Open Post #32 – World War III

Open Post #32 - World War III

Hello. Today, I bring you topic of great importance. The consideration of inevitable circumstances which will throw the entire world into mass chaos once again. I’m talking about the Third Great War. World War III.

You see, many believe that WWIII is on it’s way, that it is inevitable. Given the current state of the world in it’s politics and foreign policies and invasions of late, it has become apparent that something…wicked this way comes. Something which will cause the major players to pick sides and other minor nations will have to either support one or risk being devoured. This appears to be a fact. As we have seen ISIS rise and grow to become a terrifying fighting force. As we have seen a tiny nation use it’s money and influence to snuff out all opposition. As we have see the United States, Libya, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Egypt fall apart with growing civil unrest, countless incidents of police brutality and an ever growing pretense to establish a military state. One Nation under ZOG.

The only thing I personally disagree with is the opinion that the War is coming. I believe that the war is already here. You see, World War III could very well be the War to End All Wars because WWIII is a war of technology and information. And the seeds of the conflict we are experiencing today, were planted back in the Cold War. They were watered during Desert Storm and began to sprout with 9-11. Now this plant began branching out with the US invasion of Iraq, the Syrian conflicts, Mossad, the rise of extreme Muslim groups all over the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South East Asia…it’s leaves are now enveloping all Nations under it’s canopy. A canopy so dense, it will clothe us in darkness.

What say you, my friends? What are you thoughts on the rising conflict that may one day be officially titled World War III? Is there anything that can be done? If not, what side do you choose? Do you choose a side? You think, maybe we should just destroy ourselves and give the world back? Personally, I believe it’s too late to stop it. It’s roots are too deep. The only thing we can do, I believe, is learn the Truth and spread the Truth. Knowledge is power, after all. We need to get the right people into the right places. I cannot stress it enough. We need to give ourselves a fighting chance.

-Obli out.

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  1. Half of me say that yes, its on its way… War was never something unusual for the warmongering Earth-borns… even in nature we see it everyday. Its part of the human hard-code to solve things by conflict. Everything is sitting under a giant gunpowder barrel, conflicts will trigger conflicts, the current Russia-USA Cold War will get worse, and once ISIS takes care of the middle east for the Israelis, they will be at the gates of their end-game, Iran, but not after they take the heat of the oppurtunity to wipe out the remaining Palestinians at their borders… After this is anyone’s guess… Everybody will resort to their allies, Russia belonging to BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China, and South Africa (and India now too if im not mistaken)) and USA having the NATO countries (too many to point them out). Japan is exausted of their USA allies and wants to break out from them, also they have a feud with China due to some “stolen” islands. North Korea will see this as an oppurtunity to take back the south, triggering another conflict… The scadinavian countries will want to stay out of this, but will probably be drug in by force too… So its all set up, a recipe for disaster…

    On the other hand, my other side of me says its never gonna happen like we see it. Yes, its already happening and proxies are being used instead, without the direct intrevention from those responsible, because why send men that sign up to defend their countries to die when theres plenty more willing to do so for a less amount of resources? Thats what mercenaries are for, but then again, they will be used only in last resort. The warmongers today dont want to fight for ruins, they want to down their enemies into submission, thats what the information and economic wars are for… they might look stupid, but they are not as stupid as we think they are…

    1. If there will be a WW3 , it be started by the ” Tavistock Institute of Psychology ” , . It is funded and controlled by the the elite , those few top 1% family’s like , Bush , Rothschild and Rockefeller , by psychological tactics , through the manipulation and mass control of the public.

      I found a “smoking gun” so to speak of a compilation of findings by an accredited academic , psychologist and writer , John Coleman . It is a must read for anyone seeking the truth behind the decline in moral , social ,economical standards in the West. It is that which has been hidden from the wider public .

        1. Oh the Frankfurt Institute pales in comparison, The Tavistock Institute ,is the epicentre of worldwide psychological control of the masses , there isn’t a war in the last century, without their fingerprints all over them. They are the master puppeteers, the archetypal Tricksters. It’s frightening.

          Here’s a video for lthe literary impaired (not you) ;-). Seen as your interested , grab a pen and take notes of the psychology terms used, you won’t hear them abound much and make fascinating reading.

        2. Oh it pales in comparison to the Frankfurt Institute , it is the father of psychological control of the masses. Disinformation , manipulation and control , through tried and tested psychological methods, the life’s work of Sigmund Freud .
          There hasn’t been a war in the last century that hasn’t been of their making .

          Here’s a vid for the the less literary inclined. IThey are the master puppeteers, the archetypal tricksters.

          1. Who is the “master puppeter”? Psychologists, system analysts, sociologists? Conspiracy theories like these must be confined only to the most deranged and uninformed minds.

            Everything you said here is called, plain and simply, propaganda. Edward Bernays theory of propaganda in public relations and the so called “positive feedback loop” has been a standard for government agencies, and guess what it hardly works.

            Thousands of the brightest were employed to analyze Vietnam War and how to win it, just to realize that you can’t quantify morale, or control popular mobilization.

            My sincere advice is that you check the really influential and powerful population control strategy of the British from the Malaya through Aden Emergency to the Northern Ireland. That is a true attempt at population control, every trick in the book was tried and it hardly worked. Lay off the conspiracy theory, government is much weaker than you think.

