Open Post #31 – Religion and its Role Today

Open Post #31 - Religion and it's Role Today

Best Gore brings people together. People from all countries and all walks of life. And, with so many cultures and races united in the curiosity of the gore and the aspects of Death and levels of human suffering, we are still very different in other aspects. One of the most obvious is of course, religion.

During the last Ice Age, man began to look past himself and his most basic needs. As man’s mind grew, he began to ask questions about the things around him and ultimately, with identity and the development of the id and ego, the questions arose; “why am I here?”, “how did I get here?”, “what happens when I die?”

These questions were not readily answered. Even today many questions remain unanswered. From ancient Sumer and Persia and the ancient Egyptians; to the Buddhists and Jews, Christians and Muslims, all peoples all over the world have attempted to find the answers to these questions. All claim to have the answer in the form of a particular higher power. Many gods became one god and god became science. And naturally, man has murdered in the name of his god since god was first conceived. Yes, I said conceived. I am an atheist. I believe that god is an invention of man because science has taken the place of the need for such a creature. The major mistake that many religions make is that they attribute far too many human characteristics to it. Think about it, you believe that an entity over fourteen billion years old who can create and destroy entire realities would consider us to be anything other than insects, if it would even consider us at all. I have had my own experiences which have led me to these conclusions. I am not saying that I am right, it is my belief that there is no god. Remember, there were once many, many gods believed to be responsible for reality and the seasons and all that good shit. Many were murdered and sacrificed to such entities. Now we tend to recognize only one. How did this change occur? You’d think that the very first peoples to develop religion would be the most accurate with their interpretation. But we condemn them now. Look at the Torah, god is merciless and blood thirsty, then by the time Christianity developed, he is suddenly a benevolent figure. Another major flaw in god and his word is that despite being infallible truth, his law gets changed around quite a bit. You’d figure that an infinite intelligence would get his shit right on the first attempt. But no, god’s law is constantly changed to suit the needs of those in charge or to be updated for the times.

“My god is the one true god and yours, which you have worshipped and been taught about and devoted your entire life to, is a fraud and you are a heathen who will burn in hell unless you believe what I believe.”

Yes, and they say that the god you have worshipped is actually the false one and that their god commands them to kill you unless you convert to their beliefs…makes sense, huh? An infinite, merciful creature, who created EVERYONE actually only has a preference for one people. He deceived every other people into worshipping and devoting their lives to fraudulent gods just so he can send them to hell for it. Does that make any sense?

This amongst other shit has helped me to the conclusion that god is nothing more than Santa Claus for adults. That’s really all he is. A benevolent old man in the sky who makes a list of your good and bad deeds and rewards you accordingly….holeee shit.

So…Where does religion really fit in today’s society? Do we really need it? Is it just a form of behavior modification and nothing else? I don’t know, guys. I know that I cannot make a tree from nothing. I cannot create a moon…there are forces out there that are beyond us, there is no denying that. But I just don’t think of it as a human in the sky. I believe in energy and for others, all they believe is that God is Love, and that is more than enough for them.

Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are the major players today…so, what has attracted you to your chosen belief system. Is it just habit from your upbringing or was it something that you put a lot of thought into? This is the place for everyone to explain their beliefs. This is an open forum, everyone has their say. I encourage healthy debate amongst members. The floor is yours.

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    1. Religion gives hope … But you know what else gives hope… Being naked. Stand in front of a mirror naked, examine your body and stare into your own eyes for a while. Then sleep. Wake up and do it again.

      1. Exactly Mike, I believe we just decompose and die and thus nature recycles our energies by using our decomposed bodies as nutrients for plant life an etc; so in some sense or another we live on after death through mother nature. Call me a hippie if you’d like but I don’t believe I fit the status quo.

    2. Well I’m kind of late on this post. I been busy with work and well you know life with my wife and cat. Hah. Anyways if anyone cares I am not religious. I hate religion. I do follow the Bible, and the God of the word as well as the word of God. Jesus is my Lord. I am a constant work. A work in progress, I have had my life changed by the living God. How can I say this? I’ll tell you. Growing up I learned about God. Went to church. Had the bible read to me. Knew about God and His commands and knew about the demonic world and the devil too. I grew up and thought that I was good even though I started drinking at 14. Smoked pot at 16. Started taking morphine at 18. Than started shooting up painkillers at 22. I thought I was OK with God though because I had prayed and talked to Him and learned about Him and I did what many others did which was compared myself with other people and that made me feel better about myself. When in fact I was totally lost. Long story short I had no drugs, no money, no job, no future, had lost everything, 26 years old living at home with my dad. And I just broke. I called out to Jesus to save me. And I did this every night for about a week. High on meth tears streaming down my face with the Bible open just drenching the pages with my tears, and God was speaking to me through the words in that book. Stuff that I was thinking just that day I found that night while reading. Since then I have never been the same. I have fallen many times since than but now I am 29 years old and I am not the same man I was before. God had changed me and is changing me to this day. How do I know my God is real and all others are false you may ask? Because I cried out to Jesus and He answered me and gave me hope and gives me it to this day. Along with so much joy and peace I cannot even begin to tell you. I don’t have ant to change anyone. Because that is impossible. I don’t even try it. I tell people about the gospel without speaking a word through my loving actions and my joy and my peace which God gave me. Its all because of Him. I give Him all glory honor and praise because He is awesome. Satan is the deciever and he is the one who leads people astray. People send their own selves to hell because of their wickedness not God. If we understood our wickedness in the eyes of a perfect and just God we would understand all this but we don’t compare ourselves to God we loom at other people. So there that’s my story.

    3. Oh yeah forgot to say that I have been clean from all drugs and alcohol and smoking for 2 years plus have a great job awesome wife which I did not have before and a beautiful apartment. But if I did not have Jesus I would have nothing. Jesus is life. He is not some excessary to add on to a good life. I had nothing before but when He came to me and I had nothing I had everything I needed just because of Him.

      1. You are delusional and made these things for yourself with your work. Do not make the mistake of attributing your accomplishments to an imaginary deity that may or may not acknowledge your presence in the moment of ” Rapture”.

    1. Obs: well done on a great post. I enjoy reading your thoughts on these kinds of things……

      God = Santa Claus for adults : **classic** : never heard that before : very true but……..

      I grew up in the most unreligious family that ever lived. My oldies obviously deciding God was a figment after having five boys. All they wanted was a girl and kept trying, but gave up at five (The curse as my old girl calls it, continues on, as two of my bros have kids and all are boys so far). It meant that I didn’t go to Sunday school and religion was not even discussed so I find the whole notion of religion a bit silly………..but then again I don’t really understand it and have no idea who all these other characters, like Jesus, are. (Is God and Jesus the same person? ) And what about God’s mum and dad. Like royalty, shouldn’t they be magical and have titles too? Like The God Mother and The God Father. Then the whole story turns Italian and gangsta
      like and don’t get get why…………hang on, is The Mafia God’s evil brother???

      Which is why I hate the middle east so much

      1. I’ll tell you a little about it since you asked. Yes Jesus is God. God the Father is God and God the Holy Spirit is God. God has no beginning and no end. Jesus the Messiah is God in the flesh. He was sent to the earth to spread the gospel. To tell sinners to repent and to give life, to heal and to fulfill all the old testament bible prophecies about the coming Messiah. Jesus says in the Bible that His disciples are his mother, his sisters, and his brothers. But He only has one father and He is in heaven. Mary was just a woman that’s it. Jesus’ earthly father was like a father in law because He was born of a virgin, through the Holy Spirit. Than God poured out His hatred on Jesus on the cross and crushed His only Son so we could be made right with God because without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. But the gospel goes like this; repent, repent of the sin that so easily entangles you. Get on your face in your room or on your knees and cry out to God that He might give you life and keep doing it until He answers you even if it takes a whole year. And God freely gives this gift of living water which will satisfy your heart through Jesus and you will have everlasting life if you continue in Him. Its free but its very hard too.

  1. We don’t need religion. Take responsibility in your community. Bring your children up with a strong moral compass. You don’t need to terrify children with the threat of burning in hell for eternity, nor bribe them with the promise of the reward in heaven. Bring your children up to know the difference between wrong and right and we’re well on out way.

    1. Agreed. I am doing that with my daughter. When she was born I would always talk to her as she was able to reply verbally. Long story short… Early on I told her that my job is to encourage you, support you in your chosen endeavors and answer your questions in the best way I could given then information available. I told her other people may not believe the same as I and here is how you can look up and read about other religions and find one if needed to for you. The only thing that matters to me is that my little girl grows up to be a good person and when she does I’ll know I did my job right. And watching her grow up I couldn’t be more proud of her.

