Open Post #12 – Jews, Multiculturalism and Rape

Run Over by Mutliple Vehicles in Mexico

Run Over by Multiple Vehicles in Mexico


In the article published on April 16, 2012 updated on August 06, 2012 Norwegian periodical Aftenposten reported that in 2011, the number of reported rapes in Oslo, the capital city of Norway rose by 30%. What’s even more shocking is that during the first 91 days of 2012, the number of reported rapes in Oslo compared to the same period of 2011 rose by 69%, or 76 rapes in 91 days. Guess how much was the share of non-whites among assault rapists – 100%.

Norwegian law defines “Assault Rape” as rape perpetrated by a stranger, aka a person the victim did not know. Of 4 different forms of rape recognized by the Norwegian law (party related, in a relationship, taking advantage of a vulnerable person and assault), the assault rape is the worst.

This recent spike in cases of assault rape in Norway and the fact that they were all perpetrated by a non white person is not all that new. In 2011, Norwegian TV station quoted the findings of a police report according to which, 86 assault rapes were reported between 2006 and 2010. In 83 cases the perpetrator could be identified and in each of those cases it was a man of non western background (aka an immigrant from an incompatible/third world country). Many of them were asylum seekers who were let in Norway as refugees.

Just as the perpetrators are almost always non whites, the victims are virtually always ethnic Norwegians. As one of the victims told the reporters, the rapist who assaulted her was a Pakistani Muslim who justified his crime by claiming that in his country women do not have rights or opinions so he was just assaulting an “unclothed meat”. Check out the video below:


The reason why rapes in Norway are sky rocketing and breaking all time records which the country had never known prior to the mass influx of immigrants from non compatible countries is Multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a tool used by the Jews to “Divide and Conquer”. Out of control influx of people from third world countries will bring upon out of control crime and with it, dissent among general populace, which in turn will result in division and being divided is the opposite of being united. Nation at war with itself is an easy target for future exploitation.

Video below features Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American Jew who forced herself upon Sweden from where she labels everyone who doesn’t agree with her lobby an Anti-Semite or Racist.

A Jewish Study Institute named PAIDEIA which Barbara Lerner Spectre is a head of was funded by Swedish government using money of Swedish taxpayers. With the money of Swedish taxpayers, Barbara Lerner Spectre opened doors to non white immigrants like Ephrem Tadele Yohannes who raped Swedish national Elin Krantz in 2010.

In an interview with Israeli IBA-News, Barbara Lerner Spectre said:

Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role…

In the interview, Barbara Lerner Spectre, being a representative of Orthodox Jewry in Europe, only confirmed what I have been stating for a long time – that Jews play a leading role in promoting multiculturalism in Europe and are leading the subversive activities which destroy western societies.

It is worthy a mention that Barbara Lerner Spectre’s Jewish Study Institute, aside from receiving millions of dollars from Swedish government, receives huge chunks of money from other Jewish monglomerates with interest in destabilizing Europe, such as the Israeli based EJF (European Jewish Fund) and Russian ALFA-group of companies lead by a notorious drug trafficking and money laundering Jew Mikhail Friedman.

Video of Barbara Lerner Spectre explaining the role of the Jews in forcing Multiculturalism down the throats of the Europeans is below:


In relation to the above posted video, if you’d like to learn more about the Jews and their role in destruction of national identities of Gentiles (non Jews), check out the video below. It’s 14 minutes long and features the narration by the amazing David Duke.

As David Duke explains, Jews want Israel to be for Jews only, yet strongly oppose the idea of keeping Europe in the hands of the Europeans. Instead, they are leading the role for mass immigration and multiculturalism to accommodate ethnic cleansing similar to that they perpetrated in the Palestine.

Another great point David Duke brings up is when he asks Barbara Lerner Spectre a rhetorical question: “Why are you in Sweden?” And I would like to ask Barbara Lerner Spectre the same? Why are you, an American Jew in Sweden, telling Swedes what’s best for them and what to turn their country into? How about you leave Swedes alone and let them run their own country in a way which serves their own interest, not yours? And how about you take your Multiculturalism to Israel and push it there? What’s with the double standard? Put your foot where you mouth is and lobby Israel into accepting tens of thousands of Muslims, blacks and gypsies. Let Israel lead the Multicultural way before you start expecting other countries to do it, you hypocrite!

David Duke also says that comparing Israel to Apartheid in South Africa is like comparing an atomic bomb to a BB Gun and he’s right. If you consider tens of thousands of people systematically killed by the Jews and their use of White Phosphorus on innocent children, Apartheid sure looks like playing with water cannons in comparison.

