene! The nature of bodies rotting head, hands and feet disappeared, leaving only the torso Taste it … Verified male Meet tattooed chest and did not find any documents. Officials expected Likely died about 20 days ago …

The reason for the authorities to monitor and detect the relative to the previous 30 pharmacist. Sai’s. 0 in. Area under Teck Tung. The deaths brought to autopsy and burial to contact relatives wait again

The Scene! Never gets old.

Mad props to Best Gore member, DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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        1. And perhaps whoever is gonna chomp on to them will end up looking like a “chicken wearing a sumo thong” (in obli’s words) [email protected] .

          some munched up “Thais”
          thighs…….. for our eyes only!
          and where is flotilla of a bottle of “Mae Pranom Sukiyaki Sauce” when you need one .

          go find someone


    1. Ha-ha I said he looked like a chicken too. But not one of those golden rotisserie either. It looks like they chose the oldest chicken in there and according to the tattoo this chicken was one cool cock…a doodle doo. Excuse me I just too one of my ativans that I’m not used to wheeee

      1. I think they are going to try to recreate him by finding parts from other deaths and stitch him together. If they fail to reanimate him then the next phase would be to “weekend at Bernie’s” him and go out on the town. They now will have a “real” friend. His name will be smelly belly. BFF and Ever. I’m so stupid sometimes

      1. That sounds delicious, I?m glad when people cook at home instead of stuffing themselves with some poisonous fast food. You know whats strange? I?ve pretty went into the vegetarian direction since I watch this site, and although the hunger reflex also sets in while looking at meat, I?m almost about to throw up looking at some carnal dishes. So, its only a rice pan, with some mushrooms, onions, diverse veggies, refined with creme fraiche and a lot of garlic, mhhhh 🙂

        1. I can only agree with you @Coochie Queef…I hate all that shit that they try to feed us with.
          And it’s getting worse and worse…

          My dream (as I’m such a bad cook myself…): a man who likes to cook, and who cooks well…This guy, I’m telling you, I’ll cherish him 🙂

          1. I?ve kinda been forced to prepare meals for myself, but even that causes me headaches, cause you never know how much GMO is in it, cause its no more necessary to tag the food in Europe. A direct farmer connection would be the best, where you get your clean veggies or buy a pig, pay and see the fodder, and watch it grow. But then again, you?ll surely give it a name, and then you just cant eat it. You know, its not only the skills of the cook, that make up a culinary delight, cause even dry bread tastes great if you know how to built up the right atmosphere around. 🙂

          2. @french kitty. Look no further hon,I’m right here! I cook healthy,eat clean for past 10 years. Grow my own organic veggies in summer. Tho I still loves my meat I label it to rabbit,and lamb once a month,and turkey chicken twice a week. Fuck pork fuck beef. Maybe I lol treat myself to a nice steak once or twice a year. But fish,fruit and veggies is Yuma dum dum. Plus full body massages when ever you like…with happy endings.

          1. I know, right 🙂
            Lol @ladybug_lady2000

            Same here, I was reading the comments, and I had this image, like a cartoon…And with the appropriate noises, LMAO…

          1. Babe Ellen what have ya got for lunch …….. some incinerated charred up black charcoal all in black soot at pre-warmed at 425 degrees

            or or ….. is that the actual heat one needs to cook on .I haven’t got a clue babe
            Help me once at least … roast this one .

          2. @ladybug_lady2000
            I quite not cared looking at the pre -set temperature recommended there by Ellen and now I’ yearning and turned black all over flipping this piece of yucky meat.
            Does the knob need to come down low .?

          3. I’m so godawful tired to even pretend to catch up. I can cook well but iive never cooked a human before so I’ll prepare it like I do with pork roast. Turn the crop pot on adding 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken stock. In this case will be using the thighs and gluteus maximas. Cut off all skin and fat using a filet knife. Add celery half chopped valdalia onion and tablespoon of solt to the stock. Close lid and let it cook slowly for 2 hrs or so.

          4. Brilliant is the word @Ellen
            I Must say what an outa this world recipe .
            hereinafter the title of an in house super chef stands conferred on ya ………

    1. -+88_

      How about me joining ya for the chicken dance girl.

      1. Hey Trainwreck have you ever been to an Asian deli/meat department? Now that is very yuck smelling. They even have live fish and crabs swimming in fish tanks that is so filthy and cloudy its really gross.

        1. Yes I have. I had to walk through the 2 mile Asian market in Chicago. Everything you can imagine….mostly non refrigerated item.Food and creatures walking off the table and they had really loud auctions too. I never touch the fish but afterwards somewhere else I smelled like fish

          1. “afterwards somewhere else I smelled like fish”
            ooh I just wanna kiss ya @ Ellen for being that knacked up with innuendos like some smart Christmas crackers bursting out here so often from ya …… having me go bustled out with laughter

    1. Yah, that?d be indeed interesting. All that sounds of laughter, joy and wonder. You?d hear guys flirting, boobs slapping against eachother, a burp here and there, an insult and a death threat now and then, some intense intellectual conversations and plans for the final solution. The background would be made of whimpering, fapping and frantic mouse clicking noises.

  1. EW I don’t wanna taste it, you taste it! Haven’t seen a bloater in a long while here, but around this time when we’re expected to stuff our faces with good old juicy meat, I think I’ll pass on that this year. His skin now looks like a sack of potatoes or 3 week old turkey left in the fridge :O

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