Open Post #29 – Truth is the New Hate Speech

Truth is the New Hate Speech

Further to my previous post on indoctrination through education, I would like to expand with further proof that education is indeed used to shape the mindsets of those who open themselves to it. It also expends on the post about the enslavement of the mind, or as could be appropriately said – human farming.

I came to a conclusion that if Diogenes lived today, he would snuff out his lamp and crawl back to his pithos.

Anti Israel Remarks = Hate Speech

Sometime in mid 2012, the California State Assembly, the lower house of the state legislature, passed a resolution “H.R. 35” urging California’s educational institutions to crack down on criticism of Israel and demanding anti Israel speech to be criminalized.

Both Republicans and Democrats voted equally in favor of the resolution, which was drafted by Republican Linda Halderman and passed without public discussion. The vote was timed for when most students were between semesters and away from their campuses.

The resolution concluded that any criticism of the state of Israel or of the US government’s support for Israel was a racist attack on Jews. Big part of the resolution was dedicated to defining what constituted criticism of Israel, and was therefore racist:

  • Language or behavior [that] demonizes and delegitimizes Israel
  • Speakers, films, and exhibits that indicate that Israel is guilty of heinous crimes against humanity such as ethnic cleansing and genocide
  • Describing Israel as a racist or apartheid state
  • Student and faculty-sponsored boycott, divestment, and sanction campaigns against Israel
  • Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination
  • Applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation
  • Actions of student groups that encourage support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah

I don’t think there is any doubt in any sane person’s mind that Israel is indeed guilty of crimes against humanity. Therefore to say that Israel is guilty of crimes against humanity merely constitutes expressing that which is true. But according to the resolution, to say that which is true becomes a hate crime if the truth involves the state of Israel.

I wasn’t the only one who realized it so the resolution was met with dissent and as a result, the University of California distanced itself from it, though being an educational institution in the state occupied by the Zionists, it failed to reject or denounce it. Steve Montiel, spokesman for the University of California told the San Francisco Chronicle that:

We think it’s problematic because of First Amendment concerns…

Americans are lucky that the First Amendment to their Constitution was coined long before the Zios sank their fangs deep into the country’s veins to suck it dry and make it dance to their tune, or else they would have already found a way to get rid of it. If it weren’t for First Amendment, I suspect the University of California would accept the truth as the new hate speech.

According to the 574 pages long UN Goldstone Report published in 2010:

…the State of Israel had deliberately targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza during the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead. The invasion of Gaza saw 1,400 Palestinians killed compared with 13 killed Israelis. More than 21,000 buildings, factories, and apartments were damaged or destroyed.

As such, stating that Israel does commit crimes against humanity would constitute truth, which would in turn confirm that according to the resolution H.R. 35, the truth is the new hate speech.

A year before the resolution was passed, 11 students protested Israeli ambassador Michael Oren during his speech at the University of California at Irvine and called him a war criminal and an accomplice to genocide. For that, the students were arrested, charged and convicted of the crimes of conspiracy and violating Oren’s rights. Charged with “conspiracy” for speaking the truth?

I am of the opinion that by infringing upon free speech rights in the name of anti-racism, hate speech laws and resolutions pave the way for criminalizing undesired opinions.

If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.

~ John Stuart Mill

State Controlled Education

For the sake of the argument, imagine that say… Big Pharma was put in charge of education in your country. One entity responsible for complete control of the entire school structure top to bottom. They would be deciding what students are taught, how they are thought, who teaches them, etc. Do you think that if that were the case, that the students would be taught objective information about health risks associated with excessive consumption of pills? Do you think there would be extensive lectures about advantages of eating organic foods for your health or growing your own marijuana for treatment of ailments?

I think it goes without saying that if Big Pharma was put in charge of running the schools, all positives of whatever pills they have for sale would be heavily emphasized while negatives either downplayed or complete avoided. Would it not be therefore equally fair to assume that because the education is run by the government, one single entity that hires and pays for the teachers, that students would not get fair information about the society because the society is run by the same entity that runs the education?

That is why no student in any government run school is ever reminded that the government is the only entity with executive power to initiate force. We all pay for the wages of the military and police, yet none of us has army or police at our command. If you don’t agree with someone, you can’t send an army squadron to bomb them out of existence, but the government can. Or by using a more practical example – you couldn’t send an army to kill whom you believed were the “suspects” in the Boston Bombings, but the government could and did kill those “they” believed were the suspects.

