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Freedom - Monster Erect Clit

It was an interesting observation made on a post about Afghanistan a few weeks ago, that in spite of how messed up the country is and how challenging it is to survive there, the Afghanis enjoy more freedom than we do in any of the Western countries. This may sound like a complete bull to a dimwit, but anyone capable of looking beyond the tip of their nose will soon notice how shockingly true the statement is. That Afghanis enjoy more freedom than Canadians, Americans, Brits, Italians, Germans or whichever other Western nation you can think of is undisputed, the only uncertainty about it is… whether the amount of freedom Afghans enjoy is a positive, or a negative in disguise.

The concept of freedom may be difficult or impossible to grasp by people who are so into their life in a cage, they can’t comprehend what it’s like outside of it. In their cages, the sheep are vastly protected from the wolves. They are sheltered from elements and receive medical attention if they fall sick. They are allowed to bleep, which affords them an illusion that they are free but should the tone of their bleep change, or should they step up on a rock to see beyond the walls of their cosy cage, or should they wander away from the herd, the sheep dogs will quickly put them back in place.

The role of the sheep dogs, contrary to what they make themselves look as, is not to ensure that no wolf can rip the sheeple apart, although they, from time to time, do chase the wolves away. The sheep dogs’ real purpose is to keep the sheep in place. To keep them obediently within the gated community where they are taken care of and served a huge dose of “happy illusions”. Sheep dogs exist so any aware sheep may have found a way out of the Matrix gets silenced before it could spread the word about what pastures behind the fence look like to other sheep.

The trick is, most sheep are so cosy inside their golden cage, they’ll fight anyone who’d try to set them free. After all, within this cage, they have TVs on which they can watch their idols – the celebrities who own poshy mansions, ride in limos and walk on red carpets surrounded by screaming fans. To the sheep, an illusion that one day it could be them who walks on red carpets laid for them at the doors of their limousines is worth a trade for a lifetime of servitude. Those hungry wolves who run aplenty outside of the cage are not the deterrent, the fact that there is no Hollywood out there is.

Community is freedom’s company. Where there is no freedom, there is no community, only selfishness, corruption and greed. Within the cage, the sheep live to have a house bigger than their neighbor’s, a smartphone newer than their friend’s, a car sound system louder than everyone else’s. They whore themselves out so they can buy designer clothes and hair gel to enhance their image before their peers.

Everything is about me, me, me inside the cage. Any sense of community that once may have existed, is lost. Nobody will move a finger unless there is something in it for them. The sheep only and solely engage in “community services” or “volunteerism” if fellow sheep are watching. They pretend to donate their time and/or expertise because they expect to be seen by neighbors, higher ups, media, or whomever else is worthwhile. They don’t do it out of sheer sense of self worth, but in order to get a mention in a newspaper, or a nomination for a Volunteer of the Year award.

To the sheep masters, the sheep in a cage are consumers. They are robots whose life is controlled from above. They are issued identifications and get monitored from the day they are born until the day they die. Everything they do must comply with a vast set of rules set forth by the masters. Sheep dogs are never too far to ensure that if you don’t, your limited freedoms will see further restrictions applied to them.

Outside of the cage, people decide for themselves what’s best for them. The sheep in a cage, on the other hand have sheep masters (I avoid calling them shepherds) make these decisions for them. Sheep masters decide what kind of diploma you must obtain in order for them to give you a certificate for you’re not in a free country, hence you can’t apply your expertise without being controlled. Sheep masters decide where, whether and how you’re gonna build your house for you’re not in a free country, hence you can’t just find a place you like somewhere in the wild and use the trees to build yourself a cabin. Likewise, sheep masters decide what you can or cannot brew, what you can or cannot grow and what you can or cannot smoke, for you are not in a free country, hence you can’t make these decisions yourself.

The sheep live to impress, the free men live to express. Just because you said I couldn’t, I will! You can attack me, beat me, torture me, and kill me – you will have me dead, but you’ll never have me enslaved.

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I frequently get irritated when i think of how enslaved we are here in the west. While there are a LOT of positives here, i feel like the fact that everyone is controlled might outweigh those good aspects of our society.
    There’s nothing more sad and tragic than a country full of people believing theyre free to prosper but are unknowlingly(by their own ignorance) more enslaved than almost any other country.

