Open Post #25 – Khazars

Jews Against Zionism

There are many Jews who publically denounce Zionism and distance themselves from it. As a matter of fact, they are much more vocal and forward about it than, say… Muslims who are generally very reluctant to publically denounce extremists. At best, you’ll hear them say something like: “these are not real Muslims because Quran doesn’t teach that blah blah” but you’d be hard pressed hearing from a Muslim to say things like: “You Muslims who kill others in the name of Allah are a fucking disgrace to Islam and don’t deserve to be part of this religion…” Therefore Jewish people who are vocal about denouncing Zionism and partake in public rallies to add Jewish voice to the war against the evils of Zio deserve special recognition.

They have it easy, though because “Jews” they denounce are not really Jews. Zionists don’t have a drop of Semitic blood in them. They are descendants of cutthroats from present day Turkey known as the Khazars.

Khazar Warriors

The Khazars were a tribe of warriors out of Northern Turkey that nobody liked because they were a bunch of despicable rapists and pillagers. Many centuries ago, some of the Khazars adopted the nomadic Gypsy lifestyle and shifted to the Eastern Europe – the lands natively inhabited by peaceful Slavic peoples. The coexistence between inherently peaceful and hardworking Slavs with inherently savage rapists and pillagers even back then was the same as it is between Gypsies and Slavs today – motherfucking Gypsies rape and pillage their lands and live at an expense or the peaceful and hard working natives.

The time then came when religion was being spread among early Europeans. From the north came Orthodox Christianity and from the south Islam. Much of northern and central Europe embraced Christianity while parts of south eastern Europe fell under the spell of Islam. The Khazars, calculated as they were after years of milking Europeans knew that if they became Christians, they would enrage Muslims and vice versa.

After weighing their options against one another, in 741 A.D. the Khazars decided that it would be strategically most beneficial for them to become Jews. This was not because they accepted Judaism is true religion, or because they felt in their hearts that Judaism was the only righteous path – it was solely because at the time, Judaism proved most suitable for their leeching, raping and pillaging nature.

Biblical Jews

There seems to be a bit of confusion, even among Jewish people with regards to who exactly is a Jew. Some say only the followers of Judaism as a religion are actual Jews, others consider Jewry more of a cultural or ethnic thing.

In the Old Testament it says that Joshua allocated the land of conquered Canaan among the twelve Hebrew tribes – ten tribes later disappeared but these were the real Jews. Therefore if there are any biblical prophecies involving the Jews being the chosen people and what not, it would involve the biblical Jews, not the Khazar warriors who converted to Judaism out of selfish interest.

Today, estimated 92% of the Jews are descendants of the Khazars or related tribes that pretended to be Jews because it was advantageous at the time, not actual Jews mentioned in the Bible. The actual Jews are not Zionists, they do not have that inherent passion to dominate, rape and pillage. You may have heard that the Jews co-existed peacefully among Muslims in the Middle East for centuries – until the arrival of the Zionists who turned the whole place upside down. Those are the real Jew – inherently peaceful and respectful peoples. The Zionists on the other hand are the same their predecessors were – violent, manipulative and selfish. Distinguishing Khazars from the Jews is therefore really straightforward.

Much of the world knows Zionists as the Jews. Because false Jews of the Khazar blood are the vast majority of the Jewish population, to an average person it may seem as though all Jews were the filth we see in the Zionists. Guy writing this is guilty as charged – before I thoroughly educated myself on the matter, I was deceived by the perception myself. This is no longer the case and I apologize to the Jews (the real Jews) for painting them with the same brush as the Zionists.

Khazar Jews

In 1743, a man of Khazar blood who adopted the name of Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born in Frankfurt, Germany. When he was in his 20, he formulated a financial enterprise with 12 likeminded entrepreneurs. Since fractional reserve banking they embraced turned out to be very profitable, Rothschild sent his 5 sons to 5 different places in the world with plans to open banks there but instead of operating independently, to function together as one.

What had a potential to be an admirable business enterprise was marred by the Khazar nature of the Rothschilds. To conquer, rape and pillage was in their blood and so the success of their business was used to satisfied their insatiable desire to dominate and enslave. We still see the same type of inclination among the millions of Khazars occupying the Palestine as part of the terrorist organization of Israel.