      As for myself I feel that “Religion is for people that have questions and are seeking answers.” “I dont have any questions, therefore have no need for religion.” I am most definitely a spiritual individual but that is not religious. I have had numerous instances that were life and death situations and life isn’t the outcome I was expecting going into the scenario unfolding about me, yet every time I wound up worse for wear but alive and aware of what had transpired. Every time I felt peace. Complete and quiet peace.
      How can that be feared? I’ve been on borrowed time for a longtime. I was put here to raise my daughter and instill in her everything I can to help her have a great life with her time here on earth.

      1. Good man @ cattoo. I never believed myself capable of the same and so i have no kids. As much as id love to believe i could raise a child unbiased and unjudged supported and free to choose….. Well sins of the father so to speak.

    2. Not disagreeing with you mama! You show me a society that offers the time to properly teach your children. Furthermore show me a society that wont try to tell them they are wrong when i do. Democracy is a pied piper @ mama. And its played its tune well.

    3. my family is not religious, but my parents did take me and my sister to a friend’s church for a few months when we were in elementary school. They just wanted us to know what “god” was and who “jesus” was. After a few months they asked if we wanted to go back and both of us said no, which they were fine with leaving. I love learning about different religions though I do not believe in god. I have probably read the bible more so than most of the people that go to church, read the Torah, Qur’an, books on Paganism, got all the books LeVay wrote because he made ALOT of good points, and many other different ones.

  2. From above: “…Yes, I said conceived. I am an atheist. I believe that god is an invention of man…”

    These pages on BestGore can lead the thoughtful no where else. All the depravity, violence, hate, pain and suffering documented here can lead to no other explanation. If there were a god, what good is he? How much divine energy would s/he/it have to expend to address all that we see here? A lifting of the god-eye brow? A ‘Bewitched’ nose maneuver?

    Frankly, if there is a god who has the power to stop these things and does not… well, I don’t want anything to do with s/he/it… Being able to help, and not doing so is, in my book, the worst of sins.

    Some awfulness from my part of the world – On little Rota, a heinous murder..

    W W

    I live here and this Doc was a good guy. The comments section explain what happened. 22 year old married model fucks 60 year old local doctor, Crazed husband then disassembles doc with a spear and a chain (!)

    God certainly did his job preventing that one…

    1. Responsibility to stop these things god or no, is as always in our hands. Unless we are to give up our free will or judge who is allowed to have free will. Forgiveness is for those who forgave. It is our denial our jadedness our hatred our mistakes, that condemnation and judgment of others that affects ourselves the most. Mankind does horrific and vile things to each other yes but it is learned.
      “anything learned can be unlearned” -tony robbins- “awaken the giant within.”

    2. @Rota:
      It might not be Gods job to intervene and prevent human behavior. People have been given free will to decide.

      I’m aware that this is a complete over simplification of the whole God debate and does not address victims of natural disasters and so forth.
      It’s just a thought on the situation that you described.

          1. Of course getting brain cancer at age 6 is not free will. That doesn’t even make sense. Free will is about making choices not falling ill to a disease and certainly not at age 6.
            That said, lots of people contract disease and illness as a result of their choices.

        1. Please read the last paragraph of my initial comment. I was not addressing brain cancer and such.
          As for the victim…yes. At some point the victim, of free will, chose to associate with the perpetrator. Most certainly had no way of knowing the outcome but the choice was made all the same. Our lives are one long string of cause and effect. Decisions and consequences.
          Essentially, this is a great topic for discussion but debating the issue seems futile. The only people with the answers are dead.

        2. Are you unfamiliar with free will? Have you ever done something without being told to do it or forced to do it? If you chose the shirt you’re wearing (assuming you’re wearing a shirt) and was not forced to put it on then you know about “this free will”. Free will is part of being a human being. It’s too bad that the same ability to choose a shirt also applies to nut jobs who choose to murder and maim. Same thing, different extremes.

    3. So, a God should intervene in tragic or premature death or control the human race as a whole? There’s already too many people on this earth. Also, I have enough outside factors trying to control my life government, work, community ect.

    1. Can’t argue with that @rayf. Right and Wrong seem to have been replaced by Appropriate and Inappropriate in recent times. Another leftist ploy to assist in their apologist dogma.

      Have respect for others, treat others how you wish to be treated. 😉
      Pretty simple really.

  3. I prayed to god last night and this morning I have my first grandson he is healthy ,I am not a big believer but in the back of my head I still think there is some thing or some one there do I believe in ever lasting life NO..

  4. I was born a Muslim by my Mom and Dad I’m Sunni. Believe me there’s no difference between Sunnis and Shias and I don’t know why they want to start a war against each other. The only difference that Shias love the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his family as if they were their god. But in meanwhile they curse the prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha and his close friends what we call Sahaba. They believe that his close friends Sahaba and his wife Aisha somehow betrayed him. Like they imagine an illusion and then they believe it. Or lie then believe your lie. And what makes Sunnis angry from Shia because they curse the Sahaba and accuse Aisha Prophet Muhammad’s wife in betrayal him. Shias religion is growing. Grow by time and time. Sunnis is not. That’s it.
    Sunnis and Shias can live in peace together if the both sides dropped the religion away. That’s the solution. We can’t convert all Shia to Sunni we can just forget about that all and live as humans together.

    1. The Shias of Iraq are different; they can be violent in their worship eg men whipping themselves. Muhammad (pbuh) is not god. Everyone knows that! He is the last (no.40) in a long line beginning with Adam (pbuh). The rightful heirs were denied until the first three caliphates died. This was seen as a betrayal of Muhammad’s (pbuh) family and legacy. His grandsons Hasan and Huseyin were each murdered by Syria’s leaders at the time Muaviye and Yezid (respectively). No self respecting musluman uses these names for their children. Yezid also tried to burn down the Kabe in Mecca whereby he becomes the ultimate ruler.

      1. Reading this is REALY informative. Thanks for the view from the inside… I still think you guys are a bunch of whacks, but I at least have more insight into what causes the friction within Izlamb…

        1. No matter how hard I try to concentrate during an explanation of what the Sunni/Shiite beef is really all about, I just zone out because I can’t make sense of any of it. I feel like I’m having what Pokemon is all about being explained to me. It just doesn’t register with me.

        2. Thx I hope I didn’t drag on. There’s always more to the story, it’s in the details. Iam Anatolian Alevi but we just say Alevi and are considered the same as Shias and WE ARE NOT. At festivals, Shia men stick skewers into their bodies and whip themselves with chain whips until they bleed. It reminds me of the christians in Philippines who crucify themselves…for what purpose I don’t know but torture, pain, blood could not be worship in anyone’s book.

    2. Shia are kafir, they are the enemy from within, read their books it’s full of kufr and shirk, they hate us (Sunnis) they believe we are more in clean than dogs and the evidence is vids you can find here that show the torture they put Muslims through just because they believe in Allah and not Ali or Hussien. Shia should be massacred if they don’t repent, they always betray the Muslims so can’t be trusted, they lie as part of their religion and believe having sex with some prostitute gives the status of a prophet, stupid stuff like that, they believe Kurds are jinn, and blacks are evil. Their hatred of the Sahabah that you mentioned is enough to make them kafir. We cannot get along, it’s either they kill us or we kill them. We must and can convert the laymen, they are stupid and follow like sheep the filth their imams tell them, it’s the imams that are starting trouble and hatred. We can’t just ditch our religion, what’s the point of being Muslim then? We can get along with other religions but Shia need to end their blasphemy and then we can consider peace.

      Anyway, I am Sunni ‘Muslim, I believe in Allah.

      1. The only way then it seems sunni and shia could put this behind them is to both forget about thier indoctrinated religions. Shias believe you less than dogs. And i can see that stings a bit but you say they need to be exterminated. Im sure that hurts as well guy. When are both side gonna realize that this argument is made possible only by an ancient religion that was created just for that reason. Unrest. You can believe whatever you like friend but giving into hatred that was taught to you will only find you peace in death. And thier will only be peace for the 13 tribes when they are dead. Religions are cogs in a wheel driven by the chain of technology and as the wheel makes its last turn if you dont find peace with each other you will condemn your blood lines to another 7000 yrs of war. What is happening on this planet is far older and bigger than mankinds puny written history. Older than your prophets and religions older than ours. And sadly you hate simply cause you were taught to. Us as well. Peace be upon all of you. Fear is to not know you are loved. All too often people mistake fear for hate so they fear and those they fear see hate.

