Open Post #20 – Zionism Free Countries

Zionism Free Countries

Because the country I bear a passport of is a supporter of terrorism as well as an active accessory to war crimes, I have been seriously looking into moving somewhere else. For good. I can’t bear the notion that I’m indirectly connected to the crimes against humanity my government, the government which is my representative on the international level, commits on innocent people because their Zionist overmasters wish for them to do so. I want to permanently exile myself from the ZOG of Canada and move to a country that doesn’t consider truth to be a crime. Zionist Owned Governments prosecute seekers of truth, therefore the only viable exile options are Zionism Free Countries. But which countries are truly Zionists Free?

Trouble is – most easily identifiable Zionism Free Countries are plagued with various downfalls that make them questionable for permanent relocation. The trick would be in identifying the hidden gems. And so I thought I’ll leave it to the Best Gore open platform to try to identify suitable countries that are not only Zionism Free, but also not plagued by out of control crime, xenophobia, or are otherwise difficult.

An example of a Zionism Free Country would be Venezuela. Hugo Chavez has prevented the Zionists from gaining control over the country’s natural resources, banks and media, and that keeps it exceptionally free. Sure, because he’s not bowed to the Zionists, he’s being heavily smeared by the Zionists media so the uninformed public believes that he’s this horrible dictator. By their logic, unless you surrender your country’s banking system and all valuable resources to the Zionists while promising to do their bidding, then you are a dictator.

The hidden gem of Latin America, based on my research is the Uli land. This inconspicuous country enjoys the lowest crime rates in South America and one of the most impressive dedication of the government to serve its people, before serving themselves in the world. Uruguay established gender equality and democracy long before countries like France did. Uruguay is lead by the poorest president in the world – in order to understand ordinary people, the president lives like an ordinary person and grows flowers on his farm, drives an old Volkswagen Beetle, and donates 90% of his presidential salary to charity. Uruguay fuck yeah!

Because Europe would be much easier for an average Caucasian to integrate into, I gave the continent pretty close look. Switzerland has remained independent for centuries, but it’s not what it used to be. During WWII, the Swiss humanitarians inspected German labor camps and provided detailed reports of the findings which clearly stated that conditions in the camps were humane and no extermination was taking place – unlike what started happening after the Allies and Russians took over. Somehow that gave the Zionists and green light to strike against Switzerland and hold them responsible for made up crimes, such as the Holocaust. As a result, Switzerland was ordered to finance Israel and become one of the primary sponsors, after the USA and Germany. That Zionists started to get a grip on Switzerland was also confirmed a few years ago when the Swiss government agreed to declassify previously secretive Swiss banks. I still think Switzerland is one of the more Zionism free countries in Europe, but far from what it used to be (or could be).

Perhaps the most Zionism free country in Europe that’s also essentially crime free is Iceland. Let’s hope their post economic collapse intention to become a part of the European Union won’t materialize else Iceland will fall under the Zionist control too. So far however, the country is one of the most Zionism free countries in the world. So much so, that after the US Zionists decided to silence the chess champion Bobby Fischer for speaking against the Zionists and cancelled his passport while in self imposed exile in Japan, Iceland provided him with political asylum to protect him from prosecution and/or assassination.

Another obviously Zionism free European country would be the Vatican, although the smallest country in the world may be tricky to become a citizen of (if it’s possible at all – have yet to do the research on that).

Then there is Eastern Europe. Much of it is totally and completely under the Zionist control. Czech republic for example is shoulder deep up the Zionists’ ass. Poland in my opinion too. But some Eastern European countries are doing pretty good keeping the Zionists away. Most have a very hard time because after the fall of Communism, Zionists immediately took over the banks, important industrial sectors and media, but the general public is not dumb. Slovakia is a good example – not only a home to hands down the most beautiful women in the world, but also home to politicians that don’t bend over to the powers that were readily. When Zionist smear campaign put their puppet in power and he sent the troops to Iraq to fight for the Zionists alongside other ZOG mercenaries, people saw what was happening, voted the fake government down and the new prime minister instantly withdrew the troops in spite of threat from the Americans that it will negatively affect the bilateral relationships.

As I kept thinking further about which countries were truly Zionism Free, I realized that there was a metric which could serve as a pretty solid lead:

Countries that Voted in Favour of the Admission of Palestine to UNESCO

Woohoo – it doesn’t get any more straightforward than that. Any country that would vote against admission of Palestine to UNESCO is balls deep in Zionists’ ass. USA, Canada and Germany would definitely be among them cause they’re unsalvageable, but it was interesting to see which other countries are desperately drowned, as opposed to which ones either keep themselves free or at minimum think before bending over.

Here are the results:

Against Admission (aka Zionist Puppets): Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Sweden, United States of America, Vanuatu

In Favor (aka Zionism Free Countries): Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Chile, China, Congo, Costa Rica, Cuba, Cyprus, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Finland, France, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Honduras, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Libya, Luxembourg, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Republic of Tanzania, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Abstentions (aka Know What’s Right, But Too Chicken to Do It): Albania, Andorra, Bahamas, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Colombia, Cook Islands, Côte d’Ivoire, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Fiji, Georgia, Haiti, Hungary, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kiribati, Latvia, Liberia, Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, Nauru, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand, Macedonia, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Zambia.

Absent (aka Useless Shit Stains): Antigua and Barbuda, Central African Republic, Comoros, Dominica, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Madagascar, Maldives, Marshall Islands, Confederated States of Micronesia, Mongolia, Niue, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Turkmenistan.

I’m not surprised to see Muslim countries voting in favor by default – most did it on principle, but there are several pleasant surprises. Perhaps the most pleasant surprise is Brazil – fuck yeah Brazil… Zionists free! But I’m also pleasantly surprised by Finland and the Philippines. Good shit you guys. Countries like yours give the world hope. Unlike Canada that’s a complete and utter disgrace. The biggest disappointments are Singapore, Slovakia and Switzerland.