And now these Jews who say that the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jews appear to want to destroy Sweden, Norway, France, Germany and… North American is not faring much better either. As part of my “War on Hatred” series, I’d like to encourage you to watch the videos and look up what Israeli media and/or prominent Orthodox Jewish figures say about the Gentiles. It’ll show you the true meaning of hate and racism. With that knowledge you may be able to come to a conclusion that to dislike Jews is to dislike racists, or that Anti Semitism is Anti Racism. Join me in my War on Hatred and spread the word about hate crimes of the Zionists (not all Jews are Zionists) so everyone knows what they really are about.

History tells us that for 2,000 years, evil Jews have acted like the biggest bigots of the world. For 2,000 years they’ve worked on extermination or enslavement of non bigots. Yet after 2,000 years, we’re still here and still recognize them for who they really are. Though I must admit that I’m hearing news of non violent Jews who distance themselves from war criminals in Israel and denounce every last one of them. It is my sincere wish that one day they’ll prevail and Jews as a whole will live in peace with the rest of the world, instead of always looking to oppress it. I respect real Jews, but I despise war criminals:

Props to Best Gore member AmeriMex for the pic.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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159 thoughts on “Open Post #12 – Jews, Multiculturalism and Rape”

  1. Why’s it always the Jews? Why’s it never the Chritsians murdering probably millions in the last 2000 years. Or the Muslims?
    Or the Americans/Europeans who stole the land from the native Americans?

    If you’re going against one group, why not go against the rest?
    Israel attacks ONLY when it gets attacked.
    Saying that the Jews are trying to “enslave” or are “taking over the world” is pretty dumb, no offense.

    Seeing someone who goes ONLY against one group and turning the other cheek to all the shit that goes on, all the shit that the Americans, muslims or Christians have done. That’s being fake.

    1. You obviously haven’t watched the video Mark had posted.

      It is common for a Cultural Marxist to detract the debate by pointing out the flaws in other systems… You have done such a thing.

      Christianity is a religion of Peace. You find me a single passage in the New Testament where Jesus (The Jews called him the Prince of Peace) encourages the murder of Kafir (Islamic expression) or Gentiles (Jewish expression).

      Their are Evil Christians… But they are Bad Christians.

      Their are Good Muslims/ Jews… But they are Bad Muslims/ Jews

      Their are Evil Muslims/ Jews… But they are Good Muslims/ Jews.

      Christians have never been involved in ANY offensive Genocide… We have only ever been involved in Defencive wars and removal of populations so they aren’t a threat.

        1. Indeed. The crusades were a lot of things…peaceful wasn’t one of them. I haven’t ran into a lot of Christians who wouldn’t kill you if they thought Jesus wanted them to. I agree that the Jews are a gnarly bunch of super villains but the American Christian wackos are their watchdog. All Hail Israel.

      1. Jesus the prince of peace?

        (Jesus speaking) “Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. For I have come to set a man ‘against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s enemies will be those of his household'”. (Matthew 10:34-36 NAB)

        ^ Sounds really peaceful to me.

        “Christians have never been involved in ANY offensive Genocide? We have only ever been involved in Defencive wars and removal of populations so they aren?t a threat.”

        Every extremist can turn around and say that. The Zionists say they are defending themselves from the Palestinians, Al-Qaeda/Taliban say they are defending Muslims/Islam

        Christians can be just as evil as any others, it’s funny you’re talking about an evil Jew = a good Jew, are you forgetting your beloved Jesus was Jewish? And pretty much all religious figures/prophets etc. in Christianity.

        1. Those Quotes that you just threw out… Are often used by the Church bashing parade to defame Christ.

          Thing is, when Jesus said he was to bring the Sword… To turn Father against Daughter. It was an expression. A metaphor to symbolise that his teachings, although peaceful, they would rock the boat and disturb the status quo… That the Jewish/ Roman elites would see him as a threat and attempt to crush him, to smite him with the sword.

          I am more then aware that Jesus was born a Jew. Although his actions plainly revealed that he was a Jew in name and NOT in nature.

          When Jesus cast the Jew moneylenders from the temple… Was he a Jew then?

          When Jesus embraced the Lepers instead of shunning them… Was he a Jew then?

          When the Jews whispered in the ear of Pontius Pilate and ordered Jesus dead… Was he a Jew then?

          1. As an athiest, I find it quite ironic that more people have died as the result of religious zealotry than from any other motive. It’s the adult version of “my daddy can beat up your daddy: my god is more right than your god.” If there really is an omnipotent and omniscient god, he probably doesn’t need FV’s doing his dirty work.

          2. Christianity have never brought peace. It brought only more hate and suffering to make innocent people [religion in general]

            People murdered in the name of christianity . ITs just another bullshit religion just like Judaism and Islam.
            So yea if you blame one religion, why not blame all?

