8 Year Old Boy Marries 61 Year Old Woman – Last Request of His Dying Grandfather

8 Year Old Boy Marries 61 Year Old Woman - Last Request of His Dying Grandfather

This is one case where morality, dignity and common sense just go straight out the window. It defies all the modern concepts we have of what’s socially acceptable. An 8 year old South African boy married a 61 year old woman to fulfill the last request of his dying grandfather. Now, the request wasn’t for him to marry this particular woman, the grandfather merely wanted to see his grandson marry before he died, and it just happens that 8 year old Sanele Masilela was deeply in love, or so he said, with 61 year old Helen Shabangu, and according to the boy’s mother, 15 years younger than her daughter in law, “His grandfather asked him to marry before he died. He chose Helen because he loves her. With this act we made our elderly happy. If we had chosen otherwise something bad would happen to our family”.

The wedding took place in early 2013 and gathered around 100 guests, and the 8 year old groom said he was quite pleased with the weeding and also had this to add “I am happy with my marriage with Helen. When I get older i’ll marry a woman of my age”. – He’s already thinking of the “Til death do us part” part, which i’m certain won’t take long.
But in all seriousness, how and why on earth? If my grandfather ever asked me that at age 8 i’d tell him to take a hike. What kind of fucked up mindset is that? “Uh hey Sanele, see, i’m dying, so get yourself a woman and marry her, you’re 8, you’re old enough. If you don’t do this i’ll haunt your ass for as long as you live boy! You’ll see my ghost at every corner.”.

I can see what the kid did though… It was indeed a smart move. He’ll only have to put up with her nagging for a few more years and he’ll be free soon enough. If he had picked a much younger girl the shackles would be on for much, much longer.

Now I also wanna shed light on a pertinent point. If we reversed the situation, and it had been an 8 old girl marrying a 61 year old man instead, I bet people would consider it far more repulsive and unacceptable. Just another proof that misandry reigns in our society. Now don’t get me wrong, this behavior is unethical in my opinion no matter the gender, but I just wanted to highlight this hypocritical stance society takes. Circumcision is another example of this. Still widely practiced in many African and Asian countries, and not many people get upset about it, not even in the so called “developed world”. But female genital mutilation, on the other hand… Hold your horses, as everybody will drop a tear while turning a blind eye to circumcision… See what I mean? I’m not trying to sound sarcastic about this issue because it is a very serious one, but societal hypocrisy does really get on my nerves.

Back to this wonderful wedding, some people’s mentalities still reside in the stone age, and this is again yet another reason as to why multiculturalism and miscegenation are abhorrent and destructive ideologies. Simply because certain people cannot adopt a modern life style with a modern ethical conduct. Does anyone still have a doubt that this would be considered pedophilia if it had happened in any Western country? And should there be any more proof as to why Africa is still so incredibly underdeveloped? How can development occur with these sorts of mentalities?

Oh hold on… I think i’m starting to see spirits around me, and they’re getting angry! Quick, gimme an old hag to marry!

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. If he gets her pregnant she can have a son and a great grandkid at the same time. She’ll be a senior citizen before he’s a teenager. Maybe he can make her a set of dentures when his baby teeth fall out. That’s all I got for now.

    1. Did he seal the deal with some old fashioned boning?
      He is a black kid so his Dick is probably bigger than most grown white men.
      She probably just lays there and lets him go at it.

  2. I just have to say it seems a tad ignorant making generalizations about south africa based on the activities of one tribe. I live in South Africa and can assure you that this is not a normal phenomenon and is just as awe-inspiring to most of us as it is to you ‘Westerners’.

    1. Ok lets look at some facts. South Africa has over 50 million inhabitants, most of them black and a huge part of them still live rudimentary and archaic life styles in tribes. A lot of those tribes, due to their isolation, don’t get a big influx of journalists to report these types of events. This happens more often than what is thought, but in secret, and this coming from a South African friend of mine (well, he’s Portuguese but went to live there as a child).

      South Africa is actually the most developed country in Africa, and I brought this example to show that if this happens in the most developed place in the continent, then all the rest might see this as common practice.

      For example, in Tanzania the albinos are hunted and killed because it is believed that they have some sort of ‘magical powers’, and pieces of their bodies are used as ornaments or in tribal rituals as a way to bring ‘good luck’.