Indoctrination Level Quiz

Here’s a little, two question quiz for ya’ll. Try to answer each question without looking the answer up on the internet:

  1. How many US soldiers died during World War II?
  2. How many Jews died during World War II?

If you’re not an American, replace “US” from the first question with the name of your country. Do you know how many troops from your country died during WWII? I bet you don’t, but I motherfucking double bet the cabalistic SIX MILLION popped into your head before you even finished reading the second question. What does that tell you about how Zionified the education system is in your country?

Vincit Omnia Veritas,



Great video to go with this post – The Truth Is Anti Semitic:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I never gave a shit about school. everything worthwhile I learned I learned through living life and searching for my own answers. fuck the American education system, I’ve barely used anything that I “learned” in highschool anyway.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Other than the basic math skills I learned as a child, not much else has been used. Hell, I can barely recall much of my school days anyway. I can’t even say I learned proper English from public schools because once I got into college I learned just how bad they had failed. If you write a college paper with the writing skills you bring from high school, you will fail…epically. I am learning that the history they teach is far from the truth as well. Now that the Common Core is being pushed and implemented in just about every State (money dangled like a carrot teased them,) the further ignorance will be tragically perpetuated and now they can add data mining to to their indoctrination. I’m making the very hard decision of whether to pull my kids out and home school them. I’m no teacher though and that requires a level of dedication I may not have.

    2. Obli-motherfucking-terator, you are so correct. In college, my psychology teacher once told my class that “education works by brainwashing students.” And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Students don’t give two shits about actually learning because-the way education works in USA, students are tough into accepting bias information just to pass a test, obtain a good enough GPA, and eventually have a decorative paper with the person’s name on it. Education and the media spoon-feeds the sheeple in believing that if they obtain a degree, they’ll easily have a career/dream job.
      Hell, even most teachers I know hate the education system, they are underpaid and their chances on impacting a student’s life is minimal.

      1. And just to be clear, the education that I received in High School and in College in NC did nothing in helping me get my job, and much less being prepare for my job. It was the priceless apprenticeship I received through various organizations that helped me get a decent job.
        If it wasn’t for that, I would be flipping burgers and cutting people’s lawns.

    3. Heck, dropped out of the Satanic Indoctrination, why I use this site, I have no clue, fascinating that people are so cruel to each other. Christ is soon to return.

  2. How can telling the truth be illegal. When will people wake up and smell the coffee. This ignorance cannot continue, not at this day&age. Is the public really that scared to speak up? Wish i had these answers..

    1. the majority of sheeple want to just live their little cookiecutter lives. the open mind cause them to question what they were taught and this leads to thinking for yourself. people, because of their herd mentality, are afraid to think for themselves. they want to be accepted and they are all led to believe that what the government and media says is the truth because they have been led to believe that the government is by the people, for the people. and it is not.
      not at all.
      the people will not speak up because they do not want an end to their little fairytale. they will live their little HD, iphone facebook lives because that lie is much safer and prettier than admitting that everything you’ve ever believed is the real fucking lie.
      the jew media keeps us all entertained, don’t they. everything newer and shinier and more distracting than the last. anything to keep us from THINKING.

      1. Oh my fucking God!! I have finally found people who put every thought I’ve had in writing. I’ve never known just how to express everything I think and feel because no one can handle the truth. They really do see it as hatred. Thanks for being real.

  3. This perfectly describes the sheepish nature of people today. If you speak truth out against the Jewish lies, you are a racist, bigot anti-semite and terrorist. It makes me wish the holohoax actually happened and was a success. Even though I doubt the greatest man of the 20th century would do that. Hell. If he did it would make him one of the greatest men in history.

  4. The educational system is what conforms our children into this sheepish nature. If you’re the black sheep of the herd. (People like us) You’re singled out and punished under draconian Jewish laws. The Zionist have their cold cruel grasp over our culture and will sooner than later be after more. The American government currently is studying and investing into something that might be able to read minds… Imagine if that happened? I would have para-military police bursting into my home for my “act of mental terrorism.” Death to Israel and I wish good luck to those they’ve hurt. If only people would wake up and smell the ashes.

  5. I really started hating jews after reading this:

    Turns out that Jews have been sucking baby penises for over 5000 years and the only reason that it’s become newsworthy is because the infants have been getting herpes.

        1. It certainly is. I never thought I’d say it but Hitler was in the right. Now, if I were to say that on Facebook, I’d lose friends and everyone would think I’m insane, despite the facts being on my side.