        1. I was brought up a strict Roman Catholic, we grow up with a load of superstitious backwards nonsense. When I was a kid demons, the devil stuff like that used to freak the shit out of me. Now, I don’t believe in Jesus Christ or god, so why would I believe In demons or the devil?

    1. Well… Where does one start. @ everyone.

      As a child raised in a “christian” home religion and the does god exist question has naturally been a large focus of my life. Somewhere in my quest from the pagan gods to the master compiler i came to a conclusion.
      You cant lie without telling the truth. Because a lie with no truth is without point as it is the truth we lie to conceal. this conclusion spawned from the question of “how could i believe anything rewritten by men so many times over thousands of years” the motivation for the question was that no matter which religion i delved into there it was… truth. Not that any of it is what they say it is but the kind of truth we are connected to. The kind we feel thru the lies. For example i cannot accept that god made us in his image without accepting that he is a good looking halfwit retard who is just as misguided as the rest of us……… But on a scientific level if we live an existance determined by conciouse perception than we are most definately a reflection. A religion has to contain some truth or it would not persist there has to be a connection for us to feel. I could list corrolations between science and the bible all day. That said science at least admits the limits of its understanding. It recognizes the constantly changing landscape of understanding but i disagree that it has removed the need for mankind to believe in something greater than itself. Religion preaches hope but it condems with guilt and rots you from the inside afraid for your immortal soul it teaches guilt and judgment. And it teaches that as a believer you have dominion over men. So religion gets a fuck you from me. No one and nothing has dominion over me im a fucking leo lol. But as i said… Why has it lasted for thousands of years if there is no truth. We feel truth and usually what we cannot explain in our religions are the lies but we defend them and force them because they are connected to that truth. Misdirected as it were.
      So what are these truth and why are we not realizing that they are all part of 1 greater truth. If i were a being of great advancement i may dumb down what i know and put it in stories that a peoples would understand. But if i was one of those peoples and i understood enough i just may twist it to my own needs. @Amer you asked if anyone believed in magic and yadda yadda. “any significant enough advancement in technology is no different from magic.” take a cellphone to damascus in the 1700s and see how long fear and superstition let you live. Lol
      The opposite side of that coin is real faith. Nothing that has ever been achieved has been so without faith. Anything we undertake and see thru to fruition is an act of faith. From having faith that there is milk at the store to get; to knowing 70 yrs ago that it was possible to create or print matter. Nothing we achieve is done without it. i believe science and tech to be a compensation for what we know in our hearts is true. We have been fooled into believing there has to be an interface other than us. To have all men believe we are in direct control of matter is………. Sigh uncontrollable. But we act on faith that there are these laws that dictate what is and isnt possible. We build with in the confine of them. But why? if we spent as much time believing that it was within our nature to do so without tech would we need it? So back to magic… Why have the stories persisted. Just because the truth in everything isnt obviouse does not mean it does not exist. Quite the opposite…. How can anything exist without being true????
      All that said this pseudo science religion anti religion that douche neil degrasse tyson is building up to will become a way of condemnation. The ultimate anti theism. And just like the rest they will “burn heretics” so to speak. Turning the sciences into a religion. I love science and knowledge but when i watch his shows i see nonarguments and red herrings all over the fucking place misleading and misdirecting not lieing but helping you to a conclusion he would like you to adopt. This is for the uneducated Masses.

      So many people out there who are broken and hurting thier lives used to sway public opinion and understanding we see death everyday enmasse for stupid and careless reasons for greed and anger revenge jealousy lust weve seen the gluttonouse steal from the starving. And everyday we see men murder for pride and if tomorrow everyone could truly forgive it would all end. Those who are wrong stay wrong for pride.
      We all have a tiny sliver of the truth and it will take us all if we are to ever see anything more than that.

    2. I do. But as my mind understands, supernatural is just Higher consciousness..
      I am not like I believe 100%, but more positive 95% i do..

      If you look internet with critical thinking but without skepticism, u will be amazed..

      And remember skepticism is good, but it has one problem. 100% skepticism about everything is solipsism*. And in order to get good results, we need to place a number in Skepticism from 1% to 100%.
      How much skeptic you are??

      *Solipsism – be skeptical to your own senses, thinking, feeling, of your own skepticism, ect..

      My opinion that in this world something weird is happening. Have someone even know what is Meditating and what things you can do with it? Google it….

      1. I first accept that everything is a lie.
        Then i see the truth told in lie. And constantly remain open about my own fallability. When i feel a truth i dont just accept that it is true in its current form but that it is contained in misdirection.
        Example. Science and math would place astronomical equations between you and the truth but i dont need the math to know the truth just to explain it to you. But if you dont know math than i need only an example to show you the truth. Religion is as such. Preaching faith demanding evidence hiding truth retarding discovery. If i told you that thermal dynamics, physics, the creation of our universe and the planck scale were outlined in the christian bible in genesis you may or may not believe me. A scientist would jump to prove truth of it and a christian would burn me for heresy. Truth my friend told in stories people would understand… the time. A hitch hikers guide to the universe so to speak. But raised as a christian the fear for my immortal soul was so great i did not want to even have such thoughts. Indoctrinated to a religion is a terrible way to live…. Fear guilt hatred condemnation judgment. All disgusting traits taught to us so we could be controlled. Question everything.

  5. I think it’s kind of pointless to read a book that’s thousands of years old and take it as fact like some extremists do with religion. Who’s to say the translation is correct or that the words haven’t been changed to fit that particular person’s agenda? It’s like a big game of telephone…you whisper something in your classmate’s ear and they whisper it to the person next to them and so on until the last person says what they heard and it’s completely different from the original message.

    I was raised Roman Catholic and while I’d like to think there’s more for me after this life there’s a good chance there isn’t. I gave up on religion when I saw so many people who claimed to be good Christians going to church every Sunday but after Mass they were the worst kind of people. The morals I have come from being raised by good people, not religion. Hell, for all we know God is really aliens who got bored one day and decided to fuck with us, who knows. God isn’t worth condemning people or starting wars.

    1. Took the letters out my own frontal cortex(smart side of the brain) LF.. Bestgore opens up the mind with steroids(knowledge) and it makes you wanting answers that have been hidden in the past and present. All civilizations had their own aspects on life and death, but religion was the only tool that helped civilizations come together as a whole and survive.Religion today is nothing but a money, power, corruption making idea for humans to exploit.

      1. I absolutely agree! Religion is all about power and money. I actually just saw a documentary on Scientology on HBO and it scared the shit out of me. Obviously, it’s not an ancient religion but it’s amazing what people will do for or to another person all in the name of religion.

  6. Although I am not religious. I do believe in a higher power/creator. If the universe was created by coincidence then wouldn’t things randomly happen? We have months and years based on the order of our son, moon and stars. Everything has order. The sun rises and sets, We are born, reproduce, age and die and so on. If everything happened coincidently it would be chaotic. Without a brain there would be no man, without man there would be no brain. Are we vehicles for our brain? When a car is created it was perceived in someones mind at first and now it came to being, it didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. I believe we have a inner soul. I have a theory as to maybe what happens after the after life. I believe we are all pieces of the creator put in mortal vehicles of his campus to further understand itself. When we die we then become a part of god or a greater intelligence. So we can create a world of our own. That is why when people have near death experience they often times envision there own version of what the after life is like.

  7. Ironicly, im making a new blog post on my site talking about it actually… Might finish it either today or tomorow, depending on how much time i have. But ill state a few things of my own.

    Firstly, the vision of people about “gods” is just erratic, not because its something that doesnt make much sense, but because of misinformation about the old times, the antient civilizations that were here before humanity… Those people of today dont question their existence, they are still living in the dark ages (iron age) according to the Precession of the Equinox, and unable to think for themselves, they are therefore easly satisfied about the explanation of their existence by the vision of one god that is a creator… ending up doubting everything else… What they dont know is that doubting doesnt give them anything back, and their are not interested in changing their lifes because they are too busy living them rather than questioning things by themselves…

    Doubting doesnt give you anything, one will doubt of everything untill they have nothing else. Questioning however, will give you answers, and you’ll be able to question everything untill you reach the closest truth possible, erasing flaws by everytime you question it, but you will also need ambition for it and the right tools and fragments to work for those questions… But you can only question your doubts as long as you dont doubt your questions…

    As for me, i dont believe of coicidence of our creation… We are all carbon based creatures, complex structures capable of carrying life, and i highly doubt that life can be created by mere coicidence of collision of atoms and our code (among from the other life forms) developing on its own… We came a long way from sapient micro organisms, to carbon cell based ones and eventually a complex and conscious creature capable of reasoning… Remember that we know so little about our existence, of our past, of the past of those that were here before us, and our universe… We know so little of our own realm, and we must stop thinking that our logic is granted… because times and times again we are proven that our laws of physics and our logic can be broken by other strange forces we’re unable to explain. And we must stop thinking that because we never saw them, they dont exist… and i can give you an example. Theres this bug named Mayfly who’s life span is of 24h of maximum… If by any chance it was born on a rainy day, and meets another Mayfly and that mayfly talks to him about the rumors of the existence of sunny days… that Mayfly will end up doubting it because it never saw such sunny days on its short life time… And same logic goes for humans in just about everything.