The Prophecy

There was a time in the Middle East when it was popular to become a “prophet” and many jumped on the bandwagon. Once people grew up and figured out how the world works, the big time self proclaimed prophets stopped being produced. Likewise, if you look at vast lands of Asia, the Americas, Australia, Africa and so on, you’ll notice that messages from these “prophets”. despite having been presumably connected with the divine, never reached those lands.

Therefore whether Biblical prophecies have any real leg to stand on is disputable. What is not disputable is that not merely in the Middle East, but in almost every part of the world there are fables of old in which good eventually defeats evil. Sure thing is – evil has a hell of a ride at it, but in the end, it must perish and usually its demise is epic.

I say – fall back on your disputable prophecy from the Middle East all you want, Zionists. You are the personification of evil and as such, you shall perish. You’re having hell of a time turning the lives of others into a living hell now, but the day of reckoning shall come you’ll be sent down to the deepest pits of hell where you belong. Even the Book of Revelations predicts your eventual demise:

I know your afflictions and your poverty – yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

~ Revelation 2:9

I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars – I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

~ Revelation 3:9

History of the Khazar Empire Lecture by Jack Otto

If you wish to learn more about the Khazar Empire and the rise of false Jews to power, watch the lecture by Jack Otto on the forbidden knowledge in the video below. Lots of great info there. It’s knowledge the Zionists don’t want people to know so it’s never taught in schools, is not mentioned in any “approved” textbooks but because they can’t entirely prevent people from finding out about it, when the info does make it out, the typical response is to label the people passing it as Anti-Semites. I can only laugh at that because false Jews who label me an anti-Semite don’t have a drop of Semitic blood in their veins. The fact that I expose fake Jews makes me one of the most pro-Semitic people in the world.

Props to an anonymous person for the tip on the video:

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35 thoughts on “Open Post #25 – Khazars”

  1. Actually these Jews are so fervently and overtly dissociating themselves from Zionism as a strategy to make believe ‘not all Jews are bad’. Zionism is aware it is being largely documented and exposed on the internet and they fear violent backlash against innocent Jews in the Western diaspora, so they zealously preach anti-Zion to protect themselves. A cunning strategy and one we should expect from the devious Yids.

    I saw a Jewish rally to close the internet once. They preached the internet corrupted the senses and was spiritually degrading, which it is… but that wasn’t their concern, they were just using this as a face in attempt to shut down the best free media medium which is exposing worldwide organised Jewry.

    Again, ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ are just masks to much more sinister assimilation and genocide which is becoming of ‘multiculturalism’.

    The Jew is the eternal enemy of the White man. He has been at us for millennia, he seeks to dominate the world and rule over all other races which he sees as inferior. He uses the White man to fight his battles, and he uses the Black man to genetically weaken and stupefy the White man such that he may be easier influenced and controlled. The only manifests himself now in our government because he feels safe amidst the great influence and power his kind exhibits in and over our nations. He is quite literally everywhere, at the apex of most if not all relevant institutions. The White man is neck-deep in shit and drowning at a rate of knots. I don’t like to scare monger, but the hour is late indeed, and the future unthinkable.

    1. I saw a video a while ago where a jewish woman was being interviewed, I don’t know who she thought she was talking to but she was openly admitting to being part of a group that was actively censoring Wikipedia of any information that showed israel and it’s people in a bad light, I would like to think that would be as effective and productive as flogging a dead horse given the nature of the internet.

    2. Jews don’t use Negroes to genetically weaken Caucasians. The typical Negro is simple-minded, and will therefore listen when told that Caucasians are all evil. The Jews give Negroes power over the media (rap “music”, black-on-white crime under reported while white-on-black crime is over reported, etc.), and the hatred of Caucasians begins.

      1. i would suck my grandfather’s dick before i would suck jew dick.

        most jew dick has been up their OWN mother’s pussy. jew men fuck their mom and sisters cause no one else wants to fuck their skanky holes..
        if you want you dick sucked , call me before you call a jew.

  2. The reason why the Zionists have been able to attain all that they hold dear today is because they understand the human being extremely well.

