Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!

Happy Halloween, Motherfuckers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
with Da Silvas a-falling and everyone calling
“get the Fuck out of here!”
It’s the blood, bloodiest season of all

There’ll be live suicide’s hosting and Indians roasting
and street fights with ghetto hoes
there’ll be scary Thai bloaters and drunken dead floaters
from Samhain’s long, long ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
there’ll be much disemboweling
and ISIS is prowling
to show beheadings right here
It’s the Best Goriest time of the year!!!

Alright, anyone who’s anyone knows that i love Halloween. It’s Christmas for this gore fiend. So, what I wanted to do is have an open post for the members to discuss all things macabre. This is your little corner to talk about your favourite horror movies, books, comics, whatever. Even exchange your own ghost stories if you like. It’s up to you.

My top favourite horror films of all time, you ask? That’s tough. Also depends on what kind of horror we’re talking. I am a huge fan of the campy, B Horror of the eighties; “Return of the Living Dead”, “Night of the Creeps”, “Dead ALive” and so on… I also enjoy experimental mind fucks. Two of my favourites being, “Tetsuo: The Iron Man” and “Eraserhead”. But traditional, serious horror? I’ll give it a shot…

5. The Exorcist
4. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
3. The Shining
2. John Carpenter’s The Thing
1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Alright, so lets get to it!

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      1. And a happy Halloween to you.
        And to all of you here at BG.
        Do what I’m doing and get drunk.
        But make sure you don’t drink and drive.
        Dead Alive was a bad ass flick.
        Another great one is Bad Taste.
        Which is also by peter jackson.
        I didn’t like eraser head.
        I thought blue velvet was better.
        I feel in love with dawn of the dead.
        Check out a film called holy mountain.

          1. Dawn of the dead was great so was any movie Rob zombie made. I’ve been horror movie marthoning it for a few weeks. Even watched some old black and whites for a change. Boris Karloff etc

          2. Oh that’s right Lords of Salem was AWFUL. I love Sheri Moon Zombie but shit that was a bad movie for both of them. I didn’t get it….radio talk show host hearing the voices. I still don’t get it…it dragged so much

    1. I think I had the best Halloween ever…saw Danzig last night at the Microsoft…fucking Prong and a couple other kick ass speed metal bands opened for em…and just to put icing on the cake, Glen encored 3 Misfits jams to wrap it up….not to mention they played no less than 2 hours…Happy Ducking Halloween to my Gore brothers and sisters!!!

          1. Hey you also left the show without, presumably, Danzig taking a swing at you! 😉
            Only got to see the Misfits twice, both with Michale Graves, but I actually liked him so it was cool.
            But my best Halloween concert ever was around 6-7 years ago when I got to see the legendary (at least locally) annual Mushroomhead Halloween concert. It. Was. Awesome!

  1. I love it all, blood, guts! I have to agree with you with the movies you listed. I also enjoy the B rated movies of Sleep away camp. They are so stupid but I enjoy them. Happy Halloween to everyone on BG! This is the best fucking site around with the best people.

    1. Demons
      Demons 2
      John Carpenter’s The Thing
      The Thing Prequel
      Dawn Of The Dead
      The Dead
      The Dead 2: India
      House By The Cemetery
      Nightmare City
      City Of The Living Dead
      The Beyond
      and the list goes on forever…………….

      1. Well my all time fav:
        Return of Living Dead 1985
        Halloween I,II 1978-81
        Tourist Trap 1979
        Terror Train 1980
        Fright Night 1985
        American werewolf in London
        The Thing 1982
        The Shining 1980
        Creepshow 1982
        Honorable mentions> Massacre at Central High
        Nightmare on elm streets’
        Texas Chainsaw massacre.
        So many other greats. But a Happy Halloween to all,and A Happy all saints day on November 1st….or day of dead for ya wet backs.