    But now if were created by gods, who created those gods in the first place? And who created those gods of gods? No one ever questions that… And we are talking about a third unknown force here… and for what purpose? Well, we allways build tools to help us build something more, and we eventually build machines with those tools to make more tools, computers with programming to operate those machines, and we will one day make artificial intelligences to operate those computers… So is it possible that we’re just mere tools as well to construct something to help the gods? Why never people questions this?…

  8. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness. They don’t believe in Hell. Instead they believe that after you die, if you are not in God’s good favor, you will simply cease to exist. No eternal Hellfire, just oblivion. I was taught that this “system of things” would come to an end very soon. Probably within my lifetime. So things like going to college, and making plans to be successful in this system was an exercise in futility. I literally went through school believing that getting good grades was worthless. And made NO plans to go to college.

    They also believe that governments are evil and that the system was not to be trusted. It was almost frowned upon to involve the authorities if something illegal took place. Not to say that the Governing Body (the part of the organization who governs religious belief and activity) explicitly told us not to involve the authorities, but it was generally known that the authorities were not to be trusted. And were only being tolerated to exist until Jesus return.

    I grew up believing that if I had sex, I would somehow drop dead. When I lost my virginity at age 16 right after high school graduation, I fell into a depression that lasted YEARS. I stopped attending meetings with my religion and became inactive.

    As an adult, (my parents are still practicing Jehovah’s Witnesses) my relationship with my family is almost non-existent. My parents refuse to even talk to my children. Although they won’t admit it, it’s obvious to me that they still hold a grudge against me for leaving the religion.

    I tried to return to the religion but as an adult, I have come to believe that if God does exist, he isn’t what I have been taught necessarily. I honestly do hope that he is out there, but I have serious doubts. And I am wary about any persons interpretation of who and what he is. Science seems to answer many of the questions I have had about the Universe and mans existence.

    I think religion has messed the whole world up. And the belief that one organization has all the answers is absurd. There is a passage in the bible that rings true to this day. “Man has dominated man to his injury”. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Why would God allow so much suffering to occur? I would never allow my children to suffer undue harm for any reason. THAT is my biggest question about the existence of God.

    1. @ip being raised to believe the world is something it is not can be crippling when you become disillusioned. I know this well. I carried my parents judgments of people into everyday life believing them to be truth. I would call it a great mistake but i learned eventually. I am unlearned in jehovas witness and how they differ from pentacost, as the kids i went to school with who were jehovas were as segregated from normality as i was, i figured they must be as zealotous or more so as my families religion. that aside…. I personally feel that god is real…. But when i consider the mimicry between the mind and space i am drawn to the conclusion that he is powerless to change what is happening here because we are simply a thought in his/her/its mind. Our universe is very much like a thought or synaptic fire. From start to finish. Our god our all our creator is as a baby in the womb. Whos mind is for the first time becoming conciouse. and as we in our universe are comprised of matter that has memories so to is he and we are 1 of many and all scenarios played out by the memories of his particular matter. Birds fly south from a genetic memory. Molecules form a molecular memory atoms protons neutrons electrons nutrinos quarks higs bozone all have memory. From a scientific standpoint there is theroy that if 1 piece of information in the universe was destroyed that the universe would collapse. All of this points to existance being conciouse with the sole purpose of experience. So what is understanding the experiences. This brings into play the conciouse pool and all thing joining the divine intelligence upon death. Heaven and hell ceaslessness and rebirth are all supported in a sense by hawkings black hole theory that posotive energy is collected around the blackhole wilst negative energy is forever spaghettified and crushed for eternity. Eventually when the mass and centrifugal force overcome the barrier of immense gravity the posotivly charge energies are spit back out across the universe. All that said when does a child in the womb step into its own thoughts and say hey you better smarten up or ill ill ill stop thinking about you. Nietches thus spake zarathustra illustrates the concept that all experiences are consequently good for they are scnarios to be learned from.
      And the truly wicked are our greatest teachers.
      And this too shall pass. When we have learned our lessons and achieve mass understanding of whatever the undeniable truth actually is. Murphys law anything that can happen will.
      Eventually our god as we misconcieve will birth as a being of understanding. Chosen to be who he is by the experiences we have lived. How would you like to be remembered what truth would you share with god. That is free will that is the choice we have for the making. It is not our place to judge but it is necessary. “Zarathustra first phsycologist of the good is consequently a friend to the wicked” at the onset you may think that were this true zarathustra is fucking idiot. But have you learned more from success or failure? From ease or from challenge. If you wish to accelerate the rate at which people learn as a whole challenge them and make them fail. At everything!!! immerse them in evil and hate racism and self importance. Consequently accellerating thier growth rate. Forever thrusting them towards undeniable understanding. ……. Ultimatley more will be learned on Your death than in your life. Your contribution is total inescapable and divine. Thats a sliver of how i see it anyway.

      If i was to define futility…. Having only words to express my thoughts and my feelings.
      But if i could share with you what is in my head and heart and you with me what isin yours. Then believe me you would at least know that you are loved. We sit and condemn each other for what we see but if only you saw thru me if you lived my experiences and i yours forgiveness and compassion would be our only answer. True understanding would not breed hatred. For this reason mankind knows there is something greater than us. And so our gods are these things. Most religions theistic and non Theistic place a being or a balance in a place of understanding and all knowingness. Most admit our folly and lack of understanding. Men need to believe that we can be better that there is greater and that we will not be punished for our true ignorance.

    2. I’m very sorry about your relationships with your family. It’s sad when a parent picks something like religion over their child. I remember when I was little I always questioned my religion because it just didn’t add up to me. Then when I was in 7th grade I had a new religion teacher who said it was okay to question your religion and I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. After that I realized religions and God shouldn’t cause such fear and anxiety in young children. I stopped listening what others were telling me and started doing my own research and forming my own beliefs. Just because you’re not practicing one particular religion doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It sucks your parents don’t see that.

    1. Pascal, a French philosopher and mathematician looked at believing or not believing in God like you were making a bet. If you believe in God and there is no God, then you lose nothing. If you believe in God and there is a God, You Win! You get to go to heaven. If you don’t believe in God and there is a God then you Win! Nothing! If you don’t believe in God and there is a God, then you win! A trip to Hell or Purgatory! So now do you want to put your money where your mouth is?

      1. The “No harm, no foul” policy. It makes sense. I’ve heard similar analogies comparing religion and achieving eternal life in Heaven.
        One analogy is like buying an insurance policy. We purchase an insurance policy to protect us from financial ruin in the event of an accident or natural disaster. We hope we won’t ever need to use it but it’s there just in case.
        A person may never truly believe in God, but, if they are wrong, they are protected from eternal damnation by having met their religions criteria for eternity in Heaven.

    2. I am a Christian and I wouldn’t insult you but I would agree with you to a point. I would rather say that religious people are lost almost as lost and blind as atheists. Religion is very very deadly. I do not follow religion I follow the living God. Atheists believe there is no God but and think that you either have to believe in God OR science. Which is laughable. The two actually go hand in hand. You can’t explain everything with science and you can’t explain everything with just saying God. Do you know that the odds of the universe exploding from nothing is 1 to the 70,000 power? Not to mention after that which an entirely separate belief that is the theory of evolution and the odds of a single cell organism with complexity evolving from non life is astronomical. Plus many scientists believe in a primitive atmosphere which contains many many harmful gases that are harmful to life. Do you know this primitive atmosphere would also make it impossible for any life to form just because it wouldn’t be strong enough to keep out UV rays which actually destroy DNA? Not to mention on top of that life from a single complex organism evolving into a human being is impossible even over a span of 4.5 billion years! That’s because these so called mutations are 99% harmful and detrimental to living organisms today and would have been then too. So DNA doesn’t actually get more or improved information from these mutations information or DNA is actually lost. And in order to get from a single cell organism to a complex organism you would have to gain DNA or information not lose it.

  9. Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time!

    But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money!