    They subvert the greedy through bribes, the weak through lies and the well balanced and the neutral through force.

    They control information, this cripples those of us who make judgments and decisions based upon evidence and for those who do not seek the truth, well, ignorance is bliss after all.

    Our politicians keep making promises, they promise us the world, and yet have they ever, even once, fulfilled any election promise, I can’t think of any, certainly not in my country.

    To conclude, I hate the Zionists just as I hate any group that would take away my free will, that would promote the few at the expense of the many, however I also, if I am to be honest, dislike human kind in general.

    Yes, these bastards have used and abused all of us and yet we have allowed them to do it because we are too weak.

    We can’t even control our own greed, our own anger, our own sense of morals, we use and abuse each other on a daily basis, we hate each other and try to control one another, hundreds of thousands of years of humanity have past and yet we still keep up the same shit.

    The truth of the world is thus, we have to stop depending on others to make our world better. Our politicians are puppets, politics in general does not exist, does a change of party ever mean a change in direction, never. They talk a good game however that’s all it is, talk, when in power they behave exactly the same because they are the same, a party for the Zionist, a party for the corporations.

    Whenever we want to make money we have to find a company to employ us, or we become self employed meaning we have to find a bank to fund us or we turn to crime meaning we have to find fellow criminals to help us, we never seem to be able to move without the help of others.

    This is why we can never win, in chess we would be the pawns and the Zionist’s would be the Queens and whilst we can only move one move at a time they can travel the all board however just like a game of Chess, if a pawn makes it to the top of the board they can be promoted to any class.

    The answer is quite simple then, we have to stop fighting each other so that we can work together and beat this game, but can we stop fighting, well, the answer to that would be…………….Shit, I think my roast chicken dinner is burning, bye.

  3. To find a jew with a different perspective is … amazing? … awesome? … remarkable?

    No, just irrelevant. In the best case, only a person who hasn?t his mind deformed by this awful ideology.

  4. These Jewish bastards weather biblical or Khazar, are trying to distances themselves from the Protocol of Zion and Zionist… But the in my opinion, nearly all Jews support zionism, and even the fews who say they are against Zionism are simply covering up for their brothers who are fucking Humanity over.

    When a revolution happen, a racial revolution that disengages this era of multiculturalism, it is impractical and We cannot play with the ideas of trying to separate “good blacks from Bad blacks” no more than Blacks in South African “separate the bad whites from the good whites” their their savage ethnic cleansing attacks.
    Similarly we cannot separate “good Jews, from Bad Jews”, a Jew is a Jews, and because of the crime of this people it gives us his cattle and enemies the right to fire upon him with out question.
    We ALL must pay for the sin of our Race and Ancestors, and so the very skin that we wear shall be our Uniform. Like a Good soldier, we do not attack our enemies by deciding weather our not the Soldier in the enemies uniform is a good person or not, the very fact that he is in a enemies uniform means he is the enemies and should be fired upon without further thinking.
    Real Jews, Khazar, Ashkenazi, Israelite, or Jerusalemites…. This makes No Differences. When White Americans were fighting our enemies in the Early days of the republics like the Redcoats, do you think that he was thinking about weather the redcoat was from “wale, Essex, or London” and that this would make any differences… how about the Mexican – American war, does it make a difference weather that beaner was from Northern or southern mexico?

    The Jew may disguise himself as a religion, and not a distinct group of people, but the truth is his religion is the domination of this world and life. And where every this pseudo religion goes along with it’s people, they do what do since the dawn of time, they are parasites and will suck a nation dry of it’s wealth, they can’t help it, they are Jews.

    1. Im sorry i disagee with you im a jew by my blood line and i dont suck anyone or country dry i work hard for everything i have and dont want a hand out from anyone iv always been that way and always will be i have never wished harm on any race or will i ever all iv ever wanted is to live in peace with all races and believes so if that makes me a bad person then so b it i am who i am take it or leave it with much love and respect to all juju rojas

  5. In all honesty I don’t have a problem with the jews, I would rather live on this world with jewish people than those war mongering primitive animals known as the muslims. For one the jews have done more for humanity than the muslims ever have, and secondly, they do not breed solely to outbreed the indigenous population of the country the decide to live in.

