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Officer Down

I am a new member to your site. I wanted to show some appreciation for what you do…. and what your site is about. I am a police officer from the murder capital of the U.S. I have seen EVERYTHING under the sun relating to Gore. I’ve been involved in 2 fatal shootings and have been on the receiving end of a bullet.

I was told early on in my career that socializing about work with my friends and family would become increasingly difficult as time goes by. Reason being— friends and family want to bullshit about what goes on in my job, ie “Have you ever shot some one?” or “Have you seen dead bodies”?

The truth is… I never knew how to answer a question like that when the answers were SO much more unimaginable than a simple “yes I saw a body in an alley… it stunk” or some similar shit. Then becomes much more of a big city cop mentality and you become cynical. Thinking “If you only had a clue as to the shit I’ve seen on a daily basis your head would spin”.

That’s when cops start to have “other” cops become part of their only inner circle – because they CAN relate to the slimy dead fetus in the trash can; or the dude somehow still able to breathe with his whole head dripping off the ceiling; or even when you experience how “good” a burnt body can smell in the right circumstances – BBQ at its best!

How can the layman understand that? Then I stumbled across Best Gore.

It’s comforting to see people who AREN’T subjected to any gore by default so interested in it. I believe it grounds you more and awakens you to the reality of society. Here’s the kicker – what amazes me the most is this: There are obviously quite a few videos on here depicting police officers involved in shootings (I’ll be the very first to admit that there is an endless amount of scum wearing badges out there that deserve to burn with the rest of the evil in the world). But what I appreciate the most from the users on Best Gore is that comments about cops getting killed (cold blooded for the sake of argument) are very respectful, tasteful and convey sympathy. The same shit on YouTube has a million comments like “die pig die!” or “Love hearing that pig squeal as he gets his head shot off…” etc.

That is what is so intriguing to me – is there a correlation between a majority of members on this site who love gore yet are so respectful and mature when commenting on a video of a slain cop? I feel as though the users on this site can relate to me much more that anyone else. I am thankful for that. I hate the fact that there are so many straight up fucking cocksucker thug cops out there, that give the good ones a bad name and cause us to be despised and hated. I wish I could change that! Thank you for your realism and humor!!!!

Mark’s Note

Many thanks to Best Gore member dpdfuzz who’s a policeman for taking time to share his take on Best Gore, its members and its relation to his profession as a police officer. While I appreciate that Best Gore is not YouTube and it shows in the way members conduct themselves, there have been instances where dislike towards the police was expressed with language no officer worth his badge would want to hear (<-- guilty as charged). I think most people who comment angrily on posts about the police have had bad experiences with conduct of officers they encountered. While it's not necessarily justifiable, it's certainly understandable. However even though I can't speak for everyone on Best Gore, I'm pretty sure many of us are mature enough to recognize that there are many honest men and women who joined the police force for all the right reasons and day after day put their lives in danger (and take the heat from the public although they themselves have never abused their positions) to keep the lot of us safe. There is a lot of bashing on bad cops - all one needs to do, as implied earlier, is to look up any video about the police on YouTube, although bad cops deserve every bit of it. The question left to answer is - will we let our strife with bad cops blind us to a point of failing to show gratitude for services of good cops? Vincit Omnia Veritas, Mark

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Women shouldn’t be cops we need them to breed 😛 but yeah he’s right there’s both sides good cops, bad cops, asshole cops seems good cops never get the credit and attention they deserve in the mean time people focus on bad deeds rather than good deeds this is why asshole cops give a bad reputation to the force but hey it would be easier if cops didn’t exist that way we’d take care of ourselves just like the ol’ wild west 🙂

      1. i’m with you on that Gordo. I just plain don’t like cops. I’m there are good cops out there, but like i said, I’ve never had good experiences with cops in the past and i’m not sure if i ever will. a lot of them just take their power of authority out of hand.

          1. There are a few good cops, but just a few. The vast majority are “Gestapo Skinheads” (Ever notice how many shaved headed pigs there are?). I’ve had quite a few bad experiences in which I was innocent and had done nothing, but received abuse several times from those idiots… Of which I had two cops in court and they lost their jobs due to the fact that they were dumb enough to attack me unprovoked in front of their dash cams. I live in a different state now (That happened in Asheville, NC and I’m in SC) and a lieutenant is my next door neighbor and the experiences I’ve had with these cops are completely different. Again, not due to anything illegal but due to my health problems caused by a brain injury I have and PTSD from a point blank shot through my left hand and into my through from a Marlin 22magnum Bolt Action with a Hollow-Point. This is my first post and I’ve really like to share my story of a gruesome near death gunshot wound to my hand, throat, jaw-skull leaving me with a 5% chance to survive… I even have a few x-rays + the story I believe this community would find interesting or even valuable. Anyhow, First Post and a masochist like myself is very happy to join the BG “Family”!

          2. @ambyth you are right you will never know when you need them it’s not the Wild West anymore where you can take justice in your own hands if you do you will be the one to get fucked over and the acctual criminal will walk away with a smile on his face and you stuck in jail >.>

          3. When did that happen? I live near Asheville and didn’t hear anything about that even though I have several friends in LE in some of the local depts. I’d love to know which dept did that to you and the officer names. It honestly isn’t a surprise that happened though. The LE agencies are all corrupt as shit around here and the media covers for them. Some of the jailers beat an inmate until they broke the bones in his face around his eye while he was handcuffed. That was reported to the media but they ignored it (all they had to do was get a pic of the guy).

          1. I didnt intend to make my email public. Mark asked me and I obliged. Thank you for your comment. And thank you Mark for listening!!!

          2. ?Turns Off Pain? ? There’s nothing wrong with Gestapo or the skinheads ? it’s completely the opposite! You’re a good goy for the jewish master, my son. Just carry on along the path you have chosen. Dumbass.

        1. Well we don’t have to like them,but in the society we live in we need them.If someone you loved was raped or assaulted who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?
          All bets would be on the cops,and you would probably like them to dish out a bit of old fashioned justice as well!
          I think peoples hate of cops are born from a bad experience,you wouldn’t have a liking towards an enemy or his friends…so if you hate on cop odds are that you would hate them all.

          1. common, when something bad happens to you some day you will say I hate pigs, until then enjoy your little world.
            They are humans, so what?
            Waayyyy to much shit happens to good people, they should know how to make difference between dirt bags and good people

        2. I’ve had bad experiences and good experiences with cops. Unfortunately you just have to pander to their feelings of self-importance. You have to say hello sir, hello officer, etc. Just be polite and submissive without being annoying and many cops will do what they can to help.

