Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!

Best Gore's 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!

Here it is. The moment you have been waiting for. The winner of the first annual Best Gore Gor-etry Contest. Let me preface the proceedings by saying that I am proud of all of you for your contributions. I honestly didn’t think too many would give a shit about doing this, but I was clearly wrong, and we have some very talented members. Let me tell you, this was tough to do and I ultimately decided to do like the Caption This Photo Contest and throw in some runners up

So, without further ado, the winner of our first annual poetry contest, our Master Wordsmith now with full bragging rights and props galore….

WINNER: Coochie Queef

If there were only repercussions, I´d welcome the judgement.
I became a cold, dark void, an all pervasive image of the unspoken.
In the flash of creation, there lies delusion and destruction,
there is no love, only easy prey and self pity.
Covered in the choking dust of fradulent mercy, all there ever was,
was the agony of the ugly and lost;
We both are useless garbage now and again, we look
incurably for new illusions.
In the screaming silence of the pitch dark,
we float in the cleansing fire, awaiting the false hope of new life.
But still, I´m not real, and wasn´t before, so what´s the punishment?
What´s the promise?
I never was more than the shadow of something I never desired.
Now after I´ve entered this familiar dimension,
the nexus of authenticity,
the garden of mirrors shouts at my soul, and delivers
an ambivalence of misery and bliss.
But still, I´m not here, and never will, between the spheres,
a mirage of an absent omnipresence.
The past, the present, the future;
The brain, the thought, the blind narrows of conceptions;
Your words were deceptive, your devotion a camouflage.
My revenge is a part of you now,
in there is no shelter, just knowledge and truth.
Quick with the trigger, oblivious, on a ride roughshod over yourself,
you gave me the tools to finally enter my desiderated hell.


# 1 – Empty soul

(Farewell, Sorrowful loneliness)

An open window, nature blows cold upon her place of rest,

Her inner chamber, once a beacon of life now full of alcohol and pills,

Her body shivers like a baby lamb on a cold winter night,

Her sweat like dew drops, gliding down every shape; entering every orifice,

The heavens stared down upon her mortal form; watching for any and all Earthly sin to unravel,

The sweetest honey flowed from within; knocking at the door; only escaping once her desires are realised,

Death was her promised one; her lover; her poisoned chalice. Lustful to the eye, irresistible to the touch; its icy grip stimulated her body like never before,

Her sexuality was like a volcano. Intense vibrations; a rush of lava; an eruption of joy,

Her body convulsed in the greatest of pleasure, her legs stretched far as she channelled every last bit of euphoria,

Her once locked door now fully open, her bed sheets drenched by the aftermath of her desire,

Her eyes now wide, the trembling subsides,

The magma turns into molten rock, there’s no more movement from the clock; her eyes are empty; her time has stopped

#2 – Tas Tiger

Writing an ode, for me is not easy,
That is why this might sound cheesy.
Trying to impress the Best Gore crowd,
Talking shit is just not allowed.
So with paper ‘n pen ‘n, time to think,
I’ll try to write something that doesn’t stink!
Should it be something about stinking Kikes?
You know, those Jews that no-body likes.
Or blood ‘n guts ‘n brains ‘n more,
That’s why we love this site – Best Gore!
I’ll rhyme about cops, US ones, with dread,
Call them for help, you’ll be shot in the head!
Two killers on bikes, guns in hand,
Can only be one place – Brazil land!
Car crashes galore, people lose their legs,
Help me, they scream ‘n moan ‘n beg.
Me? I come here, to laugh and chat,
To members like @LF, who shows off her cats.
Then there’s @boozer and @Am0ur and @Gnat,
And @Hung and @Empty and @mamason and @Jack.
@IS and @BTR and @ladybug and @Der,
What happened to @Wicked Mama? I sure miss her.
Then we have @blucon, boy, that guy’s on his own,
Slowly though, on us he has grown.
’cause I wear my heart on my sleeve,
Any I didn’t mention, will cause me to weep.
So thanks to our writers @Obli and @Ate,
@Treblar and @Acneska, we think you are great.
To all those out there, take the leap,
Forget MSN, don’t be a sheep!

#3 – DeadOhioSky


An existential threat.
That permeates and manifests, hopeless.
A permanent regret.
It scars the tissue so we never forget, Now Focus;
Just down the winding road.
A crumpled heap of flesh and blood and bone,
And in the depths below.
We clasp and grasp at the air until we choose to let go.