            In the christian bible, god sent bears to maul children who laughed at a bold dumbass dude.
            Is that a “peaceful” god? No, not at all.

            “2:23 And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head.

            2:24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.”

          3. I <3 Shelly Buggy…

            @The Undead.

            And which book of the Bible did you get that out of? That is it… THE OLD TESTAMENT.

            Christianity lesson 101.

            The Old Testament is JEWISH scripture. Christianity acknowledges Genesis and the fact that Humanity sinned terribly… So he sent his only son to die for our sins.

            You find me a chapter in The New Testament where Jesus Christ encourages the death of Kafir or Gentiles.

            Islam is dangerous. The Prophet Muhammed was said to have beheaded 600-900 Kafir himself!

            How many people did Jesus Christ kill?

          4. Where have you pulled that one out from?

            So bored of Christian apologists picking and choosing which verses should be interepretd allegorically, you sound like a broken record.

            Even I’ll admit that the Bible contains some beautiful idylls and noble morals within but there are also some horrific stories of theft, incest, murder etc. and these aren’t always condemned, and YES the specific verses I have in mind are from the OT, I know you Christians love to reject the OT when it pleases you, but this is the same book that Jesus believed in, he wasn’t around when the NT was compiled was he?

          5. @Trooper – Okay I don’t want to sound like I’m defending Muslims but I don’t think there’s anyone else here who will, so please provide proof of your claims that Muhammad is said to have murdered 600-900 kafirs at his own hands?

            And what does kafir even mean? You Christians love to point the finger at Muslims, claiming they call for death to the infidels, well guess what? The term infidel was coined by the Catholic Crusaders and they were referring to the Muslims which they then slaughetered (death to the infidels) funny huh?

            You religious folk bore me, there’s no room for a logical and rational argument with you

            Until you admit that Christianity is just as flawed and evil as every other religion, don’t bother talking to me, keep your confirmation bias and your logical fallacies to yourself, bye.

        1. The first Crusades were a response from Pope Urban II in 1098 to stop the slaughter of Byzantine Christians in the Holy Land.

          Not to mention the fact the Muslim government of Palestine were persecuting pilgrims to the Holy Land.

          Another common misconception is that the Crusades were the Strong Christians slaying poor, helpless Muslims. That is bollocks.

          You have to remember that it was the Muslim world that was the world’s superpower. Christian Europe was poor and weak. And under constant siege from the Muslim world.

          No Pope needed to fight local wars in Italy. Or the Neapolitan states as they were then known. The Pope was top dog in Europe and his word was law. Nobody dared challenge it.

      2. If I could just stop you in your tracks for a second:
        The Nazi government exterminated 11 million people during Hitler’s rule. Hitler was a Roman Catholic and believed what he was doing was for God. From 1941-45 there was a mass genocide of Muslims, Roma and others by the Usta?a, a Roman Catholic/Fascist regime. There was the genocide in the 1990s of Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina by Serbian Orthodox Christians.

        1. ?InexorableRotting? ? get the fuck out of here, chum. Yes, the assholes of Balkan a/k/a the Serbs, the Bosniaks, the Croats ? you name it ? are a bunch of genocidal savages. There’s only one occasion when you can see them not trying to kill one another: when they team up to kill some Albanians together!

          Show me 10 000 000 skulls and I’ll show you proof of holocaust, fucktard.

          Now, please: FUCK OFF.

          Thank you.

    2. If Mark had access to the internet and was around in the times of the Crusades then I expect he would be directing a lot of this at the Christians, fast forward to the present and it is the Jews who are causing most of the damage to the world.

      You only need to look at how banking and the media are controlled by the Jews, they control most of the things we deal with every day, The Muslims are just a medieval group of people, they have not escaped the past, we almost ended up that way ourselves if science and philosophy had not won out in the end.

      The present day Americans did not steal the land of the natives, the residents of the past did therefore the ones causing all the damage in the present are the Jews.

      To summarise, all groups are reasonably shitty and have caused problems however the present problems of our world are down to the Jews and in that respect they are going to get the worst of it.

      1. The Crusades were a DEFENCIVE war in the name of the subjugated Christian people’s of Palestine. Who had laboured under Islamic dhimmitude/ tyranny.

        We were liberating our VOLK from an Alien race that was posturing aggressively at the gates of Vienna.

        People are quick to jump on Christian Crusades… Yet they seem to forget what the situation of Christianity in Europe was back in those days.

        The Muslims had only just been defeated at the Battle of Poitiers just outside of PARIS… We were very close to being conquered.

        Spain was under Muslim tyranny… As well as the Balkans.

        Islam has always been a Religion of WAR. One only has to look at what happened to the inhabitants of Christian Constantinople when the Muslims had overrun the city.

