Open Post #26 – Feminism

Feminism Is Evil

So much wrong stems from feminism, it would be fair to call it the Mother of All Evil. In essence, feminism is sexism and hateful bigotry against men, but its ills don’t end there. The way feminism promotes desertion of ages old bonds between men and women and abolition of women’s needs and priorities from their natural balances, negatively affects all aspects of our lives.

Luckily, not all women are so braindead as to fall for the pretext of “equality between the sexes“. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that men and women are different for a reason. We were never meant to be equal. To the contrary, we were made to be opposites that complement each other. You were built for this, I was built for that, together we can do it all, including things neither of us could do without complementing the opposite.

I said it before and will say it again – chivalry and gallantry are hard to come by these days, because women worthy of it are impossible to find. They are being overpowered by narcistic, borderline psychotic feminists blindly subscribed to the insidious men-hating ideology that has neither moral authority nor intellectual legitimacy.

Feminism is not only anti-father and anti-male but also anti-mother, anti-child and anti-woman. Feminists hate women who are so dedicated to their husbands and children they would stay at home to manage their households. Through manipulative spread of insidious half-truth, feminists jump on “victimisation” or “exploitation” screaming bandwagons all the while sacrifices made by husbands and fathers are intentionally left out of the picture.

Feminism directly resulted in destruction of family and community and replaced them with widespread utilization of state bureaucracies. As a result our children grow up confused, lacking stable family ties and properly developed ideals of adulthood. Young girls are conditioned to perceive men as threats to their safety and dignity.

The Power of Community

It wasn’t until I left to go far, far away from home and got a chance to experience simple lifestyle while living with simple people that I got a real glimpse of how much we’ve lost in terms of family and community. I got a glimpse of what it’s like when a community comes together and pulls together as one for good of them all – for real, not as part of fancy rhetoric.

Whereas in societies I came from people only and solely feed their own selfishness and limit engagement in community service to times when it benefits them in some way, in real communities personal interests come after the community and selfishness is inherently nonexistent. In a real community, those most skilled in hunting hunt, those good with baking bake, those good in weaving make products to trade with other tribes while those who understand the powers of healing assist the ones who fell sick.

In a real community, a man doesn’t go hunting motivated by a desire to return home with a catch bigger than his neighbor’s to drive their envy through the roof. In a real community, a woman doesn’t put on shinier lipstick, stronger perfume and shorter skirt than her colleague to ensure that she gets more attention. In a real community, you are there for everyone and everyone is there for you.

In a real community, no individual member needs to protect themselves against another because there is never any bad blood. If you were to visit a native tribe living far away from civilization somewhere in a rainforest, you’d notice that all houses are the same size. In some tribes, chief tribesman may have a house larger than everyone else but everybody wants it that way because he’s been chosen to be a chief and with it, he bears more responsibility. That leaves no room for greed and selfishness therefore you would never encounter any form of crime of one member against another.

But you really don’t have to look all the way to uncontacted tribes deep in a rainforest to see strong community with unshakable families and zero crime. You have them in your own backyard – they are the Amish, the Hutterites, the Mennonites or whatever other name they may go by. There has never in their entire existence been a case of murder or theft among members of their communities. Do you think you’d find any form of feminism in their ranks?

Feminism is not empowering. Support for feminism shows you are feeble minded and have failed in your most natural role as a woman, the caregiver.

Role of the Woman

Men have historically achieved greater things than women, but that’s because they had their women supporting them every step of their way. By knowing their place and sticking with it, the women were the driving force behind the achievements. A man knew that even if whole world turned against him, he could come home and there find his woman who didn’t care one bit what the entire rest of the world thought. She was always there for him, always on his side. That man would do anything for his woman.

But then the feminists came and poisoned the world with their toxic minds. All of a sudden they felt like they needed to go against the natural order of things and do the man’s work. A woman who used to be there for the man and stood always by him, suddenly turned against him and used her body to undermine his position. And just as leftists invented word “bigot” and Zionists word “Anti-Semite”, feminists came up with their own labels to plaster all over everyone who didn’t agree with them.

What feminists don’t understand is that the natural role of a woman is not demeaning. It’s honorable and respectable. It’s also the most desirable and necessary for our basic survival. What’s despicable is women dishing their natural role for a role that’s unnatural and contra productive.

Bear mothers are known for being the most overprotective of their young in the animal kingdom. This is because hungry male bears could turn on little cubs and confuse them for easy snack. Can you imagine if bear population was plagued by feminism the same way human population is and bear mothers would refuse their natural role of an overprotective mother because they’d feel they should have the right to act like male bears and eat little cubs for snack? This whole idea is so absurd it hurts to even put it into a sentence, yet that is exactly what is happening with humans. Human females have gone ape shit and are wreaking havoc on the entire population, weakening the minds of men and turning them into zombified, pussy whipped losers. Feminism is the root cause of many of today’s ills that did not exist in the past and should be put to a swift and violent end.

Instead of condemning single mothers and spitting them in the face like they deserve, we have been pussy whipped to empower them and encourage them in bringing their offspring up to be just as despicably pussy whipped. If we want to survive as a species, we need to cleanse the planet of feminism. Leave none behind. Feminism is a plague that ought to be treated as one.

Statistics on “Powerless” Women

The notion that women are “powerless victims” is so fundamentally absurd, it needs special address in this article. Here are a few stats:

  • Women live on average seven years longer than men
  • Women make up 55% of college graduates
  • Women cast 54% of the votes in elections
  • Women win almost automatically in child custody disputes
  • Women suffer only 6% of the work-related fatalities (94% are suffered by men)
  • Women are the victim of only about 35% of violent crimes
  • Women are the victim of only about 25% of all murders
  • Special legislation has been passed to punish “violence against women” as if “violence against men” was not quite up to par
  • Two out of every three dollars spent on health care is spent on women
  • Of the 25 worst jobs, as ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac based on a combination of salary, stress, security, and physical demands, 24 of them are predominantly, if not almost entirely, male
  • Men commit over 80% of all suicides

Powerless victims? I think not!