          1. @fiend
            Thank you:D
            A week?? I dont know if i could physically handle hearing that f*cking happy birthday song one more time without attempting suicide! πŸ˜›

          2. Happy Birthday Jamal, I’ve been neglecting the web for a couple of days, summing it up, i’m getting evicted by my aunts in sixty days, just found out, because they want to sell the house, they couldn’t wait until spring..fuck…

          3. Fiend, you will be my wife this month, ok? lol. Thanks for being the webhoster. I wish I could do it, I just don’t have it. But you are awesome for doing it, thank you and for bigjohnson last month, that was really kind of you to keep us up and running…

          4. @all you pimps
            Thanks for the birthday wishes. Youre all such kind hearted people! (Who says its only weird people who enjoy looking at fucked up pictures on the web?) πŸ™‚
            Oh no!!! You can come live with meeee. Ha! Promise i dont bite. Well, kinda.

          5. Tom hun….

            Lisa’s and my legs aren’t THAT long… we are on opposite sides of Canada.
            You’ll just have to resort to that vivid imagination of yours!

            It is indeed my pleasure y’all ~ I wish I could send everyone a month’s rent.
            I would love to be a philanthropist, but who has the money for that?! πŸ™‚

          6. @daweeka -.- you too I told my parentsI was planning on joining the military it no all she did was laugh at me and tell me I was a disgrace to her so now she gave me 2 options join and automatically get kicked out of the house and never come home or stay in the house and deal with her yelling and fighting all i wantedwas for them to be proud of me πŸ™ but no and yes she has emotionally crippled me >.>

          7. @Daweeka, my thoughts are with you hon. I’m sure things will work out, they always seem to anyway.

            @missfit, take my word as a veteran – don’t join the military to make someone else proud. Serving is about selflessnes and if you can do that, then you can be proud of you. Once that happens others usually follow.

      1. @KillaJamal.

        Happy Birthday buddy.

        @Animal Mother.

        It was I who posted that the people of Afghanistan are far freer than we in the West.

        It is simple really. You lose your (pointless office) job in the West, you claim the dole and you DON’T starve to death. You DON’T die of some unpronounceable fucking disease…

        You lose your livelihood in Afghanistan… You starve… Your family starves.

        Livelihoods in Afghanistan are noble professions.. Farming and Freedom Fighting.

        What do we have here in the West?

        We have financial advisors, health and safety advisors, store assistants, bank clerks… Stupid fucking office jobs that merely further this terrible sheepish existence that we Humans aren’t designed to do.

        THIS is what drives people nuts… Being cooped up in Cities… Not being an individual but a number. Doing a pointless

        1. *Doing a pointless fucking job with a ‘dental plan’ working towards a ‘pension plan’ in a meeting with your ‘bank manager’.

          We are bound in this pointless fucking system by our elites who refuse us a greater understanding of our own existence.

          They keep us stupified with MTV, Walmart, Pop culture, Mortgages, credit cards… Cheap and tacky consumerism.

          Who wants to undertake a quest for greater truth and freedom when they are trapped in an office job with a wife and three kids to support?

          The Afghanis don’t have this sickening consumerist culture, they grow their own shit, posess whatever firearms they want… And if somebody gives them any stick, they are free to murder the fuck out of them.

          This beggars the question… Who is keeping the boots on the throats of the White, Christian Man?

          Who wants to destroy our spirit and superiority so they have no rivals to global hegemon?

          The Judescum. That is who. In collusion with our Traitorous bastards of leaders.

          That is what these wars are all about. They want to foist their opiate of consumerism onto every poor Human on this planet.

          Hook them onto Coca-Cola and McDonalds. Make them worship the false Gods of Consumerism and pull them from the path of righteousness.

          1. Agreed. And to leave the system would be social suicide.

            The comforts of Western Life have a pretty strong grip.

            I would love to see a month long power-cut here in the UK. Can you imagine, an inch of snow can fuck this country up.

          2. I agree, everything has a price, in most of the cases the price of freedom is blood, violence. I was born and raised in Central America and people seem to be happier in the third world countries, they also seems to be more respectful, because acting stupid towards other people may get you killed, in a third world country you fight for your freedom, because is the only thing you have…

      2. @animal mother
        I dont need to go to prison. Haha i dont fuck with other people and i keep my shit in line. I am however the one who paid for you to go to prison(im assuming youve been there by your post? Correct me if im wrong.) I bust my ass and pay taxes out the sack for other people’s fuck ups. So yeah, i am pretty controlled.