        The Nuns that had fled into the 2nd holiest site of Christianity (The Hagia Sophia) were the first to get raped INSIDE the temple.

        The Byzantine Emperor was decapitated, his head embalmed and sent across the Muslim world for the Muslims to marvel at.

        The Knights of Byzantium were enslaved… Then brought into the palace of the Caliph… And beheaded in front of him.

        We Christians were fighting against the great enemy. They would have never let us have peace… So the best form of Defence is Offense.

        1. Wow trooper “religion of peace” then when presented with fact to prove other wise you say that he is misinterpreting it…..What do Muslims call islam ahhh religion of peace and when presented with fact they say “it’s talking about a spiritual struggle” pssh.

          1. Hey Spanky, ain’t seen you on here in a while. Good to have you back.

            The truth of the matter is. The Christian Bible was wrote by many different people… It is a loose guide on who, why and what.

            The Islamic Qu’ran is the EXACT words of Allah, dictated to Muhammed by the Archangel Gabriel. It is a precise guide on how Muslims HAVE to organise their own society. It has sections on Diet, Children, Politics and Jurisprudence. Their is no room for interpretation in it because it is the direct word of Allah.

            I realise that what you said is a fair criticism. And I realised that I left myself open to charges of hypocrisy.

        2. What?s happening now to the west is nothing but karma,and I?m not talking about slavery,but about betraying your Christian brothers,Byzantines!
          When Turkish Mongols were at the gate of Constantinopol,the west(damn Pope) sent help that was later described as ?too little,too late?,and that was the start of the division of Europe which lasts to the present days,and am sure it will never get better.
          That is also the reason why those barbaric,backward, uneducated Muslims are able to cause so much trouble to Europe.
          The Jews are far from being that smart as they want us to think,cause you don?t have to be a genius to rule the selfish people,all you need to do is to be unscrupulous,and they are very good at it!

          1. It really ticks me off when somebody makes the mistake of calling jews smart, because that’s not what they are. Instead, they are immoral, greedy, blood-thirsty and viciously cruel.

            Things on planet Earth haven’t changed that much as centuries go by: gullible idiots ? be they christians, muslims or jews ? are fighting one another till the kingdom come, like a bunch of extremist, fundamentalist assholes they are! How hard do you really think it is to get some complete crackpots ? who have softened their brains via a couple of thousand of years of smoking ha?i? ? into a fight with each other?

      2. I like your logic, Empty Soul, and it fits with what Mark said in his last open post. He will denigrate whichever group he sees being cunts at any given moment. It’s not his fault that there is currently more cuntishness (what a word!) in some groups than others.

  2. people need to stay on their side of the fence and stop all the immigration bullshit. importing 3rd world trash will doom the western societies. they come, they breed, they don’t assimilate, they take over. soon the blood will flow in the streets.

    1. Exactly HLAM…

      It sets a dangerous lesson to the poor nations… That once they are overpopulated they can solve their problems by foisting their excess of Human Waste onto the wealthy nations.

      The Nation state exists for a reason. That reason is to separate the people who do get along with from the people that we don’t get along with.

    2. Word to the Wise: Get rid of the Borat avatar, if you don’t like jews as nation wreckers and baby killers. Hollywood is as jewish as any Hannahak and so are all the major ‘comedians’ they destroy society and families with: e.g. Borat, Adam Sandler, Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, etc etc etc. After studying the jew for awhile it becomes very easy to spot them despite their techniques at presenting themselves as European.

  3. Just as reported, The Jews spread multiculturalism to confuse and prevent the masses from rising up against their leaders. We are too busy fighting the immigrants, who are mostly scum, instead of facing the real enemy, our leaders who let the immigrants in.

    Just like Norway and most other European cities now, England is awash with pirates, rape, murder and pillage are the norm for our multicultural friends.

    In England if a group of immigrants attack a White English person it will not be classified as racist but if it?s the other way round then racism is shouted throughout the media.

    They take all of our low paid jobs because they will work for next to nothing, this prevents the poor and the young from starting a career, they drive cars without a licence, if they ever had one that is, they drive down the wages for the rest of us, they live ten to a house, they send their money back home stunting our economy and most of all they are just FUCKING SCUM, they truly are, they behave worse than animals.

    The UK is a tiny island and yet our leaders treat it like some type of Noah?s Ark, they keep on filling it up with animals of every persuasion, but unlike the story of Noah our boat is going to sink because the building of the Ark was done by the Polish and the oars were made in some sweatshop in Bangladesh.

    Until we have our own French revolution and kill our leaders they will keep slowly applying the pressure until we are crushed, sadly I expect that England will be like a Mad Max film before that.

    1. Empty Soul.

      You and I are kindred spirits. The revolution will only happen if people like you and I MAKE it happen.