          2. @133741

            Firstly if you are not purposely promoting disinformation , then you are a product of their manipulation and programming .
            When you mention Vietnam , the Tovistock Institute doesn’t control the enemy , they control us. The Vietnamese have had their own culture and no TV’s so attempts to control them were limited to pamphlet drops so it’s obvious why they were infective . As for Norhtern Ireland and Tavistock , which Frued was head of, famously said ” The Irish are one race of people , whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever . You named two psychoanalytical methods which have minimal effects, so you say, there are so many more, I bet you own an I Phone , a Facebookbook account, own a Plasma TV , all tools they use to manipulate you. I bet you weren’t aware , intelligence Agents are warned not to watch TV .

            I bet you didn’t even read the book /pdf I posted. It is by a psychologist John Coleman not Bernard Shaw , as your message attempts to infer , who’s membership of the Fabian Society is not widely known .

            Your attempt to write me off as member of ” the tin foil hat brigade ” failed abysmally.
            If you think Humanity is not in danger from these fanatics , your sadly mistakinen .

            The Monsanto Corp is producing cancer causing GM crops, which has been proven in laboratory tests.

            I’m am not a conspiracy theorist , i am a truth seeker and student of ” the Hand of the Left Path” . I am familiar with the Tavistocks members use of the Alchemical Qabalah , as I use it myself . ” If you know your enemy , and know yourself , you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” Sun Tzu.

          3. @ Served cold You got me amused with that quote from Freud about us Irishmen pal, so I decided to check it. It appears Freud never said that, it was mentioned in a movie called “Departed”.

            Since you quote Sun Tzu then you should know that it’s implied that if you wish to win wars you must achieve moral influence (the Dao) or to rally public support. Therefore “population control” is always a two way model, to manipulate the public and to demoralize the enemy. Let me give you a fair advice, for your own good, read some actual strategy, studying the British counter insurgency strategies is very fruitful.

            Btw. Vietnam was won because of anti-imperalist influence and moral authority which Ho Chi Min enjoyed with the Vietnamese people. US supported some catholic dictator in a Buddhist country, and after they killed him they accepted the military dictatorship that ensued. Not surprisingly Vietnamese had efficient propaganda.

            One thing puzzles me, if you really believe that government is your enemy (which I believe, under the current situation, it is) then why don’t you do something? Stage a protest, rally support, at least do something, anything. The reason why I don’t like ridiculous theories is because they detract from the value of knowledge.

            Do you want the truth? Then what’s the fecking point in declaring that the government is this bogeyman, powerful entity that contols us, it only detracts from the main point, and that is to get up, move your lazy ass, organize and force the policy change from the government.

            Fascinating, conspiracy theorists always talk about the big danger of government but they never do anything about it. If you actually did something about it, then you would realize how susceptible to pressure government really is.

          1. @133741

            Firstly if you are not purposely promoting disinformation , then you are a product of their manipulation and programming .
            When you mention Vietnam , the Tovistock Institute doesn’t control the enemy , they control us. The Vietnamese have had their own culture and no TV’s so attempts to control them were limited to pamphlet drops so it’s obvious why they were infective . As for Norhtern Ireland and Tavistock , which Frued was head of, famously said ” The Irish are one race of people , whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever . You named two psychoanalytical methods which have minimal effects, so you say, there are so many more, I bet you own an I Phone , a Facebookbook account, own a Plasma TV , all tools they use to manipulate you. I bet you weren’t aware , intelligence Agents are warned not to watch TV .

            I bet you didn’t even read the book /pdf I posted. It is by a psychologist John Coleman not Bernard Shaw , as your message attempts to infer , who’s membership of the Fabian Society is not widely known .

            Your attempt to write me off as member of ” the tin foil hat brigade ” failed abysmally.
            If you think Humanity is not in danger from these fanatics , your sadly mistakinen .

            The Monsanto Corp is producing cancer causing GM crops, which has been proven in laboratory tests. Which fits into their global plan of depopulation , through diet , the wars in the Middle East , . You and your future lineages existence is at stake . Your scepticism is disheartening but not uncommon as your hours on Facebook and Fox News viewing has programmed you that way.
            I’m am not a conspiracy theorist , i am a truth seeker and student of ” the Hand of the Left Path” . I am familiar with the Tavistocks members use of the Alchemical Qabalah , as I use it myself . ” If you know your enemy , and know yourself , you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” Sun Tzu.

    2. North Korea is in turmoil and unrest. That little fat fuck can’t keep people in his own country, let alone take back the south. You are the scared one, afraid of government, an idea, and don’t talk of other countries unless you live there. Where do you live and how will you kill us “sheeple”?

    3. I agree with most of what you said, except mercenaries aren’t a last resort. Usually they are the first resort. Countries deploy mercenaries all the time to kick off conflicts, these guerillas can wear whatever uniform and commit all kinds of atrocities and without the official uniform to mark their allegiance, fingers can be pointed at these “terrorist” as belonging to whoever is most convenient for the cause. The wars already here, The daesh, the Russian and Ukraine conflicts, all sorts of other hostilities to long to list. Sad part is that religion is usually the excuse, but the real reasons are always materialistic. The battles already here, the war is soon.

    4. hi there war is here all ready in europ it comes from the *new world order we need to fight it but it seems that more of the poulation still sleeps … on mine calculation it will see it face on 2020 / 2025

    5. If anyone could trigger WWIII…its Trump…arrogant…uninformed and a pure asshole….he has picked a fight with N.Korea….15,000 km from the US and Syria….12,000 km from the east coast…he feels he is the FΓΌhrer and the world must bow down to him….he is the most dangerous man in the world. Our military despite the $500,000,000,000 we spend each year and the NSA, CIA, FBI…failed us on 9-11 and despite the fact that Saudi Nationals did the attack..Bush blamed Iraq and we bombed them and murdered thousands of children, pregnant women and old people…but hey…shit happens…right?