What do you guys think? Reliable list or not? Which do you see as the Zionism Free Countries and which as the Zionists Puppets?

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. (Wish I could edit)

      I was going to move to Europe myself, being Canadian I was thinking about Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway.. but seeing the current climate (The Islamification that is happening) I’ve decided against it.

      Scotland is way to close to that shithole known as England ditto for Ireland.

      Say what you will about Jews – I’d rather live around them than Muslims.

      There’s really not many places to go as a White.. and the list of places that do exist shrink smaller every-year.

      But leaving Canada has to be at the forefront – the collapse of the USA is going to happen, and Canada is going to feel the effects of it far more than we can withstand.

      1. @Silenced I live in the U.S California to be exact shit doesn’t happen where I live the only problem is niggers moved next door I was ok with ugly lesbians living next door but goddamn it’s even more weired seeing one of them black chicks at the corner selling herself and then next door to you o.o the U.S is going to shit I’ve been seeing alot more niggers in tv and around the block where I live that Sack of shit Obama is making them niggers finally stand up against the white man D; if anyone thinks I’m a racist try listening to a song called *bitches ain’t shit* on the radio or seeing a nigger named little Wayne on tv music isn’t music anymore it’s just a bunch of money hungry Jews selling bullshit

        1. @misfit55913

          n!ggers were brought by white people isn’t it ironic? otherwise they wouldn’t be here in Amerika i read somewhere the real reason why they brought them but forgot the link it’s just shit nowadays sometimes i wish the US could disappear and split the territory to their original owners i’m not talking about indians cause they are extinct more like France, Spain, Mexico, Russia, England etc

          1. You are dead wrong. “White people” didn’t bring nigger slaves to North America. Jews traded slaves they bought from other niggers. I know. Its not your fault. Its the Jew kike controlled school system that teaches you bullshit.

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          Niggers are scum, and I want them all dead. I wasn’t taught this, I learned it.

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      2. Though i don’t like Europe at all there’s quite a few nice places I’d like to live in for example: Romania, Belarus, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia. sucks muslims and blacks are ruining Europe it used to be awesome back in the day unlike now which sometimes resembles the USA i see every type of people living there

      3. The situation in Finland is not even near as bad as in Sweden where those Turkish assholes (not Kurdish people ? they’re alright) have their own parts of the cities invaded to themselves. And then you have, of course, your asshole savages from the Balkan (ex-Yugoslavia) and the obligatory standard-of-living refugees; the Somalis. Yuck.

        And the fact that who votes against or for the formation of the Palestinian country has pretty much nothing to do with being ?zionism-free? or not. I just find the whole concept of ?zionism-free? so absurd. The UN is a fucking joke and NATO is just a looting and murdering pack working for the jews.

    2. I was born to Brazilian parents, and currently live in the U.S. I’ve traveled four continents since I turned 18, and I would have to say that Poland was the most accepting country I’ve ever visited. I didn’t know what to expect of it since it was my first experience to eastern European society, but I
      literally had the best time of my life there. The locals were among the friendliest people I have
      met (two girls I met let me stay with them in
      their flat for three days). The guys there were respectful of me being a foreigner an not caucasian, we drank at the pub and told stories of our homeland. The only complaint I honestly have about Poland are the gypsies. When Mark tells you that they are scum of the earth, believe him, because nothing good can come from and encounter with them. Their areas are disgusting, with diseased dogs running around and dirty syringes laying everywhere. From my experience, their villages and camps are almost as bad as a Brazilian favela. And the sad part is that they are everywhere. It’s not an isolated case, they have literally destroyed a once proud nation.

      Sorry for the rant, but it is the truth. Anyways, Poland is an awesome place, beautiful, friendly women and awesome respectful guys. Definitely ranks as a top place to visit in my books.

    3. i feel truly sorry for all you under educated low lifes who have internet (thus the means to educate yourself) however stick to blaming other for your sorry lives and lack of succes and progress. instead of talking about what you would do……. fucking do it.
      stupid fucking haters. if the Zionist would all be dead (not even saying they are in existence in the world order and running things) you would find someone else to hate. People like you make the holocaust and other acts of mass extermination possible of ethnic or religious groups. When judgement day comes, and you will have to account for your deeds, I will feel sorry for you

      1. @Boudewijn Metzelaar
        So white people are to blame for the holoco$t? It is yet another jewish fantasy fairy tale of oppression. Sure kikes died in WW2, but sure as hell was no 6mill nor were any “holoco$ted”. At least have some facts to back up your statements.

    4. i’m chilean…our defense ministry is zionist…whites my ass, the crime rate is awful, we have the most expensive education and low salaries, we have the most corrupt goverment and its an awful place to live. i want to get out ASAP

      1. Being a bolivian living in bolivia, I somehow feel entitled to say “you should try bolivia for a change and see how it fits”.

        And yeah, I agree with Mark when he says that “in Latin America arrogance and selfishness (and political corruption) are inherent.

    1. Yes, as part of the United Kingdom. Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are a bit weird that way: all individual countries but not individual sovereign states. All of them except England have some degree of government of their own (Scotland has an entire proper parliament) as well as the parliament in London that covers all of them. It gets messy and it’s why Sctland is getting a vote o going fully independent.

  1. If i had to move out to Latin America i’d choose Argentina or Chile i’ve met girls and guys from those places online they aren’t assholes like people from central america and such plus so far i like those countries out of all Latin America.. I’ve always wanted to move to Canada in the future i even have friends over there as well but now with all the things and knowledge Mark told us i don’t feel like going there anytime soon what i love most about Canada is the lowest temperatures & people.. about Palestine i couldn’t give two fucks about but since I’m not a Zionist pig I wouldn’t be in their team supporting them.