    1. There’s a lot to surf through on this convo so I’m doubtful if you’ll catch this Jamal but happy birthday maneee! Just celebrated mine last night with a trip to the strip club. That was an interesting first. Most strippers and hookers I see tend to originate here, but they also lean more towards the dead raped and mutilated side if you know what I mean. Anyways enjoy yourself and take it easy.

      1. @mrthuggin
        Thanks dude!! I appreciate it:)
        Wanna know somethin crazy?? Where i live, im right across the bridge from the city with the MOST strip clubs/sex shops per capita in the US. (Maybe the world. Cant remember for sure.)
        But i have yet to visit either. I know a few strippers and if i wanted a dance, id just call them up instead:P
        So happy late birthday to you my friend!!

          1. Believe it or not, i live right across from Portland, Oregon. Haha the people there are all about it. Its not illegal to be naked in public there either. Crazy!

    2. Ahh America united!! Really!? Lets get real. I’ve never seen anyplace so devided. Blacks against whites…democrats against republicans…pro gun against anti gun.christians against Muslims and last, but not least……sheeple against non sheeple against

  2. Could you drop the sheep analogy,I;m way too smart too waste my time comprehending simplicities, however much it might interest me that one can obsess so much on one particular line of thought…and wtf is the picture? All I knew for sure were fingers.

      1. I feel so sorry how naive we are and stupid. We live in a world where we are so easily influence. It’s always about money, power and fame. Lets not forget about the dimwits who go under the knife for looks. I always say the Americans are the most brainwashed of them all. Sorry to all you Americans, I’m just stating the truth. Your leaders always stick there nose where they don’t belong, then distort the reasons to comfort there people. The fucked up thing is they buy it! I like to slap every Americans who says there young soldier are fighting for there country. It was and never is about your freedom! America would be such a nice place to live if there leaders would just die! If you want to see greed, image and power, barbaric and fucked up acts on one another, look no further than the US. I’m sorry to all the normal americans, just the 90% of the fucked up ones.

        1. In America we have a phrase I’ve mentioned here before:

          “Proud to be American, ashamed of our government.”

          Next time you go America-bashing, know that the last 12 years of leadership LOST the popular vote.

          Even if 90% of Americans are lost in the herd, I and the other 10% still say fuck you.

          You seem to understand that our government is corrupt, but do not seperate the government from the people.

          On a totally un-related matter… where is it you live?

      1. Heheheee Angel cakes…

        You know when someone says they are “too smart” they are actually the exact opposite.
        It’s when you come to the realization that you don’t know shit, you are finally making some progress.

        1. @Fiend, agreed πŸ™‚ Firstly thank you for keeping us up and running, that’s amazing. A prime example of what you’ve said is my boyfriend, we were talking over weekend about some things I’ve learnt on here on boy does he know his stuff. I was gob smacked, he’s kept that quiet for over 2 years not bragged his extreme intelligence. Anyone can quote a few fancy words and declare themselves smart but it’s what you know not the dictionary you have your face stuck in. Finally Im liking the pet none Angel Cakes you have for me πŸ™‚

  3. Mark, what you write is so fuckin true it scares me. I want to photo-copy a thousand pages and distribute it across the Ottawa Area. We all live (most of us) day to day not thinking of anything else but our selfish selves and it sickens me to know how we abide by these crazy rules and regulation on a daily basis. I never, ever, looked at it that way (our so called freedom). How free are we really ? NOT MUCH !

  4. Thats why I consider it so important to travel to other countries that poeple often say on here ‘there’s no way I’d ever go there’. Seeing how other people live teaches you a lot about your own society.. The good things we are so lucky to have and are so fucking spoilt we take for granted and the pitfalls we have that become apparent when you speak to people in other countries/cultures with in an open mind.
    As for the pic, is that a women with gender reasignment, taking male hormones? That looks like a giant clit and inner labia after male hormones.

  5. There is no freedom it’s just a big lie and most people believe that shit because their IQ is so low + they get fed with lies and all the shitty industry that comes from Hollywood & Music etc you guys have to wake up don’t be like the sheep! here’s a link you all will find interesting that is related with their lies & Fake War on Terror.