      The plan is to play the waiting game… Let the violence and carnage get worst. So the sheeple finally start to realize that they are being led to their doom.

      And as the nation despairs… We enlightened ones will stand and defy our overlords. We shall be beacons of courage in a sea of terror.

      1. I?m with you Trooper72, It is much like the Terminator film in that only when the chaos began did they stand behind John O?Conner and the battle commenced.

        It is the ?I?m all right Jack? attitude that stops us working together, people laughing at each others despair when they should be helping each other.

        These Swedes should form a united front and deal with these immigrants. We should be fair however much like Hitler was when he told all the Jews to leave his country otherwise they would die, and the ones who decided to stay were dealt with.

        I think that should do, leave my country and return to your own or you die. Nice and to the point and that way everybody knows where they stand.

        Once the immigrants are gone we can battle the Jews for control of our media and Banking and finally have a country that is ours one more, where our women can walk down the streets again without being raped everyday and where we can actually get a job over the immigrant workers.

        1. Hail, brothers;) I feel it’s time for me to jump in to the disqussion, but not to argue. I fully agree with you guys (Empty, Hawk n Trooper and many more). Ill get quite surprised when I see 2 post about my lovely country “Sverige”, I did not believed that we was so infected by the Zionist’s. Of course they had some influence on our leaders but this was way over my fucking head! At least I can tell you my friends, that our election 2010 was ? succes for our ultra rightwingparty”Sverigedemokraterna” got their position in the goverment with 7% and that means that 400000 Swedes voted for them. I remember that evening when the results of the votes was done, created big headlines on the news “Sweden has nazis in the goverment, we are doomed!!” and the faggotleaders of the socialistparty, communist’s and greenpartys, hugging each other n crying “this is the worst that could happen to us, think of all the poor immigrants that we will be forced to send home! Its absolute horrible that swedish citizens can put their votes on nazis!”. Believe me, my happiness is comparable to the day when I became a father, I am so fucking proud that I put my vote on “Jimmie ?kesson, SD’s partyleader” and I still believe that this is the way to go, to clean up this mess. Cheers;)

          1. Thanks for that mate.

            I didn’t know that about Sweden’s general election. My only hope is that you guys elect more Swedish Nazis!

            It shall be Sweden that leads the way into a new European Century!

    2. the jews did all that? such a small country influencing all the large countries in the eu?
      i believe israel still needs american aid for their economy, they are just getting by
      and they are surrounded by muslims who want to wipe them off the face of the earth, how do they even have the time to “spread
      multiculturalism” ?
      i can’t understand all this hatred for the jews

      1. Isreal needs american aid? No one but America needs american aid. We havent been able to unfuck ourselves since we got here let alone help anybody else. American aid is such a joke. The people in this country whine about not having jobs but unemployment checks keep them from getting off their fat asses to get one.

  4. This shit makes me sick. Very eye opening.

    Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing… Israel… Iran.. Iraq etc need a XXL size nuke rained down on them so the rest of us REAL human beings can go on advancing civilization.

    Hitler was so very misinterpreted … We need a new age Hitler… And since Anders Brievic is currently busy I personally vote for Mark to take the wheel :0)

  5. I have lived in the UK of Great Britain for the last 11 years and no I wasn’t one of those people who came here during 2004 along with the other Eastern Europeans, I was here and watching when 9/11 happened live on TV. ha ha

    From my observations is that we have come to a ironic situation today, the only defence left are the ex soviet states because they aren’t brainwashed these days, for those who don’t know the Soviet Union was far different from the so called Communism of today, the Soviet Communism of the east was strictly economic, there was no such thing as racism and Cultural Marxism bullshit, like in the west today. Lenin would turn in his grave if he knew about this. Now I’m not advocating Communism but for example the country where I’m from to say the word nigger isn’t racist.! ha ha ha ! and Yes I’m kind of drunk. White Power!

    1. I don’t know about Soviet Communism but I’ve been to Russia and it was White as the pure driven snow! Nobody likes niggers, either. I can say this any civilized country despite attempts of this political correct bullshit, nobody can stand a nigger. Deep down even a liberal do gooder can’t stand a nigger that is why they seperate themselves in their walled-in communities.

  6. Jews- Control, Multiculturalism-bad, Rape-only acceptable if you’re rich
    The great prophets of bestgore will be remembered in the halls of Bestgoreshire University in 2240. Statue of mark in the lobby, and the halls have pictures of various honorable members.
    My phallus will be erected for all of eternity.