        3. Let me guess: you like to smoke pot and drink? Perhaps do some amphetamines and LSD every now and then? Some MDMA once in a while? We don’t have obey all the laws. It’s very few people who do. But what we must do is to respect other people, because freedom is all we have. That’s what it boils down to. In the process we learn to respect not just other people’s rights but ourselves, too. Respect stretches over also to a broader level that contains the society and its infrastructure; the inanimate material that may be publicly or privately owned. If you are ?enlightened? enough, you know how to apply the laws in practice, so you don’t violate anybody’s authority. (In another words: you don’t get caught if you bend the law ?a little bit? sometime.)

      2. I think it just depends on the area. When I was 15 I was on juvenile probation and had a curfew, yet I snuck out in the middle of the night all the time. I got stopped countless times and, while high as hell, was always honest with the cops and they just let me go. I moved one city over, got pulled one time at age 18, and got arrested. I live in nor cal, and literally moved 15 min away and the cops in this town are just assholes. I have to say though that even though I despise the corrupt cops I have major respect for the honest ones who do their best to protect society from the scum of the earth.

        What makes me sad is the media, internet, youtube, etc., always focus on the negative aspect of everything. They want the sheep to stay inside, glued to their TV, and be afraid of the world, yet at the same time they want them to live with the rose tinted shades and pretend like everything is OK. Its like a contradictive propaganda scheme to control the minds of the masses.

        Ok, Ill stop ranting now lol.

      3. Well, honey, as one ol’ lady who’s seen almost everything in this one lifetime, & been the target of a couple of bad cops to the extreme here in Virginia Beach VA, I am glad to say that I do not group all by one label & hate them for it. Those “pigs” are the 1st ones to come to our aid when we get our dumb asses in some kind of a sling ourselves, or when some damnable SOB has caused us pain, harm or terror.

        As I see it, if you dont do anything to bring the long arm of the law down ON your own ass – you have no reason to dislike all cops. Y’see? 😉

        Its that simple.

    1. The whole “Women can do everything men can do” when it comes to being a police officer is hilarious.
      I’ve seen so many videos of female cops being over powered by your everyday thugs and being knocked out cold or being man handle.
      It’s not just that men have more muscles that makes them better warriors, its always thousands of years of evolution and gender role.
      No female police officer, I don’t want to see a woman having to chase after drug dealers, murders, rapist, and scam down an alley, or being brutally beaten and knocked out cold when they come across a thugish criminal.
      Let’s put a limit to the feminist insanity.

      1. Surely you can’t think this applies to all females?
        Just curious. I understand where you’re coming from, I’d make an awful cop. I’m 4’11 and weigh 85lbs. The most I could do is probably hide in their pocket to help the other cops track them down.
        On a serious note though, my mom’s best friend is a cop and she is fantastic at her job. I’ve seen videos of her breaking up brawls that looked viscous.
        And on top of that, I’ve also seen other female cops do the things that males can do.
        But I do think it depends on the female.
        Ironically, my mom’s best friend is a lesbian haha. So I think that actually plays a part in it. Maybe if you reject society’s idea of a female, you have a different mental aspect on things which can later change your attitude on your strength? If that makes sense.
        I’m just purely asking if you genuinely think every single female on the planet would be shit at being a cop.

          1. You are right.

            My Mum was a Police Officer, and even I agree that Women should not be full Police Officers.

            I would like to see them reprise the WPC roles. Where they were consigned to administrative and ’emotion’ related duties like dealing with victims of crime.

          2. I don’t think women should have a blanket ban but there shouldn’t be any allowances for them. If they can perform as well as a man during training then the should get the job.

        1. I can sit here all day and type down different scenarios in which men are more capable combat-wise. But it takes a woman to make a man, So women don’t really have to offer their lives for our protection. Unless they want to, then whatever, go ahead. Just don’t complain about getting paid less (Joking)
          The world revolves around women anyway, Everything a man does is to get the attention of women= to get his phallus wet, This can be a problem(or a win) on the battlefield. You decide. However feminism is a joke.

        2. @Grimmess,
          No, I think that a few exceptional females can become excellent cops, even better than some male cops for sure…
          But I’m saying in the bigger scheme of things, that I don’t want to live in a society where we have ALLOW women to face such dangers and face thugs and murderers, This is the duty of males and we should up hold it.
          I don’t want to sound liek I’m hold backing women, but a society that allows women to join the armed forces and peace corp and police force where they are exposed to rape, violent, danger, and brutality reflect badly on the males of that society…

      2. Hawk, I read your reply a couple of times. I respect your opinion, of course this does not mean I agree.
        I am not feminist, but your comment about gender role really struck me. I would not have expected this from you.
        Gender role is something so conformist, which is why I didn’t expect you to use that as part of your argument. Gender roles are cultural and In the u.s. from the ripe ages, toddlers are shown how they are supposed to think, act, dress. This greatly limits their abilities to progress any further than the guidelines of “evolution” will allow them. This is the birth of sheep. This is where the agents at different stages of live mold you into the perfect sheep of society. Parents give little girls barbies, and cookware playsets. On the other hand, they provide the boys with tools and play guns. At school, when these little up and coming sheep meet with other sheep in grade school the majority opinion is always encouraged. Peers continue to push for conformity, then the media,(television, radio, music, the internet). Evolution means to adapt and alter thinking and ways of living, not to stay stuck in one place. If we continue to approve only men as police officers, not only are we not evolving, we are not progressing. This area of non-progression is a comfort zone for sheep. They don’t ask questions, and they do not go past their gender role.
        When the flock of sheep go on to graduate high school, college, or university they have that stigma of “I am meant to only do this. I am only able to do this.” I am not feminist, and I don’t want to be a cop. Why would I want to risk my life for someone who doesn’t even think I should TRY to save their life. I respect women police officers, because they go against all that is normal, against conformity and their society-given gender role. I respect uncorrupt authority and law enforcement. I, like many others, tend to show my discontent towards the negative much more often than not.
        I agree that women may not have the physical strength that a man has, but being a police officer isn’t 100% fighting off thugs or chasing a drug dealer in a dark alley. Being a police officer is keeping the order and safety in a society.
        This gender role comment can be applied to many other examples of human life. For example, at an intellect level. More women attend and graduate than men do. But what the fuck? All the good jobs, or the money making jobs are run by men, because “It is a man’s world.”
        The retarded women who conform to a patriarchal society limit themselves and take teaching jobs, housewife jobs, librarian jobs, etc.

        I am not about to go on strike or protest about this shit, but eh. I just wanted to say think I think gender role is very sheepish and conformist. If a lady cop wants to get her ass beat for society which has already doomed her, let the bitch do it.