    1. Lol they don’t matter really. They aren’t super powers, when it comes to their population taking anything from them will be like taking candy away from a baby. A few rednecks here, a few cowboys there with fancy weaponry but not enough to sustain casualties . You should worry about the arabs and niggers. They will loot your shit and cause a distraction while the army kills you when you’re not looking and, or are too busy trying to protect your self. From everyone else.
      They will literary be acting like zombies and wild animals.

      1. Are you a cowboy or a redneck? Or both? You’re gonna tell me that there is enough gun owners in the USA to protect it, while the army is fighting a war over seas? The usa is number one in the world in guns per person that doesn’t mean everyone owns one. And when you’re fighting a war a soldier only carries 2 weapons. You can’t use all 10 assault weapons you own at once when you’re shooting at the opposition. I don’t need actual data. This is common sense.

        1. Yes thats exactly what im going to tell you.
          Active Frontline Personnel: 1,400,000 Active Reserve Personnel: 1,100,000
          Active personnel overseas:160,000
          Data doesn’t lie
          pal. Americas army is home, not to mention our allies.. Um the entire fucking United nation. Just like i said, your spewing shit. Also to answer your question, “cowboy or redneck”. Im a combat veteren, on IRR status.

          1. Lmao you think In time of a world war your allies are gonna back you up? The whole world is gonna go against the USA. Who’s gonna back you up here? Canada and Mexico? Lol they don’t have the balls or technology. So they stick to your side for shelter. Once the world puts down the USA like they do to retarded inbred pitbull. You won’t have shit. Usa has more enemies then you are taught in army school and cnn. You’re taught what you have backing you up at home. But with over 300 million in population. I’m sure you will be fighting against 5 million that hate you and the government you protect with your life and that’s not counting the bombs and military that will come from abroad to kill you. Know your enemy before you know your self.

          2. Your graspingat straws now. Im not going to debate with someone who doesn’t use hard evidence. Im all for hearing ones opinion, but yours is based out of pure ignorance, and completely illogical.

          3. Hey @blayvier…

            That’s all you’re gonna get out of @elmapison… Pure ignorance…

            Don’t waste your time…

            Just saying…


          4. I really hope gnat isn’t part of your reserves. Nothing but a fat fuck sitting in front of a computer all day. He and other fat lazy fucks are gonna protect the USA? Lol
            You really think all wars are played out the same way they teach you in training? You can’t predict what your enemy is gonna do.
            Specially now that the USA and Israel use bombs likes cowards. That will build up in the hearts of people that don’t like the USA. And you will fight a civil war in your home land. You can keep thinking whatever makes you feel safe. But everything in theory doesn’t always pan out as planned.

          5. @elmapison… You wouldn’t know how to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel…

            You know nothing about war…

            The only war you’ve been in is when your dad shit you out over a flat rock and you had to figure the rest out for yourself…


          6. You act like you know something about war. Care to put down those cheese burgers you fat fuck and elaborate with some hard evidence otherwise just keep stuffing your face with food. That will kill you before the reserves call you up.

          7. Well… Since you asked so nicely @elmapison… I’ve lost 35lbs… Down from 320 to 285… Other than that… Let me know when you’re near Virginia next time… I’ll give you your chance to kick my fat ass… I hope you got good medical insurance…

            You’ll need it…

        2. We do have the guns and the know how. And Mexico and Canada do have the balls to back us up and the technology. You think they just sit back and twiddle thumbs? They are developed countries, the cartel alone can pack some heat and we know thY are funded well. Y’all hate us cause you ain’t us!

  2. All I can say is isis and any of those that believe Hitler was a great man must go! The only way to win this war is for good to conquer evil!

    I’m not sure who I am afraid of more, isis or people like the people that run BG? At least with isis, you know they are pure evil! The ones that think like Hitler,,,, well those hide like venomous snakes waiting in the shadows like the puke they are!

    1. And those that still think that Hitler was “evil” like how the zio-medias and educational system indoctrinates them to believe in that crap should be put in re-education centers. Its time for people like you to stop being pathetic zombies without self-awareness and lack of logic.

      1. And you obviously didn’t live in Greece in WW2 so,,,,,, you must really not understand who needs a ‘re education;) but it’s all good, even isis has sympathizers! Why not Hitler, right?!?!;)

        1. You obviously didnt lived in Dresden when the RAF deliberatedly firebombed the entire city, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in just 3 days. Hell, you obviously didnt lived in Tokyo for their share of the firebombings, or even in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to get a bit of radiation therapy… But be glad you live today, be glad that you might be lucky enough to find some of the hundreds of hidden mass graves from victims of soviet bolshevik executions in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

          If you feel so sorry for the jews that “died” from composition of an insecticide in solid form that is harmful, but not deadly to humans, are you defending the real holocaust caused by them today and deliberate land-theft from Palestinian lands? Do you even know who ISIS is siding with on this war?

          1. So what you are saying is you lived and watched in horror (or in yourcase delight) the murder of all these people you speak of? I was in my preteens when I watched my family being murdered by the Nazi! I was grabbed by my hair to see if I could identify my uncle who was shot in the face by the Nazi!