  2. That “In Favor” list look like shit. Egypt? Libya? Indonesia?….Call me a sheep all you want, but those countries are garbage with no government control at all. Or is that the point?

    I got a .22 when I was 12, they get RPG launchers. We yell “Go Packers,” they yell “allahu akbar.” We kill a deer, they behead a christian.

    Good luck on your search, but some of those can’t be serious considerations.

    1. The jews got Gaddafi. Now, it’s down to just one final country in the world with a national bank of its own: Iran. I don’t know about Egypt today, but I remember seeing news about gunmen massacring busses full of tourists in the beginning of the 90s. Indonesia sounds pretty much like a shithole to me.

  3. Just to clarify, Australia abstained from the most recent UN Vote on Palestine. The PM supports Israel but a large number of Politicians support Palestine. Also our PM is an Atheist, albeit a bad one.

      1. I was talking to a few Aussies, and they all tell me the amount of Somali’s are increasing like crazy.

        I wouldn’t move there anyway (I’m a cold weather kind of guy) but yea.

        I’d probably pick New Zealand if I had to.. For now, anyway.

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      1. Whoa. Calm down there buddy, you’re spraying spit all over your monitor.

        First of all – Killing a bunch of Blacks or Muslims does nothing but hurt those of us who are enlightened and walk with Wisdom in our hearts. It gives people like yourself ammunition to use against us.

        White people don’t act because of simplicity – We still have relative safety in our Countries (Outside our Urban Battlefields aka Big Cities), and our Women keep us anchored to the chains of enslavement, feminism and docility.

        Also, Whites have been bred to be docile. From our very birth, it has been engraved into our heads. White Guilt, White Self-Hate, etc. etc. We are not allowed to have pride in our race, let along show it (And we have much to be proud of). No other race has undergone such a campaign of pussyification, so in that aspect your right. We are pussies. However, with enough pressure even the tightest of pussies splay open.

        My opinion on it is simple – Jews saw Hitler as the greatest threat they’ve ever faced, greater than Islam still.

        It isn’t men with beards and bombs that give the Zionist nightmares, it’s White Men with Wisdom, Knowledge and Free-Thinking.

        As such, after WW2 and the fall of Hitler, the Jew hierarchy were handed the keys to the Western World as-to make sure another Hitler should never rise again.

        This is how they came to control pretty much every sector in the USA/Canada etc. (Finance, Entertainment, News, Sports, Political, Government etc. etc.) they dictate and guide our Society and Culture into what it is today.. An amoral cess pool with no family-unit or values. Full of ‘undesirables’ whose sole purpose is to destroy what we’ve built, and generally keep us pinned down and at each-others throats. Divide and conquer.

        One only has to glance at the type of Music being promoted, the Movies, the News, the Politics etc.

        And when one breaks the chain of those enslavement methods, he or she (Rare) are labeled Racists, White Supremacists, Bigots etc. all in an effort of oppression. Denied jobs, harassed, bullied etc. The intolerance of the supposed ‘tolerant’ rears it’s ever ugly head.

        But that is coming to an end. Why? Well, the USA, the bastion of the Zionist ideology and poison, is collapsing, both economically, but more importantly – Morally. Without a strong Family-Unit as the foundation, you are doomed to simply crumbled away. The Foundation of our Countries has been chipped at, and chipped at for years and years, leaving it weak, fragile and brittle. The policies they have forced upon our Countries have eroded pretty much every social fabric within our Countries. The financial sector is going broke, the decay and rot of Big Cities is almost complete, the destruction of the White Woman is complete, The White Man has become emasculated, and the annihilation of the White Family unit is just about to hit overload. The West has become besieged by single-mothers, divorce, promiscuity, Infidelity, Race-Mixing, Undisciplined Children etc. etc.

        And the USA falling and collapsing is going to be like a domino. (Actually, I’m interested in which crumbles first – England or the US)

        It’s inevitable.

        Somewhere in the Western World, in some years time, a group of Muslims or Blacks will do something so horrendous, it’ll give rise to a Blizzard, that will swallow our Countries whole. It’ll be the final push, if you will.

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  5. Why would living with Muslims would be such deal? It’s what the media wants you to think. Muslims in real, are very nice people. They brought many cultures, Berbers,Arabs,Turks,Persians. And they have set the basis of science i.o.w Algebra,fysics,medicine,construction, and many more. Muslims have more reason to hate westerners, then westerners Muslims. They aren’t the ones bombing you, you know….

    1. Are you serious?
      Although they aren’t responsible for every attack I see or read up on, any time I see an attempted bombing or airplane attack, it’s some smelly fucking muzzie living in America trying to attack us from the inside.

      Who fucking cares what Muslims USED to be to this world. As of right now, anything I see, read, or hear of Muslims is total shit.

      Islam should be a crime against humanity, and I don’t know how long you’ve been on this site, but your comment sounds alot like the bleat of a sheep to me.

      “They aren’t the one’s bombing you, you know.”
      Yea? No comment on the failed post-9/11 shoe bomb or underwear bombs braught onto American planes?
      Both attacks were Muslim scum, pre-meditated, on American planes, after 9/11.

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        1. Your number on indians is an outright lie. North vietnam started a war. Also after we were attacked we killed muslims. 3000 terrofied people flying into a building are shit to you? For some pathetic pussy religion and dirty people, who flee to better developed nations to live and then destroy. Fuck muslims .

      2. I don’t think all Muslims are bad people. Some tend to be problematic, like some fanatics who try to impose islam on everyone else. But there are also good people among them. But well, the acts perpetrated by the ill-willed ones make all muslims look bad.

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        2. China has a problem with Islam.
          Russia has a problem with Islam.
          India has a problem with Islam.
          Asia has a problem with Islam.
          Europe has a problem with Islam.
          Africa has a problem with Islam.
          North America has a problem with Islam.