  2. Had a bunch of freaky looking kids trick or treating tonight, those outfits get even more creative each year.

    And as far as horror movies go… The human centipede. The first one. It’s not my favourite but it’s the only horror movie I’ve watched that actually made me ‘feel’ horrified lol

    1. Oh the human centipede one and two were my absolute favorite. Can’t forget the creepy little dude and ass to mouth.

      The other great one was Mum and Dad. Dad liked to masturbate with pieces of flesh from his victims. Creepy, twisted and genius

          1. Yeah, I definitely will. Have you seen the movie “May”? That’s another good twisted movie. Some e told me to watch Tusk, its supposed to be somewhat like the human centipede only the person is obsessed with turning people into human walruses. I know another one I liked was the girl next door, not the comedy but the horror movie.

          2. Hey babe @ Horrorgirl. Sorry I came back. Yes I did see May and I really, really liked it a lot. I thought about watching Tusk but really wasn’t interested in it. Seemed like you said human centipede but with a hint of Misery attached. I got a list for you. Look up
            1. V/H/S. The first one is so good. It’s another first person type movie with multiple stories. There’s is also #2. Another independent horror that is beyond fantastic is
            2. Afflicted. The two guys wrote directed and starred in this badass movie. I loved it. Yet another movie that was a surprise for me was the Norwegian movie 3. Troll Hunter. I was impressed with it because it was an unknown, and the Trolls are so huge and so well done it was just awesome.

            4.[Rec] spelled just like that was a foreign virus turned zombie movie. Really fucking awesome.
            5. Return of the Living Dead 3 was good considering the year it came out.
            Guillermo del Toros movies have never disappointed me.
            6. El Espinazo Del Diablo
            (The Devils Backbone) is another must watch.
            I’m trying to be more thorough this time on my list rather than multiple messages because I’m not thinking ever.

            There is the German movie 7. “Schramm”
            8. A Serbian Film (2010)

            And I can’t think of anymore right now but “Cabin in the Woods” I loved that one too.

            So that’s it at least for now. Those are my recommendations for you

  3. Happy Halloween!!!!! I love this time of year and I love everything horror.

    I think I’ll share my little ghost encounter I had when I was a kid…

    When I was 10 I was in Girl Scouts and we went on a trip to this haunted house in the middle of nowhere to spend the night. It was owned by a guy whose great great grandfather had first built it then it was turned into an inn and then they claimed it was haunted and turned it into a haunted inn.

    We all had our own rooms and eventually went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to run to the bathroom attached to my room to throw up. I have never vomited like that before, it was just like The Exorcist. As I’m standing over the toilet I feel something touch my back. It felt like a hand rubbing my back and then I heard very soft singing and it was a song I had never heard before. I turn around and no one’s there. I felt better so I went back to bed. The next morning we were all eating breakfast and I hadn’t told anyone what had happened the night before. I asked the owner of the place if there were any interesting stories about my room. He told me that used to be his grandma’s room and she died in there about 10 years before. He started sharing his favorite memories about her and said she was always singing especially her favorite song. I asked what her favorite song was and he started singing it and it was the same song I heard the night before. Safe to say I was ready to get the fuck out of there.

      1. Scared the shit out of me at the time! I was always kind of in denial of it too. I thought maybe I just dreamed it or made it up but I can still remember everything very clearly so I think it’s time to accept that it actually happened lol.

    1. Aww damn you I’m jealous… This is a little embarrassing but when I was about 14 or 15 I went into the woods at night a few times hoping to see a ghost, apparently some guy had killed himself there. Ofcourse nothing would ever happen though. Figures 🙁

          1. I don’t think much happened, it seemed to be more of a big publicity stunt. I recorded it on my tv but I only watched the first 5 minutes, seems like a lot of BS. The name of the boy who they performed the exorcism on is Robbie Mannheim also called Ronald Doe. His house is a bit of a tourist attraction.

    2. That is an AMAZING story!!! I’m a pretty big fan of real ghost stories, and I have had several paranormal experiences. My dad actually teaches a ghost class at a nearby college, and there’s a real haunted house on campus that his class investigates every year. I usually come along on these investigations, and there’s so many weird things that have happened. There’s also been quite a few freakouts over nothing 😉

      One of the best paranormal experiences I’ve ever had didn’t come from that house, but my own house. It was when I was really young. We were all getting ready to go to bed, I was lying in bed and my dad was in the bathroom. I saw a tall figure appear right beside the bed. It was like a person made out of mist. It walked alongside the bed, then vanished into the wall, where there’s also a small window. For some reason, I wasn’t scared, but immediately associated it with my dad. I guess it somehow looked like him. I then said “Mommy, I have two daddies. The one in the bathroom, and the one that just walked out the window.”