This also demonstrates more clearly what I mean when I said that rape has been so demonized by feminists, every lesser man jumps on it like it’s the worst crime of all. Yet victims of beatings, vast majority of whom are men suffer far longer lasting consequences, both physical and mental yet not only is this crime deemed less severe and is prosecuted less harshly, the society also treats victims like they’re some kind of softies unable to put on good fights. Let’s admit it – when it comes to demonization of rape, we’ve all been brain-bleached by the feminists so much we’ve lost touch with reality and fail to put things in perspective.

Adria Richards

Best Gore member Hawk hooked me up with videos of this despicable woman by the name of Adria Richards whose existence shows just how immoral and destructive feminism is. This bitch, who despite being a woman is a degenerate that would rather pretend she’s a computer tech attended a Python programming conference named PyCon hosted by pussy whipped lesser men. Behind this degenerate sat normal men one of whom made a remark about a dongle. The degenerate overheard it and decided that men talking about dongles (which is a common name for USB storage devices) at a conference creates environment unwelcoming toward women.

And so Adria Richards took photo of the men and posted it with a whine line on Twitter. To make long story short, pussy whipped organizers of PyCon escorted the men out, while one of the man’s pussy whipped employer terminated his employment. Have I said it yet – feminism is a plague!

Feminists aka degenerate women like this Adria Richards need to be spat in the face and thrown in a pit with hungry rats. It really is not surprising so many men look for women outside of their home countries. It’s not that they can’t find a good woman at home. It’s because they live in a feminism plagued society so they’re looking for a woman, who as a woman should be a loyal friend and partner who’s always there for him and stands on his side even if whole world turned against him. Good luck finding a woman who understands her importance in a relationship in a feminism whipped society.

Back to Dongle Gate – here’s a funny summary:

A more harsh reality summary:

PS – I will elaborate on the involvement of evil Zio in forcing feminism down the throats of western people in another post. Like every other major negative change our society has undergone in the last 100 years, feminism is also in its depths a creation of the Jew. Feminism is so fundamentally wrong, western people would not embrace it on such cellular level without major promotion and brainwash from the Zionist occupied media. But that will be a topic for another post, otherwise this one would be too long.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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205 thoughts on “Open Post #26 – Feminism”

  1. I totally agree with you on all parts. Feminism has plagued our nations like the Spanish Flu. This whole thing about ‘gender equality’ has been in perfect place for centuries here. If you look at it in perspective that is. But once the rise of feminism took place. We all went to Hell. Death to feminism, the world should not have to deal with these lying zio atrocities.

      1. Can you get that leak in my bathroom sink BB? And when you’re done SenorP, can you change my tire? Thanks πŸ™‚ Your good deeds will not go unnoticed.

        Do you guys prefer ham or turkey? Wheat or white? Oral or DP?

  2. i would love to be a house wife stay at home cook clean take care of the kids while my husband works. sounds wonderful to me. but no years n years ago dumb women wanted to be treated equal wear pants, smoke, and work! those dumb women ruined it. now im.struggleing to find work to keep supported sucks nuts

      1. I don’t agree. I don’t think it’s possible to have a long-term, happy marriage in the West.

        Even if you had the perfect woman suitable for Marriage (very rare) and the perfect guy (also rare), I think the pressures/temptations of Western society/culture would eventually break them up.

        I mean, unless you’re cool with your wife banging another dude (or dudes), but I don’t really consider that a marriage, more an arrangement.

          1. Yes, that’s what I really think. Marriage and long-term successful relationships aren’t possible in the West in my opinion. There are various reasons for this, mostly stemming from Society/Culture decay.

            And I can’t argue with the ‘race-mixer’ jab, and I won’t.

          1. To clarify – I’m not saying I’m against Marriage or Long-Term relationships. I’m saying I’m not sure those things are possible to have today in the West, which is partly the reason my partner and I are looking to move to the Far East in the near future, back to her home Country.

        1. It IS possible. The toughest part is having standards and keeping them up. Find a woman who shares your basic values and all is good.

          Not to be sappy, but marriage is a machine that requires upkeep in the form of communication, trust and honesty. If you can’t support that, then marriage is not for you. As for the so-called pressures of society, that only goes as far as your esteem takes it. …then you grow up and live your life as you (and the one you love) see fit.

          1. Disagree. Firstly, finding a woman in the North Americas who is marriage or even relationship material is an exhausting (both physically and mentally) endeavour. The same probably holds true for men – but I’m heterosexual, so I can’t speak on that.

            When you finally do, the Societal pressures that continue to hammer away at the foundation of your relationship, will eventually eroded it to the point the whole thing comes down. In the West – Marriage has become synonymous with prison.

            There is a reason it’s estimated over 60% of Women have affairs, why Divorce rates are 60+% , why Promiscuity rates are so high and even championed among women etc.

            It’s estimated that within 5 years of a relationship – there is an 80% chance of one partner having already cheated.

            And this is just focusing on the Infidelity/sex aspect. There are tons of other reasons relationships fail and disintegrate in the West.

            I hold strongly to my opinion – It’s not possible in the West to have a long term relationship (Either Marriage or Common-law).

    1. @necro
      Agreed. I love a woman who is proud of the hard work that it takes to raise a healthy family and to take care of her husband. Obviously, us men(don’t know if I qualify yet. Haha.) need to return that caring attitude.
      So much love to you Walkingdead. Hope shit pans out for you.