            You sir, do not know what I have been through, just the same as I not know about you! I speak from pure living experience! If you have experience these awful atrocities you speak of, then I am sorry you lived through it! Very difficult to put in words! My nephew often asks me what it was like,,,, I say to him it was difficult, but we had our love for one another!

            The palestinians are a whole other problem! There land was taken from them! And maybe if Hitler was never born, then quite possibly they would still have there land!

            To those that want to call me stupid?!?!??! Really???? If you have never seen war up close and personal,,,, and you talk like this, then you are part of the problem!

            Maybe instead of being part of the problem, you should try to be part of the solution!

            And one more thing! If Hitler was never born, the Jews would definitely not be as strong as they are! It’s possible that the Jews are thankful to Hitler!!

            Some of you really need to learn your history! Not just what the writers of BG says;)

            To all my Greek friends past and present, giasas!!!

          2. For someone that faced the war 70 years ago, you look pretty young on your pictures. Did you ask Indiana Jones to drink from the Fountain of Youthness?

            You ask us to learn our history, most of us made individual researches and achieved the same results – History is written by the victors who hanged all the heroes.

            Oh well… Just remember one thing though, although war doesnt make anyone innocent, beware that when fighting monsters, make sure that yourself do not become one.

          3. Listen you Greek idiot…the Jews declared economic war on Germany in 1933…it was the bankers that brought the war to Hitler…the real holocaust was Jewish Stalin and Jewish Lenin killing over 20 million non Jewish Russians….

          4. @mike11111

            What you said is correct, except the number. Jews definitely massacred more than 20 Million people.

            As Jews themselves admit, Jewish Bolsheviks run Cheka killed 20 Million people in just first 5 years of its existence – between 1917 and 1922. 10 Million were killed during 2 years of the Great Purge alone, according to Robert Conquest, author of The Great Terror – the undisputed authority on the Great Purge.

            By the time Jews were out of power in 1992, estimated 135 Million Slavic people died in their clutches. It was the greatest mass murder in the history of the world. Only Jews could commit such atrocities.

          5. No one realises , the Zionists are not real Jews , they were rich Khazarians who converted to Judaism so they could claim Biblical authority and persecution as a defence , after accusations of criminality .

      2. whoever says hitler is a saint and inocent clearly knows nothing. my grandpas entire village was slaughtered by nazis and hundreds of other villages were met with same brutality by hitlers army.
        i hate those fucking jews just like you but saying hitler was a great man…fuck off

        1. Yeah, he was so “evil” that John F. Kennedy admired him. He was so evil that he abolished vivisections on living animals and created the first natural reserves, and created the wellfare system for reintegration programs. But like i said before… im tired of talking with pathological liars.

          1. Thank you Der kopf!! Obviously dbk1892 and liakos27 are the same shill that claimed he was 15 months old when his whole village was murdered by Nazis on the Hitler’s Birthday open post.

          2. No, i mean natural animal reserves. And JFK was willing to take Hitler’s example, and cut the USA deb chains for good by marking the dollar bills with a serial number, making it an incorruptible currency. The bankers didnt toke that one lightly…

        2. @dbk1892
          The Schutzstaffel and the Wehrmacht (and their superiors) can’t be held responsible for the crimes committed by the participants. The German soldiers had strict rules when invading hostile territory. For example: most executions were performed by participants out of revenge, just to hurt the once who supported “Die rote pest”. So “Nazism” din’t killed those people… Opportunism did!

    2. What are you doing here then? comparing ISIS with hitler your IQ must be of a toddler besides if you don’t like the authors or the people who run BG why even bother to comment? you’re just making yourself look like a fucking idiot

      just noticed awhile ago there’s been an increase of sheeple, shills and incredibly stupid people in BG when Mark was around back in the day BG was like a huge family an awesome community nowadays with idiots like @liakos27 makes me think otherwise, I see it often in Obli, Acneska’s, Ate’s posts “people” just go Full Retard in the comments seriously.

    3. I think that’s the problem with people sometimes, we tend to split the sides – things all good and all evil. What if we see things in a neutral way? Hitler, for example, has become the embodiment of evil yet good arguments and well-presented informarion shows that he isn’t as bad as we think, but that doesn’t make him a saint either. Churchill has become the embodiment of good, concerning that his side won the second World War but then once again, he isn’t a saint either. My point is, trust sometimes leads to deception because we take sides. We end up getting disappointed if the side we’re on would snap then boom, another Great War.

      I personally think it is best if we see the good in the bad and the bad in the good and trust nothing else to protect us. War has become inevitable because everyone’s taking sides already, rather than joining forces to prevent it by taking no sides at all.

      What Hitler has gone through is a war that’s unwinnable. He’s a pawn to a large game that he tried to win but ended up failing. You have mentioned that Hitler’s rise to power led to the creation of the State of Israel. I believe, even if it is Hitler or not, the creation of that state is unavoidable and is bound to happen.

      1. @Kay Patrick
        Sorry but your wrong on the unwinnable war part… Britain was on its last legs due to a major food shortage, the Americans had to split their resources and troops in 2 because they were fighting a losing battle against the Japanese. And there are two reasons why operation Barbarossa failed: 1) Because of the F?hrers Staff. Hitler didn’t wanted a frontal attack to Moscow, He wanted to encircle Moscow first so that the soviets would be completely cut off from there resources. This was possible because the people of Ukraine supported Hitler in his war against the red tyranny but Hitler had a ceasure and had to rest for 2 weeks. Meantime his feldmarschalls decided to go for a frontal attack because that would be (according to them) easier.
        And 2) Flooding rivers that costed them to delay operation barbarossa for 2 months.
        So if Hitler din’t had that ceasure He would have won the war.