    George Carlin

      1. “When it comes to Gods existsence,
        I’m not an atheist and I’m not agnostic. I’m an acrostic. The whole thing puzzles me”

        George Carlin

        I love George, he was the man, so smart and funny. There are a lot of people on this site who are just as witty though. Probably come here more for the humor than the gore….
        Thanks @obli for this post.

      2. “When it comes to Gods existsence,
        I’m not an atheist and I’m not agnostic. I’m an acrostic. The whole thing puzzles me”

        George Carlin

        I love George, he was the man, so smart and funny. There are a lot of people on this site who are just as witty though. Probably come here more for the humor than the
        Thanks @obli for this post.

  10. Well … I was Born in a very religious country I remenber when I was 5 the first thing I learn at school was the “padre nuestro” pray know “Our Father” every morning before the class start we pray so …I was getting bored about religion , every year on. march and october there is a celebration we call “Se?or the los milagros” all the month we pray for the “miracle Lord” to save us and pray the salvation of our souls ….on march we celebrate the death of god we call “Semana santa” and eat 12 dishes and see movies about the life of god and this celebration ends with “Pascua”
    Well … I start to think about religion why this people love a god who never see why this people spend time and money to celebrate this God and the answer of all is “faith” blind faith that I can’t understand a
    This kind of people judge punish in the name of god Yes like ISIS do !!
    If you do somethijg against the ancients laws of the bible they gonna tell you “sinner” and they gonna recomend u to go church every sunday ….and then you gonna start to blame god for all good and worng actions
    If. You kill someone sure is for devil
    If you save someone sure is for the mervelous god
    Meh ….
    What can I say … Im tired about catolic religion and now Im sure about my decition to reject all religion…why?
    -what about other religion? If I am catolic i gonna be. In heaven and what happen with jew budist atheist ….etc ?

  11. God, the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

    God made man in his own image and told us to go forth and multiply etc.

    Now, the problem with the above line of thinking is that it is only meaningful to us human beings because it contains sentiments only known and understood by us human beings.

    To create hieratical structures and to rule over them, morals, authority, etc are only understood by us human beings and sometimes observed among other creatures albeit without self reflection, and this therefore leads us into the main point of focus, it is not God who can read and understand us but we who can read and understand him.

    Just as a schizophrenic person suffering from auditory illusions may believe that they have been communicating with a different being when in reality they have merely separated their ego and have been projecting a part of their personality into that separate ego those who fixate on a God, or indeed communicate with him, follow a similar process, albeit less socially crippling.

    We can understand God because we are him and he is us, a part of us anyway. This is why the various global races and religions have a God who is similar to themselves, who encompasses their social ideals, their religious designs, their racial profile and ancestry ect.

    As our social/religious structures changed throughout history so did God. It used to be morally acceptable to have sex with and marry 12 year olds in the first world, it used to be morally acceptable to torture and kill all those who blasphemed in the first world too.

    The above changed because we changed and as we changed so did God. In the middle east religion remained unchanged for much longer and as a result they still hold the idea of a God who encompasses ideals of which we in the first world view as barbaric and medieval.

    To summarise then, God did not create man in his image, we created God in our image and we did so in order to protect ourselves from the emotional/physical pain as a result of our ?self awareness? in our external reality, an environment with very little answers then and even now.

    God gave us hope and as a result we survived many harsh, cruel environments when otherwise we may have just gone the way of the Panda and stopped bothering to ?go forth and multiply? at all.

    To end on the last point of focus, where does religion fit in today?s society?.

    The process of ?God? never really went away, we have merely shifted our need to be told rather than to individually act onto systems other than God.

    Capitalism, communism, neoliberalism etc. Governments, class systems etc, these are our new Gods because they allow us to live in hope and we human beings sure love living in hope hence why we keep voting for politicians who never, ever do anything for us other than to promise to do something for us.

    Vote now for your grandchildren?s sake, it?s a nice sentiment until you realise that politicians of yesteryear said the exact same thing to your grandparents as well and their grandparents before them.

    Both God and politicians require your subservience in the present with the promise of future gain and thus the circle is set. The present is all about suffering for a future that never comes and that is why I call us creatures of hope because we really are fools to ourselves.

    My conclusion, ?where does religion fit in today?s society??, it fits very well actually. The religion of God and the religion of politics and wealth both keep people subservient and in their place as it always did before.

    Where do marionettes go when they die should be my next point of argument.

    1. Everything you say @ empty drunk and stoned or not challenges me to think and consider you viewpoints and mine. if only i felt as concise and direct as you sound. Might i ask what you think the purpose of existance is. I agree with much of mankinds need to create god in thier image, id like to add that we are not very creative. In that i mean its hard to sell something noones seen so it had to look like us. I only partially dissagree with why. As most things are, adaptation evolution and so on, survival as you say plays a large part hope as well. That said we can agree that we need to consider something greater……need. Why simply to perpetuate? So much time and energy wasted on perpetuation with no reason doesnt seem to fit the universes structure. Why perpetuate if there is nothing to understand it. Whats the end game. Wheres the point. Empty souls?

    2. And although mankinds gods changed with our knowledge and needs as we grew in understanding i cant help but see that as being the same as lieing to a child. As the child ages the lies must mature as well. You can tell a toddler blue is pink for a while but when the toddler is a teenager smarter lies are required. As we grow into adults for the most part lies rquire the truth and a little shove in the wrong direction. I geuss im wondering who taught the first monkey to cook his food or wash his fruit.

      Marionettes never die thier personalities just change.
      Enregy/Matter can niether be created or destroyed simply converted or altered. And eventually all matter will convert to nill.

    3. @dulphwiggins

      ?Might i ask what you think the purpose of existance is.?

      I could say that there is no purpose or at least no purpose that I have ever observed other than to continue our genetic profile forwards and into the future indefinitely however the ?God? idea was created by us because nobody actually knows what life is and how it began or indeed what happens when we die.

      Therefore since our own minds cannot fully comprehend reality or really make any sense of it other than it?s apparent physical laws it stands that any purpose to be found will have to be decided for us by ourselves.

      Some people spend their entire lives chasing money, other people live for family, some live for their God, whatever gets you through life I suppose. It is only when your chosen purpose causes other people to suffer that it becomes a problem.

      My conclusion, Life is like a giant book and in this book there are many missing pages which makes it difficult for us to understand the story and so there are those who fill in the missing pages themselves with what they believe to be correct given what they know so far and there are those who leave the missing pages blank and just deal with what is actually there.

      Therefore, given our limited knowledge of our existence, we should consider every possibility but at the same time we should accept no possibility because making real life decisions based upon the intangible is not a practical way to live and will only slow us down and cause us to fail.

  12. Well … I was Born in a very religious country I remenber when I was 5 the first thing I learn at school was the “padre nuestro” pray know “Our Father” every morning before the class start we pray so …I was getting bored about religion , every year on. march and october there is a celebration we call “Se?or the los milagros” all the month we pray for the “miracle Lord” to save us and pray the salvation of our souls ….on march we celebrate the death of god we call “Semana santa” and eat 12 dishes and see movies about the life of god and this celebration ends with “Pascua”
    Well … I start to think about religion why this people love a god who never see why this people spend time and money to celebrate this God and the answer of all is “faith” blind faith that I can’t understand a
    This kind of people judge punish in the name of god Yes like ISIS do !!
    If you do somethijg against the ancients laws of the bible they gonna tell you “sinner” and they gonna recomend u to go church every sunday ….and then you gonna start to blame god for all good and worng actions
    If. You kill someone sure is for devil
    If you save someone sure is for the mervelous god
    Meh ….
    What can I say … Im tired about catolic religion and now Im sure about my decition to reject all religion…why?
    -what about other religion? If I am catolic i gonna be. In heaven and what happen with jew budist atheist ….etc ?this guys gonna be in hell ? Thats stupid honestly
    I could explain more about why I dont believe in god but my english doesn’t help

    At last. …I only say
    Do the right because so feel it that way
    …. not for the “fear” of god