But what’s this fucking with me?
Why’s this eating my heart out like a disease?
And what’s the point of it all?
From a cradle to grave, Fuck, spawn and repeat.
Rape, pillage and breed.
We fuck, spawn and repeat.
Born to be buried.

It’s just a pain in my head.
When the voices stay and I pray that they will keep me sane.
It’s just a little late.
I’ve severed the nerves from the source of a world that causes pain. Just focus;
Can’t stand your ugly ways.
But I’m just numb with nothing relevant to say.

What’s this fucking with me?
Why’s this eating my heart out like a disease?
And what’s the point of it all?
From a cradle to grave, Fuck spawn and repeat.
Rape, pillage and breed.
We fuck, spawn and repeat.
Just Born to be buried.

So tell me, what do you see?
Is it all or nothing?
keep your eye on the prize.
There’s no truth under lies.
But tell me what will you get?
Collapsing under the stress.
The morbid truth that you find…
I’ve told enough and I see through the disguise.

and HONOURABLE MENTION goes to Best Gore member kmong.


Mark Marek isn’t a journalistic terrorist

Main motivation is just maintaining pacifist

But many distain, despise and agree to greet him like a parasite

Beat him and treat him like he’s the reason for human strife

He didn’t slay Lin Jun

Nor did he ever eat a slice

Been so long since WE found the Guilty one

His Name is Ice

Luka is the True commitor of these filthy crimes

So Please, let our fearless leader live on with ease


Well, there you have it. Comments section is now open to give the winner his due adulation and why you think my decisions are wrong. 😛

*image “Love Bite” , by Laurie Lipton, used in accordance with the Fair Use Act.

142 thoughts on “Best Gore’s 1st Annual Gor-etry Contest: The Results Are In!”

  1. @Obli honestly hun with all the talented pieces submitted there is absolutely no way I could have judged this props for taking the time to bring this to us 🙂
    @coochie Queef Congratulations hun!!! Really was great work I enjoyed reading.
    : to the runners up great job guys everyone of your poems could easily be published in my opinion.
    : To the all the rest in the contest I can wait to read your next poems everyone did such a great job and the amount of talent was off the charts:)

  2. Those were amazing. I’m a writer, but I’m a very lazy writer. And I couldn’t compare anyway. CQ’s brought me tears and Tas’s made me laugh. Dead Ohio and EmptySoul’s were beautiful and kmong’s was really admirable

    Yes CQ really did make me cry. Yes I’m transparent but it was beautiful

    1. Don’t always sell yourself short, you could have all the talent in the world but if nobody see’s it then it’s just wasted talent. Put your thoughts into words and give us a chance to see what you are capable of. The joy you get from writing is worth way more than winning any contest. If not for us…do it for yourself.
      Btw, good to finally see you Trainwreck.

    1. @tas I am picturing like in one of those dance or beauty competitions, the runners up are all congratulatory and kiss-kiss on the cheek, but deep down they want to bury the business end of their high heels in the winner?s skull. Not you though. 😉

      1. Awww, @BTR, thanks for that, actually, really I am pissed off that I didn’t get 1st – kidding!! Hahaha, you can tell I’m pretty chuffed with 3rd, can’t you. I am pretty easy to ‘read’, I think 3rd is great! 🙂

  3. Awesome! I’m happy being a runner up, especially since I’m my own toughest critic (I always think my work sucks). Congrats to everyone else as well!! All of my BG family are fucking awesome in my book.

    @obli So is it safe to say the Gore-etry post was a success and it will re-apear in the future?

        1. @DOS, your poem was awesome, you WON! It was a hell of a lot more ‘deep’ than mine, I only got chosen cos it was a rare ‘funny’ one. Yours was like a poem I would see published in a book! That good, 🙂

          1. @tas Congratulations, 2nd runner up is something to be proud of, you beat out a lot of entries and the slugs (like me) that didn?t even try. Plus, if the first runner up and the winner croak, you take the crown. Thanks for the mention, that?s really nice of you. I didn?t look too closely at the entries when the contest was running, I never appreciated poetry. I know it?s cultured and stuff, they tried to get us into it at the public school, but I?m an uncouth slob of sorts. Although lyrics in music is a form of poetry, I guess it?s pretty cool.