        1. @Lady Lazarus…

          Of course Gender roles matter! its not a superficial artificial creation! IT GENES its BLOOD Its X Y Chromosomes.

          You talk about the whole giving girls barbies and Boys guns and plays swords…. OF COURSE, its what they naturally gravitate towards because of their inner nature… if you force boy to play and act like a girl or girl to act like a boy and imitate boy behavior your just going to completely FUCK UP thier childhood and lives.

          Gender role is natural and Normal… Feminist and Queerism is not normal, its propaganda of the JEWS. A way of turning Women against men and making Men less chivalrous, reducing the deep bonds between a man and woman into cheap sex and cheap ejaculations.

          Girls SHOULD play with doll and barbies as such as a child because it strengths the inner natural, of their future being a caring mother.

          And Boys SHOULD play with toy soldiers and play guns and swords because its Strengths their inner nature of being the Future Soldiers and Defender of their Family and NAtion.

          Your Idea of mixing up gender roles and confusing little children with fucked up ideas of making boys play with barbies and girls being more manly and preventing them from playing with doll because you “wouldn’t want to be enforcing stereotypical gende roles” … is utter SICK.

          I don’t want to live in a society of feminized men and queer and weakling punk & women who are detached fromt their role as caregivers and mothers of their children and be lesbians and dike bitch and Feminist dikes….

          Gender roles is normal and nature, and this has been going on for thousand and thousands of years of evolutiona nd we’ve Evolved into our role physical and mental…
          in the modern age of gender equality and bullshit feminist and queerism Ideas pushed by the Jews, and having children have a tramautized childhood because you forced him to play with barbie dolls because you felt guilty of by giving him the toy sword he wanted….
          So the ones who want to destroy the gender roles and EQUALIZE the sex in ALL aspect are simply the Sheep Baah Baaahhing the propaganda spewed by the Jewish media and hollywood, and this propaganda has done ENORMOUS damage to both Men and Women.

          1. You guys are going to get a kick out of this whole women have power situation XD my uncle stole a married chick who was basically a whore no offense to women but this chick really is -.- we don’t hear from my uncle for a couple of years then out of nowhere he shows up and drops the *im getting married bomb* we don’t know who the lady was or wtf was going on so they get married everything is ok the day of the wedding was awkward to me it looked like a shot gun wedding so a year passes by and we get to know this chick it turns out she met him in a bar *big whoop-.- then these past couple of days the lady decided to treat him like shit she doesn’t let him rest he’s always working and she makes the money disappear recently she caught him watching porn and decided to beat the shit out of him with a belt like a kid XD the bean runs and hides on top of the roof he slept on there so she won’t beat him anyone else think this shit is wrong O.o please someone be honest would you stand for this shit and get beaten by a short lying bitch ..?

          2. @hawk

            I never once said anything about intentionally “confusing” kids by giving them the opposite of what they supposedly “gravitate” towards to like toys. my little brother who is not “queer” used to play with my sisters barbies all the time. I played with barbies, but I don’t naturally aspire to be a Baby producing machine. My career path is dominated by men, and as a child I was never pressured to follow anything.
            All I am saying is that because of constant pressure from people who think like you women limit themselves to many things. I stand by what I said. And by the way gender roles is not nature. The only natural thing is that women can bear children and men inject their seed in order for this to happen.
            If it were natural, it would be found in other species. In a pride of lions, it is the lioness who does the hunting and the child birthing. Gender roles are society based!

        2. You should probably want to have an gender-neutral personal pronoun in English like some leftist-green-liberal idiots insisted of having in Swedish? There is ?han? (he) and ?hon? (she) in the Swedish language, and these cunts wanted to introduce ?hen? as the third, gender-neutral pronoun. You can’t get much stupider than that ? seriously. I say this only once for even the biggest imaginable imbecile should comprehend this without breaking a sweat: yes, gender roles are completely natural.

          And one thing about Hollywood: they force-feed us with that feminist crap. Another weapon they have for causing chaos, turmoil and all sorts of perverse thoughts and ideas to infiltrate our nations is the television. It’s filled with faggotry ? a fact nobody can deny. They are rotting the societies from within. They’re making blacks fight whites, men fight women, christians fight muslims, muslims fight jews ? you probably see my point?

    1. Oh not this again.

      It was barely a fucking kick!

      The suspect was on the ground wiggling about, he turned his face… And for the officer, this could be resisting arrest. He could be turning his face to spit at the copper!

      I would have done the exact same as the officer.

      So what if he was deaf? How was the officer to know? Plus he was a big lad, could have been high on God knows what… Possibly armed.

      He could have done as much damage to the Officer as any other Fleshy Virus.

      At the end of the day. In that job, you can’t pussyfoot around problems, for the moment you hesitate, or become a soft touch… Is the moment you get stabbed I the throat with a screwdriver… Or shot.

  2. Its sad when anyone no matter if they are cops or labour’s die for doing what they are paid to do, I think thats why we show empathy and respect. Thats awesome he took time time to send positive feedback, its good to see if from their point of view..

      1. Thank you very much… As for the young vs. old. I agree with you 100%. This new generation of cops are a whole different breed of their own. Im included in the new generation. I grew up idolizing my old man for what he did… NOW, I don’t really volunteer who I am off duty.. cuz of this stigma.

        1. Hey no worries, now on a different note: Show me your pic with you’re uniform on, Man in Uniform is a huge fantasy of mine, some London coppers handcuffed me in the underground as a joke cos I asked them too, HYes cops with a sense of humour 🙂 Yum yum!

        2. Its absolutely true. I have always had respect for anyone in uniform. I went to jail one time for some bs. A young cop arrested me and made up a fairy tale that I was chasing my gf with a hunting knife trying to kill her. All it was was a simple argument and the neighbors called the cops. Shit was crazy.. So I go to jail for a month for nothing and get to actually see how the young guys were most likely fucking geeks and now have that power to make them feel mighty. I ran into the fuck who was slamming his brakes trying to break my nose on the glass on the way back from court. He was laughing with his buddy in the front seat asking if I was having a good time. Anyway I ran into him after I got out. Me and my girl had lunch after church and he kept his head down. Oh and his wife must have been 400 pounds lol cocksucker.. Ill say this.. Thank you to all the heroes out there that keep us safe and are legit. Veterans, active duty, cops, firemen, nurses, teachers, and anyone in forgetting. You rock fuzz.. Your pops must be proud.