    1. I do believe you are correct @thedre…

      I saw a very interesting documentary about hermaphrodites and they all spoke about how wonderful it is to have this enlarged clit/penis.
      It was enough to satisfy their female partners and the sensation in the clit/penis is incredible.
      Knowing how sensitive my pebble is all I kept saying throughout the program is “I want one, I want one!”

  6. I have always said similiar things about the U.S., where I live. The truth is you never own anything in life, you just rent it from the government. You buy your land of course if it isn’t on governent land but you have to pay them every year to keep it or they take it from you. Just like your car, you are forced to pay your taxes on vehicles, like tags and etc every year or that big nice SUV you bought is now owned by uncle sam. Even your “God” given right lol is even controlled and taxed by the government, hunting and fishing. The freedom in the U.S. is really imaginary, so much force from laws and etc to control everything you do or they throw you in jail, it really is fucked up.

  7. Best place for sheep is on my plate! And im a hungry mother fucker ! I got stopped and harassed earlier by those sheep dogs ( po po ) , you shouldn’t do this , you shouldn’t do that. Well suck you Mr officer if i don’t agree with your crappy rules. I live my life how i want . Now suck off and bone a donut . Russia is that way bacon breath

    1. That’s what I appreciate about Mark. He gives us his thoughts, and lets all of us respond with ours. Several times I’ve found myself agreeing with him, a few I totally disagree. As long as we are respectful to him and our fellow BG members when doing so, we can formulate and express our own opinions.

  8. Here’s part of an essay I did at high school this year, was on the movie American Beauty.

    “Let’s assume we percieve our ‘middle class’, ‘Western’ lives as protected by the values of democracy to ensure our personal ‘freedom’. But within our priviledged, ‘middle class’ lives (so-called procted by the principles of democracy), HOW FREE ARE WE REALLY? Have we not created and fostered ‘prisons’ limitations of the mind, status anxiety and traps for ourselves by arriving at a place where we value and glorify materialism, ($), ‘the establishment’, routines, institution, trade, advanced economies, (capitalism & consumerism) and it’s associated ‘visual idea’ of success?

    Whilst we associate all of these facets of contemporary life with the freedom of choice, infact how liberated are our minds in making these choices? How much of our individual freedom is sacrificed in order for us to make life choices that are, arguably, anything but individual. Rather, are we ‘conditioned’ from birth to conform? Are we expected to percieve success & beauty in our lives in just the way our free-market world wishes us to? This is questioning the freedom of all of us in the 21st century. “

    1. Ah Kiwi.

      Excellently put Sir. I just had a mahoosive tirade on the subject upstairs.

      We are slaves to the Market. We have lost sight of the true purpose of life… The real purpose of Human nature.

      We are cooped up in cities and expected to compete against eachother for ‘pay rises’, the medals being larger houses and faster cars. Materialistic items.

      The alternative, our true purpose… Is to unite, form a living society where the rights of the individual is to integrate himself into the National Zeitgeist.

      The Human Civilisations that practiced this radical form of Socialism have since been destroyed by the Marxist Markets and their Jew handlers.

      Hitler’s Germany actively practiced this alternative form of economics… Symbolised by the phrase:


      The end result was not only a sense of greater purpose and happiness in the individual… But a sense of greater purpose and happiness in the society.

  9. Very interesting Mark…
    I just had this conversation with a fellow caregiver yesterday (full moon influence?!).
    It was in regards to caring for the elderly… about how here in the west the elderly are just cast aside and made to feel like they are a bother to all.
    In the east it is considered a privilege to care for your elderly loved ones and I feel the same. Otherwise I wouldn’t have just ripped my Mum out of the elder abusing facility she was in.
    Like you said Mark… it’s an ‘all about me’ society here in the west – everyone has an agenda.

  10. I have questioned the term ‘freedom’ many times because the word seems to have lost all meaning, really. In North America, most people who follow certain ‘leaders’ are typically brainwashed as is. We have ‘freedom’ but technically we are not ‘free’ at all. North America has so much ‘fine print’ it is outrageous!

    I, myself, believe that the word freedom should mean that you are just that, FREE! to do as you please. I guarantee that once you release all rules, crimes will drop drastically. Where is the fun if there are no rules to break? I am not saying that it would DIMINISH all crimes, but I do believe they would drop. Or I could be wrong yet again in life.