      1. Really? thats all you see? ..Bullshit,you see what you want to see. I feel its sad and like someone on another post wrote..”I just want to put my head in my hands and shake it left to right over and over feeling like ..Were FUCKED!. Were FUCKED.

  3. Right on, Women today are toxic, sadly, many men still practice chivalry and worship the pussy like its rare. there are more women than men in the states and men still bow like mindless dogs to their girlfriends and wife. Men have become so pussy whipped, they forgot what they are and what they are capable of doing. We can hate on Feminism and women all we want, but until we as men, grow a pair and take back our manhood, society as we know it will keep going down the shitter. We’re the creators of society, the world as we know it, and literally all of the wonders of the world. Yet, we let society tell us what we are, we give women equality and still treat them like little children with special needs.

    MGTOW all the way

  4. Excellent post, Mark. You definitely did your research. There is much more, however. CDC conducted a study in 2003 [most recent] regarding IPV & DV. CDC concluded that women initiate domestic violence in the home far more than men do. Of those DV cases initiated, women perpetrate non-reciprocated violence in over 70% [severe DV cases]. Yes, spousal abuse against males are deemed negligible [consider who it is that profits from the DV industry].

    Well over the majority of child murders and severe abuse [to include child negligence] are by women acting alone [over 2/3rds].

    Yet….societal justice and mainstream media still depict only men as abusers, women as completely innocent victims. The sheep only believe this.

    1. Not in Canada…ive never been at all fond if the term, “feminism”. Idea: Women and men agree to be respectivly equal in his her own ways, and this ridiculous chat/blog can finally tuck itself into bed and say nite nite

          1. no worries brokeback – i dont need anyone πŸ™‚ i just need a plane ticket to new zealand! then i will be a happy canadian! And the maple leaf will be happy snappy too!

  5. I find society to be like a pendulum in that both society and the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other.

    At both these extremes you will find the most resistance until it eventually runs out of energy and goes the other away.

    My point being that extremes always cause an opposite and equally extreme reaction and feminism is one such extreme.

    Women who’s agenda it is to see men emasculated, dismissed from society only provoke those who were normally neutral in their stance to take up a resistance and a equally extreme agenda.

    Those who are more balanced, more neutral in their disposition can make the correct decisions based upon the betterment of society whereas those who are obsessive in their pursuit of the agenda can only ever make decisions based upon the betterment of themselves and their agenda.

        1. My bad I guess for falling into this trap…
          Women are constantly being pitted against men on this site, which is strange as supposedly “we were made to be opposites that complement each other.”
          Good for a laugh anyways….

    1. @fiend i think this ‘i hate feminists’ routine is right up there with the women who ‘hate’ men – people get burned by the opposite sex a few times then suddenly all of us are painted with the same brush…but i know that if they met me they would have a totally diff outlook – not all of us are shitheads

      1. cos i dont screw around like that – i try to respect people and their opinions even if i dont agree with them…people have the right to feel the way they do as long as it doesnt border on being hurtful towards others….so..meh! who knows – in some instances mark may be right..and i have already blown the whole, ‘i shall bite my tongue’ idea out of the water – sorry bout that – i get rambling on then i start to make very little sense of which i think i am doing right now……bah!

          1. @brokeback yes im very odd today – dont know what it is…..but i am finding all sorts of pretty coloured pills to ease my insanity tonite – lets hope they lull me into a nice quiet sleeep

          2. My doc prescribes me Zopiclone for my insomnia. Only problem is that it’s a blue oval pill and I tend to mix all my pills in the same jar. Tonight I’m either gonna sleep like a log or be awake all night with one.

      2. Men and women are equal but different. We don’t hate men, quite to the contrary. We love men, we hate little boys in men’s clothes, a huge difference.
        Make your own fucking sandwich lazy fuck. If women are working and coming home to do all the house work and dinner, what the fuck do we need males for? Dump him and get a vibrator. If the male isn’t willing to help with the household or the yard work, they are worthless.
        Chivalry is still much appreciated, just some females don’t deserve it.

  6. I was working in a bar where this woman would come in every saturday night, end up arguing with a random male customer, then go home alone.

    She had this trick where she would buy a drink and place it on the ground close to her feet, and when a man would walk by and knock the glass over, she would become furious at the man, demand an apology, and a free drink. The man would immediately become a little bitch, end up buying her more than one drink and constantly saying sorry as she would continue to verbally attack him for the rest of the night. Eventually the man would get sick of it and just walk out.

    She must have done this every saturday night for about 4 months until one guy finally had the balls to cuss her out in front of the bar. She complained that she didn’t like his attitude and that he purposely knocked her drink over because he hates women. The guy said she was a stupid cunt for leaving the drink on the ground when she could easily place it on a table like a normal customer, and just because she’s a woman does not give her immunity from being insulted by a man.

    Now the whole bar erupted into this sexist debate over the situation with couples and randoms yelling at each other about the man’s demeanour towards the woman (the classic “all men are pigs”), while I was standing behind the bar thinking to myself how far can feminism go before the men finally say enough is enough?

    I know we want to have equal rights, but if this were a situation where a man was bitching at another man for some stupid fuck-up, instead of words we would see a fight. There are no personal boundaries towards women’s equal rights because women don’t believe in violent altercations, while men don’t believe in instant bitch, without resolutions.

    Anyways, the debate ended with the woman throwing her new free drink into the guy’s face after he wimped out and bought it for her. She left and never came back.