      Happy Halloween!

      1. Omg that’s so freaky!!! That’s awesome your dad teaches those classes and you get to go with them. I’d love to do something like that. A couple of friends and I really want to visit a legit haunted house. With my luck I’ll probably get possessed haha!

        1. Actual haunted houses are very interesting, but they aren’t as scary as horror movies make them seem. However, in all the years we’ve been investigating, we’ve never had a night where nothing happened. Even if you and your friends just end up scaring yourselves, it’ll still be cool. We actually tell the stories about the freakouts just as much as the actual experiences! The night’s just not complete without at least one good freakout 😀

    3. Holy shit LF that’s freaken awesome! When I was 10 (I think) I used to go an abodoned old house where allegedly dead people used to live, allegedly. i didn’t think much about ghosts back in the day.

      well to my dismay there wasn’t any dead people or ghosts, but the dark creepy setting made me feel soothing actually. But I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I don’t why I’m telling anyone anything about me.

      1. It was scary at the time and yet I was able to go back to sleep with no problems. Maybe because she was trying to comfort me.

        I think all of us as kids do stuff like that. Actually as an adult I’d still do it lol.

  4. My faves have changed over the years, but nothing has been able to bump my top horror flick from the top spot to date..:

    1) The Shining
    2) Intensity (Dean Koontz)
    3) Insidious
    4) Phantoms
    5) The Exorcist

  5. Ahh this refreshing day that my country barelly celebrates to please the immigrants because it scares/insults them… 😆 But the old celebrations and the traditions are still present in the most remote areas… Once you get used to the spirits, no ghosts will ever be able to haunt you. They might even assist you on this day where most of those called by their own Guardians assists them in rituals to reverse the jew thora, and cursing their rogue lands… 😆

    Great times indeed… Have a great Halloween. 😛

    1. Scared and insulted by Halloween??? Those immigrants sure sound like fun people :p

      I know we talked about shitty horror movies earlier, I made a comment below recommending a really good one. Check it out. 😉

      Happy Halloween!

    2. I kinda hesitated writing this, since those that know me well for long knows this story already… but since everyone else is sharing their ghost encounter experiences, i suppose i can also share mine, just for the sake of this day.

      This happened about 9 or 10 years ago or so, both my grandparents were still alive back then, and their home is in the south part of my country, 200 Km from where i live. Summers are usually hot as hell, and winters freezing as graves. It never snows there, but the ice may freeze your eyeballs and nostrils if youre not careful. 😆

      It was one of those cold days, i dont remember what i went visit my grandparents for, since we usually only went there for special ocasions, but i suppose it was for Easter. We have a very old 3-seat wood and straw bench in there that is just right outside my room on the second floor, as old as the house itself, and that house has been with my family for centuries. The house used to be a mansion that was divided in half so that one half would be for my grandparents branch of the family, and the other half for my uncle’s. But that bench stayed with us, and sometimes that bench starts creaking by itself… and once someone gets close enough from it, no matter how stealthy you are, it stops. Now that chair is old but sturdy, and its not supposed to creak that loud when theres no one sitting on it, and even if someone sits on it, it doesnt even creak, so i asked my grandfather once, and his excuse was that it had termites… I know how termites sound, and i know that they are not invisible, they usually leave their marks, and i know that they dont chew on wood sounding THAT loud, not to mention that the chair doesnt even have any holes on it to justify the existence of termites whatsoever… We eventually got used to it.