        1. Far as I can recall, though I am not sure if I still have this information right, Hitler was forced to make a loan from the large banks to fund his supplies. Even if he did win the war, he would be forced in an economic one.

          If, for instance, he did win the war, there’s no guarantee that he’ll triumph in achieving full independence from the strangehold of large banks. ‘They’ have proven that if you stand in their way, they will find ways to destroy you. Isn’t that how the WWII started? Because Hitler has found a way to free his people from economic enslavement, he was forced into war.

          1. @Kay Patrick
            Yeah, he was forced into war by Churchill (who was bought by Shell and some some ceo’s from a couple of banks, he got 700.000 dollars for it) because Adolf Hitler unchained Germany from its debt claimants. But if he would have conquered Russia he would have had the largest oil reserve in the world back than.

          2. All he had to do was take land south of Leningrad and procure the oil itself, instead of worry about Moscow and worthless Leningrad, or Stalingrad. No one for forced Nazi Germany to annex countries and declare war on anyone. You sound silly, blaming GB for WW2. I suppose the US “stole” scientists fRom Germany as well, and all records of the time were BS, and some one handed cash to Truman to get the US involved, as well eh?

          3. I’ll believe whatever I want to believe and you can stick to yours as well. Calling what i believe in ‘silly’ doesn’t necessarily make yours right.

        2. Yeah a frontal would be easier, wait for the Russians to attack and you knew they would keep coming from that direction until everyone was dead or resources were exhausted, very easy with machine guns and unequivocal tanks. Harsh winters and mud stopped his blitzkrieg, delayed as you will. If he capture Moscow , he would have made a military mistake somewhere else. Inevitable when you don’t listen to your generals on the front line. It’s crazy how you are scared of some corporate banks you believe run the WORLD. I keep my savings in the form of gold and silver, zero in the stick market, so I don’t give a fuck if it collapses, don’t affect me. If you believe it does your the sheep who buys into their scare tactics and BS. Grow a pair!

    4. Why are my justified objections to Nazism being censored on this website? I wrote two times to correct or at least to provide an alternative view on the actual body count in WW2 and the Nazi atrocities, but it can’t be a coincidence that these comments simply didn’t pass through, twice.

      1. Based on your comments on previous posts you are a shill. My guess is that you never even tried to comment on Nazism and are just trying to stir up shit by saying your comment was “censored”. Other people’s comments about Hitler and Nazis show up so… Whatever your reply, I’m sure it will be full of shill-like bullshittery, lol.

      2. It baffles me how the fact that the Germans invaded nation after nation seems to get overlooked. The only factor many seem to concentrate on is that they were out to put the world to rights by getting rid of Jews. There was obviously much more going on than just that.

        People talk about war like it happens in a comic book. And as is the case with many subjects, the only truth certain people want to hear is their own interpretation of it. So, it would seem that individual thought is permitted only to a certain degree.

        1. @ewestomper.

          Finally someone who seems to have a grasp. Hitler was a great leader, not man and militarist. Thanks to his belief Russia’s army was useless and his tenacity to take Stalingrad ( he wanted to wipe Stalin’s name literally off the map) Russia sided with the allies. Bombing of Dresden, this was typical of all night carpet bombings of this era, we had to oppose the Blitzkrieg somehow, sure wasn’t working on the battlefield! I’m guessing some a hole is going to argue that Churchill was evil, they always do, but he rallied and supported anti world domination. I wish American forces didn’t have to get attacked on our own soil to join the Allies, might have ended d the war quicker and kept out the Pacific front. As for the nukes, you have to understand the Japanese soldier and fighting spirit. I think we still might be fighting them today had we not used those bombs, it snapped the public into reality. I got my education from lots of documentaries and book though, making me a sheep who doesn’t know shit, so my word means nothing. A totalitarian dictatorship would make the world a better place I guess, in the eyes of Hitler admirers, which is a true “sheeple” if you ask me, join or die mentality would suit us soo much better. Wake the f up, Hitler was a great leader, but not a good man.

    1. Win what? With nukes, even Cuba can win against the USA. You can’t even control your own borders or crime and you think you can win a world war by your self? Lol funny. China’s army alone can annihilate the USA.

      1. America, fuck yeah! Comin’ again to save the motherfucking day, yeah!
        America, fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way!
        Terrorists, your game is through, ’cause now you have to answer to…America, fuck yeah!

        …I’m Canadian but I stand by my previous statements.

      2. @elmaspison.and how would China’s arm get can’t fuck with America’s navy.control our borders really.America was started by immigrants.the only reason it’s a because Americans have become fat,lazy and stupid.there afraid of competition.

        1. @Mighty Whitey
          You haven’t got a clue,
          the Chinese Navy will be bigger than America’s by 2020… And not mutch is known about there airforce so it’s better to hold onto your panties when they come because there won’t be any stopping them.

          1. Number don’t mean shit without mobilization. Our Navy is constantly evolving and supports all aspects of the Airforce, which is a force to be reckoned with . You may think you know everything about all of our military, but we have shit that we don’t even know about, and we haven’t flexed our full military muscle in the last half century. Move to China so you can win if you feel I’m wrong, Chinks will rule in the future! Oh no!

      3. You must only read the articles on this site… No one in the US witnesses a fucking accident and stands around with a fucking phone in their face, you’d get your ass stomped. Cuba, please…That’s a 24 hour war there, if that.