          1. Thank you INFAMOUS.. he was very proud of me… Want to talk about IRONY? My father as I said, was also a cop. He was retired and moved about 20 miles outside the city. Somehow the cops were called to his house for a “noise complaint”… In a nutshell, the young cops (who knew my dad was a retired p.o.) decided they wanted to detain him in the back of a squad car. My dad was beside himself, from being handled from the cops. He couldnt believe these cops were actually doing this… (not so much of it being professional courtesy; but moreless not having a reason to detain him). As they handcuffed him and began to put him into the car, asked for if he could get one of his nitro pills out of his pocket- cuz he had a bad heart… they basically said NO and handcuffed him from behind.. he had a massive heartattack in the back seat of the squad car. I DO understand the mentality of the suburban cop. Alot of them dont care for us big city cops for whatever reason. Statistically; 2 years in the City is the equivalent of doing 25 in the in the burbs..

  3. I respect cops for the most part, and I’m not going to let the bad ones, no matter how many of them there are, ruin the bunch for me. There’s bad cops out there just like there’s bad accountants out there. Or bad cashiers. Some people just turn out not being good at what they do. I know that’s kind of generalizing the subject, because getting beaten isn’t in the same league as not getting the right amount of change at the store, but still; human beings are going to be human beings no matter what they do. Even when it comes to maintaining law and order in society. Which means the police are going to fuck up sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we as a society should look at them in a negative light. Bottom line: If you’re not a police officer, then remember that these people are out there doing a job that you’re not. A dangerous job. It’s okay to be appreciative of that. Just so long as the bad apples are thrown out when they’re busted.

    Side note: Fuck these little YouTube turds, and anybody else, who hates on cops for no good reason. You little pricks know who you’d call if your little selfish ass was in trouble. Anti-cop talk on the internet is so spoiled suburbanite pansy tulip who’s all high on the “Fuck Da Po-Lice” rap nigger music bravado. And the depth of that demeanor is about as deep as a helping of soup served on a plate.

    1. Lol stop running your mouth dude, you have obviously said things about cops before, so don’t be such a follower now because a good cop is responding, admit you have said things about cops, but be nice to the good ones.

      1. FD recent comment on cops:

        The cop you mentioned sounds experienced. Scary, too, but I?m not in law enforcement, so I won?t judge what could teach a man in the field a lesson like that.

        ?The only real crime is getting caught..

        Proof of him bad mouthing cops or GTFO, fool! If you read his statement above you will see there are bad and good cops, seeing it from both angles.

      2. Thy Muffin: I’ve made various comments about cops on here, but the majority of them that I can remember are positive, although open-minded about them, and their profession. I try not to bad mouth police officers without a good reason. If a cop is caught doing something out-of-line, then hey, I’ll say whatever I think needs to be said about it, but just bashing cops for no good reason; acting like a spoiled unappreciative dipshit about what they do for our society…hell no. That’s not me.

        It seems like my commentary brought out some bitterness in you. If that’s true, then I don’t know what else to say than… Nothing at all. I’ve heard you, and I can do nothing more for ya.

  4. What always amazes me is that often the people who voice these ‘kill the pigs’ attitudes are the sort of people who have never had an dealings with the police at all. It’s seems a fashionable stance for many young people, I find it annoying personally. Some people feel they have a reason to hate them, a career criminal for instance is the first group that would come to mind, and some people have had really bad experiences so I understand they would express those sentiments.
    I do feel that American cops are out of control compared to a lot of countries. The first time I was in NYC I was almost attacked by a cop when I had done nothing wrong whatsoever, I could not believe the way he was treating me and accusing me. He was so angry with me he was foaming at the mouth . A London copper would never be aggressive to a tourist for no reason. I’m always scared of American cops now, I always try to avoid them even though I’ve never done anything wrong in the US. Once a redneck tried to rape me in California, I managed to get away and me and my friend ran back to our hotel, ten minutes later a load of police cars turned up, someone must have reported it and they somehow found us. When we looked out the window and saw them we freaked out, I was more scared by them than I was by my attacker. I think that says something about the confidence or lack of th

    1. I think its because the American cops take it more seriously and the guns don’t help, we don’t carry guns over here, but I remember visiting America as a child and being very scard and intimitated by them, I guess they have to be more serious over there with the amount of nut jobs carrying guns..

        1. Sorry to hear about your experience Mama… Hope you are cool now though.

          As for armed police, I honestly have no qualms about them.

          I find it comforting when I walk past Cops brandishing submachine guns in aerodromes.

          I find the French Gendarmes very pleasant and friendly, I was never intimidated one bit by them, but can see why a person would be.

          I have never dealt with American police officers before… Asides from watching ‘Cops’ I can’t comment.

          1. thanks troops and gorewhore. No we didn’t want to take it to court, the police were really desperate for us to come back to the US. They had caught him jumping over a fence and he had a six inch hunting knife. In resrospect I should have testified but I’ve seen to many films set in US courtrooms.

    2. Lets look at the numbers.
      Majority of crooked cops are either irish, blacks or mexicans. Majority of retarded cops are white southerners. Majority of those shouting “Kill the pig” are blacks, central americans, wiggers or southern white folks. So in a way, this is just another multiculturalism post. Humanity was designed to ruin things for each other, but at the same time make things enjoyable.
      Ode to the f.v! to the pigs! and praises go to Allah!

    1. That IS EXACTLY why I like the users on this site! Most people could not erase some of these pics and videos out of there mind… and avoid it at all costs. People here are great.. and effin hilarious.. Your humor humbles you…. kind of like how we deal with things on the job. It really hit a nerve with me to see the same members on here comment the way they did on a couple of videos of a cop getting gunned down… The sympathy was not for me… but what it did to me made me realize how Down to fuckin earth BEST GORE members can be! Mark did a really good thing with this site… and I would use the members on here as my army any day! Regardless of my Pig status!

  5. I have always been honest in my dislike for British cops, as I am from England, but I have also got a good friend who is a policeman in Hong Kong.

    The difference is that British cops spend all their time targeting motorists and handing out fines for driving at 5mph over the limit, they are never on the beat, they are extremely politically correct and they use ?positive discrimination? to recruit which means most of our police force is made up of gay, Muslim and transgender cops.

    They only investigate crime in rich neighbourhoods, if you are burgled they don?t even turn up and when they do some three weeks later it is only to give you a crime reverence number. If you attack a burglary who is in your home you are arrested for assault, if you perform a citizens arrest you are arrested for kidnapping.

    I fully understand that it is not the individual cop who is at fault here, it is the bureaucracy and red tape, the politicians and the accountants who have taken over the force at the top level that is to blame, the cops can only operate on the rules set otherwise they get fired.

    To summarise, when I refer to cops I actually refer to the whole institution, the police force in its entirety therefore when I say that I dislike British cops I mean that I despise the way it has become nothing more than a sordid money making practice where profit comes before protection.