  11. Freedom is dangerous when the streets are flooded with heartless humans. Too much of it and the u.s will turn into a 3rd world country, Too little of it and it’ll become the soviet union.
    No one can do anything about it, unless you have power and power is bought with money, and if you have money be honest you basically have freedom.
    So enjoy your free porn before it gets taken down.

    1. Total freedom for the people (as in the case of Anarchist societies like Afghanistan)… Is extremely dangerous. Progress stops. Living standards plummet.

      We need to change the definition of ‘freedom’ from being freedom of the individual to freedom of the people.

      A person should not consider himself a unit of any worth in itself. But the individual should consider his worth being in the contribution he can provide to his community and VOLK.

      1. People are lazy assholes now a days. 89% of the population are self centered assholes that only want self improvement and not mass improvement, and then they begin to protest about how things are unfair… Back in the day I believe these kinds of problems were settled with revolutions?
        It’s a cycle…Build,control,destroy,overthrow and repeat.

    2. That is the problem, the way you think. That you need money or power to do anything. Good things in life dont need power, neither do they need money. Take money out of healthcare and you have a wonderfull system where doctors cure you not rob you.
      Take power out of banks and instead of entire cities in depth and imminent ceisure of all your assets you have a nice and relaxed life. Take power out of huge companies and no more wallmart and mcdonalds slavery.
      Take power out of money and you have a peacefull society with much less crimes.
      Because money don’t build houses, people and bricks do. You have people, you have bricks, whats the problem? The bosses don’t get your money? The bankers dont get your money? because those are the ones that grab 90-95% of all profits in the end.

      My point, money aren’t everything although you were trained to believe so.

      1. Did I ever say that?
        Today’s government is powered by money, Do need money to live happy? No. But what kind of government goes through “What feels right”? I’ll tell you, NONE. My comment was directed towards the government aspect of power, Not that you need power to be happy. In the end YOU need POWER in order to run a government, Not to live life.
        Those in politics are nothing but heartless individuals.
        You might have misunderstood my comment, Power isn’t needed to live the life you want, It’s only needed if you want to control the lives of others.

      1. Looks like a chick trying to become a dude.

        They take testosterone injections that slowly turn their clits into a faux penis…

        The above picture is basicly the best you can do without surgery.

        Lady Gaga pretty much has this goin on, she said it on Oprah once

  12. Americans think that Freedom means being able to watch Football every other week and jerk off to a porno and being able to say fucking Jesus without being arrested.
    What exactly is freedom?! Yes, Mark is right when he said that Afghans have more freedom than American. It is all relative.

    Nazi Germany had freedom…. Nazi Germany had control of their own Culture, medias, society, they printed their own INTEREST FREE Reich-Marks. They were happy and prosperous.
    But Americans who are dumbed down idiots who have their entire society, perception, media, cutlure and Banking controled an Jews is a good and wonderful FREEDOM ringing thing.
    They thought that by Bombing Germany into ruins and torching countless German women and children that this was a LOVING ACT.
    Truth is we Americans are all Slaves. IF we White American cannot get back our own culture from the Jew’s Rappie diddie culture, than we are destine to fade away.
    Any people who do not have their own land, their own culture, and control of their people’s ultimate destiny, will fade away like the countless cultures, peoples, and civilization of the ancient past.

    … Of course Sheeps just don’t get it, as long as they can buy their Ipads and watch their foodball games, and the mall are still full of item ready to be bought and the the Grocery are still fully stocked with GMO, the Sheeps will continue to baaahhh, and resist anyone trying to take them from their cage, they will eat from the public trough and continue to be brain dead follower of the masses… they are all sheeps.

    And I have a bad feeling… that many of us who are awoken… will also be dragged to the slaughter by the masses of sheeps, like one sheep pushing the other down the line towards the slaugther house.

    1. Ah the beauty of the third reich, huh?
      What a wonderful Zionist creation. Pick out a Austrian from a field of “misunderstood individuals” Give him power and turn a nation into a soon to be superpower, But once it accomplishes it’s purpose and united all nations they ended such a “wonderful dream”.
      Face it, Your beloved Nazi Germany was all Zionist controlled, your dear leader was a Zionist puppet used for a brief time. Once he did was he was told to do his reign ended and power was restored to them. You think someone can get away so easily with control of a nation? Zionist control EVERYTHING since the dawn of “civilization”.