  7. Multicultural fantasies , founded on ancient superstitions, are really old in Jewish history and it turns today against their own interests. In France, there have been much anti-jews attacks commited by Muslim immigrants for the second Intifada. What is funny is that Jewish leaders protest bitterly against it, though their own community is widely responsible of the situation. Indeed, they did not only promoted the mass immigration and the multiculturalism, but explicitely supported the violences which were perpetrated by their protected muslims when these violences had native French targets. Now that they are themselves the victims of it, they whine as they are used to do, without any effect as we have not been taught to defend ourselves against the third world filth.
    Making a summary of the coarse propaganda that the Jews made to foster islam and multiculturalism in France would be much too long, a 1000 files thesis being insufficient.

  8. Nigger want, nigger take, its just how they think in the ghetto. I lived about 2 years in schenectady, NY. Its bad. They hoot and holler all fucking night, steal anything thats not bolted down, and they’re all on crack.

    Its been my experience that jews are also scum. I had 3 in my classes growing up… all assholes. Seriously, complete dicks. Unrelated, though they shared the same religion and for some reason all had the same mindset that they were better than everyone.

    I’d say another holocaust is deffinitely in order. We need to do some serious cleansing.

  9. if you eradicate multiculturalism, where do all the people go? how long before the rich white man invades their countries AGAIN? Don’t get me wrong, i agree that multiculturalism isnt the best thing since sliced bread but what are your plans to change the world? all you people with this “holier than thou” attitude are offering nothing more than the “scum” you are bashing. you are just like the rest of the world. you are sheep too. watchers…doing nothing but bitching about multiculturalism. and im quite surprised to see some of you regulars’ opinions on religion. some of the top commenters on this site are no less of a fool than the majority of the people they hate. there are alot of people that frequent this site. why is it that all we have to offer the world is our stupid meaningless opinions? here we have a chance to organize like minded individuals to work towards common goals, but the problem we face isnt the world around us…it is working together. you talk about things like you were there to experience them. but the lies of your country are no different than the lies of mine.

  10. B arbaric
    A nal
    R etentive
    B ullshitting
    A narchy starting cunt
    R ape enabling
    A kbar loving asshole

    L ying and
    E nlisting
    R acist
    N iggers
    E verywhere
    R epeatedly

    S cum bag
    P ill popping
    E ccentric
    C unt
    T rolling and
    R ecruting for
    E nslavement of all ( NON JEWS )


  11. Jews: have one tiny country, Israel.

    Muslims and Blacks: have TWO WHOLE CONTINENTS. Plus, they are IN our nations. They are foreign, violent and they hate White people.

    Also, when was the last time we saw a Jewish terrorist attack? (One or two from the past are nothing compared to Islams record).

    THE ENEMIES OF THE WHITE RACE AND WESTERN CIVILISATION, ARE: Islam, Muslims, Black youths, the Left-wing, mass immigration and multculturalism.

    1. Thats my personal outlook on this subject anyway.

      I respect everyones views though

      Peace mah bruvvas and sisters 🙂

      Oh, and Mark: your writing has really come on, mate. Very expressive, good grammar, insightful and politically incorrect (which is ALWAYS a good thing).

    2. ?Jews: have one tiny country, Israel? ? ~7 million in the USA, half a million in France, 400 000 in Canada, 300 000 in the UK, god knows how many in Russia.

      ?Also, when was the last time we saw a Jewish terrorist attack?? ? pull your head out of your ass already.

  12. Its such a shame that humanity looks upon itself this way… I tend to see my bretheren as human beings… yet we tend to be locked in this deathgrip of intolerance and hatred… I hate mankind as a whole… for the obvious reasons… we destroy ourselves with no thought… like fucking maggots eating their way out of a corpse… regardless of your political thought… you should see the uselessness of hate… and the self destruction that consumes it.

  13. This all makes plenty of sense on such pop media channels like MTV promoting hiphop,pop and other suggestive garbage music that’s always singing about sex,mixing and brainwashing kids and teens, but yet rock music is being suppressed that expresses individuality and rebellion to the social normals of society, on movies and tv shows,music videos Caucasians are aways portrayed as inferior uncool,funny while African Americans are portrayed as cool,hip,swag, I don’t know why the sheep just cant see this brainwashing from the Zionist who controled hiphop from the beginning.

    1. InI listen to hip hop and one artist who has always stood out and just seemed “the realest” was Tupac Shakur. His songs made in prison had some lines against whites, but after he was released he wrote stuff other rappers wouldn’t dare such as his line in Only God Can Judge Me, “some say its the white man I should fear, but its my own kind doing all the killing here”. But I would have to agree all the stuff currently on mtv is garbage. Its pretty rare to find a hip hop song that I like made after 1996.

  14. This video? Censored?! Never! By the way, I’ve noticed other videos here have disappeared. Sometimes, there’s a faintly visible text describing why the video’s been pulled -but most times it’s just empty space. How about a list of videos pulled w/an explanation as to why it was done?