    1. Hi @Empty soul.
      Enjoy reading your comments, they’re always sound and well formulated, but I have to disagree with you on one point with this one.
      I don’t believe the police ‘target’ motorists, I think the reason so many motorists are fined is for their complete disregard of the road laws.
      If a motorist wants to be left alone by the police, all they have to do is make sure that the vehicle they drive is road legal, wear a seat belt and stick to the speed limits, then the police won’t need to ‘target’ them.
      Maybe if motorists stuck to the law we might see more cops on the beat.

      1. Two brilliant posts here… By my good friends d.i.y and Empty Soul.

        English Police are a very strange breed. You usually find that Forces in Urban areas are overwhelmingly made up of Women and Homosexuals…. Not good.

        I don’t know if many Goregians are aware of the two Female Police Officers that responded to a burglary in Manchester and were subsequently shot dead…

        But having Women Police Officers is a silly idea.

        If I were stuck in a situation against a 6’3″, 300lb skinhead with a penchant for beating up coppers… I would want a copper looking after my back who is just as big.

        Not a female fucking midget.

        I also agree with Empty Soul’s assertion that Police are more bothered with traffic offences then real crimes.

        I have lost count at the amount of speeding tickets we have received off of coppers hiding in lay bys on country roads.

        Not to mention that the Police are under a politically correct straight jacket. They are powerless… It is the politicians that deserve our wrath.

        The system is rotten. But can be corrected.

        1. I agree with you Trooper, women should not be police officers, support officers fair enough, but not front line officers. How are they supposed to wrestled a decently built grown man to the ground and handcuff them, even with my rather slender build I would not get taken to the ground by a 5ft 1 women unless she somehow tasered me.

          It is therefore a good job that our police force do not get to do any real police work anymore, they would not be able to do it and would get shown up as useless, all the years of political correctness have destroyed what used to be a good police force, sure it was not perfect but it worked well enough.

          It is the same with this shit hole of a country, years of politically correct shit shoved down our throats, red tape everywhere, our society as been emasculated to the point that we are now run by limp-wristed politician types in every institution, we can no longer escape the blue sky thinking toss pots.

          My external reality is now my prison and my mind is my cage and hope as long since departed, all that is left is the lingering regret of the woebegone.

      2. Hi d.I.y, thank you for going easy on me despite our difference of opinion on this one, usually a difference of opinion is met with insults first.

        The reason I believe the British police target motorists is because I tend to drive a lot and everywhere I drive I see speed enforcement zones, police men with speed guns pointed at cars, other times I see crime enforcement zones where the police pull over random vehicles with the idea that it might catch a wanted criminal.

        The police then release statistics on their actual website showing how many criminals were caught, these ?criminals? were fined as the statistics showed for having an out of date tax disc, having no insurance, minor speeding and so on.

        Now under normal circumstances I, like yourself, would be applauding these efforts because dangerous drivers as we know from this site can cause a lot of pain and suffering however I never see the British police out on the beat, most minor criminals are let off with a slap on the wrist, they hardly ever respond to burglaries or help catch muggers, over time these minor criminals become more daring because they are never stopped and therefore feel untouchable, they also make their neighbourhoods a living hell.

        Now obviously the police are not all to blame, the courts and our politics play a large part in what the police do, if the courts refuse to lock up people then the police are going to not bother catching them.

        Because our jails are full and the politicians refuse to pay for more to be built the courts are told to only jail the worst offenders and the behaviour of the police changes to meet this new stance.

        My conclusion is that the police are just another symptom of our rotten, corrupt establishment, once an infection takes place it spreads to the rest of the body eventually causing enough damage to kill the host, this infection is called greed, greed fuelled by an out of control capitalist culture, which impoverishes the many meaning even more future criminals to contend with.

        Sorry for the ramble, to answer the original question, the reason I believe that our British police target the motorist is because there is no contrast, since they do not do any real police work anymore the only time you see them acting is against the motorist and this is because it is an easy target, most of the time does not require the courts to act and brings in a decent profit for them.

        1. @Empty soul.
          Thanks for your reply, the majority of which I fully agree with, (along with your original comment).
          Living in a rural area as I do, where roads are less congested, I guess our experience of driving and police attitudes towards motorists are going to differ. Here, there are very few police enforcement zones and believe it or not, no fixed speed cameras anywhere in the County, so I supose I’m fortunate that I don’t see the targeting you experience because it doesn’t happen here, (yet).
          But with more financial cuts to policing on the way, it is probably only a matter of time before your experience becomes my experience. I still think the motorist makes themselves an easy target by speeding etc, but as you rightly say, this bastard government of ours will leach money away from the ordinary working class by whatever means it can.

  6. I have had bad experiences but not brutality by cops. It seems around here they are so high and mighty with wanting to issue a ticket or take you to jail. Small town cops with a big town attitude. Somebody runs a red light and all the cops are called for backup. Ehhh I avoid them at all cost when I’m out in public. However a good chunk of my clients are cops so I am also very good to them…

    1. Where are you from? In my country, We bribe cops cause, definitely It’s our fault, and we tend to learn from our mistake from it. Sometimes, taking a shortcut is the best way of surviving the world.

  7. You have enough bad experiences with these “bad apples” you begin to make generalizations. No fault in that. Victim of circumstance so to say. As to calling on them in my time of need, we’ll yeah someone would have to remove bodies, and it wouldn’t be my gunsnackbarist ass! I trust my Colt more than I do their 5-7min response time (in my area) and I don’t expect any of you who live in decent areas to understand.

    1. Definitely not going to be trying to call police when someone has broken in…..

      More likely, I will greet them with a muzzle at my bedroom door and kindly ask them to leave. If they want to get aggressive then well….. “Sorry for the brains all over the place baby, here’s some Clorox wipes….”

  8. I have had good experiences with police and bad experiences with police both of which had nothing to do with my behavior, so my feelings on them are really based on what I see-and I understand that it is easy to generalize a whole group of people based on personal experiences if you get too far away from that-it really is a case by case scenario. I wouldn’t blame every doctor on the planet for one quack or even several. Without enough good doctors we’d be dying a lot more. Without cops doing their job even partially, we would descend into chaos fully, as opposed to just occasionally when too much beer or meth has been consumed. At least with controlled chaos the smart(er) folks can try and get out of the way.