      My sister and i sleep on the same room when we’re there, but in different beds, and usually i sleep well through the night. One night in specific i woke up in the middle of it… it was rather chilly although i was covered in blankets… and as i was trying to cover myself better i saw what i can only describe as being a “white shadow”… standing there on the left side of my bed like if was watching me. I gasped as soon as i saw it, and just froze staring at it, closing my eyes and moving them, rubbing my eyes to see if they werent decieving me… the moon didnt show up that night, so theres no justification for it to be “moon light”, or other light source… the white shadow figure had the shape of a short person, and it seemed like it had its head covered in a blanket or some hood… two seconds later it moved quickly like if it had realised i was staring at it, and it went past my bed running and exiting through the door. I was still paralized for 5 minutes trying to pick up my toughts and understanding what the fuck did i just saw, with my heart pumping hard and having cold sweat running through my back… I wont lie, it scared the fuck out of me. 5 minutes later that damn bench started creaking again… i got up, still with a hard pumping heart and moving as slow and careful as i could, but as soon as i got close to the door it stopped. I tought about waking my sister up to help me investigate, but instead i returned to my bed, because what could i do about something that i dont even understand?… And as soon as i layed my head on the pillow i saw white “waves” on the ceiling… similar to the ones we see when we’re underwater. I tried to once again check if it wasnt my eyes decieving me, but in vain… but they were so hypnotic that it helped me to fall asleep again. In the next morning i told my sister what i saw. She was surprised about the “white shadow”, but not about the waves floating on the ceiling… she had seen those as well before. That had been the first and last time i saw it and the waves, and the bench had been silent ever since… or at least that i had noticed it. 😐

      All this years ive wondered, because my family loves to hide shit from me. My aunt, who was my grandfather’s sister, died drowned in a well when she was 14, 70 years ago. Now there’s no other place where my father’s side family lived other than that house, and that house has a big enough well that one can drown if not careful… but everytime i asked the exact place of her death, their stories change like if they are hiding something from me… So i dont know, could be her, could be not… I wont even bother asking them anymore.

        1. I could try asking one of my last trusting aunts about it to see if she knows anything, since i burried the last person that could actually confirm anything a month and half ago – my grandfather. But i never had the exact chance to just ask straight forward like that without them asking too many questions back for the reasons why i want to know about it… 😐

          1. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather. I think it’s worth asking your aunt. It’s strange that they seem to ask why you want to know so bad. It’s a part of your history so why wouldn’t you want to know about it? It seems they’re trying to change the subject by questioning your reasons.

          2. Its alright, hes resting, we’re resting, and my grandmother can now stop twist and turn on her grave, so all’s good. Anyways, that would be one of the many “mysteries” surrounding that… but over the years i got used to them… and learned not to even ask. 😕

          3. That is a mystery I would love to solve. I hope some day you can get the answers. I think it would be quite a story considering how everyone is trying to hide things.

          4. I just read that. Things like that can be unsettling. I’m sorry about your grandparents. I never knew mine on either side. They were gone long before my birth. I’m glad you’re settled now with it.

            I agree with you LF. It would be a lovely mystery to try solving.

  6. Personally, I fucking hate Halloween. The incessant knocking at my door and the little turds who accompany those knocks really fucking grinds my gears.

    In Britain the aforementioned little bastards actually demand hard, cold cash instead of engaging in the American-esque candy collecting escapades that made the event so fucking famous.

    If that wasn?t bad enough, just five days later we Brits get reminded of how we missed one of the greatest chances ever to kill our stinking, rotten politicians in the form of Guy Fawkes night wherein the incessant noise of exploding fireworks really fucking grinds my gears and scares my cat I might add.

    Then comes Christmas, wherein the incessant playing of Slade?s ?merry Christmas everybody? by every fucking radio station and store all day long every day for a whole month really fucking grinds my gears.

    Anyhow, my favourite horror films are cheesy comedy types such as; The Toxic Avenger, Sleepaway camp 2 and 3 with the legendary Pamela Springsteen, Maniac Cop and of course The Evil Dead film series.

    1. You hate the relative modern crass commercialism, empty soul. We all do. However, I wager you have a great affinity for the true Day of the Dead and its origins. Hell man thanks to this day, the Irish figured out the only decent use for a turnip! So there’s that!