    1. I’ve lived my whole life in Toronto and the way it was back in the 70s compared with the shit hole it is now would make any white person anti-multiculture. Back then we never locked our vehicles and if we were at home our doors would be open with just the screen door shut. People talked to each other, smiled and waved not like today. Crime in Toronto keeps getting worse but nobody will say out loud what the problem is.
      One word…NIGGERS!

      1. Yeah it’s the same here. I live in a medium size town in western Australia. Used to be a safe old country town. Then a local abattoir brought in a whole heap of Muslims, as apparently they kill the animals in a certain way so they can sell it to a wider market. Anyway, the town vibe changed instantly. The sexual assault rate increased big time, especially school aged girls. Sick fucks. Not only that, these shits took the jobs of local hard working men. Not right.

  15. I said that I would’nt post so as not to offend anyone but I can’t hold back any longer.
    The Jews use blacks for muscle to intimidate and for protection against anyone threatening their businesses and families and in return the blacks are taken care of monetarily and legally. Basically they feed off eachother. The Jews have money and brains and the blacks have power in numbers.
    That’s my 50cent.
    Oh and the blacks rape our white women because black chicks are nasty!

  16. Hey guys, I’ve been lurking a while and thought I’d finally register here.

    Don’t listen to Mark, pack as many different cultures into one nation as you physically can so this website can continute to have great content 🙂

    Thank you for showing the the full extent of the ugliness in our world. I don’t think we can blame any particular race other than the HUMAN race for the state of all this shit though. Generally speaking, we’re all as fucking bad as each other. We ALL deserve to be turned into zombies. Then and only then will the world be a peaceful place. BRING ON THE APPOCOLYPSE!!

    1. Hello P.P., I guess having oral sex with you is out of the question so I will just welcome you to Bestgore with a friendly handshake. You should have no problem blending in here, everyone has their special thang, mine is coming on to the women here but like I said, a friendly handshake and Welcome to Bestgore.

    2. ?Don?t listen to Mark, pack as many different cultures into one nation as you physically can so this website can continute to have great content? ? such a washed-up meme. Can’t you come up with anything by yourself, bitch?

      ?Thank you for showing the the full extent of the ugliness in our world. I don?t think we can blame any particular race other than the HUMAN race for the state of all this shit though? ? see above.

      ?We ALL deserve to be turned into zombies. Then and only then will the world be a peaceful place. BRING ON THE APPOCOLYPSE!!? ? you fucking brainwashed piece of unintelligent fecal matter. That fucking zombie shit makes my lid flip. Just go back to watching your Hollywood crap, idiot.

  17. I don’t have a problem with Jews, Muslims, christians, Buddhists or any other religions. They can do what they like, just don’t drag me into your holy wars, genocides and world dominating ideals. I don’t believe that religion is the cause of conflict but human greed is to blame. My opinion is that religion is used to blind easily manipulated people into believing that their cause is just and right.

    Conflict has been around since e the dawn of man

  18. All beliefs are used at some point or another to justify violence and bigotry.

    The main point to remember is that multiculturalism is about tolerance, but you cant tolerate someone who comes to your country and doesn’t share the beliefs of that country.
    After all, people who fail to integrate into new society’s will just say you are evil and you need to change to a philosophy/religion that isn’t yours.

  19. So many funny shitstorm to read 😆

    here’s my stats:

    Jews: Kill em all 😈

    Multiculturalism: Do a background check, make the immigrants do a culture test about the country they want to live in (that way you’ll know if they love and know the culture) finally add a GPS tracking device in their ankle till they become full citizens :mrgreen:

    Rape: 10 years in Jail and having their penises/balls surgically removed 😀

  20. I’ll just say this…FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!
    All you cocksuckin’ blind followers of meaningless faith, my god’s got a bigger dick than your god! Can’t all you Freaks of Faith and destroyers of innocent life get together on 1 continent and leave the rest of us ALONE!!??
    One condition!! You idiots will NOT get a nuke, that’s reserved for the rest of us logical thinking motherfuckers to end your lives should you get the feeling of conquering another land again…GOT IT!!!
    Fuck jews, christians, maslums, fuck’em ALL Goddamnit!
    Let’s just try following natural law and try and respect ALL LIFE for a change?
    Also, if your racist, GET THE FUCK over there with them psycho religous nuts…to blindly, to collectively call a colored group of folks racist slurs is also a HUGE sign of little brains AND SMALL PENISES!!! Get fuckin’ real! There are plenty of good of all colors, try asking how the Native American Indians feel towards the average whitie! To me, they are the ONLY group allowed to be racist, AND I’m a white motherfucker!
    I’m fully convinced this planet, this swirling turd of shit we live on…is SHIT because of close minded fucks who are religious, racist asswipes that turn this landscape into what it is…A PRISON PLANET! No different than a prison, nobody wants to be there, nobody can get along, divided by religion and skin color, the food is shitty, the kids they make are mostly fuckin’ stupid, on and on…
    End of report…NOW, here’s Dan with the WEATHER!!!