    I think the greater service the site serves is it can show us why its important to appreciate what we have-to live fully-because life is a lot more delicate and fleeting than we’d like to admit-or than the videos and pictures prove beyond a gory doubt. For every video I have seen of a cop beating someone up in what seemed an unnecessary manner, I have seen countless more where they are there doing their job, taking a fucking bullet or losing their life. Its not a job I would or could do but like bestgore, I am glad the resource is there. Media can be manipulated sure, but this information should be out there, not hidden, , not edited, not censored. my 2 cents.

  9. I have been contemplating for some time the career path of a state trooper/detective. I really have been an erotic masseuse for about five years however, and fear the lie detector test. Won’t they ask me if I kind of get off (mentally) on Gore? These would be embarrassing questions to answer let alone have on my record for any employer to access at their leisure to say the least.

    I do agree that the members of best Gore have a maturity level a bit higher than other sites. (well most) tho there are always a few idiots in any crowd. Mostly sexual deviants it seems. However when it comes to innocent people bring put down for no apparent reason the outcry of injustice sings loudly among the people, restoring faith in humanity.

    When an idiot decides to ride their motorcycle in flip flops and zero protective gear, then become paste of the tarmac…we hold no remorse. When a woman is run down on the sidewalk for nothing more than going to work we care. There its humanity in us all along with a dark inclination drawing us into the shadows to seek that which is the substance of nightmares among the diluted masses.

    We are cynical to others, realists to eachother, and normal to ourselves…

    But in reality, we are all mad here.

  10. I suppose what I can add to this conversation is that I can say I know first hand how a burnt body smells as well as what a decomposing corpse does too. I served four years in the Air Force as a medic (worked in San Antonio TX in the ER as well as med-surg catering to the civialian population as well as the military), got out and after four years in school I’m an RN now. I can understand how the cop in this BestGore commentary feels to a degree. I’ve only been in a situation once where I had a weapon pointed at my head, so I can’t imagine what it feels like to have that as a constant. Blown up and mangled or deseased bodies are what I see the most, so I can sympathize with you most there. To cut to the chase, we see alot of anti-military words here just like we see alot of anti-cop commentary. In the four short years I served I can say I saw a LOT of people who fit the category of the “shameful” soldier (or whatever brach) category described here, so I do not pretend to say its all peaches and roses. However, I have seen just as many upstanding military people you don’t see here spoken about here. I think sometimes people forget that there are other functions the military serves besides shooting and killing. I deployed when Hurricane Katrina hit, almost got called back when the earthquake in Haiti struck, and in my deployment most of the people I worked with had the greater interest of helping people in mind. I ran into some assholes too who wanted to just shoot at people, but the vast majority where regular folks just doing a job. Politics plays into the bad viewing of both cops and military, but that is something neither have much control in, especially if your one of th lowest members in those fields. Both professions tend to throw you into the line of fire wither you want to or not. I never would have wanted to serve in the war, but there I went. Its so easy to look at the bad news and relate that bad image onto every member in the popluation pertaining to it. The internet drives that heavily. I have found out that though the internet is a great source of information, it is also the best place to be lead astray. From my understanding of human psychology (I had to take a year of it), each party tends to claim they know more about something than the other. Humans naturally want to be the experts. I have tried to live my life looking at both sides and reminding myself in all actuality I know, at best, an extremely small amount of information on any one thing. You must be a detective and look at everything before you. A good nurse does this critical thinking daily, but I use it for everyday life and not just when I’m working. I watch my highly political American news and come to BestGore, which can be just as so, for the other half of the story and try to put both stories together without trying to get my emotions into it. This cop provided the other side of the story, as I am trying here. I hope I added a little to this commentary, though its late and I’m abit drowsy. My arguing skills are dimmed right now at best. Jesus, that was long.

  11. It seems to me like there is always something that the police can get you for. They are in a position of power and resposibility, they know the law and can use it to their advantage. When im parked next to cops in my vechicle i dont look sideways at them and when i do come face to face with them im super respectful.

    Cops hate nothing more then Liars and smart-asses!

    1. lmao… Your so right about that! I mentioned this somewhere else…. My hypocrisy goes only so far. I drive like an ass sometimes… So I really don’t get on people for doing the same thing… hell ive only wrote about 10 tickets in 13 years. We dont have time for traffic enforcement. (We also have a unit for that stuff).

      And to this day.. when I get a cop behind me while off duty I STILL get a bit nervous… like wtf is this asshole gonna get me for this time! LOL

  12. I’ve always respected cops and never once complained if I’ve had to be dealt with by one. Though I’ve only ever copped traffic fines, I bitch more about the government that eventually ends up with my money! Cops are absolutely necessary in a vibrant democratic society, and I’d like to think that there are more good cops than bad! They’ve been tasked, on there own enlistment, with cleaning up their little corner of the world, and there are some absolute assholes in the world that would make the worst cop look like a kindergarten bully! So, Vincit Omnia Veritas, thank you for your post, and showing the human side to cops that we mere mortals sometime for get to see!

  13. you tube sucks! on sept 28 2012 i was banned for 2 weeks from accessing my account due to someone reporting me for posting allegedely racist comments. they called it hate speech. even if it was hate speech it is protected under the U.S. constitution. there is no free speech on yt as they censor comments and hassle you if some pussy snitch fagboy takes offense and reports you. i won’t be leaving comments on yt anymore because you can’t say anything without offending SOMEBODY. in this big brother age we live in where people snitch on each other for their own reasons it is best to keep your thoughts in your own head lest the authorities haul you away to a FEMA reeducation concentration camp. same shit goes for facebook. all these sites including BG are monitored by big brother. what i appreciate is i have never been censored on bg. all my comments have always posted whether they were positive or negative and i have fun on the site interacting with other like minded individuals. as for the cops, i consider them to be govt thugs and thieves to be avoided like the plague at all costs.

  14. I have seen cops misuse their own power. That’s just a small percentage, I would say 24% or 30%. Im still waiting to meet the “soon to retire black guy partnered with long haired crazy aussie white guy” duo.

  15. Respect them because of the kind of job they do every day. ‘Round here if you piss off the cops its because you did something really stupid for the most part. Every time they go to work they are a target by thugs. They stand, usually, between us and them.

    There as a shooting nearby, a man murdered a minister. Then he calls the police and says where he’ll be. Before the cop parked the guy open fire. Over 30 shots were fired, mostly by the police. He chose death by cop and got what he wanted. Problem is he put others in a position to have to kill him, which can’t feel pleasant. This all happened in a residential area, too. Don’t know why no one was out doing yardwork or playing with their kids, a rather strange thing about that day. At least no on else was hurt. Then some fucktard starts bitching about trigger happy cops. Seriously. We lived it, and the cops here did their best to protect us. The only casualties were some vehicles with broken windshields or flat tires, and our big oak tree got a round, too.