  13. I believe the account of human history is plain and simple. God created man in his image/likeness, with the unique ability of choice. God explained to man what took place in his Kingdom regarding Lucifer and the ones who sided with him. God explained the importance of strict obedience to his law. Man disobeyed and we became the Devils sunjects by right. God wanted to save humanity. But the only way to do so was for his very own son to pay humans price “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.” It is clear that God chose a particular man some 6 or 7 hundred years after the flood, named Abram. He did this so that this mans defendants could continue to pass on the truth that one day this whole Great controversy between the devil and Jesus will be ended and death and sorrow and pain and suffering with be no more. If God were to take away room for doubt, then he would prove the Devil was right all along. This whole plan of redemption MUST be played out so that it will be certain that sin will never rise again. God is Love! And there has been many times throughout human history that God has given man time to figure out what truth is. “To every man is granted a portion of truth” it’s what we do with said truth, which I believe to be our basic moral code, that matters to GOD. See you can believe differently that I do about God, but in the end all that will matter is this; did you use this life your were given selfishly, or did you live a selfless life. When truth was presented to you in one form or another, did you reject it because it interfered with how you have been or wanted to live your life? No matter what religion one has come to believe, if we use this finite life we have been given for good to the best of our knowledge, then we have proved God right and the devil wrong.
    The devil maintains that it is impossible to fully keep Gods law. But in the end of this Great Contoversy, even he will acknowledge that God was right all along. That sin is a parasite that infects every living thing with a cancer which eventually results in death in one form or another. The good news is that yes, even though we are dust (which is by far smaller than an insect) God Loves us and because of His ultimate sacrifice we are now His sons and daughters. He payed our price in the punishment for sin. Humans through the possession of the devil, have made the Gospel so distorted that it almost seems excusable to do whatever we want and forget about why we’re here. That’s exactly what this highly intelligent being (lucifer) wants us to do. He believes that if he can get enough people on his side, then he will accomplish what he set out to do from the beginning. Everything that is happening today in the Middle East and the Ukraine and everywhere else in the world, only proves even more so that there is a God and there is a Devil and this whole Great Controversy is coming to a close.

    1. Well the price was not paid then we still die he still condemns and even he said had he not enlightened us we would be innocent. Sounds like your god mettled with something he didnt understand. And continues to act like a child who lost his friends on the school ground. If he created us in his image hes a shallow concieted self important fuck up. Furthermore he would have known not to. This pathetic story sounds like something man would do to a backwater race of young beings on a distant planet somewhere. Self importance. Thats a mans trait you twat. Condemn me cause i dont believe your laws are just! fuck you! shouldve left us ignorant! You and thel can go buttfuck eachother in his spaceship. Take your self important pridefull deluded congregation with you. Your matter of fact style reeks of disgusting judgment. Same as isis your just scared of cutting yourself.

  14. God, and the varying interpretations of him / her / it, has acted as a crutch for the masses since time began. Put your faith in God and all will be right in the world. But it has also acted as a cane, used to keep the flock in order so as not to unsteady the status quo, so we obey, which in turn stops us from being damned or cursed or whatever other negative consequence that may arise due to our sins.

    Personally, I believe in having faith, faith from within, rather than having faith in a manifestation of some higher power that was dreamt up by so called holy men in ancient times.

    When all is said and done though, religion boils down to one thing that humans have and always will strive to hold over one and other. POWER.

  15. religion is a cancer to mankind it will only case more unnecessary death and suffering so long people believe.

    for this mankind need to seek out and eliminate anyone that ether read a bible, Tanach Koran. or sweet roll.

    but even after that, people will go back to the most basic of wars. skin color and stuff you know humanity is made to suffer it’s within it’s nature

  16. Religion is a personal choice, but the moment we attempt to use force to compel others to abide by our religious code, we become tyrannical. Unfortunately religion has a clear history of being used as justification for imposing tyranny. However, so does the climate and practically every other thing under the sun.

    The real problem is that tyrants have zero regard for the concept of self-ownership and the sheep have zero interest in being anything other than slaves.

  17. Me, myself, I have thought of many explanations verying the justification of religious in total. From ancient summerians to the church of Scientology. WHAT IS A RELIGION? One conclusion i have adjusted to is that we didnt evolve as to were we are today, god didnt make man. 2000 years ago.. Evidence? Just look all around us. Theres evidence, variable undeniably, hard evidence man lived many many years ago, exceeding mainstream scholars own belief Man erected just 2000+ years ago. if one were to not know any history of this planet and was placed on this earth with there own belief from where they came from and what not, what conclusion would they draw?

    I for one. Acknowledge that there are extraterrestrial entities living among us, Some infiltrated in own Government postions of power.

    I believe God is real, but didnt make man. I also hypothesize that jesus may in fact have been extraterrestrial himself, with divine powers of healings, teachings, and carpenterty. One must speculate the theory.

    If you look at all religions among all walks of life, theyre mostly all based on gods ascending from heaven in a craft/winged/vehicle/ship defeating evil and restoring faith and protecting its own people.

  18. ALL is energy. Maybe it?s “God” or something with consciousness. Thats all.. we can be sure about. Something..musst create all this shit.
    If some dies.. Ist not the end i think. So..stop crying.. Kill eachother.. Nothing happen. Maybe 😀

  19. A life should be spent gaining new education and experiences. Be as aware of the world around you as possible and go out of your way to assist and help others.
    I’m about halfway through this journey (age wise) and have gained absolutely no reason whatsoever to be a ‘believer’. Much the opposite.
    Though the Strange thing is that I really want to believe; In the same way I yearn to win the lottery, I wish to one day find out that a superior being and plane of existence exists.

  20. I have always thought of The Binding Of Isaac. The fact that people “worship” a being who would ask man to kill a loved one to prove a point is screwed up. The fact an apparent God would ask that of his creation sounds like some sick test.

    I think it is impossible to believe in ANY religion because of how this “truth” has clearly been twisted. Those of you who believe in a God; how do you know your “God” is the correct one? Or that the version of the holy book you read, is the correct one?

    To spend all of your life, following incredibly strict rules…in the hope that your religion is the correct one?
    And if you are wrong? You have spent your whole life not living as you may have wanted, worrying about being thrown into hell, for the “real God” jealous and vengeful, to cast you into hell for not following his rules?

    1. I know a Muslima. SHE grow up with this. No way to teach her a..”dirty German way”. We have stress then.. When i try to tell her something like.. what you write.=stress.
      It?s just.. they grow up with this shit.

  21. lol. atheism also is a religion, even much harder to believe than Christianity.

    I’m a Christian, even if I’m not , i can’t shake the truth that there’s a God. Even the smartest people knows this.

    1. Atheism isn’t a religion, it’s the lack of belief in any and all religions. If religions didn’t exist there would be no atheism. It’s in the word itself, a-theism, without religion. Just like amoral means lacking any morales.

        1. It’s not ironic at all actually. The religious feel that the nonreligious should just never express what they believe just because they don’t believe in anything. Christians and Muslims don’t have a lot of faith in what they believe? Muslims kill each other everyday just because they can’t agree over which version of Islam is the right one. Jehovah’s Witnesses ring my doorbell at 9am on Sunday regularly so they can tell me all about Jesus, they clog my mailbox with pamphlets, walk into my place of business at work unannounced. I don’t do any of that fucking shit.

          1. That’s why I don’t consider myself religious… Hell… I haven’t been to church in 20 years… I’m a recovering ex-Roman Catholic… I know how it feels to be up to your eyelids in religion..

            I consider myself ‘spiritual’…

            I hate when ‘religious’ people try to convert others… Spirituality is a personal journey that doesn’t need to be coerced…

            Religion = Cult

            Personally… I would never tell an atheist not to express what they believe… Everybody learns when debate is open and understanding…

          2. I was raised Catholic also @gnat. Baptism, communion, confirmation, all that jazz. I was forced into it kicking and screaming the whole way which is my major beef with all religions. The fact that people force their children into being brainwashed by teachings that are in direct conflict with what the brightest minds amongst us have to say about the earth, sun, universe, etc. The earth can’t be 6000 years old, it couldn’t have been created in 6 days, you can’t fit two of every animal on a wooden canoe…

          3. “I was forced into it kicking and screaming the whole way which is my major beef with all religions.”

            Believe it or not… I wasn’t forced to go to mass when I was a kid… My dad was religious to a point… He got me circumcised… 🙁 … And baptized… But that was it… He let me find my own way beyond that… And I love him for that…

            “The earth can’t be 6000 years old, it couldn’t have been created in 6 days, you can’t fit every animal on a wooden canoe…”

            Of course not… But science definitely doesn’t have it right… The most abundant force in the universe is gravity… Do you know science can’t explain it?… They try… But it’s pure speculation.

            By the way… The Bible never said the Earth was 6000 years old… Religion strikes again…

          4. I don’t wanna bust in on y’alls conversation, but I’ve been wondering all day.. @Gnat.. in your opinion, what is the difference in being religious and being spiritual?

  22. I was raised with atheism and science (the old religions are absurd to me), but have found the explanations of a purely materialist, random evolution explaining our existence inadequate. It’s called the “Hard Consciousness Problem” in science. While we’re just these talking apes/monkeys, it does seem intuitive there’s something more at play behind the scenes to explain the near irreducible complexity of life and emotion (perhaps Dark Matter/Energy is connected to our consciousness).