  7. Ok guys I have a good one. My mom was a housekeeper for this very successful movie director and he was never home , he pretty much just let us live in his big ass house in Hancock park in los Angeles when he was gone and it used to be a funeral home in the 1920’s ..we would hear things more than we would see things but my mom and I would hear a man shouting hello from a distance , for example if we were inside it sounded like someone shouting way outside in the back of the driveway, and me and my mom joked around about it because it was almost an everyday thing and we thought it could’ve been some gardeners from next door or something , but we started to realize that even at night we would hear him sometimes , we got so used to it we named him Patrick , and we told her boss about it . He said that someone had hung themselves in the closet prior to the people whom he bought his home from and we were just like , OH fuck that’s kinda creepy lol and after that we would rarely hear him.
    there was also this time it was around Halloween like 3-4 days before the day and my mom and I went shopping for decorations and shit because her boss was into Halloween (he directed scream, Halloween,I know what you did last summer…there’s your hint) and we got all this shit like zombies and pumpkins to carve , and as I went to get the carving supplies for the pumpkins I had to pass through a pantry and into a dinning room, as I walked out I shit you not , this woman is standing there in this big poofy dress (like the ones you see from Victorian times ) just fucking looking at me ! She was about 10 feet away and I backed my ass up into that pantry , like seriously I don’t even remember breathing I was so terrified .. If you’ve never seen a ghost just picture what cigarette smoked would look like if it could shape itself perfectly into the 4d image/ size of a person. I never saw her after that but I would hear the chandelier vibrating and sometimes it would swing back and forth like if someone had pushed it , it was at least 20 feet off the floor so what ever was in that house was big..
    There was also times I would see something tan/ beige/ fleshy colored blur just zooming past hallways like it was super fast so that’s all I can describe it as..

  8. Happy Halloween! My favorite horror movie of all time is Titanic! I can’t even stay in the room when it’s on! 😛

    Total honesty: My fav is the first and second Halloween movies. Good shit. Be safe, everyone. 😎

  9. I have some from El Salvador too , my mom said she was bringing some veggies and fruit to a neighbor (neighbors were like 1.5+ miles away in the part she’s from) when she was like 9 and I guess this woman had paid my grandmother in advance a day before for the produce and so my mom just had to go deliver them and she had heard rumors about this woman being a witch and that’s why she had no family or friends and lived in such a hidden area. So she gets to her door and it’s something like a storage patio with swing gates before the actual door so she walks further to the house door and she sees a fucking human torso on the floor but it had like mangled up legs and arms crawling on its stubs but she says the body was crawling really fast across where she was walking And she just dropped the fruit and veggies and ran home .

  10. I think my all time favorite Horror movie would be the original Hell Raiser not really scary so to say but Ive loved Pin Head since I was 6 or so. I love Stephen King books and movies and the only thing to truly scare me in movies are fucking clowns. Happy Halloween my family of gore.

          1. I keep being reminded. Pinhead was and still is my favorite horror movie creep. Drag me to hell was another too. I just love horror movies but get really disappointed at some of the newer ones. I just seen the newest insidious and for once in a long while I jumped . I love the whistler from insidious. I had the pleasure to find him as he was a blogger. He can’t believe he was the scene stealer and everyone hunted him down. He wasn’t even an actor. The new Mad Max not horror related but it had some fantastic new characters in the as well. Then there was the swedish movie Troll Hunter. A lot of foreign horrors are really good. I’m sure there’s a lot more because I love this genre. Anything really twisted like mum and dad and the human centipede are my all time favorites. There just aren’t enough of them. Fido is a good zombie comedy. It was really funny.

          2. @Boozer I’m not kidding you love you’ll get fucked up and not in a kinky way…

            @Trainwreck. There are a lot of movies and characters I like but I don’t know what it is about Pin Head he will always remain my number one horror man.

      1. Yes I have love his work!!! I own just about every Stephen King novel and short stories, and I’ve got about half of H. P. Lovecraft’s in my library. He really has a way of drawing you into the stories its one thing I really like about him. Who else do you read a lot of?

        1. Clive Barker is actually a good writer and his Books of Blood are definitely recommended. i was reading Dean Koontz for a while. King, i have read almost everything although in recent years i’ve been less than impressed. seems he’s just trying to stay relevant rather than actually having anything to present.

          1. I haven’t read Clive Barker yet but I will take that recommendation, thank you. King does seem to be off his game in the past 6 years or so. I like Dean Koontz but he writes so many so quickly its hit and miss on the quality of his work. I’m definitely going to the book store and putting an order in for the Books of Blood you have me intrigued.