  16. dpdfuzz, I am also in law enforcement. Thank you for your comments and putting into words what we feel every day. I’m right there with you on when friends and family ask about things on the job. Sometimes, I just feel like letting the cold hard reality roll off my tongue: Friend: “I seen on the news where that dude beat that newborn baby, did you get called out to that?”. Me: “Yes.” Friend: “Was the baby fucked up?”. (the truth of what I want to say): “Yeah, he was beat so bad his eye ball was hanging out of the socket and his left arm was twisted and pointed the wrong way and he was still alive and had foam coming from his mouth where he was breathing his own blood.” So, most of the time I say, “No, I wasn’t called out to that.”

  17. without cops our world would be shit and dangerous. Without people our world would be boring and overrun with other animals, without gore my day would be boring. I dont like cops only because until weed is legal in the states the motherfuckers want to put me in jail with scum. Thats litterally my only beef with them. If I found a cop that didnt care that I smoked weed id be freinds with him or her. Everyone is subject to suspicion and we are all fucked up in some ways.

    1. Here where I live, Cops are laid back regarding cannabis use. For they have to do paper work, booking or whatever, and there are far worse things going on than someone smoking bud.
      As for legalizing, It won’t happen any time soon. I don’t care for legalization, I believe in survival of the fittest and it applies to drug use/ the law in my opinion.

      1. It’s true… I was banging my friend in a car and I had a half a joint in the car. We were lit up and they searched the car. I told them where it was. Of course it was a good cop/bad cop routine going on. I didn’t react to the bad cop trying to agitate me. Everything was a “Yes sir, No sir” type thing. After the search was done and they didn’t find anything else, I was let off with a warning after I destroyed the joint at his encouragement. He told me to rent a room next time instead of out in the open at night. The way I see it, depending on the cop you get, if you don’t give them a reason to be a dick, they won’t be….

  18. I’ve never had a personal problem with cops, however I’ve never been faced with a situation where I’ve been at the brunt end of a cop wanting to arrest me. The most I’ve ever been involved with the cops is when they’ve asked me about a robbery or if I’ve seen anything suspicious.
    I’ve hardly witnessed anything first hand either. The closest I’ve got is when my friend was in a car accident and the cop apparently man handled him roughly and he even had bruises from the cop shoving him. I wasn’t there so I have no opinion on that, the bruises could’ve been from the accident anyways.
    The only things relating to cop violence is things I’ve seen on youtube and on here. Part of me thinks that some cops can have huge power trips, even ones who are just pulling you over to check your license. But the other part of me can’t help but think, that if you’re respectful and obedient I don’t see how they would even have a motivation to be rough or violent with you. But then again, some humans are complete animals and will abuse any power they are given and cops are just humans with badges on at the end of the day.
    It’s a shame that we live in a society where ‘one bad apple spoils the cart’ is a motto we tend to subconsciously live by. I wish we could just single out the cops that are being cunts and say YOU. YOU’RE THE PROBLEM. Instead of then saying ALL cops are like the said cunt.

  19. My Father always told me, cops are men that couldnt make it in the real world. We have been subjected to police brutality repeadedly. From harassment, tresspassing, my parents taking my girlfriend in everyweekend in gradeschool back in the 70s. As her father the Lutenant in our town police department, broke every bone in her Mothers face & back, along with breaking every bone on her, 3 sisters, brpther

    1. Brother, broke the jaw of her stepmom & this stupid, all Christian, closed on sunday, community showered him as a hero.. South Holland, Illinois. Cops get moral justice. What goes around comes around!!

  20. One thing I don’t like here in the UK is when coppers target the real soft arrests. Middle class students with a tiny bit of grass on them whatever because they know they will be so freaked out they just blab and admit everything. An experienced criminal will know exactly how to act, how to get rid of the evidence, how the copper can’t prove anything etc so the officer is less likely to get an arrest.

  21. Gather around children, its story time! I once was mugged at a drug store and well the man had a gun (I tend to carry around a butterfly knife but I did not feel like being the newest addition to the best-gore obituary) so he decided he wanted to add rape to a mugging but what he found was unpleasing to him and he ran off with my purse instead. Getting up I called the Bronze and they caught the guy 10 minutes after he took my purse (coach bag just f.y.i.) he was hit by a semi (lived) and when the police brought me to him I kick him in the balls with my stilettos (heels) and the officer pulled me away saying: “enough”. So without the help of the police that fleshy virus would have stolen a total of 16 dollars 2 pencils 1 condom and a asthma inhaler. Ha punk ass bitch is in jail now for 20 years. The police are o.k. not all of them are heros most of them are pigs looking to get you on a small charge to meet their quota for the week. But some really do uphold peace. In short I love the pigs their nice and mean. Also on a side not my cock saved me from getting raped thanks penis.

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          1. What ain’t cool is not giving thanks when thanks are in order.

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            Yes, I’m the bad guy because I feel some loyalty to Mark.

          2. Yeah, we’ve been talking among us loyal members with Mark about widespread banning to bring the site back to its former glory. Too much garbage infiltrated BG and it shows. There’s no surprise that Mark is in close contact with us, but does not communicate with them. I’m in the process of implementing stricter access control and hope to have it in place by the time Mark returns back from his upcoming trip.

  23. In pennsylvania, there is about a 1:6 good cop to bad cop ratio. and of those bad cops, 70% of them will beat you into a bloody pulp,handcuff you and beat the shit out of you some more. and after that, they won’t even get a slap on the wrist.
    This is my clear definition of a goddamn pig.
    But there are good cops. the ones that’ll help you and pull cats from trees and shit. They’re just really hard to find here.

  24. I have to admit my unatural sexual obsession for police men. Everytime I see a cop, my body tingles, and this strage longing cums over me. I just want to put my hand on those blue uniformed balls. uuuuggghhhh. All these feelings are churning…….. I’ll be right back..

  25. Bad cops spoil the reputation for other cops like bad civilians spoil the reputation for other civilians. I have never had a bad experience with a police officer and I’ve had plenty of chances to have been arrested. Maybe its just my wonderful charm. =)

  26. Ive been coming on bestgore forever and ive never commented till now. I am an iraqi war vet and a long time ex criminal and i hated all cops till i moved to smalltown central texas not far from lampassas here i found that cops are extremely helpfull and cool i got pulled over two months ago no inspections sticker no turn signal no registration no seat belt i was just told to fix it not even a warning ive since had other small run ins with other officer and for the most part the outcome is the same. So i cant say all cops are bad i just dont trust them but i dont trust anyone for that matter. On an end note thank you bestgore and members you make my morning coffee so much better.