    Checkout (youtube) Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Thomas Campbell, etc for modern/new age concepts/definitions of “god”. In addition, youtube “hologram universe” … there are numerous physicists (i.e. Leonard Susskind, George Smoot – nobel prize winners) who suggest that our whole reality is a hologram of some kind (i.e. a living computer). To all these philosopher/psychologists/scientists, EVERYTHING is “god” – that means all the good and bad stuff. Thus, I can’t thank the creators of this website enough for their contribution to aiding human consciousness, for here we see the stark brutal nature of reality (the bad) in its nasty form. Thank you for helping make us all better by being more aware, and special thanks for presenting everything from an ethnocentric White person perspective. Our grandfathers’ generation left us a mess. Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin, etc … all these jackasses were Christians, and babbled about the “Almighty/Providence/God” from their elitist thrones while getting we White talking apes killed by the tens of millions. It was a horrific travesty. Thank you again to the founder of this site – and if you ever need a place to crash, you have a friend here.

    Your truly,
    Fellow White male and user

  23. This is my story with christians, if you wonder to know why they hate us. Some time AGO, I had a girlfriend, and she was Christian, eventhough i was Muslim. I used to be in Military that time, i loved her and she seems to share the same -that time-. The day came and I decided to marry her (it is ok for sunni muslims to have christian wife), her sister “that always shows how much she hates me”, said that i can have 4 wives, but i said i will NOT do its not obligatory for me. she was the one, i was passing most of my time when i was in military talking to her by phone occasionally and waiting for a vacation just to see her and take her with me to have diner outside.
    When i’ve gone to her home decided to court her, i was surprised with a BIG NO from her, her sister, her mother and all the family, they didn’t even allow me to enter the house, i asked what HAPPENED, they told me exactly like this: “You Are a Muslim, We Will Not Give You Our Daughter”, i didn’t do ANYTHING to them or to anyone else! i never thought of hurting somebody that time, i was walking back home like a body without soul, then i found her with the new boyfriend just few days after “about a week or less”, and he was her Ex before me, she’s married to him now, he is christian. -he….was-

    Now the moral of the story is, if you are muslim, if you Do or Don’t do anything, you’re still judged by those. Never trust a christian or anyone else, in the end of the road, they will screw you just becaue you’re not in the same religion, without caring who you are or what you do.

      1. @MaybeHitmanButDefinitelyNot;), I feel for you man, honestly I do. But after I read your story I came to the conclusion that there’s a chance it had nothing to do with religion. Or at least not as much as they made it seem at the time.
        The thing that sticks out the most which makes me think that it’s a lot simpler, is that you said within a few days she was already together with someone else (ex-boyfriend or stranger, doesn’t matter).
        More than likely bud, she had been seeing him behind your back while you were in the military. I know that sucks and it hurts to think about and nobody in your position would want to believe it, but that makes a whole lot more sense than something like “Her family (or her), after all this time, and out of nowhere, decided that she won’t be with someone of your faith.”
        But, even if that was the absolute 100% way that part happened, it still wouldn’t make sense for her to just go back to him immediately. You see what I mean? She would’ve at least had strong feelings for this guy while she was with you for her to be with him that fast.
        It sucks. It hurts. But even if her family did indeed not like you because of your religious beliefs, they’re still only one family, and I doubt that all the other Christians got together & held a big meeting and elected them as the representatives of the Christian faith.
        Just my opinion dude,, that’s all.

      2. @MaybeHitman.. Affairs of the heart can make everything hurt. Better to know she was not the one and hurt than to continue to believe and be hurt even more farther down the line. When you meet the right one you’ll know it because this girl will no longer be at the front of your thoughts. It will happen when your not even looking for it. Have faith and believe tomorrow will be a better day because a positive outlook is the place to start. There is someone for everyone.

          1. I am at peace with what happens when it happens because we both know shit happens. 🙂
            That being said as long as I’m happy here I’m in no hurry to go anywhere. Life ends too soon if your not to cynical or unhappy. Death is a battle we all have to fight and it will win in the end but I want to walk and not run to fight that one.

          2. We don’t battle death, we battle life, mate. Death is something we can’t contol or stop. But life is all what’s in the story, the worst method of torture is to be waiting, in the Void, waiting for an abstract, unknown thing and you’ll wait for unknown time within reptition, repetition is the salt of this torture, repetition the salt of this torture, repetition the salt of this torture, repetition the salt of this torture, repetition the salt of this .. torture, got it?

          3. @ewestomper, they Used to trust me, they know even if i have a Yahoodi woman i will change her asap, and she Will change by her will. If not, she will do No harm to me or anyone else, it is Permitted to marry any woman from abrahamic books, thats about marriage.

            But, it’s not a good OPSEC to tell you what happened later when i was broken, also, i didn’t and won’t believe in such things (relationships), only brings blood and regret.

    1. What’s going on @MaybeHitman?..

      Why do you follow your “religion”?…

      I’m a man of spirituality… Not religion… Big difference…

      Do you hate all Christians just because of this “bad experience”?…

  24. I was raised with atheism and science (the old religions are absurd to me), but have found the explanations of a purely materialist, random evolution explaining our existence inadequate. It’s called the “Hard Consciousness Problem” in science. While we’re just these talking apes/monkeys, it does seem intuitive there’s something more at play behind the scenes to explain the near irreducible complexity of life and emotions that go with it (perhaps the Dark Matter/Energy is connected to our consciousness).

    Checkout (youtube) Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Ken Wilber, Thomas Campbell, etc for modern/new age concepts/definitions of “god”. In addition, youtube “hologram universe” … there are numerous physicists (i.e. Leonard Susskind, George Smoot – nobel prize winners) who suggest that our whole reality is a hologram of some kind (i.e. a living computer). To all these philosopher/psychologists/scientists, EVERYTHING is thus “god”- that means all the good and bad stuff. Thus, I can’t thank the creators of this website enough for their contribution to aiding human consciousness, for here we see the stark brutal nature of reality (the bad) in its nastiest form. Thank you for helping make us all better by being more aware, and special thanks for presenting everything from an ethnocentric White perspective. Our grandfathers’ generation left us a mess. Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin, etc … all these jackasses were Christians, and babbled about the “Almighty/Providence/God” from their elitist thrones while getting we White talking apes killed by the tens of millions. It was a horrific travesty. Thank you again to the founder of this site – and if you ever need a place to crash, you have a friend here.

    Your truly,
    Fellow White male and user

      1. Thank you for the warm reply. That was my first post here – I accidentally posted it twice not knowing there’s a delay for moderator approval. This is a great White site. Don Black’s Stormfront has a lot of Atheist + Pagan + Creativity and Cosmotheist vs Christian battles as we try to create an ethnocentric White religion – what we’ve been missing for 2000 years. “The Reformation” should continue to introduce new books into the Church i.e. the History of the Germanic peoples, philosophy, psychology, science, instead of the Bible. Take the churches in Germany, and get the church there to study the history of the German people. Get the Anglican/Church of England/Church of Scotland/Presbyterian buildings to study the history of the British people, etc. This is the future. The Unitarian Universalists are at least progressive (they’ll have sermons on philosophy, psychology, etc), but without White tribalism, so we need to add both, and then we’ll have what the Jews have (a nationalist folklore for our people).

      2. Hitler was a great speaker with some nice ideas, but what he should have focused on was implementing a spiritual evolution in Germany (as Dr Alfred Rosenberg suggested), instead of a trivial border dispute with Poland and international war. He was suppose to retire after a term in office (according to the NS constitution) but he broke that very rule he helped write, and got 10 million of his people killed. So, we Whites must look on him with a harsh critical eye. The Bible should be replaced in our churches (i.e. Lutheran) with the History of Germany, philosophy, psychology, science, etc.

        1. “The Reformation” should continue for both the Germans and British to introduce new books into the Church i.e. the Anglican/Church of England/Church of Scotland/Presbyterian should be studying the history of the British people, philosophy, psychology, science (evolution, string theory, dark matter, multiverse). This is the future. Then we’ll have what the Jews have (a nationalist folklore for our people).

          1. I’m not racist per se either. I’m a racialist ;). I believe race is a desirable part of cultural, ethnic and national identity. Few non-Whites want to be non-White. They all want to be as White looking as possible. If you merge a White with a non-White you’ve lost the nature/type/character/flavor of person. I think we’re done-for … there’s just no voice anymore for our people.

