Open Post #23 – Dangerous Thailand

Thailand Is Dangerous

Thailand is the most unsafe travel destination in the world, yet aside from here at Best Gore, it’s virtually nowhere else acknowledged as such. Yet if one were to dig deep into the official statistics of individual countries, the findings would be shocking – more outbound travellers die in Thailand than in the rest of the world combined. Our governments know it, but keep this information hidden from public. Like you, I’m asking – Why?

Content featured on Best Gore is undisputable and as you have surely noticed, popular means to kill foreigners in Thailand is by throwing them to their deaths from high buildings. Yet I have only scratched the surface with cases of foreigners being killed this way in Thailand. Many go way under the radar and it keeps happening on a large scale day after day.

So why do out governments hide how dangerous Thailand really is from us when they know damn well that in no other country do the citizens of their nation die in such large numbers. And why do the leftish sheep lie straight into our faces that Thailand is a safe travel destination, luring more unsuspecting victims into the death trap.

Here’s what happened recently:

Scottish Girl Raped in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand

A 20 year old Scottish girl, who had been in Thailand for only two weeks, was out drinking with her boyfriend in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Southern Thailand. They were both refused entry into a bar because they were both already drunk. After being refused entry they walked off and became separated.

Four Thai men who were apparently driving around in a truck, saw the girl walking alone and kidnapped her. They took her to a block of flats where the men beat her and gang raped her. The girl tried to defend herself against the men but was repeatedly punched in the stomach. She was found on the second floor of the flats by locals, crying, and covered in scratches.

When asked about it, British Foreign Office spokesman said:

We are aware of a British national having been involved in a serious assault in Thailand. We are providing consulate assistance at this difficult time.

What’s with the political correctness? What’s with this polished talk. How about you put it like it is:

We are aware of increasingly violent nature of locals in Thailand and have registered an alarming number of assaults, including sexual assaults on our nationals. We would strongly suggest for vacationers to reconsider visiting Thailand until crime rates are brought under control.

Props to Best Gore members Yochan and Kaitlin for assistance with this report.

Couple Traveling Around the World on Bikes Killed in Thailand

On February 13, 2013 English couple travelling around the world on their bikes were killed in the Eastern Chachoengso region of Thailand. They were cycling along the hard shoulder when the 25 year old pickup truck driver bent down to pick up his hat from the floor and swerved into them, killing them instantly. Mary Thompson and Peter Root were 18 months into their adventure.

Had they been the readers of Best Gore, they would have left Thailand out of their conquest and would have still been on the road.

Props to Best Gore member leeannrosie for the tip on this one.

Thai Police

As someone’s who’s been to Thailand and saw the truth with his own eyes, I can tell you firsthand what it’s like.

To be a policeman in Thailand is one of the most coveted jobs. It is also one of the most difficult to score because perks are endless so everyone clings on to it for dear life. It however comes with a big downside because since the perks are endless, everybody else has a hunch on the job. As a policeman in Thailand, you rake in riches day in and day out, but have to constantly watch your back because there is no shortage of other Thais who want your post. And the best way to get it is by ratting you out to your superior. Here’s how it works:

Police force in Thailand is one of the most corrupt in the world. Criminals earn money by engaging in criminal activities while policemen get their cut by officially sheltering them. The cuts are distributed evenly based on the rank – the higher a post you hold, the higher the cut.

If you’re a start up criminal who hasn’t made deals with the police, you will be targeted for prosecution. That is why we sometimes see Thai criminals get taken into police custody and thrown in jail. Those are the ones who engaged in criminal activities without first consulting with the police and agreeing on what cut of their filthy profit will go to the officers. You don’t give the cops the cut, they will be after you.

Most large scale criminals, such as those involved in stripping foreigners off their savings and killing them by throwing them off of buildings are sheltered by the police. The police know when and who will be thrown out of the balcony and already know what they’re gonna file their death under. Usually it’s suicide, sometimes accident, occasionally natural causes. The cops don’t do the dirty work, but they ensure that those who do don’t go to jail and that public only sees a distorted picture of what is going on. And for that they receive kickbacks from heaven. They wallow in illegal money so it’s in their utmost interest to stay in the post they’re in.

To do that, they give a cut from their cut to their superiors. And this way, whole hierarchy gets fed with illegal money. And that is why cops need to watch their backs cause there are a million and one candidates looking for their posts.

