Open Post #21 – Political Prisoners

Zionism and Political Prisoners

On November 5, 2012 Canadian blogger Arthur Topham from Quesnel, B.C. was charged with hate crime for allegedly promoting hatred against Jews. Even though it’s extremely rare to have charges sworn under this section of the Criminal Code in British Columbia, 65 year old Arthur Topham was charged simply because he dared to speak truth about the most racist group of supremacists on the planet.

As you know, Canada is run by the Zionists Owned Government. Zionists do not run the government, they let the goyim do the dirty work and as can be seen from this case, ZOG has their hands full prosecuting everyone who doesn’t stick their nose up the Zionists’ ass.

Arthur Topham’s lawyer called Canada’s hate-speech laws “instruments of oppression” because that’s exactly what they are. Truth is the new hate speech. It would take me two seconds to find Canadian bloggers who speak negatively of Muslims but you’re not gonna see them charged with hate speech anytime soon because hate speech laws are simply the ZOG’s “instrument of oppression” with which to target anyone who does not bow to the Zionists’ cock.

If hate crime charges land Arthur Topham in prison, he will become a political prisoner. I hold political prisoners to the highest regard because they are the courageous revolutionaries who stood up to the oppressive government despite the threat of imprisonment. There is hardly more one can achieve in life. Obedient sheep who bend over and take what they’re given are many. Only the most valiant ever find the courage to stand up to the oppressive force that can crush them at a moment’s notice.

One thing Mr. Arthur Topham may not realize is that he has an option to seek political asylum. Most people in the first world countries don’t have a thought of political asylum cross their mind because we are brought up believing that it’s only people from other countries who try to get to our country that seek political asylum and that makes us vulnerable. It’s time to get over the dogma and realize that the society we live in is not free. We are anticipated to kiss pre-determined ass and for as long as we kiss it, we will have our faux freedom granted to us. But deviate from the path of an ass kissing sheep, and your gonna get silenced by force.

The list of countries that voted in favor of admission of Palestine into the UNESCO would be a good start. Leave countries that voted against as well as those that abstained out for they serve the Zionists as much as the government that wants to prosecute you and will stab you in the back instead of helping you, but all the rest could take you in. If I were to take that course, I would go from one embassy to another until I spoke with someone who understands the threat of Zionism. Ecuador provides shelter to Julian Assange from the Zionists – that’s the type of country you want to seek political asylum in when ZOG turns against you.

Of course, by not taking that route, Arthur Topham would join the likes of Vaclav Havel who was imprisoned by the communists in former Czechoslovakia and became the president of Czech Republic after the fall of communism, or Mahatma Gandhi who never flinched to return to captivity for his ideals of non violent civil disobedience, or Bobby Sands, the IRA sympathiser whose hunger strike death landed him worldwide condolences, or Andrei Sakharov who was sent to Soviet gulag in Gorky only to become a legend and pave the way for democratization of Russia, or Aung San Suu Kyi whose recent release from prison in Myanmar (Burma) re-ignited the spirit of revolution, or Nelson Mandela whom surely I don’t need to introduce to anyone.

To become a political prisoner is to not have lived in vain.

Keep in mind that sheep dogs are paid to serve and protect, but it is not me and you they serve and protect. It’s the system. They serve and protect the status quo and will crush down hard on anyone who deviates. I eagerly anticipate my turn at ZOG’s sheep dogs coming after me for not following the status quo. When I’m a political prisoner, my life will have been fulfilled. But the resistance will go on. They can’t silence us all.

I would like to wish Mr. Arthur Topham strength in his upcoming battle with the oppressive Zionists Owned Government. It’s a battle that can’t be won, but your bravery to take it on, Mr. Arthur Topham will not be forgotten. Hail!

Vincit Omnia Veritas,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Open Post #21 – Political Prisoners”

  1. Ah, Hate speech, my favourite word. Used by many governments to shut down legitimate discussion on unwanted topics.

    Don’t like uncontrolled immigration and the many number of social ills that it brings, you are a racist.