          When pretty much every inch of the globe, made up of different races, different belief systems has a problem with your Religion, then it’s your Religion, and not everyone else.

          Islam took the Middle-East and plunged it into the stagnant, backwards, inhumane place it is today.

          It’s a conquering Religion based on violence, death, poverty and little to no prosperity.

          It’s a gaping wound upon the face of this Earth, a true and measurable crime against humanity, and should be the first Major Religion completely wiped off the face of this earth.

          It wasn’t Buddhist, Hindu’s, Taoist etc. calling for the Danish/Swedish/Finnish/Norwegian flag to be changed because of the cross.

          It wasn’t Hindu’s, Taoist, Buddhist etc. responsible for 9/11.

          It wasn’t Hindu’s, Taoist, Buddhist who called for the building of a Mosque at ground-zero.

          It was Hindu’s, Taoist, Buddhist who called for the outlawing of Christmas, because it offends.

          It isn’t Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu’s causing the uptick in violent crime in Europe, it’s Muslims.

          It isn’t Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu’s trying to instill their own law in our lands.

          It isn’t Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu politicians in Belgium promising Belgium will be an Islamic state.

          White Muslims, Asian Muslims, Arab Muslims, Berber Muslims, Black Muslims, it matters not. They are all scum.

          Scum that is being cuddled, protected and enriched by our traitorous Governments. Being brought over into our Countries by the city-load. Reeking havoc on our national Identities, Society and Culture. Raping our women, savagely attacking our men and making a future for our children uncertain.

          Fuck you, Islam and anyone who supports that garbage.

          I pray for the day I get to watch our Leaders hanged for their treachery, for bending their knee to Islam, for being nothing but puppets. I pray for the day I have in my hands the means to which I can effect change.

          1. I just like saying the whole world has a problem with White Islam White Christian White Buddhist White Atheist White Hindu White Gay White Taoist White Judaism does anyone give a flying fuck? Shit no! Shut the fuck up and stay silenced and fuck you too.

          2. And yet… They flock to our Countries like a Black man flocks to White vagina.

            And then turn our Countries into shitholes, like the Countries they left.

            Here’s an idea – Muslims move to the UAE or Qatar, or Saudi Arabia.

            There’s your Islamic utopias.

            I’d say “And Africans, move to South Africa, there’s your utopia” but the end of ‘apartheid’ otherwise known as the Years of Prosperity, and the handing of rule over to the Blacks kind of ruined South Africa, didn’t it?

            East-Asians come here – No problems. They integrate, cause no issues. Indians same thing (Though India has a pretty impressive Muslim population, so you have to be careful).

            Which reminds me – Where is the whining about the lack of roles in Hollywood for Asians? The only way to get a part is being Female and willing to take your closes off. No one sticks up for them.

            Also the lack of Asians in the job force?

            I wonder why? 😉

          3. I grew up in Riyadh and left in 1991 as a child, and would rather have a muslim neighbor than a jew ANY day. But neither is ideal.
            If it were my choice religion would be outlawed outright, and america would be for those who settled it, and built the infrastructure.
            Religion is sillynes not to mention dangerous and needs to stop.
            Let the jews fight their own fight and leave the west for the northern europeans who built it.

    2. The Persian culture was not founded by the Muslims, oldest records show that it was founded by the Elem people during the Proto-Elamite kingdom in 3200 BC, they practiced a polytheism based religion.

      The Muslim conquest in 651 AD was responsible for most of these hostile takeovers of Ancient civilisations in the Arab world, The Muslims themselves came from the lower classes of Indian, they, after being treated like shit for being born into the wrong class, took it upon themselves to create their own religion and claim their own land, of course it was not long before they wanted to spread their ideology elsewhere, in other words, a basic power grab.

      The Muslim religion was successful because it promised equality for all when previously the lower classes had been treated the worst. This caused many to want to join, I expect that after a while the religion was hijacked by the usual power mad self servers who started to write books such as the Koran and dictate rules where previously there had been none.

      To conclude, the Muslims created very few civilisations because they took over by force the present civilisations and made use of their already established systems and education, The Muslim religion is relatively new when compared to ancient civilisation and when you look at what has happened to the Arab world since the Muslim takeover, they went from world class, at that time, countries who were ahead of the rest of the world and turned into shit heaps.

      The same would have happened to the western world had science and learned progress not won out against religion.

      When you look at the Muslim world you can see first hand what happens when religion gains too much power, god and science sadly could never get along very well.

  6. Most pacific nations have a level of u.s support or endure u.s intimidation,P.N.G is a bit of a hard place,the states is trying to make its presence felt down here again because china has ambitions in the area…..and the u.s is running out of friends elsewhere,our govt is actively sucking kenyan cock but because of the no nuke sentiment of the majority of people here a happy ending for said cock is unlikely,my relatives in australia tell me its a great place to live and work….and its big,easy to be anonymous if one does not behave like an idiot,btw both aussie and nz have u.s sattelite coms facilities and bases (not that the average public know or pay much attention) so that will give you an idea of pacific “co-operation”…………

  7. My advice, find an uninhabited island somewhere and live of the land for any place that contains human beings will also contain misery and pain.

    If the island idea is a bit too much then simply find somewhere to live that is as far away from other people as possible, most counties have remote areas with few inhabitants.

    The only other way to find a country that is not Zionist controlled is for the people to rise up and take back their country.

  8. @Mark

    Why is Thailand not on this list anywhere?? Sure scam happy xenophobic of course, but Zionist no. It take a solid skull and pair of nuts to live here yes…. To each his own though, Eh?

    I think Greenland or Iceland would be a good choice for many whit people looking to escape multiculturalism shite

    1. Iceland is nothing but a NATO base, my friend. They got bankrupt in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis ? thanks to having USA’s (Israel’s) hand elbow-deep up their ass. They have nothing else than their failed banks and some hot water in form of geysers.