    2. imagine germany steaming up against you just you against germany you would all fucking shit yourself. but now you have lots more enemys and theyre all waiting for payback. europe secretly hates america and your not feared anymore thats for sure. you should be slightly worried these days.

      1. A third of the world or more, is Usa?s enemy they just don?t know it or chose to be ignorant and keep believing the lies they are being fed.
        And the people that are too stupid to figure out that it?s not the ?terrorists? on the other side of the world that are the bad guys, but your own government will die . These stupid proud ?AMERICA IS THE BEST? citizens are gonna suffer and be killed because they put these people into power and allow them to fuck people over seas, south of the border and even within their own borders.

  3. There certainly is another great war on the horizon and the pieces have already been set in motion. A destabilised middle east all thanks to Israel and friends, a power struggle between Eastern and Western Europe based upon the oil, gas and pipelines ownership. Social/political/religious differences boiling over as a result of the modern global economy and the way the spoils get shared etc.

    The general public themselves, once firmly against war, are now desperate for it due to mass uncontrolled immigration destroying their social identities and lowering their living standards, even though it was their own governments that did it to them in the first place.

    So with the global support for war on the corporate/political level and the home support for war on the civil level war becomes inevitable.

    Of course most of us can see on close examination that all the important stages for this conflict were on purposefully set in motion by the western power bloc and it?s main driving force, Israel.

    Is there a way to stop it?, no. The people cannot even stand together on small scale issues let alone global issues and a lot of them are far too dumbed down and non questioning to even begin to struggle against the tide and those who can see through the deception are too personally ingrained into the system via work, mortgages, loan repayments ect, to want to jeopardise their lot in life.

    The above turns the notion of getting the right people into the right places as a means of struggle on its head because when people have things that they don?t want to lose they automatically become trapped into the systems way of thinking, they become complicit by proxy.

    Since we can?t stop it what side should we choose then?, it doesn?t really matter because the working person never benefits from war, only the financers, politicians and business men do. The pawns are just there to be played and sacrificed.

    Personally, I am so sick and tired of my fellow human beings and their greed, their sheep like behaviour, their cruelty, their lack of compassion ect that I couldn?t give a shit whether the whole world goes up in flames anymore.

        1. A third of the world or more, is Usa’s enemy they just don’t know it or chose to be ignorant and keep believing the lies they are being fed.
          And the people that are too stupid to figure out that it’s not the “terrorists” on the other side of the world that are the bad guys, but your own government will die . These stupid proud “AMERICA IS THE BEST” citizens are gonna suffer and be killed because they put these people into power and allow them to fuck people over seas, south of the border and even within their own borders.

  4. The world is fucked, it’s just a matter of which part gets fucked first now. The situation in America worries me the most; constant killing of civilians by cops to incite violence which in turn will bring in martial law, timed perfectly to coincide with an already huge and still growing military presence in civilian areas. It’s beginning to look like the shit the “crazies” (David Icke ect.) said is coming true. And then there’s the rest of the world ready to go to shit at a moment’s notice. The third war is definitely here, just the start of it wasn’t “announced” the way the last 2 were.

  5. If WW3 kicks off in full gear, i dont think anyone is going to emerge victorious. I think if tensions escalade to the point of no holds bars, nations like U.S., Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc…will unleash their nuclear weapons, bio weapons, and chemical weapons trying to beat everyone to the punch. The united nations supposedly destroyed those type of weapons, but i call bullshit. If this happens this whole fucking world will get obliterated and is gonna get reduced to ruins and a big pile of shit. Every human being living on this earth is going to get caught in the cross fire weather they are fighting or are minding their own business. If these bullies that everyone is calling heros keep up this charade there will be nothing anyone can do to prevent this from happening. May God be with us all.

  6. We’re all just a moment between ice ages or the next asteroid strike that wipes us all out. Just like 99.9% of the other species that have already come and gone before us. Only difference being we may be the first species that causes the mass extinction of other species before we wipe ourselves out, it’s just our nature. We turned a Mothers Day shout out a few posts back into a gorilla like shit throwing contest. We’re all doomed, it’s all hopeless, none of it matters anyway, we’re all fucked. Who wins? Only the cockroaches survive in the end. The only imprint left behind by us will be our radioactive nuclear waste and non-biodegradable garbage. You fucking pigs.

      1. Save me a spot @jonny. I’ll bring the twinkies and spam, we should be good for a couple of decades. We can play rock paper scissors and race our pet cockroaches for big stakes prizes just to pass the time. We’re going to have a ball.

          1. I can bring a skid of tuna and Donkey Kong Jenga (nib). Oh, and guns with a finite amount of ammo and strike anywhere matches.

  7. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. – Albert Einstein

    I’m still conflicted with the thought that should we annihilate ourselves and start all over again, or should we learn to see where we wrong, change it and then start over again? We humans are constantly evolving but through that change, both things happen – the good and the bad. I don’t think we have figured out how to balance it yet and it seems to me that another world war would decide that hence why nations are building ties that would try and ensure victory on the side they chose, which is rather sad, really. I don’t think the human race had a peaceful century. Just fighting, and fighting. So much bloodshed, developing fancy weapons of mass destruction rather than doing things that can prevent it or mke sure it never happens again. They have NATO, UN, and several other organizations that promised another war would not ensue and we all can see how that is bullshit since they, too, participate in wars in the Middle East.

    Maybe it just entangled within our race – the human race, that is – to always find ways to destroy ourselves which makes war inevitable.