      1. @obli, may I suggest you pick a topic when announcing the next contest? For example, the poem must be about a jealous Thai, or a bad car crash or whatever you choose. Then us, ahem, poets should try to stick to the topic.

      1. Thanks @LF. I guess every artist or writer is never content with their work. But, thanks for the support and Id say I’ll continue participating in the Gore-etry. Also, I decided to uncloak for a bit… Not quite sure how I feel about it lmao.

          1. @jack
            Thanks brother! 20 was exciting for me but 30 is just fucking weird. Fuck it, I’m still 20 at heart lol. By the way, I thought of you tonight because in my home state (Ohio) we are on the verge of legalizing weed. Fucking fingers crossed bro!!!

          2. Now THAT would be a major fucking win for humanity! I’d roll up a joint to celebrate but I’m all out, gotta get more lol but I’ll have a drink to legalising weed and to your birthday, cheers!

            (all good everyone, I won’t comment while drunk…)

      1. lol the one about you or Amour? Seriously though I really did like your one, it put me in a damn fine mood for the rest of the day… I swear I could just visualise you holding that whip 😉

  4. I was getting a blowjob from a girl named Grace,
    when I accidentally shot my load in her face.
    She then couldn’t see out of her left eye,
    so we gave warm water from the sink a try.
    If she would have had a different name that fits,
    I would have shot my load on her tits.

    What…too little too late?

  5. Poetry is so funny, it makes me laugh. Who ever thought a poet could become famous? I mean really famous, even more famous than that famous guy (what’s his name again?’ that plays ‘Dexter’ in that famous American show, called ‘Dexter’………

    A famous serial killer is not so funny, but still good entertainment none the less.

    Congrats to all our funny poets. I do wonder when you become famous, will we know about it if we don’t know your real identities? I will continue to wonder about this…….

  6. Thanks, Obli for the possibility to express myself on here and thanks to all the talented writers, I had so much fun reading your works, beautiful and witty. There were far better poems than mine posted, and when I had to chose from the above, I?d say DOS?s and Empty?s moved me the most and they are closer to the topic than my piece. Yep, it?s a good idea to keep to the theme, whilst allowing a certain reach of play. So, I?m looking forward to lay another egg, and excuse my articulation, english is not my native language. Keep up the good work BG!

  7. My Left Nut.

    My left Nut hangs much lower than the one that’s on my right,
    sometimes it hangs so fucking low it’s completely out of sight.
    One day I called my doctor and we had a big long talk,
    he said there’s nothing I can do and to tuck it in my sock.
    So when I hear your problems they ain’t nothing at all,
    cuz when people step on my left shoe they’re stepping on my ball!

  8. Congrats to the winner and runner up’s! They were all great. Stuff like this (amongst the great videos and pictures of course) is why I love this site and am glad to be, albeit new, a member here. I apologize for not introducing myself and just commenting randomly on things, but hello all and kept up the great work admins AND poets both!

    1. Yes, it?s more fun being watched, I?d guess, hehe. I still can?t wrap my mind about Oblis choice, I actually hate that piece of crap 🙂 , it?s too cryptic and it reminds me of what I?ll never experience again. What about you, I?m sure there is enough beauty and pain inside you, that wants to get out? Unless you have more efficient ways to express that… 🙂

  9. In case anyone was interested, the drawing at the top by Laurie Lipton is called Love Bite. I had a look at her work with the link provided. (original poetry comp. post) You can actually buy this particular picture on a T-shirt, the shirts are made in Los Angeles so they should be good quality?

  10. Well Done to all the participants! Your hard work, and devotion shows! I will try to join in next year, even though, i am not much of a poet, i will give it my best anyways. And MANY thanks to OBLI for adding this new topic, and fun challenge, for all of us to grow, and expand our vocabulary! We are after all a bunch of S.O.B.S. Are we not ? 😉

  11. congratulations to all winners, and thanks to all entries.
    i was aware, but didnt have the guts myself.
    Good poetry exposes the heart (maybe thats what i was scared of?)
    SO – thanks you to all of you who entered, for having the guts to show us what lies in your hearts.

    And truly, there was some beautiful stuff.

  12. Finally i found out that the crazy and sickening picture of a woman about to “eat” a newborns head is apparently this artist named Laurie Lipton… Cool stuff… But still scary. I actually found this picture on youtube where a youtuber bought one of those mystery boxes online and thought: Who made this?
    Not artwork i would buy but still interesting site and work she makes ✨

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