  13. Yeah we here in the West seam to think freedom is to be able to talk shit on TV or to say whatever you want… Anything beyond that well that is just a crime and it will upset the balance of the world we leave in. There has to be control!…

    Well at least that’s what I believe people think. People get raised with the idea that they have to follow the rules or things go bad, but by the time you realize that most of the rules are wrong you have already been following them for so long that you can’t imagine a world without them.

  14. Going to have to quote my mother here…. “Life’s A Bitch And then, You Die”

    And that’s pretty much the jest of it.

    The illusion of freedom in the states is quite convincing.. At the end of the day the only Sheeple who truly are free are those with either A. Money… B.. Connections and C a relation to someone with money or connections … All others are no more free than a convict with a P.O

    And the world is not much different.. Sheeple with privilege are quite free while most ordinary citizens abide by a set of rules designed to appease the wealthy and or popular… In short… Find a way to riches or fame,, or live oppressed by the state…

    EndDrunkRant :0 )

  15. It’s great to see Mark’s thoughts evolution. Since Magnota’s affaire he has intensified his reflections and has produced some remarkable essays. He created the Open Post because he felt there were a lot of things that had to be said.
    This post is one of the best: a clear and convincent description of reality.
    Thanks Mark.

  16. Our leftist national philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre had written around 1945: “We have not been as free as during the German occupation”. It was not exactly the same meaning of freedom as here, but it is quite close i guess.

  17. the afganistan model is the same that the old far west model: you are pretty much free, but people is also free to screw you up, that’s why “civilization” was invented: people got together and agreed to give up some of their liberties in order to live in a more predictable, safe athmosphere.
    But the afghan model has some differences with the far west model: in afghanistan (and you can also include mejico and siria on the combo) you have people being trained and equipped as “shepherd dog” , thats the guys who are supposed to enforce the “social contract” that turn wolf overnight. And that sucks because it puts the average guy at a more serious disadvantage against the wolves that that you possibly be having in a far west scenario: now the average guy access to the equipment he needs to defend himself is limited by laws and regulations, while on the other hand, you have wolves equipped, funded, armed and trained by a levhiatan like organization (be it hillary clinton, the govt, or in the case of los zetas, the mexican army and OBAMA) .
    If you look it from that point of view the far west model kinda rocked, because you didnt had all-powerful organizations providing hi tech weaponry and training to the guys who would screw you up, pretty much any farmer with bollocks and 5 dollars to buy a smith and wesson revolver could stand up against anything and at least have a chance of winning . ex. notorious bandit jesse james got whacked by a nobody farmer who recognized him, pulled his revolver and shot him on the spot. Now you will NOT see a mexican vigilante farmer getting to a Los Zetas underboss anytime…when the all powerful organizations supposed to be guarding the “social contract” (thats your limited “sheepy” freedom) get involved into supporting a bunch of wolves with guns and training, you are screwed and pretty much cant do anything about it.

    1. I have to say I’m pretty comfortable in my cool living room sitting on my couch browsing BG. I don’t think I would rather trade places with anybody in Afghanistan lol. I agree with the above.. I like the post of trooper. I see the point and recognize it. I am happy with my lifestyle. I take up a small space. I have a massage practice I enjoy. I like my local food market so I can purchase my foods to prepare. I don’t know… I feel pretty comfortable. I don’t feel I am a sheep in any sense of the word. I guess my question is this… What are we suppose to do differently ? Run off to a different country so we can be “on our own” and accomplish what ? I get what was said but how does a society change this ?

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    What do you do? Give them a beating? Run stark naked out of your house screaming like a madman? Or would you just say fuck it and continue on having sex them?
    I know what I’d do and you’d see the aftermath here on Bestgore.

    1. Seeing as she’s hot, still has a working vagina, and is still willing to bed me knowing I’ll come face to face with that at some point? That’s a ballsy ass chick right there (I know there’s a joke here somewhere) and I’d tear that shit up as long as she keeps it from slapping around on me.

  19. I am an American and I feel like a caged bird longing to see what’s beyond its cage. Our culture in America stinks. We are just a huge nation of stereotypical “ugly Americans.” I am now learning Spanish and I intend to head south to learn about different cultures, and will try to avoid irritating any drug cartels along the way. Even Mexicans seem freer and happier than the brain dead ugly Americans I see all around me. Every day there’s something stupider than the day before here in America.

  20. Very thought out philosophical point of view, most people don’t even know they’re followers instead of trying to be them selves and be leaders of their own lives, whether it’s in peoples nature to not look beyond their boarder is their own faults.