    BTW, you have a great big point there, Obli. It would take the participation of the whole human race to make sure war never happens again and, concerning the hostility we have st each other, whether by creed, color, or other factors, it seems that achieving peace is highly unlikely and too idealistic to happen. I guess you are right. It always is, and has been, too late.

    1. Ah i was waiting for someone to use that Einstein quote. πŸ˜†

      Humans dont evolve, they just learn how to build better tools. They only know the way of conflict because thats what drives them forward. Just take a look at the new technologies and advancements they build during the second world war – The jet engine and highways, for example.

      But you made me rememeber that i had written a blog post about this before… ( warning: shameful self-advertising ahead πŸ˜† )

        1. Thanks… πŸ˜† and i suppose if you want to call it like that, but its more like a self-defense mechanism derived from natural selection. In humans, it serves a similar purpose but only against themselves, since the only greatest natural enemy of humans are humans themselves.

          1. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

            And yes, you’re right. The baddest demons humans ever fought with are their fellow humans as well.

  8. @Der kofpsammler! I’m 82! Not sure what pictures you are looking at? I’m unaware of any.

    Be careful who you think the monster is!

    If your research is all from the same author, guess what;)

    The best thing to do is learn from the old. But they are leaving us. You need to learn the truth from those that lived in those times!

    No matter how many books you read about history, you will always hear from the authorsperspective only! The Jews, my friend, are a very intelligent people! They know how to manipulate the mind! My days are numbered, I will not see the 3rd great war! And I pray nine of you do as well ,

    Please open your mind and see all that has happened! Be safe and be well!

      1. Sound?? Ok you win! I guess I wasn’t allowed to educate myself!

        I understand what this website is about, I figured it out when you saluted wish happy birthday to Hitler on April 20!

        It really is sad, you have a platform to bring people together to teach them who the real enemy is, but you choose to bring them together and fulfill the enemies need of more soldiers!

        I will not comment any more on this site!

        You can keep on filling there minds with skata(shit)!

        1. “The best thing to do is learn from the old. But they are leaving us…”

          if i was 82, my comment would read:
          “The best thing to do is learn from the old. But we are leaving you…”
          its certainly very weird, that as an 82 year old man you refer to others in your age group as “they” – and include yourself with the “us” that “they” are leaving.

          but it is not that, in particular, that convinces me that you are lying about your age – more the “I will not comment any more on this site! ”

          i & other have said it before – but i will say it again:
          it always astounds me when someone uses this pathetic “threat” of never visiting a website again… as if we should all shudder at the prospect, or fall on our collective knees and beg the person to “please stay PLEASE!”

          for me, it is especially pathetic from a member whos time amounts to a mere flash in the pan

          …dont slam the door on your way out please

          1. You have a way with words my brother.
            To be told to fuck off by you is like being held in the arms of the Face Palming Angels as they gently beat you to an un-recognizable pulp…!!! πŸ™‚
            It is an awesome gift my friend.

          2. Kid or not, at least he knows the holocaust happened! Yes, there was other forms of genocide that were going on then and some still going on today(Darfur), but he Holocaust, Nazi Germany’s eradication of the Jews happened. It is documented on all sides by all fronts and there is tons of evidence. How much does it take to drill that into your skull?

  9. Good post but Bullshit! There’s no a ww3 is coming. Only because of ISIS made you say that.
    It’s all started with the Arab Spring. And by the way you forgot Yemen.
    America is a good country, well organized and ruled by law and justice that we miss in our Arab countries except the Gulf. Gulf are good 😎
    In my theory points. Our Arab’s big problem is ISIS. But.. Not all ISIS is the same. Every different ISIS spreading area got a different way to remove.

    1. The unstable diplomatic relationship between the Philippines and China is being considered as a catalyst for the third world war because of the Scarborough Shoal/ Spratly’s Island which is rumored to be rich in natural resources and untapped oil reserves where both countries are claiming their international rights with and it shall start once the US sends a lot of their troops, which they have already as they have started their training exercises earlier this year.

      The Philippines is already being bullied by China because they know US won’t step in because if the US does, then the Philippines would be a battleground and the US is earning a lot of pressure from the international community to step in from the big bully China. And it’s not just the Philippines that the Chinese government is bullying but other South East Asian nations as well who are claiming rights to an island rumored to be rich in oil – which happen to be US Allies as well.

      It’s not just the ISIS. And I think the conflict in Ukraine and Russia would be considered one as well.

      So what Obli is saying here is not unfounded and therefore cannot be claimed as bullshit.

  10. As an individual one person cannot make much of a difference but, collectively we can change the world.
    Should fighting break out in the USA i will defend what is mine and those close to me

  11. One thing is always sure ? be it WWI, II or III: the jews start it. War is but a continuance of politics ? or vice versa. Please, bear in mind that the cold war never ended ? the jews just changed their HQ from USSR (Russia) to USA (JEW-S-A). I trust in Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on the war against Zionists and their lackeys. 88

  12. Goal is to destroy Russia. That’s what’s all about it.

    What i believe is:
    Great WW3 will never start because both blocks knows that is END of the game, everything will be destroyed. Everything.

  13. I know nothing about this but I hope it comes. I hope that all humans are killed because we’re a shitty species for the most part and the world would do well without us taking up all the space and ruining everything.