          2. check it out. he’s really good with short stories. been a while, but i still remember some of them being pretty…interesting haha. i know what you mean about Koontz. most of his shit ends up just being the same thing over and over. something supernatural but ends up having a hit man in it lol. Winter Moon was good, though. i really liked that one.

            as for Lovecraft, one of my favourites is the Colour Out of Space. that’s one i always recommend.

  11. check these horror films out…. Feast, Brain damage, night of the demons, texas chainsaw massacre the second one with dennis hopper all the other ones suck ass. I really liked the film “in the mouth of Madness”, oh and “From Beyond” has some really bad ass make up and gags.. frankienhooker was alright. any one seen the Spawn series on HBO it was pretty gory. I cant think of anymore uhmm i think for holloween tonight i might go to west hollywood for that festival thy are having it usuaally atracts thousnds of people, i probaby eat some caps and stems and walk around laughing and trippin my ass off like a shroominmofo i dunno, but i did go to a halloween show/party last night and they had babes in bikinis wrestling in a kiddie pool full of fake blood, it was pretty entertaining… well happy halloween fuckers!

    1. That’s the movie I was trying to think of Frankenhooker!!!!!! Thanks! Also return of the living dead 3 had a bad ass chick that stuck spikes, hooks and everything else into her flesh to “cure the hunger” I really want to see Frankenhooker again

    1. The Road was pretty cool, but my favourite of all is Hannibal (movie & show). What I?d further recommend is Fargo and True Detective, its not quite horror, but they have some horrifying qualities beside their very dark humour.

        1. Stakeland was surprisingly badass. I wish more movies were like that one. And that piece of shit gets tied up to the true and attacked by zombies yay? No only to become a super zombie. But it was awesome all the same. I wish more movies were like that and the others I’ve mentioned. It was unique in a way

  12. Happy Halloween SOB’s! I hope you have as much fun as I do today!

    And thanks to you too, Obli! I both noticed and appreciated your avatar switch to Gunnar Hansen as Leatherface in the original TCM. That film set me down the path lined with blood, gore, and horror. With that, here are a few of my favorites (and their sequels), in no particular order…

    The Omen through The Final Conflict
    Hostel/Hostel 2
    The Shining
    The Exorcist
    TCM (1974)
    Dracula (1931)

    I hope you all enjoy your day. Please excuse me as it’s time for my birthday lunch! Boo!

      1. Yes it is. Thank you, LF! Not only was I born on Halloween, I was born at 9:10 P.M. on Halloween Night! Everyone has fun on my birthday! It’s the biggest candy day of the year too, largely exceeding Valentine’s Day and Easter. So much for love and faith, huh? 😈

        1. I’d love to have my birthday on Halloween. Cake, candy and getting to wear scary outfits? My birthday is always on Thanksgiving, the day before or the day after. Not as much fun but at least there’s lots of food. Hope you have fun tonight! 🙂

          1. Thanks friend! You have a liter for me!

            Prost brudder!

            “When we do right nobody remembers. When we do wrong nobody forgets.” 81 😉

          1. Yeah, that’s how we roll here. Being born on this holiday has much to do with why I’m such a Devotee of the macabre and of death. I never did like school.

            Thanks for the well-wishes, antropomorphia!

    1. Happy B-Day @Harumph !!!
      Probably the best day possible to be born costumes parties and candy…If your folks played their hand well they told you that it was all for and because of you….my sister was born on the 4th of July for the longest time she believed they were shooting the fireworks off just for her. LOL
      Have a good one bro.

      1. Thank you very much, rayf! My folks were simply grateful I wasn’t born in a Karmen Ghia on the interstate during the 20 minute drive to the hospital! Suffice to add I have never been without fun on my birthday. Being here with my SOB friends provides infinitely more fun as well!

    2. Happy belated B-day @Harumph! *throws leftover candy and Tylenol on Harumph’s head*
      I was a bit busy yesterday doing all the Halloween stuff at the last minute, lol.
      Hope you’re still alive and well after your crazy night 😀

  13. My favorite horror movie of all time is The Haunting. It’s from 1963, I believe. Apparently there was a remake, but I haven’t seen it. Anyway, The Haunting is just brilliant. The horror is subtle, it really makes you think. You have to watch the movie several times though. Everything is so deep and subtle, I promise you’ll get more out of it every time you watch it. I’ve watched it sooo many times, and every time, I notice something I never noticed before. If you’re used to very straightforward horror movies, you might not like this one at first, but give it a chance. It’s absolutely brilliant and it gives me nightmares every time. Happy Halloween everyone!