  27. Like I said before its true not all cops are assholes but the fact that they were the same badge and uniform makes them one and the same, I don’t care if they are good, bad, crooked or straight they are all the same to me. The truth is a cop would arrest how own mother if he had to and in my book that places you as something lower than the lowest piece of shit scum on earth, I hate what cops represent. I’m in a motorcycle club and I know for a fact that cops stigmatize everyone in my club as criminals, the fact is that many of my brothers work as R.N.s and firefighters, they pay bills take care of their familys and they live within the law, but due to the fact that they are part of a certain motorcycle club and wear a patch on their back that declares them part of a brotherhood they are stigmatized as nothing more than bloodthirsty criminals on motorcycles by law enforcement, its true not every member is a saint but we don’t Ho looking for trouble the reason cos see us as criminals is due to the fact that we reject them as law enforcer because their laws are not ours, we govern ourselves we have our own laws and follow them accordingly, we “protect and serve” our own better than any public servant ever could, this is the problem that cops have with us they know that we won’t allow ourselves to be pushed around like the rest of the blind public does we our not sheeps to he herded. Therein lies the problem a group that is assigned to tell people what to do, and a group that refuses to be told what to do, the truth is the majority of people do need the police they need that protection because they are nothing more than blind weak sheep who are helpless but that’s their choice they choose to live that way and therefore must rely on corrupt power tripping assholes who instead of lending them a hand slap handcuffs on them and take them to jail. People should not be afraid of cops, but people are slowly being conditioned to belive that cops have more rights than they do and police officers are being trained to exploit this and abuse it to the point that they are starting to be live they are invincible, but they aren’t in fact a cop is just like anyone else in the public they are subject to the same laws even when they are out on patrol especially when out on patrol, a cop is a human and therefore makes mistakes they are not perfect even tho they think they are and this is why people should vigilant of them just because they are cops doesn’t mean they are right or they should be trusted whole heartedly. This is my problem with police they are people I don’t trust people what makes you think I’m going to trust a another person that has the right to detain me if he sees fit a person that can use lethal force and kill me if he sees fit…fuck that and fuck them.

  28. I don’t understand why there are people that hate cops, what would society be like which out them? The world has gone to hell, but without them it would be so much worse.
    I actually wanted to be a cop, but being a woman my family was totally against it. So instead I joined a volunteer fire department, and wow were other women hostile about it…but about 4 years after I joined other women finally started to join too.
    Now back in my teenage years I needed the police many times, always from being attacked by men, the police always treated me with respect and got the bad guy for me. I may have gotten a ticket or two for speeding from them, but I don’t care about that…they were there for me when I needed them and I’ll always respect them for that!
    Cop haters have to remember they put their lives on the line for us every day…just wait till you need them like I have.

  29. Whatever jobs people do there are going to be bad apples. What makes cops stand out more is the very nature of their jobs; they are on the receiving end of a whole bunch of shit, they see people at their worst and are expected to deal with it every day.

    They, like us have their breaking points. It’s easy for us to condemn them when we see them doing something, we would ordinarily see as ‘going too far’, but bear in mind we are only ‘seeing’ from one angle, be it a video, as a witness, or even being part of it.

    Cops have one of the toughest jobs when it comes to keeping emotions in check. Yes they screw up, and yes they should be punished for their screw ups, but in my view their punishments should always include councelling so that they can better deal with similar situation when they come across them again.

    If I had to deal with foul mouthed, nosiy, violent people, day in and day out, I think that no matter how hard I tried, that would have an affect on me.

  30. In the U.S., the police are trained to lie to people and legally allowed to lie to people. If you lie to them, they will arrest you and charge you with lying to police. They are dishonest hypocrites and they act like a gang. Cops can run their mouth in my face all day with lies and threats. Here’s my I.D., I have nothing to say.

    1. Giving false information to a police officer is a simple misdemeanor in my hood… the Feds are definately known for twisting your word around to trap you into saying a lie. Lying to the FEDS is a felony and federal offense. I must have missed the class in the academy where they taught me to lie to people.

  31. I’m glad this person found some comfort here. However, no one is taking it easy on niggers, snackbarists, or asians. Cops gotta deal with it like everyone else. More importantly, I’m no longer a lurker. Yay? Yay. Yay!

  32. Pigs have to make a choice…. uphold the laws made by corrupt men, thus affiliating themselves with corruption…. or stop being a pig and stop upholding laws made by corrupt men….. until then.. a pig is a pig is a pig is a pig.

  33. There are very few good cops.. They abuse the same laws they’re supposed to enforce. I think it’s worse in the city though. The cops use their sirens to go through red lights, then shut them off once they pass traffic. Plus the people I know related to cops, say they do grimy shit. I just really don’t care for them. The few encounters I’ve had, we’re by some foul mouth asshole cops who talk to you like a piece of shit and you can tell they’re acting so above the law. I still don’t care for them sorry.. but some do look hot in uniform..there’s one positive.

  34. I just wanted to say thank you to a good police officer. It also amazes me the contrast from Youtube to Best Gore. Where Best Gore members seem more intelligent, sympathetic, and often just down right better people.

    1. YouTube is a mainstream site with millions upon millions of users. Therefore, it will consist of 90% sheep. As we all know, sheep are just average (but not normal; I don’t think human beings were meant to be like this, they were made this way by society) human beings (nasty, unquestioning, and ignorant). If you try arguing with a sheep on YouTube, they won’t actually make any arguments. They’ll just label you as a bigot, neo-Nazi, racist, anti-Semite, sexist or mock you.

  35. well, I admit I didn’t read every post but I will add this: I just Joined the site and although I did not put this in my personal file I am retired police officer. It is one of the hardest and most hated positions to hold. To deal with the shit that people think they have a right to throw at you is just astounding. We often retire with extreme PTSD and a malady of other “disorders” with very little support. Divorce is common, I have 5 under my belt, and alcoholisim is also very common. I don’t drink but sometimes I really wish I did! It is a hard field for a woman to get into and when we do we always have to fight for our positions and remind all our fellow officers that we came here to do a job not to find someone to fuck. I was injured on the job, rolled my patrol car and broke my neck and my back in 5 different places, at the time I was a Sargent and was responsible for 10 other officers and their bullshit. I took an early retirement and now live quietly on my little farm in the middle of nowhere. I don’t go to town except for food and to pay my bills. I have 2 other gore sites I am a member of, for some reason I think it helps my PTSD, why I have no fucking clue. I went to a PTSD group once but one of the guys there told me I did not belong because I was a cop and had no idea what real “war” was all about. I went home and never went there again. I commend you for staying with it and working in one of the most violent unpredictable jobs on the planet.


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