  9. Mark have you heard of the Channel Islands? They are a group of 5 islands between England and France – one of the smallest is Sark, Sark with its own set of laws based on Norman law and its own parliament. It has a population of about 600. Sark’s economy depends primarily on tourism. Sark has an area of 2.10 square miles (5.44 km). There are no cars there so little to no pollution.

  10. iran or myanmar would be good. i prefer russia. they are against all things zionist and have insanely hot women. they banned promoting faggotry to children. putin is restoring order to a country raped by jews for one hundred years.

    go to russia, and live a life free from faggotry on every fucking channel, every fucking day.

    1. Good points (the faggotry is indeed force-fed to us on every god-damned channel, but I’m happy we don’t [yet] have to watch/listen to them), but bear in mind that Russia is not a safe place even if you’re an Aryan ? they might still mug and beat you. It’s also as corrupt as they come, in terms of the lack of integrity of the police/politicians, and don’t even think of starting a business there without being hassled by the mafia/officials/political bureaucracy. Take this from somebody living just 300 kilometres away from St. Petersburg

  11. Leave our zionist countries? For non- zionist countries? Instead of voicing our disdain and anti- zionsit voices to at least try and change our own location. I know it’s probably useless, but to flee…

    Isn’t that like Blacks fleeing their poverty crime riddled neighborhoods to living in more safe neighborhood (aka white neighborhoods). There is no real white havens for whites anymore… the kreig is lost…
    I’m moving to Japan, getting a japanese chick intergrating myself into the Japanese gene pool!

    1. But respectful of their culture and people.

      If you end up with a Japanese woman and get dirty looks – Understand them, do not hate them.

      Do not become a drain on their Society.

      The Japanese are pretty xenophobic – So you will get weird looks, especially if you are with an Asian woman (It’s like a White woman being with an African man).

      1. Hi Silenced, it depends where you live in Japan. I lived and worked there for five years and had a Japanese girlfriend, in Tokyo where I lived you will not get many stares, it is only in the areas where westerners are not many that xenophobia becomes a problem.

        Then again, I much prefer Japan because they have not allowed immigrants to taint their world, so I salute them and accept the stares wherever they may be.

      2. Oh yeah, my future career is being a US navy sailor, so I’ll probably be stationed in Japan at one point. I think I’ll find my experience like Tom Cruise did. A single lone white guy arrives to Japan haunted by guilt of what he had done, and through interacting with the Japanese and their wonderful culture, my evil white soul finally finds rest and peace… and Japanese women.

  12. I suggest Finland: modern country (you will need a good connection to internet!), similar weather, beautiful women (who knows…) and it is far enough from unmarried female of the family!

    1. Finland is pushed up against Countries under siege (Sweden, Norway) how long can they hold out?

      But yes, I’d live in the land of the Finnish before I would the Swedish or Norwegians (Which is sad, as I have connections to Sweden)

  13. How about whites stop being pussies and make a stand against the jews and the jews shabbos goys instead of running off to a third world country ? (country that will probably fall into the hands of the jews int he future)

    1. Fuck yeah but that doesnt mean if we dont go on killing sprees we are pussies . Dialogue is key and enough like minded whites is a start. Fuck these cowards who dont like racist and hide behind intellectual shit talk .Trying to bait Whites into committing and mexican power gangs arent out their doing shit either to kill us whites. We will have our day for real meaningful action. They will be sorry they ever instigated our people.

  14. Boxers are great dogs man. That picture is insulting to them.

    No matter where you go, there will always be some bastards at the top. You don’t get there by being normal, you get there by being a bastard. So you have to compromise. No country is perfect, the important thing is not being a pussy and claiming your standing ground, where you can do as you please.

    While some countries like Japan, Chile or Uruguay keep the influence of hook-noses to a minimum, and are not sympathetic to us inferior races, the people there are still oppressed by their leaders, who are juts like the politicians in Canada or the USA: they only agree on raising their own salaries.

    So don’t be a pussy. If you’re one, wherever you move to, you’ll feel exploited and what not. Even if you’re surrounded by other fellow white pederasts like yourself.

  15. Nothig is gonna happen in our lifetime, not to the extent that will please everybody. Everybody wants to get rid of somebody but those are the people sitting behind thier computers complaining. What if i said i wanted to get rid of all the hate spewing. THATS not gonna happen, just as much as all the fantastic fantacies you all have. Tell me if the ones who are complaining are doing anything about it. Protesting, telling their government officials how they feel, joining groups that are active, studying, becoming professionals in a career to make changes, moving to a better neighborhood, anything? If you are so miserable then do something! Most of the crime comitted in my town is drug related but i sell drugs so i can’t complain. Just remember, as much as you would like to get rid of someone, they want you gone just as bad. Nobody is guilt free.

    1. So not surprised to see a White Female typing something like this.

      It’s unfortunate how far and deep the infection has ingrained it-self into our sisters.

      But, I guess that’s why so many White Man today don’t bother with them.

      You know what happens when you move to a better neighbourhood? It eventually gets swallowed like your previous neighbourhood. There’s a reason the safest places in the USA are Main, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Vermont.

      And protest? We have no voice. Look at you and other white females – your first thought is “ugh, racist.. so gross”. That’s our reality.

      We have no voice, so protesting is useless.

      The time for political maneuvering is over – it’s far to late. The infection has spread to every major party of politician. While people like UKIP give us small hope, we know they’ll never win anything. The only thing left to us is violence.

      Right now, the situation isn’t to bad, so nothing happens (Outside some individuals like Anders Breivik) but in 20 years? The problems will be insufferable.

      It won’t only be London; England gone to dogshit, it’ll be Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Oslo, Norway etc.