    Don’t like homosexuality, you are a homophobe.

    Don’t like your government, you are a traitor.

    The list goes on and on but the main stance is all the same, if you try to discuss in any way your opinions on matters that go against your governments social and political objectives they will shut you down.

    That is democracy in a nutshell, you have the right of choice and free opinion, just so long as that choice and opinion is in agreement with what your government wants.

  2. Roibe?rd ? Seachnasaigh “bobby sands” wasn’t only a IRA sympathiser he was an active member of the PIRA which is what landed him in prison. I’ve been to to his grave! He was a great guy, Thank you for mentioning him Mark!!!
    The IRA will conquer!

    1. Hopefully not, the IRA are nothing more than a money hungry organised crime syndicate. Hiding behind our flag under the pretence of independence. My great grandfather fought in the rising that helped free this country, and I’m sure he and his brothers in arms would be appalled by the so called IRA today. Scumbags is all

        1. Did you even read my comment? My family fought to free the country. I’m sorry, but the IRA have no values anymore. All they care about is taxing drug dealers and extorting money from innocent, proud, true Irishmen by intimidation and bully boy tactics. No better than the violent thugs they they declare war on

          1. I guess I did read right over that part, I apologize. I hear what you’re saying but I can’t agree fully on it, To a point yes but fully not. It’s all for a reason I guess and land won’t be back in rightful hands until people stand up for it. But culture is dyeing and people don’t seem to honor their land like they should.

      1. Holocaust true or not… It doesnt matter. For the next thousand years the forced rememberance of what the nasty nazis did to the “poor” jew cunts will be forever shoved in our faces so we dont be racist and have a bleeding heart for the roaches of society…….

        And you know something? That kind of means the nazis won the war… So long as they carry on the memory… The jew hating nazi will always remain… And so on a new generation of jew exterminating nazis will come along… The only way you can truly win a war. Is if you obliterate your enemy and deatroy all traces of their existence. Leaving nothing behind… And some day they will have a machine for erasing ones memory…once all memory is gone… So to is their existence… But why they keep making WW2 documentrys on the history channel… The nazi memory remains…

        And because it remains?? You get people saying things like

        “oh the poor jews. They suffered so much”

        And because they got the whole boo fucking hoo!!!

        “We were starved bashed beaten shot and burnt!!!”

        Every mother fucker bleeds for them and gives them whatever the fuck they want.

  3. Those who guide this world are corrupt. Evil. Do you consider Evil a real “thing”? I have to say, seldom do I see true good and strength within other people but more so acts of darkness. However..I have come this conclusion of my own opinion: Evil is real. Evil is the manifestation of people’s dark thoughts into actual actions, so through us it becomes real. If Evil exists, then Good must also. God is supposed to be the being of ultimate fairness, which is why evil will always taint our existence. Even if you don’t believe in God, there are forces at work in our world that you cannot describe, nor deny. Forces I believe to be the balance of us-Good and Evil .So with all this in mind, I believe this corruption among us will only last so long before some light shines on it, and it starts with people like Arthur Topham, and the others. People who will stand against the darkness for the sake of others, and true justice. Don’t worry, one day this world will be bright and beautiful again.

  4. Getting arrested without trial because you questioned the kikes lords.As Voltaire once said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    Ernst Christof Friedrich Z?ndel, a German- Canadian was arrested on multiple times without trial because he questioned ZOG and the holoclout.

    Ernst arrests and persecution actually engendered an entire phase…
    Being ” Z?ndeled away”

    used in a sentence, For example, “Arthur Topham was Z?ndeled away, because he revealed the back- handed shady jews”

    Another example, “Patriotards were NOT Z?ndeled away, because they blamed the 911 attack on Bush and Cheney and divert the blame from Jews/ Israel/ Mossad”…

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”– Voltaire

  5. Ever since I’ve tuned out of current events I’ve been much happier and less stressed. It’s a few years now that I don’t follow politics or the news. I don’t have cable or listen to the radio. I check in every now and then to check the weather and if the end of the world is nigh, or if there are any crazy serial killers on the loose *cough* Luka. Other than that I’m completely detached. Some people say I’m ignorant for not knowing what’s happening around the world and even in my own country, but I don’t care. I go about my life make my living and mind my own business and try to be as content as possible. One day I’ll move to Napa Valley, get a job at a vineyard and make fine wine and fine brandy (lovely dreams).