  7. fucking cunts society has made people softer than a fucking marshmallow.. and who do we have to thank for this fucking pussy ass chickens that’s who you can’t stand the violence the check your fucking life out at the door with death and lets get back to the days when people could kill something or someone without crying like a bunch of sissies -.-

      1. @Pale Rider ^_^ so true!! Every teen *male* of course dreams of having two hot lesbian chicks living next door, me I didn’t get lucky -.- those chicks were lesbians indeed and young but not the hot kind more like a sort of alright lesbian you would have a *one night stand* the other was a dyke-bald chick lady-guy /: my fantasy was that if they were hot as fuck They would invite me over to their house one day while I was mowing their grass and eventually they would seduce me but no -.- those two lesbians killed my boner for a couple of months ..

    1. Actually pale, no brainwashing is needed ~ it usually only takes one kiss πŸ™‚
      And with all the great toys out there the male population SHOULD be worried.
      Who needs a man when I have my silicone!!!

        1. This is not the first time I have heard a woman say they prefer their dildo attached to the doofus….
          At least my silicone doesn’t whine, complain and always need a sammich πŸ™‚

  8. I wonder if this is why homosexuality is on the raise? Men are just tired of Women? Then again – I’m not sure one can choose to be homosexual. I tried, didn’t work out. Oh well, found happiness with a woman, and even though she isn’t of my racial background, she’s probably better than 90% of the women who are, and far more compatible with me than the majority of them, also.

    I always find it humorous and a little sad that feminists want women to be gifted Jobs based on their gender, rather than their deserving. Reminds me of other such things, like racial quotas.

    Little surprise one supports the other, I think.

    1. First, I just want to thank Vincit Omnia Veritas, Mark for an exceptonally great and profound post.

      @ Silenced
      First, I think it is a good thing that now homos are coming out and expressing their homo lifestyle and killing themselves out of life and out gene pool, for thousands of years these queers acted straight but in this Era homos are eugenically breeding themselves out ironically.

      Secondly… How the fuck can you call yourself a white nationalist if your with a non- white partner? how could u possible create more white children? Ok, ok, given that I felt attracted to Asian girls while in high school and courted them the same as any other white girl, but this was before my awakening to racial loyalty… For fuck sakes mate. I’m on career path that will earn me 6+ figure and I will only target the women of my race to be the bearer of my children, I guess some people settle for less.

      1. Someone said something to me the other day, I’m paraphrasing because it’s a bit fuzzy:

        “Homosexuality is evolution’s answer to overpopulation”

        I’m not sure if they used evolution or nature. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

        Overpopulation is a rather significant problem that is getting worse, and will continue to get worse with the advancement of medicine. Now, it’s getting worse because places like Africa, Middle-East etc. are producing like 5 children per-woman, whereas in Europe, North America and some places in Asia it’s generally 1. As the advancement of medicine continues to rise, so does life-expectancy in those places. Which is probably why population booms are expected in Africa.

        Regarding my choice of partner – We do what we must to find that little bit of happiness, Hawk. White women just didn’t fit my criteria for an acceptable mate. Society/Culture whatever you wish to blame, has basically robbed them of morals, self-respect, and strong ethos. They simply didn’t have the traits I find desirable in women. It wasn’t a physical thing. I found for every one Emma Watson, there are a million Miley Cyrus’s, or women emulating Kim Kardashians, and for me, that was simply unacceptable. Coupled with their raising numbers of Infidelity, Promiscuity, Divorce etc. and it just became obvious that the partner standing by my side I always dreamed about (Beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes like my own) just simply wasn’t an option anymore.

        Wasn’t an easy choice. Heck – I tried turning homosexual. Not something you can force, I don’t think. I couldn’t at least.

        I was basically forced outside my race for an acceptable partner. Yes she’s Asian, but she’s everything I ever needed or wanted in a partner. As far as children, the plan was always for adoption, not natural child-birth if we made the choice for kids (still a bit early for it) We both want children that will look like us, so one child with Asian ancestry, and one child with White ancestry (Hopefully with Blonde hair and blue eyes like myself).

        But you can call me a traitor, race-mixer etc. I won’t argue against it. It’s true.

        And I’m still against race-mixing, which is a bit hypocritical I admit, but I also recognize that as time goes on, White women just become less and less the ideal partner, they don’t find the things that made them so desirable, they just drift further and further away from them. Feminism, Liberalism etc. you can place the blame anywhere – I don’t see a solution. Not in my life-time, anyway.

        1. Put it this way 1960’s John Wayne……2013..Justin timberlake?? I mean tom cruize played jack reacher? Whats society definition of a “real man” .I dont give a damm about some dish-rag spouting off about penis size or flaunting her body off like a full blown strompitt then act like shes insulted by the attention she attracted to her own self,Fuck all of it.Not going to sugar coat the reality of this debate.Human beings number to many as of now,how bout paying a young man 1000 $ to have a fully paid for visectomy. Alot of men broke men would jump all over it.No Sperm/No Babies and watch as 43% of recipiants come from the golden state california and let bill mauher adress that on his next leftist shine and fag loving “comedy” show. California is a joke,The left wing fleshy viruses tell immigrants ben vinedo while us natives get fucked over,and over again.We as Americans? The middle east hates us so much cause of the likes of rosie o-donell,cris mathews,al sharpton who by the way calls himself a revrend?? I thought cristian ministers were supposed to teach christs one another etc.All he does is engage in race instigation. Bill mauer? I wish i could see him one day walking down the street and beat hiss ass up and down it.Id do it too.And ya theres those on the right that need a jaw bone massage? Morals are dead and facebook is alive,Be a man and keep it in your pants,rub it out whatever but STOP Making Babies with zero means to take care of by OWN means.


    Adria Richards was fired for all the freak show she caused. You truly reap what you sow. Too bad she ruined the career of a guy with 3 children though, which only proves that filth like her should be purged immediately.