The trick is, that if a cop who got his cut does not take a cut off his cut to give to his superior and someone finds out, the first thing they will do is rat them out, superior officer gives the cop a boot and gives the post to the rat. And now the rat can kick back with his feet up and watch money from criminal activities of others roll in. He just remains an official figure, sheltering the operation officially, collecting his cuts and giving cuts to his superior because if he doesn’t, someone will rat him out, he gets the boot and that someone now starts raking in.

We’ve seen how it works in the post with jetski scammers. The scammers rip foreigners off every day. Foreigner calls a cop who is in on it and already expects the call, he shows up and explains the foreigner that he’s responsible for the damage he has not caused, but because the cop likes foreigners so much and wants them to keep good memories of Thailand, he will negotiate a “discount” from the penalty.

Been a victim of crime in Thailand? LOL. Good luck reporting it. Unless it’s a small scale criminal that victimized you, all that will happen is a report that will get filed and a good laugh that the cops will have at your expense.

Expats in Thailand

Depending on what type of person you are, you will feel comfortable in some countries and uncomfortable in others. I met a Canadian hippie in Singapore who had been in self imposed exile from Canada for 6 years at the time. I was in awe and very curious to find out how he sustained himself for all these years. He had just come to Singapore from Indonesia and since he was from the same country as me, I went to sit down with him to pick his brains. Because I was broke and going broker, I wanted to know the tricks and tips from someone who comfortably stayed afloat for 6 years abroad.

I found out nothing. He didn’t want to divulge, but I noticed how highly he spoke of Indonesia and how he badly of Singapore. As someone who had been to Indonesia, I could not believe what awesome place Singapore was compared to that corrupt, filthy and disorganized shithole of a country. And here I meet a fellow Canadian who tells me how much he hated Singapore and couldn’t wait to go back to Indonesia?

I wanted to know why the hell would he not like Singapore so I swerved the discussion that way and he told me all about how he can ride his motorcycle drunk in Indonesia, and ride it on sidewalks and at any speed he wants and if he ever he got caught, he could just bribe the cops who would never turn a bribe down and it would be instantly resolved. And here in Singapore, he couldn’t do none of that shit. He’d be fined or worse yet – caned if his offense was more severe. He could not stand being in a country with the rule of law and needed to go back to the lawlessness of Indonesia where he felt comfortable.

I realized that people only feel comfortable in countries that resonate with who they are. Because Thailand is filthy, corrupt and failed, it attracts foreigners who are likewise filthy, corrupt and failed. If you met expats who live in Thailand, you’d see it’s bang on. Someone who lives within the law and doesn’t like leaching off the weak would feel very uncomfortable in Thailand and would never imagine living there for an extended period of time. Instead, they would feel much more comfortable in a country like Singapore.

Thailand is also a country of choice for criminals looking to avoid justice.

Thai Cowards

Thais are inherently xenophobic – they get the hatred for foreigners beat into them from as soon as they can comprehend what they’re told and grow up in this environment every day of their lives. It is further exaggerated by the fact that Thais always used to think that they were the shits, but when white men came, they showed them that Thais were inferior in abso fucking lutely everything. There’s never been a single thing in which Thai would excel over people whom they are bred to hate.

For this reason, it is socially acceptable for Thais to beat up or kill foreigners. Thais brag about foreigners they beat up so they walk around whole day looking for someone to take on. However, as I said in previous paragraph, Thais are inferior in absolutely everything so no Thai would take on a foreigner one on one. They go in packs and provoke a response and when they get it, a whole slew comes out of the woodwork like Gypsies in Eastern Europe. Then everyone will throw in a punch cause for each of them this will end up as something to brag about.

Sometimes, though they pick on a wrong fucking dude – and that is when inherently aggressive nature of Russians comes in handy. I saw Thais pull that on a Russian dude. A group of twinks was going around, irking foreigners, looking for one who would stand up for himself to overwhelm him with numbers and picked on a Russian dude who was not taking any shit from any Thais. A whole fucking slew of them jumped him but after he hammerfisted one to the ground, the whole rest of them dispersed like a bunch of fucking cowards that they are. Thank God for Russians cause most westerners are mellow natured and would rather pull back.

Dumb Leftists

Another problem with Thailand are dumb leftist sheep. They are like an extension of Thai criminals. They work on their behalf by covering up for their crimes with sweet lies about how friendly Thais are. Leftists are the dumbest people on Earth so they wouldn’t know a scammer even if he handed them a business card while he’s scamming them. And if as an aware individual who observed the scam you approached the leftist and told him: “Hey dude, this Thai just scammed the shit out of you” the leftist would attack you with a slew of verbal insults, utilizing all available names like bigot, racist or nazi to batter you down for the audacity to speak badly of these underprivileged folk who are working so hard to make it in this cruel, harsh world.