    We’re here for a good time not a long time, so have a good time the sun can’t shine everyday. (Trooper, fuck yeah!)

    1. Same exactly same here. I don’t give a damn about no ones business so nor them on mine. Not to be ignorant but yeah, when you are surrounded by close-minded you loose argument by default.

      I wish I can use my Fawks guy mask and start the revolution (I always wanted to do that lol) but yeah I’m at home chilling on my PS3 and have a smoke to go trough another day and of course tuning to BG for another dose of reality.

    1. Read into the Fermi paradox (although I never recommend Wikipedia to anyone about anything, it’s does have a balanced and in depth argument for and against the probability of other life, plus the Internet) but yeah I firmly believe that there is other life out there, but them visiting us? Doubtful. There are so many factors to take into account before you even start talking about life developing into the stages of sentience, let alone evolving even more rapidly than we have in terms of intelligence (we do put a middle finger to evolution on that basis, still thick as shit though) then there’s the fact that even if there is intelligent life and they are able to travel through space effectively, which would require going either the speed of light or faster or the ability to use a near limitless energy source and able to continue their existence without having to exhaust resources or without their population dying out before reaching said destination, they would see humanity as we see ants (ants don’t actually fuck up the equilibrium within their habitat but hey ho) and either ignore us, enslave us or eradicate us. look at humans from a outside perspective, we consume and kill everything and anything, we create things by destruction of something else, we even destroy the only other lifeforms (flora and fauna) in the whole history of the universe as we know it, in over excess, thats where the term flesh virus is perfect, we consume a planets natural resources which take millions if not billions of years to accumulate and exhaust it within a matter of centuries, now coupled with the infinite number of spawn we can theoretically produce, that would be sending warning flashes to me….Anyway for the “aliens” to have achieved space travel, assuming they are social beings (just look at us and other social animals like orcas, dolphins, wolves, monkeys and apes, all with fair capacity for intelligence and all are social) their civilisation must have completely consolidated all their efforts to achieve galactic exploration. I could go on but just look into the fermi paradox and the other theories associated with it. I mean again look at humanity, we have,(had?) the opportunity in the last few decades to combine humanity’s efforts in a bid to further ourselves beyond earth, it obviously would take time and collaboration, but as a long distance goal, we could be settling on one of saturns/venus’ ice moons within the century, the ice contains hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen for breath, h2o for drinking, the temperature problems could be nullified with special building materials and suits, plus if we settled in a crater a majority of the the wind chill would be insubstantial so therefore liveable. If your talking about simple non intelligent lifeforms, I completely agree and believe we have already found some on mars or at least on one of the ice moons (because the core is still cooling under the surface beneath the huge ice sheets there are volcanic vents that enable life to form, these are called extremeophiles and can be found in the most uninhabitable places on the planet. But of course we won’t know about any discoveries until much much much later, I mean the interest in the universe, alien life etc are being introduced a lot more into society, and many more people are willing to accept we aren’t alone and existence isn’t a black and white as a single creator (even though we can’t prove that is or isn’t the truth, I personally think religion causes more problems that is solves) imagine if tomorrow they revealed they found a single cell on mars, people’s worlds would come crashing down and society would be close to follow) and although you could say the same scenario for intelligent life, I’d hope the visitors would see sense and realise that the governments mistreatments are a top to bottom problem, one person at the top being a greedy prick only out for himself which causes the 2 below him to become greedy pricks, then 4…8, you see where I’m going (collaboration of humanity is the only way but obviously it’s too late for that) I could keep rambling….no.

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