  10. Adria Richards is the She-satan reincarnated. Feminism at it’s “best”. This is why women will never be taken serious in the work place. This woman, Adria, was at a tech convention full of nerds and technologist who are there to talk about the next generation tech and to do business deals… you know, shit that makes the modern world advance.

    But this unholy Bitch! has to be there and the only thing these feminism can think of is why there are so many men here instead of women, and women being discriminated against, and how men are pigs.

    This Disease of Feminism, is only a single branch of the disease of Marxism (leftist, feminism, marxism, communism, egalitarianism, ‘anti-racist’, equality, social welfare, anti- white, etc). And the Parasite that has infected this nation with this disease is the….. well, I think you guys can fill in the blank.

    Feminism is not there to “liberate” women, it is there to destroy Femininity, the Family, society, and to tax women, and to have our children get influence by Publicschooleducators rather than their mother and family.

    Men! Rise up like Men! And STORM BREAK LOOSE!! … but probably not, most men will bend over backwards for the feminism-she-beast, like the Men who fired the guy who made teh dongle joke…. so sick.

  11. I hate feminism with a burning passion.
    I think men and women should be equal yet different. Our differences are complimentary and I think its fucking obvious. If people would just do what’s right and treat others with kindness I wouldn’t have to listen to all this feminism bullshit. And I wouldn’t have to listen to guys talk about how their wife is such a bitch. Motherfucker if you’d show her some love and affection, she wouldn’t be a bitch!!

    1. One day ill treat my man like a King, and I his queen. When it comes to being in a relationship if I smack a dude, I expect a blow back if I get some good loving ill return the favor and then some just cause its fun! But I agree with you KillaJ. πŸ˜‰ very good points you made here.

      1. @ladylaz why thank you! I seriously just can’t stand seeing a dude treat his wife/girlfriend like shit. And vice versa. I think the person you love should be your most cherished posession.
        Ps where were you? Your sassy comments were nowhere to be found for a bit.

  12. I have to say it’s funny when women complain about male chivalry being dead when feminist treat us like mugs; we cannot be blokes without feminists butting their unwanted and unnecessary opinions in where it’s not wanted.
    I don’t always like what I over hear women on about but I don’t give a shit it’s none of my fucking business. Each to their own an all that.
    And life doesn’t seem that bad for them.
    I always thought the traditional relationship was the most appropriate arrangement, both sexes playing to their appropriate strengths whilst eliminating common weaknesses and working together for betterment of the whole; everyone’s a winner.
    It seems obvious that this is why it is; else why was it adopted by the majority of human civilizations throughout recorded history around the world, even tribes and tradition communities (using the Amish as example) adopt these similar structures.
    You wouldn’t see a community of 400-800 men and women helping in the process of building a fucking barn (or other similar structure) out of the generosity of their own hearts now would you? Men tirelessly working to haul up the wood and structure whilst the women cook them a glorious meal in between breaks. All in a ‘days’ work for these people.
    It hard enough getting paid labourers to get the job done properly.
    How community has been fully flushed down a shitter; I once heard an Amish lad say on TV show that 95% of year is good and he’s happy just living life. Fucking hell I’m lucky if I have 5% of the year which is not being completely bait.

  13. i was almost fired yesterday (and still might be) because a woman….a friend…exfriend….said i was harassing her. she found out i had a crush on her, and when asked about it, i admitted to it. she started acting all weird about that and all i tried to do was find out what the problem was. she went and said i was harassinf her and that i was making her feel uncomfortable. so i was called into the office and given an ultimatum: stay away from her or face termination. betrayed . my bosses determind i was guilty before i even took a step into that office.
    so what did i learn? do not become friends with female coworkers because as soon as you piss them off or whatever they will cry harassment and you will become a pariah of a factory you’ve worked in for over six years. i am alone now, i can’t trust anyone. and why? because i got too honest with someone i was naive enough to think was really there for me.

    1. Sorry to hear about that, Obliterator. Very much like in the original post, where the two guys were making a private joke – and now one stands without a Job, and both have had their faces plastered all over the internet.

      The funny thing is – Women say some of the most grossest and demeaning things in the work-place, and act like complete skanks in my experience, and others I’ve talked with. As a matter of fact – if some guys said even half the stuff they do, they’d probably be charged with sexual harassment.

      But what can you do? That’s just the way they are today, the type of behavior/personality Society/Culture cultivates.

    2. @obli
      thats just so wrong – women are two-faced – i wont fight you there – they do each other in too…but thats not all women – but i dont know how to tell them apart – ive had too many women friends backstab me that i trust only myself and my guy friends…stay clear of that chick obli – there are no boundries when they start that shit

    3. @Obli, I’ll tell ya about a similar thing that happened to me when I worked at a little restaurant while I was 18 years old. I’ll keep it short with “yada yada’s”.
      When I was 18 I had a job at a restaurant where the owner’s wife had the hots for me. Every time she would pass me behind the counter she would rub her toosh in my crotch.
      One night at work I decided to play a trick on her so I shoved a cucumber down my pants. She finally went to make her move…yada yada…she let out a loud “YIPE”…boss came running to see what was up…yada yada…officially I got canned for mishandling the food…yada yada…could have called it theft cuz I left it down there for the date I meeting…yada yada turned out she was a “good girl” but that did’nt matter cuz yada yada…the next day I was the most popular guy at my high school.

      1. That’s another thing. The concept of harassment is insane in many cases. It does need to be dealt with sometimes, but if a girl slaps a guy’s butt or whatever, he probably won’t complain. When you’re on the job, there’s usually some level of stress most times and a 15 second laugh is usually good for morale. I can definitely understand exceptions from both sides though.

    1. Its because the most dangerous jobs are still dominated by men. I work in construction (and no, I don’t hold the stop sign for road workers) and 9 times out of 10 I am the only female on the job. If women aren’t working hazardous jobs, their fatality percentages are obviously going to be significantly lower.