          1. Stop supporting that Jew-owned, Mossad/CIA data mining operation, Faceberg. Delete your account, then open a fake one to troll all your so-called old friends. ;D

        2. Not according to the Talmud, which promotes child molestation.
          Sanhedrin 55b.- A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

          Sanhedrin 54b. – A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

          Kethuboth 11b. – “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

  6. mark is totally right about the fact that school also brainwashes you. But its also good to know your math, physics and language so school does not completely suck ass but in history, then yeah.

    1. Totally agree. Law and Politics should be taught as a basic too throughout school, it isn’t in the UK. Seriously it’s embarrassing the amount of people who do not know which party or who is in power of their own country!

  7. This one is a simple concept to behold,

    Lets expand on the word education because the word education is more than the sum of its supposed parts.

    There is state education, what we are taught in school is merely what we need to know in order to be good slaves, nothing more and nothing less, the rich get taught how to be masters and we, the working class, get taught how to be good slaves.

    There is however individualistic education, we can educate ourselves, we can read books and research matters and learn, I myself left school with the mindset of a wood pigeon but because of my love for learning I increased my knowledge of the world.

    Most people stop learning outside of the school/college system and this is a crying shame for they will never break the brainwashing that had been delivered, to live is to learn, to survive is to grow, this is a fact of life and should be embraced.

    The truth, what is truth?, the truth is dictated by written history but written history is not always true, we can say that what we see before us is true however if our eyes have been trained to interpret information in a biased manner then our experience of life cannot be said to be true either.

    So how do we learn the truth?, we question, we always question, be it questioning of ourselves or of others and society in general, to question, to analyse, this is how we shine light into the darkness.

    How then can learning be prevented, how can the truth be hidden, simple, you do the opposite, you prevent people from questioning, you disallow them the tools to think, you put a ban by way of punishment on the main instrument of the learned mind, you destroy the free will by punishing the free will.

    The best minds in the world are probably writing their stories in prison, such is life when the truth means a single cell with a bed and a slop bucket.

    1. Well you Sir are certainly not writing this lines from a jail house, dont you? 😉
      Theres is a experiment, in which 4 lines are drawed on a board, and the fourth is slightly longer than the others. Now there are some people sitting in the room, and one waits outside. The experimenter tells them inside, when the outsider comes in, they have to insist that all the lines are equal. Initially he resists the others, but soon the dissonance in his mind bends his perception and applies to the herd pressure.

      1. I am merely a pseudo intellectual, I can state a great number of things and claim them has my own but since I have learned from a progressive form of governance I cannot say that I am without influence.

        The truth, I am a sham for I depend upon knowledge to live, if I create any standpoint then it is only an extension of my will, a will designed upon what I believe to be best practice.

        My truth should not be trusted, you should all do your own research and put me to shame, learn and progress, form your own opinions, life is yours to be had, whilst you have life you must choose to live.

        1. Yes, questioning everything and most important, yourself, is the only pure and possible way to reach a shred of a clue about the true nature of reality. There is no need for a title to sit on an opportunistic throne of lies.
          We live in times, where there is a possibility to enslave the human mind utterly or to free it forever from chains of restriction trough knowledge and technology.

  8. My wife is a teacher so this hits home with me, well also, I went to school and learned about “how great Jews are and were”.(not my words)
    She would fucking get fired for sure going against this. Well, not in her grade.
    Excellent point to compare with possible Pharma control of the schools.

  9. I’ve been waiting to post, wanting to read more of Marks posts, but I thought this was a good one to jump in on; it also covers the last “anti-gun” one as well:

    The truth, as many people in the US and other countries see it, is now being dictated by CNN, FOX and MSNBC and the bullshit they get from the government; police, etc. This is now becoming the one and only truth and people are failing hard simply because they are not asking tough questions. Hell, people are not asking any questions anymore, they just report, absorb and call it the truth.

    Example: The Boston Bombing! Why did no reporter ask about the white backpack when they clearly showed exploded black ones? Why did they allow the police to tell us the 2nd bomber was captured after a long shootout (you can hear many shots from the police), even though not a single gun was found in the boat? Why has no one asked what the fuck went wrong if the FBI was watching the older Brother?

    Instead, American sheep accept everything told to them on the news and then in turn accept it as full 100% truth.

    It used to be this motto: You are what you eat! Granted this is still true today, but in America the new motto should be: You are what you watch on TV!

    And yet still, If you speak out, you are the bad guy or somehow support the bad things in life.