    1. I could use a decent horror movie, since the ones that claim to be “horror” nowadays are just plain dull, predictable and boring… 😐

      From that description you gave, it does sound interesting… so im gonna give it a look tonight.

  14. Happy Halloween everyone. I have seen ghosts for as long as I can remember. They are not here to scare anyone, they just have unfinished business down here before they can move on. Mostly it is something simple like making sure someone they love is enbrasing life and not mourning.

          1. One story that sprimgs to mind is when I went to the VA hospital in Fayetteville NC with some friends about 3 years ago and we were in the restaurant when I saw a soldier standing in the doorway just staring into the room. At first I thought he had gone for treatment then I realised his clothes were old fashioned probably from WW1 era. He had a messed up leg and a gash across his face but was able to stand. It then occurred to me that no one else could see him so he had to be a ghost. I tried to do some research to find out who he was but I didn’t have enough information. I can still picture him now just standing there as if he was in shock.

    1. Happy Old Hallows Eve to you and to everyone. My kids a ninja so hesgoing around my house kicking and punching shit. Not hard because well he’s ten. No man muscles yet…but he’s having a lot of fun so who cares right

        1. The Blu. It was a bit cold and pouring down rain to the point of streets partially flooding but I asked him several times if he wanted to continue walking he did so we did. We both had umbrellas but I was soaked from head to toe because most of the time I was holding my umbrella in front of him so he didn’t get wet. He said he had the best Halloween ever so it was completely worth it

          1. Did you talk about me to your lil adorable fella ?
            It must have been chills and thrills for both of ya AND
            I hope you didn’t drench yourself up much to the point of running fever.

            take care

          2. No fever..it wasn’t cold enough. We couldn’t see our breath so it wasn’t too bad. I told my son you wished him a good Halloween. He appreciated that as per usual. He’s such a sweet soul. I was wearing my faux fur collared coat so when it got wet, I knew then what a dog must have felt when it got wet. Anyway it was fun. He had fun.

  15. Happy Halloween to all my favorite peeps on the web!! Also, on this day in 1952, the first hydrogen bomb was detonated by the USA in the pacific and “older than dirt” Dan Rather was born…your welcome for the unrelated, useless information. 🙂

    On a side note, when I have a shitty day or just need to relax, everyone on this site can always put me in a better mood… I’m thankful for all of my BG family and you guys are fucking awesome. Now, enough with the sentimental shit and everyone rock out with their cocks out tonight!!

  16. I’ve always liked the classic Night of the Creeps. Zombies, aliens, and 80’s style hair and makeup, everything a good horror movie needs.
    My father and aunts tell me all the time how in their hacienda back in Mexico they would hear chains being dragged all over the home and the kitchen being completely destroyed. Yet upon inspection there wasn’t a single thing out of place.
    Years later they moved out and the hacienda got demolished, and in the kitchen they found an old ceramic jar buried and full of old gold coins.

  17. server down nothn serious, Nothin Serious., NOTHING SERIOUS..?, Holy Fck dude.., Every fckn time that happens I think to myself.., the mother fucker finally did it., holy fck I’m Banned..!, then I cant think straight cuz of ALL the fckn Reasons it Could Be.., I drive myself mental, till i take out the video camera and say to myself., hmm. iguess your rite., nothin serious. lol
    Happy Halloween SOB..!!

      1. lol.., ilike it here.., this place while your ad lib.., provides just the enrichment I need to get away from lifes constant gravitational pull. So it is with great ‘humbility’ I say, pls dont unplug me.

  18. Happy Halloween Fuckers.

    Salem’s Lot put the shits up me good and proper, but the number one has to be The Exorcist, especially the part where Linda Blair ( Tony Blair’s mum ) , says, ” your mother sucks cocks “. 😛

  19. I love Exorcist and Human Centipede 1 & 2. Even Jaws still makes me jump when the head rolls out of the port hole…..All I hope is that someone, somewhere will die in an accident while dressed as the Grim Reaper . Im a bitch like that.