  14. I, for the most part, wholeheartedly agree with you here. A lot of feminists are radical turbodykes, and aim only for a matriarchy, in which men are treated as lesser beings.

    It may come as no surprise to anyone that knows me (not really anyone haha) that I used to associate as a feminist. I, at the very core, still believe in equality. Unlike many here, I support multiculturalism (though I’m aware of it’s flaws), gender equality, and left-wing government. The core belief of feminism, was INTENDED to be equality. The same opportunities offered to men would be offered to women, and vice versa. This train of thought has long since been abandoned. Feminism as a whole has gotten to the point where it is equal and opposite to old, white, republicans who deny everyone else rights. Even a Zio-loving leftist sheep like myself can see that.

    It’s not of any interest of mine to support causes like this. As stated in the post, men and women should compliment each other, and I don’t believe we should be at war with our own kin over who is superior to whom in the same society. Physically, men and women have different designs. But if a women is a better labourer than a man, I say let her be. If a man is a fantastic stay at home dad, fucking let him be. Equality is as much about defying traditional gender roles as it is NOT going out of your way to defy them, just to say you did. Happiness can’t be formulated. If someone is happy with something, and it benefits society, and isn’t hurting anyone, why deny them that? This of course, goes for either gender.

    I stand against feminism, and I’m a gay cross-dresser. A small part of me will always be more partial to females, simply as a result of my upbringing, but on any sociopolitical level, I will NOT stand aside bigots like Adria Richards.

    1. To sit here and disagree like my opinion means anything to you…Ill ask you this. In 1982 two identical twins were born in university hospital St louis,they were seperated after birth because the mother was in state custody. In 2007 they reunited for the first time, one gay the other straight with a family and as i recall dr phill kept on and on trying to incinuate the straight one was gay?This only proved to me tha the so called professionals dont really know what there flapping. The straight guys wife said he always wants it when she gives it up and the twin would suck cock for bus money? so tell me again how this is genetic? and maybe you should refraime from the brainwash nonsence and just admitt your a cock-a-holic and stop making all these different meanings to being a fagg!

  15. Just another bullshit expresso for the road…
    These zog hogs are forcing war any front aviable!!! ?cause sexism wars were launched as soon cold war was self suficient “just like ignatin? a bonfire”….for obvious reassons that?ll never get anywhere girls and boys were meant to fight forever but always ready for a truce signed with body fluids…yummi that!!!! these conflict?s only good for the sheep in a closet or too afraid to intimately coexist with the opposite sex …everybody condems violence and abuse ?cause it goes both ways.

    1. And it could quite possibly be what further fuels this ridonculous movement.
      OMG look what men have turned us in to. They would say. (the reality) That girl willingly signed up for this humiliating affair. Why? To make money. Simple as that. In turn there are also guys who suck big black cocks as well. But you know that part will be left out of any feminists argument. Cuz ego is everything. My point is, man or woman, we can all stoop pretty fucking low to put food on the table.

      I’m white and I remember a time when it was no problem for a white dude to get a job. But since canada can’t put a damper on immigration, the tables have turned. The GTA is flooded with mixed cultures and races who favor their own and only their own. Now I can’t get a decent job with a decent wage cuz I’m white. I love how chinese families move here, open up shop and for 50 years and only hire chinese people. Fuck right off!

      This is a mirror image of feminism. The ‘same’ stick together and cast away the different. And slowly but surely, civilizations fall apart.

      Look at the middle east. They’re fucked. Why? Fascism, greed, envy, false senses of pride.

      Every tyrant who has lived has believed in freedom for himself. – Elbert Hubbard

      And herself, might I add.

      That quote may not be the most suitable. But I like it. So blow me if you’re hatin.

  16. I’m all for equal rights. What I’m not for are special rights. There are some things i know I’m ill-equipped to deal with (a bunch of screaming 5 year olds for example.) I wouldn’t expect a day care company to hire me knowing I can only handle 1/3 of the screaming little buggers as myfemale co-workers. And I certainly wouldn’t want laws passed to force an employ to do so. It’s not a shame to say something isn’t a good job fit. Are thee a few men who could handle it? Sure, but they are the rarity. Just like the female construction worker who can carry as much and do as much work in a day as her male counterparts, she’s the rarity and not the norm. Nothing against women, they just weren’t built for heavy physical labor, just like men weren’t built to deal with all those crying kids. Diffent physically, diffent mentally, and diffent physiologically. Neither is “better” but rather complimentary – even symbiotic, if you will.

  17. Okay, I’m getting very sleepy now so the pill is starting to work. I could’nt tell which was which so I took one of each. I figure by the time the other kicks in I’ll already be asleep.
    G’nite all!

  18. Women, like Gays, are groups of People that do not have a Country of their Own and are Changing Ours…They are trying to Destroy Our Country in order to achieve a Goal and get their way, that always Fails…Women always tagged along with Men through History and each Race of Man has His Own Race of Woman to Protect…Gays Must build their Own-Churches and Places to be, in order to be Free, that is the Point of Making Money –Freedom from Others to have Your Way…Everyone in America Must have their Own-Places to be Free in, so that We do Not have to Force Our-Ways on Eachother and always be in Eachother’s Faces, by Protesting and being in Eachother’s Places…If You want to be Free in America, You must come up with a Plan/Way to build Your Own Private-Property, Business or Establishment that meets Your Needs and Expectations –It’s the Only Way for Everyone in America to be Free and make Money…People Must be able to Buy and Sell WHATEVER they want in America, just not Nukes or Tanks…People Must have their Own Places to be Free, so that they may be able to Provide for You and Me and it makes for a Good-Economy –It makes Everyone Happy, Wealthy and Free…Businesses Must Never Conflict, but are able to Compete –If You want to Sell Drugs or Girl-Scout Cookies, You Must do it from Your Private-Property and on Your Time –EVERYONE Must be FREE to make Money in America…( : –You have to Work and Save Money over lots of Time to be Free…Save ALL of Your Money and Invest into things that make Money for You…And just keep Your Mouth Shut in the Public Neutral-Zone –And Disguise Crack-Stores as Antique-Stores, to Fool Kids…(( Unlike Gays and Women, Mexicans and Blacks come from their Own Countries –Therefore they can take the Wealth and Knowledge they Gained from Our-America and go to their Lands to Build their Own-Americas, for them to be Free in –Free from White-Oppression in White-America…)) We Will ALL Be Free !!! Make Me King of America !!! Our America is between Us, the Indians We Killed, Our Women and Gays…Men Shall Rule Again !!! And the Women are going to Love it, lol…