    On the gun post:

    People accept the “truth” that having 50 guns somehow will protect you in the event the American government turns tyranical. One poster said that exact same thing in Marks last post. Unfortuntely, it’s a pipe dream security blanket and common sense should prevail and tell you it’s a load of shit thinking this way. Someone tell me how owning 50 guns will somehow protect or defend you against a government that has thousands of tanks, 100’s of F-22’s, thousands of missles, nukes, an army of millions, MOABs, carriers, submarines, etc., etc?

    They cannot and it wont, you will die!

    So whats the real truth in making damn sure the US will never see a tyranical goverment?

    It’s simple really, you vote! Yup, you fucking go the polls once every two to four years and you vote. You vote out all incumbants that have served for longer than 6-8 years reguardless if you like em or not. By voting out the old and voting in the new, you make damn sure you secure the governments place and keep them working for the people instead of themselves.

    Unfortunately, because most Americans are stupid and lazy, they like to tell others to vote out their incumbants, but will always vote for their favorite guy or party. Yup, they excpect everyone else to vote someone new into office, but fail to do their part. In the end, we have constant incumbants re-elected over and over and over again. This is why Ted Kennedy served so long, or John McCain. These are the people that are the most dangerous to creating a tyranical government; the diehard douche bags that seem to know what is better for the people. As we speak, McCain is trying hard to get the US into Syria. Why? Because most Americans are fucking stupid, that’s why. They don’t ask tough questions, they refuse to hear the truth and when they do, they want to destroy the person speaking it to them.

    At a gathering I told people the best way to make sure we never have to face a tyranical US governement was to keep em in check by voting, not by stockpiling guns. The response I got was scary to be honest. I saw eyes that wanted to lynch me like I was trying to take away their guns (which I do not of course). I was simply stating the TRUTH and it was met with utter panic.

    So Mark is correct: Speaking the truth is slowly becoming a form of hate speech! It’s up to us to make damn sure that doesn’t happen. Your guns wont help, bitching wont help. There are two things however that can and do help: 1. Ask fucking tough questions and 2. Get out and vote out the old faces and get in fresh minds.

    1. If voting would change something, it would be prohibited. There are two parties to chose one from, ya know like Pepsi and Cola. In all their fake differences towards the public the politician only pursue the corporate interests. Those treacherous decrees like the Patroit Act, the NDAA and the Monsanto Protection Act underpin this sad truth.
      Admittedly you are right about the overpowered government, but they are highly outnumbered. Would you really claim, that the military wont defect in high numbers if there is a great slaughter on the own people? Beside that, a huge amount of gang members poured into the US in the last few years, and guess who armed them through the Fast and Furious programme, as weapons where shipped to Mexico in the name of the war on drugs?
      My point is not that some semi rifles are there to defeat a out of control and criminal government, but the fact, that it tries to disarm its citizens, like all totalitarian regimes did. What inevitable followed was massmurder on the poulation.

      1. I agree, there’s a lot of military folks that would not turn their weapons (being on loan from the government; tanks, etc.), onto the American people. But I also have no doubt that many others in the military would have zero problem using those weapons on it’s civilians. Plus you throw in drones which can be controlled by one mindless sheep, the goverment could sweep though, even outnumbered, and eliminate thousands and thousands of it’s people with ease.

        I also think that a tyranical governement would declare these people as “terrorists” making it easier for the sheep and military to kill them on site. This would fullfill their tyranical role if it came to that. I have no doubt that if our government turned on us (in the name of say free speech), this is how they would accomplish it. In the near past, it’s been proven that Americans will gladly give up liberty in the name of security and the way on “terror”. I honestly don’t think a tyranical government would be outnumbered simply cos so many of the citizens are sheep and would gladly follow along in the name of fighting terrorism. If that makes sense?

        As for voting out people (mainly Congress), after 8 years: By doing this ever other election cycle, this would illiminate their growing power. You eliminate their power, you eliminate the chance of them taking over greatly. It also eliminates their desire to work for themselves primarily.

        There is no way Congress will allow term limits (something we need badly), so we the voters need to impliment our own form of term limits, thus limiting their power and a chance at their influence creating a tyranical government system.

        1. I dont want to go too far offtopic, cause Mark will send me the Terrance and Phillip assassination team, so I?ll keep it short.
          Yes, the drone and the psychological aspect is very unpredictable, and as we learn from the past, the populace is easy to influence.
          The voting system is a blender, the commands come from the corporate conglomerate. It doesnt matter which puppets are in the white house, the congress or even in your regional council. The system protects itself from revolutionaries, as we saw with Rand Paul, they have integrated him.
          I see the same here in Germany with new parties coming up, that are assimilated as soon as they reach a certain influential sphere. A genuine revolution would be to default the entire system and start over with the long opressed concepts, that benefit the people.