      And that’s when violence becomes not only the only option – But the necessary option.

      What our Governments are doing, is dangerous indeed.

      1. @drccoco thanks i enjoyed you enjoying this.

        @silenced, you should change your name to noisey. You sure do talk alot for someone so silenced. And i’ve been watching your post since you’ve joined. I think you like talking just for talk sake cause it’s mostly the same comments and pionts on every post. But your not the only one here that does it. So don’t feel bad. But i’m flattered that you think i’m all caucasoid. Although it is in half of my make-up. I could sense in your tone that you were trying to belittle me, and thats ok since you hold no space in my life, so it made your statement funny. But you go ahead and keep repeating yourself. You do make good points so im sure you’ll have plenty of fans.

        Other names that would fit better:

        1. I’m sorry you struggle with writing posts – For me, it takes no time at all to type something up. That’s your failing, not mine.

          The moniker I have chosen is self-explanatory – My people are silenced from speaking up about the atrocities and problems infecting our lands.

          This is achieved in various ways – Through the upfront belittling and character assassination that is known as ‘racism’. When we speak up, we are deemed racist, white supremacist, Nazi’s etc. You should know this, you’ve been around this site long enough to come into contact with people who use that as a shield (And you yourself are no doubt guilty of it).

          By attacking the messenger, one bypasses the need to discuss the message. The fact that so many of my fellow brothers and sisters have fallen so deeply into the insidious mode of thinking akin to Liberal/Leftists, is unfortunate. It’s at their peril, though. For their family will be the ones suffering.

          The next step is rather insidious – We get fired from our jobs, and every-time we try and find a new job, guess what comes up on our records? “Shows signs of Nazism”.

          Awesome. That’s why my moniker means what it means, not the length of my posts on this comment site, which I will reiterate, takes me no longer than 2 minutes to type something up.

          Your insults and attempts at belittling me amuse me. Said in arrogance, steeped in ignorance, forever blind to reality.

          Omnia Vincit Veritas

          1. you started it! anyways being silenced is a personal problem. who is silencing your “people”? not that im really interested. and i don’t care how long it takes you to write a comment, they just take up alot of space, thats all.

          1. Ugh. I never cut and paste. Everything I type is pretty much thought up on the spot.

            You wouldn’t want to see something I actually thought about long before I typed.. It would scare you.

            Meh. No one forces you to read it, by the way.

            It’s like me – I ignore posts you make in which you appear to have your tongue out, cock in hand, panting after a female poster.

            It is what it is.

        2. @1girl1cup
          haha lol, 1girl1cup you’re awesome.

          @ Silenced.
          The girl is right, I’m sure you just normally type these long and multiple comments, but the thing is Silenced… most of the your post are just reilliteration of past facts, and you post with way too many facts and stats with too little writer’s tone that lacks personal flavor or flare.

          1. I’m a man, not an animal. I find it sad as a woman you think of yourself as nothing more than a ‘pussy’.

            Don’t you feel your thoughts matter? Or do you seek validation in the number of cocks you’ve sucked and fucked?

            How very sad, 1girl. I am truly disappointed.

            As for your comment – I have a very enjoyable sex-life.

            However, I am a one-woman kind of man, so I guess in that case, I get less ‘pussy’ as you so disgustingly put it, as the men you are accustomed to sleeping with at your local watering hole :).

          2. You only have one woman or will only one women have you? As for men, I use them like kleenex. like fresh meat. Your young so you have alot of spunk. Get out there a get your preach on. I like me some animals. All lusty and grunty!

          3. Getting a woman today is easy work, 1girl, especially if you happen to be.. erm, well endowed.

            And I happen to have nothing wrong with me physically, if you know what I mean.

            I’m just a man who values things that are more important than expressing my carnal needs with random women that might as well be cardboard to me.

            I see we are very, very different people. I’d say you’d be the exact type of woman I’d avoid in the real world. I mean no offense by that, perhaps I’m the kind of guy you’d avoid, as well (Though, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised).
            Anyway, I feel that I should apologize. It seems quite a few of the female population on this site takes offense to my posts, and these women happen to be long-time members.

            So, out of respect for the owner, I’ll cool it.

            Ma-salaam 😉

          4. Bragging about my Wenis? Pft, no.

            I was simply illustrating a very real point in the Western World (which is where I live) – A man with a sizable appendage will have little to no trouble finding women to ‘have him’, as 1girl so eloquently put it. He could dive into a pool filled with homosexual males, and still come out with a sizable number of women on his arm. This was simply said in response to a comment made by 1girl.

            As a matter of fact – I find it rather sad how men are viewed in the West, where the size of his phallus is all that seems to matter to women these days. How we are judged by what is between our legs, as if that constitutes the kind of men we are.

            I’m glad we have cleared that up :).


          5. Fuck these people silenced ive read through many a post of people patting eachothers pointless stupid post on the back. But because evryone talks shit about white racist but wouldnt do shit to a black or mexican racist… Make your post make some noise fuck people who dont like it . Whites are waking up and liberal jews and slut women pussy traitors hate it.

  16. You don’t wanna go to Venezuela…they got censorship up the ass there and they’d probably think you were a spy, yes Chavez tries very hard to keep Venezuela anti ZOG but he’s also a real hardass on his own people so that it stays that way, he does this by using communist tricks his papi Castro taught him, like taking over private media outlets and foreign businesses (oil, gold, minerals, produce, etc) and turning them into state property which is then heavily regulated and operated by them.

    1. Papi Castro Hahahaha I remember when he spoke to the PuertoRican governor about helping him by the offer of splitting away independent from USA. The Zog bitch barked at Hugito to stay away from Puerto Rico. Lol

  17. I think mark hit the nail on the head, basically every anti ZOG country is plagued with problems which is just another testament to how much ZOG has penetrated every country in the world which basically gives you two choices…live comfortable in a ZOG supporting country or live uncomfortablely in dictator ..controlled a war torn shit stained hell hole that seems to come in only two flavors, humid jungle and hot desert.