  19. I’m probably gonna get yelled at because people won’t read the whole comment, but I am a sudo-feminist. I believe that men can do some things better than women, and some women can do things better than men. My boyfriend doesn’t know how to wire a house, but I don’t know how to work with the computers he works with. I think given the right circumstances, men and women can be equal. But the feminists that are all, “Fuck men! We can do everything that they can do!” are bullshit. Those bitches piss me off. I cannot do everything a guy can. I admit that. But guys can’t do everything that some girls can at all. People in general just need to realize that everybody is good at something, even if they are a guy or girl. Shouldn’t matter the sex, as long as they are good at it. I want to be the housewife who keeps the kids in order, cooks, cleans, and makes sure my husband gets amazing sex whenever he wants it. Will I be that woman to my boyfriend? I don’t know. I want to be, but that’s the future. I can’t guarantee that right now. Plus, I’m only 22. I still want to live. Sorry for the long rant, but this hits sort of close to home with me. You should have seen me fighting about gay rights earlier. Lol. πŸ™‚

    1. Fuckin love your comment. You’ve said it all.
      And the “amazing sex whenever he wants” thing was the cherry on top…

      Every super hardened feminist should think like you and not use over-the-top arguments that would just discredit them.

      1. Why thank you lovin. And hey, what can I say, I’m honest. If a feminist talked to me, they would say that I’m a brainwashed woman. But those women are the brainwashed ones. They can’t do everything a guy can do, and a guy can’t do everything a girl can do. Bitches like that are so dumb it makes me angry.

    2. I agree with pretty much everything you said =] I, too, want to be a housewife and make sure my family is taken care of. It isn’t a wrong choice, it’s your choice. Isn’t that what they’re yapping about anyway? So what if I choose to stay at home and cater to my husband? If he works hard at a job he fucking hates, comes home instead of stepping out on me and treats me like a queen he deserves all the blow jobs and sandwiches he wants! =p

      1. Fuck yeah! I still want to have a career, but once my demon spawn are old enough to be in school is when I want to start my job. First I actually have to have the little devils though…

  20. The one time where I disagree with a lot of points you raise, Mark. I can’t help but see an underlying current of personal anger in your words. Have you been hurt by a woman before? Ex-girlfriend? Or just had so many encounters with extremely poor examples of my gender? Your opinions are coming across as severely tainted by possible past experiences. Sorry, didn’t mean to get deep; I’ve been studying psychology for too long.

    As for what you’ve written…well, I won’t comment. I can’t speak for all women, nor can you, I can only speak for myself. And I do not look at gender when it comes to anything; I don’t really choose it, it just never phases me. I just tend to see the person, not gender. Call that cliche or silly, if you will.
    I am an incredibly independent person. I do what I like because I want to, not because I think it fits the pigeon hole I’m supposed to be in.

    Well-written as always, Mark, but I’m afraid I don’t agree with a lot of your points.


    1. Hmm, you study psychology? That would explain why you’re so completely out. Psychologists are people who have their noses glued to the ground therefore all they see are blades of grass. Anyone who’s capable of seeing past the tip of their nose will be assumed by psychologists to be full of anger and have had negative experiences cause that seems to be the textbook response to explaining what’s beyond their capacity to understand. One thing psychologists have never understood is that there are whole horizons with vast blue skies above those blades of grass, but how could they understand when they’re busy labelling those who see that far with assumptions so wrong, it’s laughable.

      1. Yes, I am a psychology student, but I am not as two dimensional as you make me out to be.
        I just question, I question everything, I don’t assume. I merely wondered.

        I may as well go back to lurking if all I’m seen as is that.

        Sorry, Mark.

      2. Why only focus on her one mention of psychology? Whether you agree with/like/whatever psychology or not, I think she makes perfect sense. I don’t see anything wrong with, for example, looking at a person and not their gender.

        1. @Red Red Kroovy ^_^ I’m an amateur psychologist even though I have never taken a psychology class. A good psychologist is a person who really listens and pays attention that’s all that it is o_o I have studied many killers like *dahmer. Gacy and bundy* and I know why what made them start killing and yet I didn’t go to a psychology class ^o^ my specialty= forensic psychology .. Me if I attended a psychology class I would get kicked out 10 minutes later for asking too many questions -.- πŸ˜€

      3. Mark, can you read my comment please? It says that I’m a sudo-feminist. It shows that some women who label themselves as I have aren’t all, “Well fuck men we don’t need them!” I fully admit there are things I need my boyfriend for, and there are things he needs me for. There are things I’m probably better at than you, and there are things you’re better at than me. I believe that equality with a level of respect is the real way to go.

  21. Call me crazy but I think both sides of the ball are nuts. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was bombarded by the natural childbirth women who told me if I didn’t have a Natural Homebirth I wasn’t a true mother. If you get an epidural you are a sucker, if you vaccinate your kid then they will get autism, yada yada bullshit.