  10. 1. German cassualities :
    Military: about 2mio
    Civilian : about 5mio
    2. Jewish deaths: 666mio 😉
    The current german school system is almost unrecognizable in comparisson to my time in the 80s.
    Its full of useless propaganda indoctrination garbage and it destroys the ability to become a independent human being.
    Addditionally the homeschooling is criminalized, and people have to emigrate, because the youth office would take the children away from them.
    Your example with Big Pharma is actually a reality, Mark.
    All natures ways to nourish us, to heal us and to maintain our mentally abilities are being taken from us. The Georgia Guide Stones tell the whole truth about the Zionist Agenda. In their future, there are only 500mio of us left in few Megacities, genetically devolved to dumb, subservient mutants.

  11. I love these amazing videos that gives the big picture.
    These Liberal (Brainwashed sheep, tools of the Jews) are getting too uppity attacking free speech and rights to assemble when the idea doesn’t fit their idealogy. Route them all into the sea.

  12. Well, obviously there must be a problem at University of California so lets look at the two independent scrutiners on whose recommendations the resolution was made.
    Alice Huffman, President of the Californian State of National Advancement of Colored People, and Richard D. Barton, National Education Chair of the Anti-Defamation League.
    You couldn’t make it up!
    If anybody’s interested, here’s a link to their “impartial” report.

  13. Ireland was neutral during world war 2. No true Irishmen died in world war 2, any that did were in the volunteers in other armed forces. People died during the air raids on Belfast but they deserve it 😀
    I think at least 1 million Jews died, but I don’t care about that.

  14. i don’t want to help or change anyone. i am free and that is all that matters. i lock my door and tell all sheep to take their smart phones and fuck off and life couldn’t be better.

    fuck israhell. fuck zionism. fuck all baby dick suckers and foreskin eaters.

  15. Fucking jews. I remember in high school how the use to make us read about the holocaust and pity these people.I did how ever had one teacher who actually inspired us to dig for the truth.He was the first to say how our government was actually the agressor in the iraq war and exposed his own government for being terrorist.thanks mr..#x?.

  16. In today’s world, the only “acceptable” opinions are the ones that the mass media tell you to have. If you DARE form your OWN opinion, they rain down judgments like hellfire. Especially here in America, where we have the “right to free speech”, more like, the right to say what they want us to say. This society is increasingly similar to Orwell’s 1984, and I dont like it. I dont like be tracked everytime I’m on a computer, I don’t like being watched everytime I walk or drive around the streets, and I don’t like being exploited or included in the exploitative group of the American Imperialistic Complex, run by the US and Israel. I know “Israelis” (my neighbors here in the US) who do NOT identify as such don’t even like the fact that British-backed zionists forcefully attempted to recreate a nation that existed over 3000 years ago. These things come and go, and to linger on them is a sign of serious mental deficiency. Let me just say, I don’t hate any generalized ethnic or racial group, but I do have a searing hatred for the ignorant and exploitative, especially the Israeli military and its imperialistic government body, who thinks it can commit humans rights abuses and bully the surrounding countries in the area just because big bad America has its back. Its disgusting. Its 2013 c.e., not 2013 b.c.e., which means its time to STOP acting like a bunch of neolithic barbarians.

  17. Argentine general jailed for racist remarks

    One of the most notorious figures from Argentina’s former military dictatorship has been jailed for three-and-a-half years after being found guilty of making anti-Semitic remarks.
    Former general Guillermo Suarez Mason was found guilty of racial discrimination for comments he made to a magazine in 1996.

    He said he did not trust Jews at the time of the dictatorship that left thousands dead and missing.

    Federal Judge Norberto Oyarbide sentenced Suarez Mason: “For having justified the crime, for having made an exaltation of the torture and of the activity that developed in the last genocidal dictatorship that terrorised the country and for the discrimination in the Jewish community.”

  18. Mark you need to be careful, you tell the truth more than anyone I have known. One day the government will come for you, they’ll shut down BG and lock you up… None of us want that! Do you have a plan for what you’d do if this were to happen?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s already being planned for me but if I consider that I only have a very limited time on this planet (we all do) and weigh my options on how to use it, between waking people up and opening them up to reality even if it lands me in jail, and backpedalling on it because it could spare me from going to jail, I see the former as worthy of one’s life.