Each time you hear someone say what nice people they met in Thailand, you can rest assured that they are leftists who had been taken countless advantages of but don’t have the mental capacity to recognize it as such. And because they are leftists, you telling it like it is makes you a racist bigot in their eyes and then they’d turn to the tools for the sheep, like Iphones, Facebook and Gmail to tell other sheep what racist pig you are. Where would the world be without leftist sheep?

The Land of Grumps

One thing you notice immediately upon entering Thailand is that none of the locals ever smile. Never. Not even when they’re scamming you. Countries like the Philippines have nothing but scammers in them but they at least have the nerve to smile when they’re trying to scam you, even though at the back of their minds they’d best see you dead. But in Thailand they won’t even crack a smile. Never. Try to search the internet for people of Thailand and see for yourself how many of the photos you find will have smiling people in them. And those are photos. People knew they were being photographed and posed for them, occasionally forcing a smile on their mug for the sheep with Iphones however much they are opposed to smiling.

The best representation of Thailand, the land of Grumps is the Thai king. Like his people, he also never, ever smiles. And he prosecutes everyone who dares to investigate the dubious circumstances surrounding his brother’s death that lead to him becoming the king.

Dangerous Thailand

While our governments, vastly aware of how dangerous Thailand is keep us in the dark about it, the people continue to flow into the country and become victims. Good for us here at Best Gore, I guess. For as long as they keep believing the leftists that Thailand is a safe travel destination, we will never run out of photos of foreigners splattered on the sidewalk next to various highrises throughout Pattaya and elsewhere. I know for sure myself that I count myself lucky to have made it out of there alive, but will not put myself intentionally this close to death ever again.

As for you – you can either believe leftist sheep, or look at concrete evidence of reality on Best Gore. I’d like to see the sheep disputing that.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Open Post #23 – Dangerous Thailand”

    1. They (Thais) very happy when foreigner dies… that’s the only time that they enjoy the most, that’s why they always smile while doing a pointer at the dead bodies… if the dead body happen to be a Thai, they will show a sad and sorry faces instead… that’s why there is a political party called Thai Love Thai party which promoting propaganda to Thais to love each other and protect each other like bro and sis.. they also teach Thais to hate foreigners as we foreigners are menace to them…

  1. Thais are brought up with the concept that emotions should not be expressed, and the best way to cover them is to smile. Then, if you see that a Thai is not smileing at all, that means that he is being sincere about his feelings.

      1. Very nicely said @ uli ! When traveling, one should tread carefully when judging the behavior of a foreign culture. Unfortunately, many tourists often base their perceptions on what is deemed “the norm” in their country of origin.

  2. Since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s which began in Thailand with the collapse of its currency, the baht, Thailand has made a huge and interesting recovery.

    When Thailand was about to go bust the International Monetary Fund stepped in with an economic reform plan, this involved putting in place the legislation, Foreign Business Act of 1999, this established a new bankruptcy court, reformed bankruptcy, and foreclosure procedures, and allowed creditors to pursue payment from loan guarantors.

    Other 1999 reforms include amendments to the Land Code, Condominium Act, and the Property Leasing Act, all of which liberalized restrictions on property ownership by non-Thais.

    The previous act for which the Foreign Business Act of 1999 replaced was called the Alien Business Act of 1972 which served to define and narrow the scope of foreign participation in Thai business activities.
    The Financial Institutions Act, passed at the end of 2007, gave power to the Bank of Thailand to raise the foreign ownership limit in a local bank from 25 percent to 49 percent. The Act also allows the Minister of Finance to authorize foreign ownership above 49 percent.

    As of December 2011, there were 15 foreign bank branches and one subsidiary operating in Thailand, including three American banks Citibank, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase bank.

    Without wanting to bore people to death I shall summarise my point,

    Thailand, since 1999, has been completely privatised, foreign influence and money now controls the majority of present and future investments there.

    The Thai tourism industry and all other connected businesses such as property rent boost not only the GDP of Thailand but also the shares of many western businesses and banks.

    It is no wonder then that our own countries wish to promote Thailand as a tourism paradise, after all, they have an invested interest in doing so.

    A few dead foreigners is not going to stop this gravy train any time soon..