    I fell for it hook line and sinker then realized how stupid the whole thing was. Then again I’m not one to abandon my kid after two weeks to go back to work like some mothers do because they let their work define them. Either extreme is ridiculous. I waited til my daughter is starting preschool to go back to school and get my masters. Feminists can wear many hats these days but it all involves pushing views on people which is beyond fucking annoying.

      1. @gcs15 @CarolineInVegas o.o I have much respect for you two ladies and the rest of the women out there well to the women who actually care about their kids and would not abandon them and I don’t think you chicks are losers for getting a CSection /:

  22. i have to say as a woman i couldnt agree more, 10 yrs ago i wouldnt have but my what a fucked up species theyve become.

    they say they want equality but moan when a man doesnt hold open a door or let5 them infront of them in the drinks queue. they honestly believe physically they can compete but make remarks when men work in beauty parlour. they still expect men to change their tyre but complain when their motor insurance increases inline with men.

    now theyre even being caught abusing kids at an unbelievable rate but most dont even see inside of a jail cell.

    condalisa rice, hitlary clinton, christine legaurd, madeline albright, angela murkel, rosemary west, myra hindley…no less psychopathic than the people women think theyll better replace.

    sad but true!

  23. Although I don’t usually agree with your vulgar and over the top degredation of women (making vast generalizations about women as a whole, based on specific stories about specific females), I can honestly say I agree with 100% of what you’ve said here. Men and women have never and will never be “equal”. Men do half the work in life and women do the other half’ strong and skilled in our own seperate ways. But it just seems as if this world is completely incapable of achieving a healthy balance. A few centuries of man-ruling and racism has bought us a few centuries of woman-ruling and reverse racism. Human behavior and cultural acceptances are like a see-saw that swings back and forth, never landing on middle ground. I’m a woman, but I loved this article: a spewing of facts and knowledge; not hateful slurs fueled by personal experiences. πŸ™‚

    1. ?I loved this article: a spewing of facts and knowledge; not hateful slurs fueled by personal experiences? ? since when rants (filled) with hate or empiristic (=firsthand!) encounters out there on the very fields of the real life are not considered to be valid sources for research? Come on! You can’t get any more to the bottom of the stuff than by being there yourself! There is no better way to justify your sayings and to clarify your arguments than basing them on a real-life encounter ? yet be it a negative one. It doesn’t make it necessarily a bit less true.

  24. And now the want to be in the Infantry! What a fucking Joke! as a former Infantry myself I can just see the floodgates opening of lawsuites and bitching fussing and whinning with some of the often shitty conditions in which were are forced to deal with. Granted there might be a few butch g.i. janes that can probably hang with the big boys but even then it doesnt stop the fact that she will need special treatment and such. This is just a travesty. Women were not meant to be hardened soldier and experience combat. Its not in their physiological nature. Women’s bodies are for the most part delicate and soft and made to nurture. Its evolution. This is a epidemic that needs to be stopped!

  25. I’m sorry, but Miss Piggy, and her dominance of Kermit is
    by far the worst show of treatment of a male on prime time TV in the 70’s and 80’s. The pig even beat him up.

    I felt so sorry for Kermit I used to hit my bacon sandwich with rage πŸ™‚

  26. A woman should be ready to place her hands at her husbands feet should he ask it. He should be her Lord and Master. Although, he should be equally prepared to do the same for his wife.

    I just wish I liked cleaning.

    I give a mean BJ though.

  27. You cant categorize all woman as feminists or housewives.i agree that men and woman are different in alot of ways.i hate when women act like men and try to punch a guy like she.shouldnt get hit back.we should not take advantage of the stro.ger sex but i can be a proud woman work do dishes drink beer and fuck my how do you label that?and you should get a fact checker cause thT amish point was off.

  28. One of the most depressing things I as a man can listen to is when another man says he is a “feminist”. I love when these stupid ideologies crash and burn and are shown to be more detrimental to society than beneficial. I do believe in equal rights for all. For example if a woman want’s to join the military and passes all the tests she has a right to join, but if not don’t complain it’s sexist and the standard needs to be lowered due to your lack of competence. Try something else.

    Another funny thing about feminism is most feminists can’t even agree on what feminism is or what it should achieve. Some say feminism is female empowerment which by definition is sexist. Imagine the shock horror if men started a “masculinist movement” and how sexist it would be considered. The rest of the feminists say it is about “equality’. If that were the case you would be an equalitist and we all know feminism is not about equality otherwise we’d see women fighting for men’s issues as well which never happens. So the femenist movement is just one big wankery about a women who you wouldn’t wan’t to fuck in the first place destroying society and screwing with the minds of women by making them think they are something that they are not.

    1. ?One of the most depressing things I as a man can listen to is when another man says he is a ?feminist?? ? I agree, although I Wouldn’t go to the lengths of actually declaring it one of the most depressing things in the world, for I can think almost an infinite amount of things more depressing.

      ?Another funny thing about feminism is?? ? another funny thing is that you Irish/British/American/Canadian clods can’t even spell your language properly: it is ?wants?; not ?want’s?.

      they are = they’re
      they are ? theyre
      their ? theyr
      their ? theyre
      their ? they’re
      ther ? their
      ther ? theirs
      ther ? there
      their ? they’r

  29. Feminism is a label, covering a wide range of beliefs. Not every “feminist” conform to the views of the self entitled radicals who demands accommodation from men without compromise. I am seeing the exact sense of entitlement from many men who complain about the attitude from women.

    Traditional gender roles are not the natural order of things anymore. Brawn is no longer particularly useful for the acquisition of resources. Brains matter more. Since many women are smarter than many men, there is no rational reason to force women into subservient roles.

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