      History is full of people who faced prosecution by the ruling elite, they’ve achieved great things because they carried on despite of that threat. I don’t know if I’m gonna achieve great things myself, but I know that if I will, it’s not gonna happen by me turning a blind eye to what I see is going on and pretending it’s not happening. That are way too many people out there who do that already. The premise of joining their ranks is not alluring to me.

      I trust that after they’ve silenced me, the legacy will continue with someone picking up where I was made to leave off.

      1. Thanks for replying. I believe you have achieved big things in that you show us all the truth day in day out. If it weren’t for you I’d still be a brainwashed idiot watching the news or opening a newspaper and believing whatever shits been written. I’m sure some other SOBs were in that situation too.
        I’m sure some one will pick up the torch so to speak if they do lock you up. I just hope it doesn’t come to that, but this is the real world… just remember the BG community is behind you 100%. You rock! 🙂

  19. Can someone of higher intelligence please explain to me the analogy of the horse and feudalism and capitalism mentioned at: 0:44 in the video?

    Also, the narrator’s not wrong. I’ve heard it mentioned before and it’s thoroughly frightening; this is the end game. Mossad are playing Zionist Globalism as an all-or-nothing operation; they know if the world awakens to their extensive history of atrocities and of their master plan they’ll be erased off the map, and so they’ll fight tooth and nail and take the whole world down with them. Organised Jewry is the world’s largest terrorist syndicate. They have tremendous influence throughout the entire Western world and if they saw themselves on the brink of defeat (and subsequent racial disempowerment and subjugation) you can bet your bottom dollar a nuclear fallout or some pandemic would follow.

    This is why we are in a RACE for survival. If Jewry grows to control all intelligence, scientific and military assets then we are utterly defenceless against any tide of terror they may wash over us in effort to eradicate us.

    Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. Two races battling for supremacy over a planet. But here it is. And to the conscious mind there’s nothing strange or extraordinary about it whatsoever. It’s very ordinary and expected.

    1. They riding on us like leeches.
      They are like the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, that steers our brains and destiny
      and changes the host i.e. the ideology, to hide behind if its requiered. This change (the death of the horse) should optimally happen within the “boiling frog” principle, but also often trough sudden, chaotic revolutions.
      I dont know when the infestation started, but its an endevour that was planned and pushed troughout the last 4-5 centuries.
      The feudalism would be too obvious noticable for the masses as slavery.
      This horse died on the way through the renessance and industrialism.
      The jewish bankers and their human capital shepherds invented the french revolution, and created the notions of freedom, equality and brotherhood.
      However, it was a trap for the masses to flow into the cities, cause with the upcoming of industrialism it was necessary for their masters to recreate the modus operandi of the cattle.
      The capitalism is the modern continuation of this modus, and it enslaves trough debt. Now they riding this horse to death, just to replace it with the final “horse” of total control, either trough consent or through war.
      (Problem – Reaction – Solution).

  20. ….. Yes. I agree on all counts! I am 62 yrs old and my 1st protest against this… uh … THEIR Gov… was in 1968 @ the Democratic Convention in Chicago! I got a taste of how ‘Equal’ we all are in this country at a very young age. I have been trying my WHOLE Life to educate people. (sigh) . . I dont know but… looking back and realizing the difference between the thought process between the young adults then … and the ones NOW… all I can do is shake my head. Its a bit disheartening to think we can fight back anymore. Now, dont get me wrong … I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT BACK…. but I picture more “Cutting & Running” these days then before. No matter. The ones that will STAND will be the ones you WANT Fighting next to you. People are ‘Droolers’ today. And I know this is “By Design”. I myself never graduated from Grade School… yet I managed to educate myself. And with the internet today, there is No Excuse for someone to be ignorant. If I had the internet when I was educating myself … I Would be Ruling the Planet! (snicker)
    ….I use your Pics and Videos on this site to educate young people. To show my fellow Americans that they are living in La La Land. That the world the Gov shows them on the news is Saturday Morning Cartoon Propaganda !! I must say… using your collection of pics here has helped me “Clear” quite a few minds of the fog they wander around in. This is a Good Thing that you do. No matter how much “Suzy & Biff Creamcheeze” say or GASP about it!. ‘`ಠ̮̮̃̾ಠ`’
    So… keep up the good work guys. And I will keep using your “Reality Pics” as a Mind Cleanse for any future students ….. The ones that will care to LISTEN to the TRUTH anyhow….. ¯\(ツ)/¯

    Have a Happy

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