    1. Fuck the usa im working on leaving here after i take care of dying family. There aint shit left in this country but stupid fucks who learn to from rap tv and movies that whites are pussies. I hope i live to see black mexico fail .

  18. Been thinking of moving to Argentina, it’s surrounded by good countries, Chile and Uruguay, and Argentina/Uruguay are white and I speak Spanish so that’s a plus. Only problem is I need to save some money first, just hope I can make it out in time before the U.S goes to shit.

    1. It’s not as easy to move to a foreign country as it is for a foreign country to move here (the U.S.) You either have to have a degree in some skill they need, or marry a local. And of you find work, be prepared to still pay taxes to the U.S. Government. The IRS has the right to tax all American expatriates, even of you renounce U.S. Citizenship.

        1. No problem bud. I researched ways to leave the states too back in the day. It’s not as easy as you think. Europe is nearly impossible, and even Canada is hard, even with a work or study visa. Seems like we’re stuck here, unless you can illegally emigrate and manage to stay off the radar.

          1. Your right mick leaving your country for another isn’t as easy as most would think in fact it would take years of planning and even more years of saving up $, but its not impossible and people do it all time…except after a couple of years they tend to come running back home lol.

  19. I dont cre if muslims are good or bd but I am sure Muslims are all stupid, otherwise they would not be provoked easily by Usa and allies, they do not only terrorize other religions but themselves as well, check the situation in Libya & Iraq, though Usa and his allies left those countries they continue to kill each other, muslims are easily operated by Zionists, its not muslims invading the Europe but Zionists. Suprisingly I heard from many Muslims that “Jews and Muslims are brothers”, their books are very similiar as they both dont eat pork, they both do circumcision, they both fest etc etc.

    1. I’d be easily provoked if another country bombed the shit out of mine and occupied it. As for Libya and Iraq, both were wars for ZOG and both had to do with Oil and Gold. I do agree that it is ZOG and not Muslims manipulating policies. Also you forget that Muslims also consider Christians their brothers (even closer than the Jews) as well, not just the Jews. Yes the Torah, Qur’an and Bible are all similar in one way or another. And I’d hate to break it to you, but in the Old Testament it says Christians aren’t allowed to eat pork either.

      Leviticus 11:19
      Deuteronomy 14:8

      There are also some other’s but I don’t really feel like fetching them all.

  20. I think Vietnam would make a great country to move to if your trying to avoid ZOGs tentacles of power, they got great food, great fishing, love you long time girls, and the country has natural beauty up the yin yang…just watch out for landmines, I can totally see Mark going all “Colonel Kurtz” (Apocalypse Now) in Nam.

    1. I wouldn’t recommend procreating with a local though (if reproduction is a future goal at all for you)… unless you like *severe* birth defects. The longevity and extent to which Agent Orange is still contaminating the environment (and thus, it’s natives) is far from clear yet.
      Image Googling “Agent Orange birth defects” never ceases to boggle my mind.

    2. I’m a Vietnamese/Canadian. everything is dirt cheap, a bowl of PHO'( vietnamese soup) will cost you about 50 cents. You are also right about our women, they do love you long time. You get into an accident, pay them $20 bucks and your off( killing someone in an accident is a different story). You and a friend can drink and party all day and night(full out) will cost you about $100. The country is beautiful, if you go outside of Saigon. Just a suggestion, if you truely want a good women go into farm land and find one. Don’t fall for a city girl, they are more about money and party. the farmland girls will treat you right and money is not important to them. As long as you love them long time, they will love you long time 10 times more. If Vietnam wasn’t won by the comunist, it would be a paradise to live there. But after saying that, they usually leave you alone if you mind your buisiness. If you go there, first thing to try is our Pho’, I’ll almost garantee you’ll love it no matter how easy or picky you are at eating. Be carefull of the little ones, they are extremely street smart( they have to to survive). they will outsmart any adault and can almost sell you anything. Always keep your money very close to your body, they are one of the worlds best at picking pockets. That would be my first choice as well.

  21. this might as well have been a guest post for @Silenced

    at any rate, relocating to another country, learning its languages and laws and the rights of its citizens is more work than i’m willing to put in…ZOG has its claws in more than you may realize, the entire world is at stake…no place is actuall FREE of its influence. for now i will remain in the north of the United Shit of Americant

  22. Hey good news, Germany didn’t vote against. You have to put Germany under Abstentions 😉 The country is quite nice and not that mind-fucked like the anglo-american countries (just a little bit), but unfortunately the biggest cities there are getting overrun by Gypsis from East-Europe and of course Muslim-scums 🙁

  23. This is my first time posting on BestGore and i must say i’m absolutely not racist and i dont descriminate on a day to day basis in any way, but i do hate those Jew Zionist pricks. Living in Ireland the last 20 years i’ve bin able to sit back and watch what has become of the world, its a business now. And all because of these Israeli pricks. Iv been using BestGore for maybe a year now and i’d like to thank Mark for the work he’s doing, maybe the websites name has been blackened by the media but he speaks the truth. Thailand being a shithole, multi-culturalism in Sweden, Finland etc, Jew Bastards and what their doing in Palestine. Mark is the only person speaking the truth about these and many, many other topics. Heck, only 1 month ago a British tourist committed “suicide” in Thailand, no doubt set up by the authorities because he wouldn’t give up his valuables to the grimey pigs that run that corrupt dump. I have to say im glad i live in Ireland, such a simple place, yes we have our corrupt politicians (and fuck me their corrupt), but we dont have those Jew Bastards controlling everything we see and hear. I dont watch RTE News, CNN, Fox, BBC etc. because all you get is propaganda driven lies and bullshit. Since i first came to bestgore i stopped using these networks and swapped them for bestgore, so again, thank you Mark for the work u do to spread the TRUTH and not what were programmed to believe. Peace in the middle east my friends.