  21. Yep. Definitely how I would sum it up. What really pisses me off is the way the sheep look at you when you start to make an attempt at rousing them from their slumber. It’s as though the information you’re giving them will harm them in some way, shape or form. I swear most sheep would gladly accept death tomorrow as long as they didn’t have to change today.
    I can’t wait to start baking under the da Silva sun. I’ll send pics.

  22. Think how well they played it in jew thousand nine: They put ?Obama? (I bet it’s not his real name) who is a democrat against some white guy who is not. Of course, there’s a huge amount of people who would rather vote for a ?black? guy (?Obama? is actually gray and foremost a jew) than to see a white republican ?in the office? ? so to speak. So, the whole plot was pretty cunning and nicely carried out.

    Remember the inauguration: McCain in a wheelchair, this close to death, and all the other shit? They just wanted to show you via the ?jewish corner god? a/k/a the television how close Big-Israel (USA) was of having Sarah Palin as its president. And after George “Dumbfuck” Bush anyone ? and I literally mean anyone ? would’ve been a better president.

  23. It’s your local neighborhood racist white supremacist here, finding solace in these words you wrote a few years ago, at a time before I had developed the maturity and spiritual sight necessary to see the euphemistic lies of our society and the foreign invasion for what they are.

    When I was a kid, I never realized that instead of growing up to follow a linear trajectory towards success ushered along by my own hard work and merit, that I would end up potentially forced to give up the fruit of my labor on this earth as a sacrifice to none other than God himself, in service to a kingdom founded on the truth rather than lies.

    I could not have appreciated the complex pain involved in doing what is right, of offering up my lamb without spot or blemish to be pissed on by the most evil, superficial, smiling sycophants of our time. The righteous wear an expression of grief and sorrow while the evil display themselves always smiling, ever caption-ready, ever bloated with the contentedness that comes with only having ever lifted a finger for themselves, only ever doing as much as in necessary to be perceived as a good person without actually being a good person.

    You’re at an automatic disadvantage in this world when the truth is more important to you than anything. You are necessarily disadvantaged when competing with a horde of vicious jackals who are not only willing, but are positively delighted to unfairly crush you and drag your character through the mud for all to see, all while patting themselves on the back for being such upstanding, moral Pharisees.

    I don’t know where you are Mark, I am a persecuted Canadian peasant who lacks any means to flee this tyrannical and totalitarian nation in which injustice is allowed to proudly, flagrantly parade itself around, while all the while citizens who express genuine and reasonable concerns are convicted as untouchable in the highest court of this nation- the court of public opinion- and declared guilty without judge, jury, or trial, without the ability to defend themselves, being unceremoniously thrown out of the synagogue and relegated to the status of leper, without any possibility of appeal.

    All the while, the decadent and self-interested masses bury their heads in the sand as the country is stolen from beneath our feet. If I object to the shaming and removal of my own heritage, I too am also shamed and removed. If I object to the foreign horde’s inheritance of the nation that should rightfully belong to future generations of french and english children, I am destroyed. If I think that the fruit of our forefathers labor is being sold out by rich, white liberals, who can afford to live in ultra-privacy and comfort, in ivory towers living in denial of the hell they are creating for those unfortunate enough to have to live in cramped, unaffordable, hyper-diverse, curry-smelling apartments in which they can’t communicate with the neighbors they are forced to interact with, I am treated as a petty criminal.

    Sometimes I wonder where courage can possibly come from in the face of the mundane,everyday, real-life horrors we must live. Sheltering oneself from them by abiding in the honor of the wicked does nothing but achieve a dead end once you die along with your hyper-individualistic, selfish, consumer-culture driven life. All of the fame and pleasure of this life will fade sooner or later, even for the most superficial, hedonistic, and despotic. The first death is the great equalizer- through which the righteous leper is liberated and the evil rich man condemned to a loss he couldn’t bear for the whole of his entire, wretched life.

    The hope of the courageous is that through their pain, through their sacrifice and tears, that even a slightly more truthful world will have been created through their monumental suffering, although their contribution amounts to a pittance and a vast minority in this world of almost utter darkness. The sparks of the Lord’s fire ignite as they sputter out, providing just enough light that the saints of God may see a faint lamp illuminating their footsteps- one in front of the other, until we finally may rest.

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