          2. Jo, right. So much cultures.. make tis world intressting. You can travel..too the “others”.. We have in White countrys like Germany ..a flood of “non Whites” big flood.. . I mean some was ok. But now the “leaders” send us a big flood of non Whites. Thats not right.

  25. God gave us the truth…

    The Devil gave us religion…

    Me… As a Christian… Cannot prove God exists… No one can… It’s called faith…

    Just like an atheist cannot prove God doesn’t exist… No one can… It’s called faith…

    Spiritualism and atheism are BOTH theories at best…

    1. How is one supposed to prove that something doesn’t exist? I don’t believe in BigFoot or the Yeti but I can’t prove that they don’t exist either. I have faith also, in nothingness.

        1. How would you go about doing that? Bringing me every bird that exists on the planet and counting out their wings to me? How would I know those are all the planets birds? See what I’m saying?

          1. If I stated the sun was green I’d have the responsibility of proving it was green. I wouldn’t expect you to disprove it isn’t green. This is getting silly now.

      1. don’t go that road.

        science works on facts.
        and even the bigbang is not a fact until it’s proven. *in fact nothing is proven in nearly 100 years* even E=mc2 are still not really proven facts*

        what if the Universe is a rainbow universe no end or beginning.
        how do you expect common folk to wrap around concepts like that?.

        so even if “god” and i am very spiritual person.
        and do not believe in a guy up
        i think it’s very natural for people grasp to a concept of “god” for it’s within the brain limited to process and death and birth.

        1. the fact is not the leak of wisdom…
          Sorry i’m german and from now on, I will write it in german…
          Mit dem “Urknall” began alle Zeit, deshalb stellt sich nicht die Frage nach dem Urheber, da es kein “Davor” gab…und wir wissen, das es bestimmte Quanten-Effekte gibt, die eine Sch?pfung aus dem Nichts erm?glichen, da es das Nichts nicht gibt -> Casimir-Effekt

          1. The Translation from “Bing”:
            With the “big bang” started all the time, so the question does not arise after the originator because it is no “Before” …and we know that certain quantum effects there are, that enable a creation out of nothing, because there is no nothingness-> Casimir effect

          1. Was mit “Sch?pfung”?… Lassen Sie mich raten… es von “Unfall”… Das ist ein Witz begann… Ist das Leben ein Unfall?… Ich denke nicht so…

      1. It’s definitely fascinating my friend… How many stars?… Let alone… How many planets?… Mind boggling…

        But… I guess… All that was “made by accident” huh?

        Cheers!… @ewestomper…

        1. @Gnat.
          As you say, mind boggling. I can’t get into this right now bud, i’m flagging 😉 .
          I will go as far as to say, having a scientific background, i go with the scientific theory. But, I would never discount other possibilities for the beginning of everything.
          Anyway. Good night buddy.

      2. Not only are we a grain of sand on all of the earths beaches, but we’re just a moment in time with billions of years before us and billions or trillions still to come. It does make you think @ewe. Just a spec of matter in a brief moment in time we all are.

          1. I think you’re probably right @Gnat, although it’s doubtful we’ll ever know for certain, given the size of the universe and science / physics as we know it, we are destined to remain alone. The distances between the galaxies being so vast, it is just not feasible to think humans could one day master intergalactic travel.
            Our only hope is to do what Ripley and Co did in Alien… Hyper sleep !!, or maybe utilise Warp Speed via black holes, which I believe is thought to be a possibility given Einstein’s theory of relativity, ie space is bendable.
            I wouldn’t discount anything in the long run though. For all we know, humans could be chin wagging with many different types of alien beings in the future. We just don’t know.

  26. I Don’t believe there is a God but I think we should worship the Sun in our sky because without it we are all screwed!
    Ancient Egyptians worshipped the sun and I believe we should take a leaf out of there book and do the same. At least it would be a god we could see and feel! … I think the translation got lost over the years.. we are taught that God is a big man in the sky and it should really be a big sun in the sky!

  27. You are right there is no God. I tell people that all the time. I got in fights about religion in jail. I really can’t stand the Muslims with there dumb ass prayers. The Muslims in jail are all niggers what is funny is finding a white Muslim they are race traders.

  28. This is what I believe….There is a God and He not only created everything, He continues to create and hold the universe together and if He were to stop, everything would end. I think somehow, maybe God and evolution are intertwined. God is pure energy and He gave each of us that spark that animates us, our consciousness, which is our soul. I believe God is love and goodness and just as everything has an opposite…cold and heat, light and darkness, positive and negative…the opposite of love and goodness is hate and evil. We each have free will because God wants us to believe and love Him on our own not be forced to. I’m more spiritual than religious, although I think religion gives millions of people comfort so to me, it’s not evil but rather people corrupt it for their own purposes. What I believe may seem simplistic but it comforts me. I don’t ridicule or judge others for what they believe or don’t believe because it’s a personal choice.

  29. I think that religion was initially invented with good intentions, to bring people together in a common belief. Unfortunately that is no longer the case; instead of bringing us together, it is tearing us apart. Even what constitutes religion has become so vague that its’ true meaning has vanished over time. Anyone can start a church in the name of an existing or new religion and there will always be people desperate rnough to follow them. Often these people are going through some life crisis and are searching to “fit in” somewhere. Often those that start churches are pedofiles, have criminal records snd are experts at manipulating and brainwashing vulnerable people.

    1. Like the fella who wears a collander on his head because it is integral to his religion… Pastafarianism !.
      Don’t know if you saw or read the story, but the DNV wouldn’t allow him to wear his collander on his driving license picture, they said it breached their code, while in return he said they breached his religious rights.
      It’s a funny old world. 😀

  30. Great article @obli, and some really great debate.

    I was raised in a “Christian” home. Church of Ireland. Protestant.

    My parents forced me and my elder sister to go to Sunday school each week as children and i hated it. They were hypocrites as they never attended church. I think they just wanted us out of the house for a bit of “how’s your father?”.

    Anyway, i attended until i was aged 12 and was “confirmed”. A ritual that made me a full member of the church. (Different than Catholics) After getting my confirmation and being allowed to make up my own mind of how my religious future would turn out i did one singular thing…I never returned to the church again. (i’ll be 51 years old in a few weeks time).

    Years later i met a guy in work who was a “Free Presbyterian”, a sect within Protestantism ran by Rev. Ian Paisley, a very prominent minister in Northern Ireland. I would even say he was world famous. Now this work friend was a fanatic, a “born again” Christian, who held the belief that if someone was not “saved”, he/she would not make it to heaven. To be saved one had to be baptised again (as an adult).

    This gave me great chance to debate with him and pass long boring 8 hour shifts.

    So one day i knew i had him and i put a hypothetical situation to him…A baby is born by parents at the top of Mount Everest. They raise him and die, never having met another living human being. The man lives out the rest of his life the same way…alone, and dies. Is that man going to heaven?

    My workmates answer?…NO !!!

    What kind of loving god would do such a thing. I told my mate that day, that if there was such a thing as heaven, i as a non believer would have a better chance of getting in than him because of his crazy radical belief.

    Religion…Oppressing the masses for thousands of years !

    1. You do not know what you are saying. And clearly do not know the power of God. If God wanted them to know the gospel than He would send people up there to tell them about Jesus!! Your hypothetical is flawed. It does not make sense since no one could even live on top of mount everest and we really can’t answer that question. Only God knows. Its funny because people expect us Christians to know everything like we ourselves are God. I would answer that question with this; I do not know but God is a merciful God and He will in some way or another bring that chance into everyone’s life in one way or another whether its through a dream or something.

  31. As a Current Roman Catholic, Americanism, Corporatism and Capitalism are allies for Satan. If The Holy Lord gave me a weapon to eliminate them, eliminating more than 300,000,000 psychopaths isn’t a crime but a righteous act for Christianity. The true reason Christianity is falling, Americanism caused the Heavenly Kingdom to suffer and as a Christian, resistance against the Dream must be stopped for His name.

  32. God,Devil,Heaven,Hell,Religion and the Bible was all created by man.. People make up “Gods” to explain the unexplainable. I don’t need a bible to do what’s good. I know what’s right from wrong. I’m basically an anarchist so golden rules. Believe what you want, I don’t care. Nobody is gonna save us. We’ve been doing it on our own since cave man time. We don’t need any sky daddy!

  33. i see all these religious books like the bible and quran all being man made , atleast most of it , however i think there is something out there , there has to be . but even if there isnt , its better to hope for something in the afterlife and have hope in something that may exist beyond our understanding than to die knowing nothing happens after and youre just gone forever. atleast thats my take on this

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