  6. did anyone read the book from Douglas Reed called “The Controversy of Zion”?
    a very informative work. this book covers all topics from Babylon to the modern judaism/zionism. there are also lots of infos about the Levites and Khazars. procure the ebook version and read it, you won’t be sorry.

  7. 1. Every culture from those eras raped and pillaged so trying to point out one more than another is idiotic.

    2. If you’re going to base a persons “jewery” on the Old Testament, remember that Christians worship a Jew as their lord and son of God , also use the same book almost word for word every Sunday at those cute little church gatherings that you love so much. So wouldn’t those facts make you pretty much a Jew yourself?

    3. Don’t compare Jews to Muslims. Israel a Jewish nation has a diverse population that allows people of all faiths to practice their religions there in freedom and peace. I know many cases of people who have been murdered including children for practicing different religions in most Muslim countries. But Jews and Israelis are evil horrible people?

    4. If you find yourself hating any religious or ethnic group you are basically no better than the people you are whining about. In my experience most people that are filled with hate are failures in their own lives, both financially and socially. Usually it’s guys that are mad at the world because they have tiny wieners and can’t get laid.

    5. Enough BS rants about crap that you know nothing about. We all want more narco beheading videos and people who have been dissected by fast moving objects.

    1. 1.) Every race has had slaves in one form or another, but White have their era of Slavery ram down our throat and our children throats systemically via TV and School respectively. So, pointing out jewish crimes is fair game.

      2.) Christianity is a Jewish religion pushed on Gentiles to weaken their spirit and soul, and we should reject it immediately for a more reality based religion of Our Race. Jews refer to themselves as Jews from the bible and to support Israel… so…

      3.) Lol, Muslims and Christians are persecuted all the time in Israel, and the few blacks that are refugees coming into Israel are being Sterilized… I think this is the only Jewish policy we should adopt.

      4.) The Jews are destroying my People, White people. That’s like saying to a Buffalo fighting off a lion to “Just give up, surrender yourself to be devoured by the lion, if you fight back and use violence your no better than the lion”. Oh and of course, somehow the Penis is brought into this. Gay much?

      5.) ?? what?? huh?? Get the Fuck outta here you demented sheep.

        1. Nah. You guys lost your land. You let us come into your land, and setup roots. You were far to busy fighting amongst and killing yourselves to stop us.

          So, essentially, multiculturalism and diversity took your land.

          Which gives us more the reason to fight and resist this disgusting practice, yes?

          And the Amerindians were wiped out by disease, just like Europeans lost huge amounts of our own in the plague.

          That, and the fact they killed each other like crazy didn’t exactly help matters.

    2. Oh, shut the fuck up, you ignorant sheep. Nice job spewing out the propaganda you’re so sure is true. You say “crap that you know nothing about” so confidently as if you know shit. And “we all” want that? No, dickhead, most of us are truth-seekers, as you can see by reading the comments.

      If you read about what Israel believes about non-Jews (including that a Jew can rape a Gentile child) you’d probably still believe what you’re told in the media, you sick fuck.

      And 4. is spoken like a bona fide sheep! Before mass immigration in Norway and Sweden (see “Ongoing Muslim and Black Riots in Husby Area of Stockholm, Sweden”), they were peaceful countries. Now, riots and rape are rampant (not that you’d understand that; that’d be “racist!”). In 5., you revealed your true nature. You sheep on BG come here only for brutality, not truth or learning about what’s going on in the world.

      If you paid any attention to what’s on BG, you’d know why Israel and Zionists are hated. But continue believing bullshit; in the end, it’s your own problem.

  8. all jews are not all bad eggs in israel there more holy then the pope, they have been practicing the bible for ages but i have heard of jews that’s 10x worse then then those sand goats in middle eastern countries.

    1. It really breaks my heart to see people suffering from Sheepism, but all they need is to be left in Palestine for a night. That will teach them what’s going on world fucking wide.

      Get the fuck out of here.

  9. You know what they teach in school now Mark? Zionism is a good thing. I have to hold my tongue in any history classes, otherwise I may get assassinated by some freemasons before I even finish.

  10. Revelation 2:9 New International Version (NIV)

    9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 2:9 New International Version (NIV)

    9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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