      1. Oh yes there’s no arguing over the fact that most African countries outside of South Africa is completely bonkers. I am also sure that these kind of coogar-marriages take place more than I am aware of in isolated tribes that no one hears of but surely that cant be seen as an accurate reflection of general South African mentality. Many western-cultured countries have their tribes who practice mind boggling rituals in their own dimension somewhere in a forest..

    2. It’s not normal and should never be seen as normal. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t common. Like Portuguese Dude said, most of these groups are isolated and many of their practices (many of which are much worse than this) never get to be seen by the outside world.

  3. Something something modern, integrated and progressive country. Right guys?
    Of course things like this become acceptable now. But this is minor compared to everything else. I could go on all day but no one will usually listen to the real issues we face.
    And people wonder why I don’t want to participate in the “new” South Africa.
    New, but certainly not improved.

  4. Very seldom am I at a loss for words. And I visit this site frequently to behold beheadings, gruesome accidents and tragic goodbyes. I sit here…alone and single. This toddler has a love in his life. This is the most bizarre BG moment for me. Look at those happy faces behind them. I can’t imagine being inside that room.

    1. Alone and single is better than married and alone. I never felt more alone than when I was with my ex wife.

      Now on an island in the pacific and life is a a whole lot nicer. Simple people, simple life, great job (teacher).

      I’ll shut up now

    1. This is a strange case example indeed as to how strange the viruses’ behavior can be, but FAR LESS weird than many other instances we have seen.
      As far as the 8 yo + granny fucking nastiness of it all……well it’s fucking Africa. Who really cares anyway.

      1. by now some witchcraft obsessed moron is looking at the boy as a source of super natural powers, ESPECIALY if he some how knocks her up. They’ll have his lopped off black nuts on the black market before you can say BURNING NECKLACE!

  5. This is just wrong, wrong, wrong! And PD you are spot on about misandry. The world thinks nothing of the millions of male genital mutilations that take place each year, but one case gets mentioned in a western country (Australia for example, performed by an Afrikan or what have you) and society is up in arms. I don’t mean to degrade any woman who goes through it, or lessen the severity of the practice, but it is a 2-way street. The hypocrisy is blatant and out of control

  6. “And, do you, Helen Shabangu, promise to hold him if he sees monsters at night, drive him to soccer games, play with his winky when you’ve had too much to drinky… You twisted old hag till death do you part?”

  7. damn dude i couldnt get pussy till i was 15 and this kid already marrying. how would he support her? what was she thinking kids get the most ridiculous ideas but how she take him seriously?

  8. Not understanding why he wasn’\t betrothed to another 8 year old like they used to do with western Royalty, surely that would have satisfied that bonkers old fart of a grandfather. I’m thinking though the old man has dough but little family to care for the boy so the women stepped in to marry, ‘adopt’ the little boy, she’ll have a more comfortable life and he will have someone to care for him.
    As for male circumcision it’s something I’m against. When my son was born his dad wanted to have him circumcised.. which i though was rich coming from him as he was uncircumcised himself. I said no way, thats his fourie and if he wants to get rid of later on when he’s older it’s up to him.

        1. Precisely. If you are born with it, why take it out? I believe it has a purpose… The same goes for the clitoris. Genital mutilation is wrong for both sexes. BUT, if people choose to take the foreskin or the clitoris out by their own choice when they grow older, hey, who are we to judge?

          1. Yeah, but doesn’t the presence or lack of foreskin have anything to do with pleasure loss? Sure it may affect in some level, but having a clitoris, which is an organ specifically related to sexual pleasure, cut off seems a lot more cruel and of lasting impact.

  9. Shit To stay with the topic of older woman I just moved out of my old gf who is 44 I’m 27 but damn I will miss her not look her age and small and petite and things were good it was bliss and shit bad happens every time right before my birthday which is today moved out this past Saturday right after work no less!! Ahh well but to the topic of the post agreed if turn the tables would be a lot of scoffing going around and even so this is still a lil much to imagine being like the biological kid of the woman and this is you new step daddy (if she had kids) and you walk in on them haha talk about being scarred hearing or seeing your parents going at it!

  10. Other reasons this marriage might not last is due to South Africa having among the highest rates of child murder (2nd highest in the world the last time I heard), and that this women might develop arthritis before she can make a sandwich and operate a stove or vacuum cleaner.

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