    1. We used to have Hammer House of Horror over here, it was a series of horror tales, was pretty good. And Tales of the Unexpected was always a decent watch, although not bloody as such, just kind of weird and full of intrigue.

  20. Here’s one from my grandma who is great story teller

    There was a little girl who really loved dolls. She had a big collection of them in her bedroom. One day, while she was browsing through a shop on her own, she spotted a really beautiful doll. It would make a perfect addition to her collection. She only hoped she had enough money to buy it.

    ?How much is that doll, ma?am??, she asked the old woman behind the counter.

    ?This doll is not for sale?, replied the woman.

    ?But it?s so beautiful?, said the girl. ?I really want it.?

    The old woman became irritated. ?I told you, it?s not for sale?, she said.

    ?Why not??, persisted the girl.

    ?Because this doll is cursed!?

    ?Well? That?s OK. I don?t mind.?

    ?I?m not going to sell it to you? But if you really must have it, go ahead and take it. It?s yours. But if something bad happens, don?t blame me.?

    ?Ah! Yes, thank you!? said the girl, smiling as she grabbed the doll and walked out of the shop.

    The little girl was so delighted to get the doll for free that she ran all the way home, carrying it in her arms. When she got home to her apartment building, she went into the lobby. It was deserted. She stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive.

    The doors opened and she stepped inside, clutching her new doll tightly.

    The doors closed, but the elevator did not move.

    The little girl got scared and began trembling with fear.

    ?OMG?, she thought to herself. ?Is this the curse of the doll??

    Suddenly, she felt the doll move in her arms.

    Ever so slowly, its head turned to face her.

    The little girl wanted to scream but she couldn?t make a sound.

    The doll?s eyelids fluttered and opened.

    It stared at her with it?s lifeless glass eyes.

    Then its mouth opened and it said, ?Push the button to go up, bitch!?

  21. Wait so if you believe in ghosts and paranormal stuff, than what’s the difference in believing in a God? Aren’t they basically the same thing?

    On another note
    Halloween is the time of year where we all get to celebrate death
    And mock him too by dressing up as our favorite movie character
    One zombie came knocking at my door without a short of breath
    Mocking the dead man who became victim of a never ending departure

    It seems the average human mind doesn’t acknowledge Halloween
    For the death scenes the horror and everything in between
    No not the candy or your stupid Halloween parties that doesn’t mean a thing
    But the actual imagery that your setting forth falls under the biggest hypocrisy

    You love death. Why don’t you just admit it?
    Instead of commenting on how creepy I am for posting an image

    For me today on this night of death I did nothing special
    Dumped all my pictures of Japanese Anime Gore on a forum
    Found that it was easy to get people upset but nothing helpful
    Getting threats and reports for my addendum but nothing more

    As a man who speaks the truth I only have to stand for I believe
    Fortunately it’s enough to get people butthurt, but I just pack that sort of thunder
    It’s so real that the average human mind cannot conceive
    I’ll never apologize for the things I do it just never works, but you should’ve thought about that before you messaged me saying “text me your number”

    Now I’m here with all my gore friends sharing what we love to watch
    I’ve never seen any of those movies that you’ve mentioned, but I’ll keep an eye out for them in my thoughts
    “Dawn of The Dead”, “Shining light”, “The Excorcist” I heard had some pretty good ratings but not the plot
    The last horror flick I seen was “Paranormal Activity” and told everyone that “if I could make a hit movie, I would blow my brains first, because at least that would be a better shot than this shit movie that you call a ‘shock'”

    Long story short I stopped watching movies and started watching anime instead
    My favorite series “Attack on Titan” and “Dragon Ball Z” every night before I go to bed
    Just to think that a new episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will appear every Sunday stays lingering in my head
    A new anime arises and its name is “Hellsing” I’ve watched a couple of episodes and am completely hooked with the animation that transcends
    All animations don’t compare because it doesn’t contain “Hellsing’s” level of gore (true story)

    1. i don’t believe in any god or angels or ghosts or demons. but it makes the imagination bear fruit and sharing such things are interesting topics of discussion.

      and yes, humans are very, very easy to control. i prove it here every day haha

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