  21. Hahahaha, if Israel EVER struck Iran, all the Muslims in the Middle-East will be up in arms trying to do whatever they can to destroy Israel. Israels only protection is the US, and more and more Americans are starting to wake up.

  22. Then an idea was born in some too smart for his own good black guy.. Hey! Let’s abuse this silly system of democracy that the Western world holds so dear and multiply untill we are by far the majority. We can then use this, together with our propaganda strategy inspired by the viet cong, chinese and soviets, to take over this beautiful success story at the south end of Africa.

    So we huffed and puffed and churned the babies out.. No worry about how we are going to feed them, cause in a total war as advocated by the viet cong, children are the weapon of choice! Give an AK or molotov to an 8 year old and you’ve got yourself a litlle soldier, worth more dead (in propaganda) than alive 🙂

    Finally get all the liberals in the west to back us! No matter that we are a bunch of communists and the West is fighting communism at all costs!

    Especially the norwegians, danes, british, swedes and americans, they love this liberalism so much! Let us cut off our white brothers and force them to lett the black swarm into their beautiful country, built with so much sweat and blood…

    And after holding off the soviets in Mozambique and Angola, Namibia and sending the commies packing, we were forced to retreat and surrender this country to the breeding masses.

    Now it has been almost 20 years since this happened. South Africa is a shithole… Exactly what was going on in the home-lands is now going on in the whole country..

    The only, and I mean only reason this country has not destroyed itself yet, is because the much hated Afrikaner (of which I’m one) has nowhere else to go.

    Just to give an idea of what’s going on:

    The ANC (ruling party) has plundered and raped this government so completely that it is estimated R25 – R30 billion Rand is lost to corruption each year.

    Oh and something very dear to my heart: When the white settlers arrived at a spot with no-one living there, they named it. If there was locals, they kept the local’s names. As the most of the established towns in current South Africa was founded by whites, it has names of historical significance to Afrikaner culture. Adamant of the total destruction of this culture, the blacks in control thinks it good to change every such name to that of their heroes (all fucking communist terrorists). This has led to widespread wiping out of place names, of even before apartheid, cost millions and for what? If your people founded the place, name it what you fucking want, if not go and establish your own cities!

    In South Africa a rape is comitted every couple of seconds : “Unfortunately, according to POWA (People Opposed to Women Abuse) these alarming figures are only 2.8% of rapes that occur in South Africa annually. If 52 000 reported rape cases reflect only 2.8% of actual rapes, it means that actually more than one million rapes take place in South Africa annually.”

    Since the end of Apartheid about 6000 (or about 1%) of the Afrikaner population has been murdered on farms alone, this does not include the almost 40 000 Afrikaner murders the past 10 years.

    SA has unemployment of about 30% (non government estimates are at about 40 – 50 %) and the interesting thing is, the ANC, by giving grants to unemployed and not creating jobs, are keeping a loyal following with threat of handouts being cut off if they change their vote..

    Since apartheid, due to economic policies favoring the black majority (AA, BBBEE – Black economic empowerment) about half of white Afrikaners live in abject poverty, and because the afirmative action policy is race based, the poor whites can’t get help.

    Thus, to bring this long writing to a conclusion:

    I think people always assume that when you, as a white person, disagree with a person of another race, that it is racism. I say bullshit.. I don’t care what fucking colour you are, as long as you can behave in a civilized manner!

    I sir, am a culturist! I’m not disgusted by your skin colour, but your culture, and the fact that it promotes nepotism, abuse of women and children, corruption, no moral values and being backward! If it wasn’t for the white man you’d still be iving in a mud hut, dancing around fires, sticking each other with spears and raping eac other’s women and children to mark your conquest…

    Multiculturalism doesn’t work. And never will, because our cultures are incompatible.

    1. It all depends who you ask…At example,if you ask northern Europeans,then they for sure don?t think of southern Europeans as white,and they definitely don?t see the Slavs as white.
      All in all,the whole ?white pride?thing is utter crap,cause such a small number of Jews fuck all those ?superior Aryans?up the ass since the beginning of time.They even gave the world his ?Messiah?who is praised by gentiles as ?God?,but is considered as someone who?s boiling in his own excrement in hell for blasphemy that he did.

  23. multiculturalism will ruin any culture. People should be best to preserve their own culture. I mean whites should live separately with whites, asians with asians, and blacks with blacks. This whole multicultural mixing brings more problems.

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