    1. As always @Empty soul, an excellent comment.
      Proof of it comes from an internal email from the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, (FCO), obtained by the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act in 2006.
      “The trouble with [giving advice about the murder rate]… is that it would effectively highlight the number of murders over the past year or more here, which in the current circumstances could have a disproportionate impact on Thailand’s reputation and legitimate commercial interests.”
      And then this report from The Independent newspaper in 2008 backs up all Mark writes about Pattaya:-
      “The FCO refuse to list causes of deaths, so we must also speculate as to the reasons for this morbid hotspot. Anecdotal evidence suggests straightforward causes of death for some, such as road accidents and health problems; then there are the suspicious-sounding “suicides” ? jumping from balconies seems to be a favoured method”.
      Fuck Thailand!

    1. This is what i wonder every time i see some poor bastard end up on BG who traveled over there.

      The lady boys and hookers is the only real reason i can think of why anyone would want to tread on that filthy land.

      Mind you most of the lady boys and hookers over there have some serious STD’s and have been known to scam people.

      Either way i won’t be going there in this lifetime. Fuck that.

  3. I’m cool with that destination too. I’ll stay right here where i am- thank you very much! You’ve opened my eyes to many things! I was never one of the “sheep” that just followed. I’ve always gone my own way- danced to the beat of my own drum kinda thing. Guess that’s how i ended up here in the first place! Anyhow, there’s many places i won’t be going and if i ever should have to- there’s many tips I’ve stored in the memory banks! #1-leave the flip flops at home. #2-stay on the ground floor.. Lol 😉

    1. No offense buddy but I guess she’s leaning more on the leftist types. Guess she still won’t listen even though you presented irrefutable evidence that it’s a fucking free-for-all in Twinkland when it comes to foreigners, especially american & british foreigners. If she does ever travel to thailand, wish her luck man… because she’s gonna need it.

  4. I’m sorry about that British bitch getting raped..come on.
    How do you sanction and forgive that shit? She’s a drunk ass bitch in a foreign country..her fucking fault. PERIOD.
    Got separated from her boyfriend…what does that mean? Did he sell her or something?

    1. I kinda of thought the same thing. These Western Women (Almost always white) go into foreign Countries and disrespect the Country, people and themselves. They get blackout drunk, and end up getting taken advantage of. They have no concept of ‘limits’ because they were raised in Countries without such things.

      Another case is the British woman who got dumb drunk in Dubai and screwed a dude she just met in a taxi. Both are now in Court for it (It’s illegal there).

      Personally, I can’t be bothered to care. Western Women are just sad and increasingly embarrassing.

  5. Thailand may be most dangerous in the world but all countries are dangerous too. Thailand is not just fucking safe place to visit. Everywhere is fucked!!! Just don’t walk alone in the dark then you will be fine!

  6. I was born in Pattaya, and I’ve been living in Edmonton/Sherwood Park basically my whole life. I was robbed by hookers as I was walking to my hotel room from an internet cafe near Walking Street, when I was 15 years old. And I’d still rather be in Thailand.

  7. Excellent Post Mark. I am sure many people will read and pass along this important Travel Advisory. Being that you are very well travelled & speak the brutal truth with no bullshit your message should be taken Seriously.
    I know now that my family will for sure 🙂

  8. News flash folks, staying in low-rent backpacker hostels and no-security, cheap hotels that cater to sex tourists will give you bed bugs at the very least! No reason any Westerner who can afford the flight cannot afford a 5-star luxury resort, which puts the Carribean notion of luxury to shame! Thailand is also known as Land of Smiles, but be well-advised, their smiles disguise a multitude of emotions and are employed in order to “save face”, as honour is of supreme importance to Thais. The fact is that all roads in S.E. Asia are a death trap, so, to watch fat, drunken Brits careen about on their rental scooters is almost as entertaining as a ladyboy show and cheaper too! A bit of common sense and respect goes a long damn way in any foreign country, as the tourist most at risk, is the uneducated dumbass who fails to keep their cool.

    1. @belladonna

      You sure are as dumb as all fuck. Care to explain how a bit of common sense and respect could have saved the woman who was stabbed by the bag snatcher the video of which is on Best Gore? Or how the Russian girls who were abducted walking home from a restaurant and raped by a group of Thai men, which is likewise on Best Gore? Or the Korean woman who was thrown to her death from the balcony of her hotel room? Or the man who was shot to death by a Thai who after the murder claimed that he killed him simply because he was a foreigner and he hated foreigners? All this and a ton more is well documented on Best Gore.

      You are a fucking retard. Thais kill foreigners at will and you blame the foreigners for it? Why don’t you take your liberal bullshit on bullshit sites cause here on Best Gore we see the evidence of “reality”. People like you are even mentioned in the article. Don’t it shame you to show so publicly that you’re bang on one of them?

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