    1. Please! Could there be a more jew-ridden place on the Earth? Just hardly. The fucking island is filled with the banks of those disgusting vermin. And what about those laws? Death penalty for drugs. Whipping for spitting or leaving a used piece of chewing gum on the sidewalk. Wow! Talking about putting things in perspective, right? What a bunch of stupid fucking chinks having the hand of the blood-sucking jewish parasite up their ass. No, thanks!

  24. Is it wrong of my white ass to like living near minorities. I come on this site because I genuinely like chaos and violence. I’ve lived in inner-cities almost my entire life (chicago, cleveland, st.louis, etc….) I currently live the minor city and capital of IL, Springfield. I was pleased to find that it has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Oddly it’s mostly white (~75% as of the 2010 census). I made sure to move to a mixed neighborhood as I do not speak ebonics well and don’t find most black woman attractive, at least when Im sober. I really do enjoy watching “The Beast”, aka african-americans, and N.E.W.Ts (North End White Trash) assault, mug, rape, shoot and murder amongst themselves and between groups. I’ve been to places some of you are speaking of which the Jews don’t control, but they all are pretty boring and vanilla. I guess I enjoy real and up close violence. I don’t get why people here will condem these people for providing the very entertainment they seek here at bestgore, and would squirt a red streak in their pantyliner if one moves next store. Im thinking most must live in the safe burbs, well The Beast is a coming, but don’t be afraid enjoy it like I do. Fuck moving to whitebread !

  25. India is totally in the control of Zionists. Or else I would say that Indians are even more clever than the Zionists. Indians have Zionists in their control. “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger”, this may not be true in the case of India. The Zionists try to swallow India and they get swallowed instead.

  26. India is totally in the control of Zionists. Or else I would say that Hindus (largest group in India) are even more clever than the Zionists. Hindus have Zionists in their control. “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger”, this may not be true in the case of India. The Zionists try to swallow India and they get swallowed by the Hindus instead. Remember if the Zionists go against Muslims they are working for Hindus. Hindus have 33 crore Gods and Godesses and supposedly all these reside in a cows belly and thats why Hindus don’t consume beef. Chist would be just one of the Gods in Hinduland aka India.

  27. Based on simple demography,Canada is the place to be.It does have its issues,like all other countries on earth,but more than makes up for them with its space(pop per acre).Just wish i could revoke my citizenship,then comeback a few years down the road,and claim Landed immigrant status.For the real perks!
    Most don’t see it,or choose not to acknowledge it,but its all a population issue.Race/religion won’t mean shit when this comes to a head.
    On a side note:Happy New Year!And if you don’t like it here,find a better place to exist.(lololol)

  28. people the problem is being misinterpreted the problem is not a particular religion or race it is quite simple it is humans there are now 7.1 billion of us on the planet and we are fucking destroying it so in order for continuation of your excuse for an exsistance we must reduce the population and this is where our areas of interest meet. its simple there are large proportions of the worlds population that you despise and a large proportion of the worlds population that needs to be removed to ensure the ongoing and balanced survivle of humans so what must be done is that we must use ideas and movements such as the golden dawn to begin a cull because otherwise the Forrest of humans will grow too thick and will choke its self and all will crumble everything that you stand for everything than you have worked for all will collapse in to insignificance we must begin the cull as soon as possible. there has already been great advances in this movement the purges of the Jews, gypsies and retards by Hitler not only served to remove weak genes from the gene pool of humanity but also had it not been done the population of the earth may well be over 9 billion today had it not been for the purges so we must work to purge any race you hate or despise because for every person that dies there will be less children and less grand children so the more that are killed the slower the growth rate of the human race becomes but if we are to survive the growth rate must shrink to negative figures there must be more people killed and dyeing than born this must be done in any manor possible it will prolong the surivle of the human race so by any means possible kill as many humans as you can for the sake of humanity and your beliefs

    trust your beliefs, act on your words, follow your desires,
    remember your goals

    1. Please do not spam, asshole. And while you’re at it, try and learn to

      1) start your sentences with a capital letter
      2) use commas and periods (, and .) in their correct respective places
      3) understand that no ?holocaust? of any kind or in any scale took place in Germany before or during the WW?.

      Thank you.

  29. @silenced…
    Islam has done more than ANY OTHER RELIGION to give rights to people who had none previously, especially women.
    Watch the 1976 film “The Message” starring Anthony Quinn, it’s there in full on you tube.
    It’s just a shame that power seems to fall to those people who enjoy the suffering of others, and this is no more true of Muslims than of any other group of people.
    The difference is that these particular cruel bastards use the framework of laws which was revealed to elevate & protect humanity as their excuse for their crimes.
    The zionists use interest transactions to control economic systems & to increase the gap between poor & rich.
    Islam has, as one of its pillars ZAKAT, which works in a diametrically opposed fashion to interest.
    It is a shame though that due to the principle “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, groups have arisen within the Islamic community who tend to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” with respect to some of the advancements of modern civilization & given half a chance would take us back to the middle ages.
    MOST Muslims are very nice people who are tolerant
    of other peoples religions and views. It’s just that unlike the zionists (and I DO NOT include all followers of Judaism in this title) THEY ARE HONEST!

    1. I saw “The Message” movie on youtube. The sad fact is one who made the movie, Moustapha Akkad was killed in a terrorist attack in 2005. He was in the process of making a movie about Saladdin. Makes you wonder who actually killed him. It appears there was a plot to eliminate him (in a terrorist strike which would then be blamed on Al-Qaeda) by the enemies. It was a comspiracy.

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