    1. I’d prefer if all the dickheads died and left the rest of us. The path of the world is dictated by a few; those in charge of the major “superpowers”. A few hundred humans on this planet wage their wars, send millions of humans to fight it out, and they remain safe, far from the danger and untouchable. These humans are the biggest problem. Running a close second place is how easy the masses are manipulated to do their bidding, and never question it for themselves. Or the lies they are fed. These people need to be saved, not killed. The biggest tragedy of this species is that we are capable of such great things, but we seem to go in the other direction. We are wrecking this planet, it’d be better off without us, so I do empathise a bit with your point, but it’s a few humans wrecking things for the rest of us.

  14. America needs to get out of the middle east and let them run their country’s how they want if thier religion is so great. And the world needs to embrace alternative fuels. Also over populating breeds violence and war

  15. Yup.

    As far as I am concerned, God’s Cursed Ones have been at war against humanity, non-stop, since 1911.

    It ratcheted up to pure barbarity in the “WWII”, with the mass fire-bombing of unarmed civilians. and it has been ever since. Korea, Vietnam, all over South America and Africa. The united nations of Rothschild. No country has sovereignty any more. All bow down to ZOG.

    And now it is time for enslavement of the sheeple who have not been bombed to pieces. Police in their own country are killing them, getting them used to being killed.

    The 9/11 false flag op didn’t quite work, there is another one coming, and another, and another.

    There used to be five countries that were not controlled by the usurious creeps. Libya, gone. Cuba, going.

    All the Arab states, going.

    They want Iran. They have 83 “American” (well the yanks are the mercenaries of the Jew, they do not decide when to jump or when to blow their nose) bases surrounding Iran. They are taking down each country surrounding it.

    The End Times are here.

    Armageddon is coming.

  16. I like this site because many of the people who visit it and comment seem to be free thinking. But we have to be aware that ‘THEY’ want us to argue and fall out,its one of there biggest weapons-Divide and Conquer,with lashings of Fear and Confusion thrown in for good measure. The only way we stand a chance is if we unite.

    1. Couldn’t agree more on your statement, @mikehuntstinks. We can never achieve peace by fighting amongst ourselves. On the most desolate of hours, I think we should at least try to unify ourselves – even if the future looks extremely unclear.

  17. When this happen. ..after it, build no mass of volks again, no mass of Religion People. NO mass for build Citys, dont create Lands and borders. Or this shit here happen again. No Money.. no TV.. just romantic fire in night.
    Just ..permittet are Little Groups of camps and “Walkers” .pleeease πŸ˜€

  18. World War III ?. I doubt it. The game of chess is continuing as ever, but, the brink will never go further than that. Why ?, Nuclear Deterrent. The Cold War in the Soviet era brought us closer than ever and yet, it fizzled out. The assumption back then was that both the West and The USSR had their fingers primed, ready to press the button. Guess what ?, it never happened.

    Maybe humans will bring about their own demise, but I personally doubt it will be via World War III.

    1. Nuclear deterrent is only ever a deterrent when it results in a draw.

      The US in partnership with NATO have already passed legislation on building missile defence facilities in Eastern Europe, starting with Poland and Ukraine.

      This type of positioning is only ever done when one side wishes to negate the others fighting power whilst maximising their own, or at least wishes to pretend to.

      The Iranians are trying to build nukes, the Pakistanis already have them and so does India. Both the western/eastern power blocs are at each others throats, Europe and America are in the middle of a massive social/economic decline with debt levels out of control, African filth from the deepest jungles keep arriving by boat in Europe furthering the decline even more etc.

      When global civil war takes hold, and it will very soon I guarantee it, and each country desperately tries to protect and gain assets by forming groups against groups there will be another great war.

      All it takes is for one heavily armed country to crack whilst under pressure to start it all off and the western power bloc seems intent to keep cranking up that pressure.

        1. I’ll answer my own question.

          Nothing. Apart from the none stop, all access to the many different types of media that throws this stuff out 24/7 365.
          That, I believe, is The only difference between now and back when.

        2. @ewestomper,

          A destabilised middle east is what changed.

          Assets that were once in Arab hands are now not and the contracts previously made are now void. This means that it is all up for grabs and nobody wants to share, hence conflict was always going to ensue and large scale assets due to their economic advantages create large scale conflicts.

          1. @Empty.

            Was the middle east not destabalised back in the days of the Iran Iraq war, the Ayatollah’s etc ?. Has the Middle East not been subject to some form of destabilisation ever before ?
            A World War because the middle east is destabalised ?, a few contracts have
            been torn up and this will lead to World
            War ?.
            Come on, in reality, the only thing that’s changed slightly are the players. This has been going on in one shape or other since year dot.
            People get into a frenzy about this stuff due to them being subject to a plethora of agenda based ” news ” being available wherever they look.

            But, as always, this is all conjecture, we’ve all got opinions about this stuff, have we not ?.

            I know one thing for certain. If by some crazy miracle, we all had no means of viewing what the media spew out, we would all be able to get on with our lives without having the need for an opinion on the subject. And my guess is that we would suffer no more for it.

          2. @ewestomper,

            You?re looking at it from the wrong perspective, middle east fighting the middle east is worrying from a western investment point of view but does not change the dynamics of trade other than to possibly cause a renegotiation with the new Arab leaders. Both western and eastern blocs are still on the same level at this point and they may even work together to create a coup if the new Arab leaders are ?unreasonable?.

            The difference with today is that the western bloc have disposed of these Arab leaders and have put in place puppet governments, in other words they have seized the assets for themselves and are now mounting a power play against the eastern bloc.

            War will not happen merely because the middle east has been destabilised, it will happen because the balance of power has shifted between the western and eastern power blocs.

            If you think that the eastern power bloc will just accept this situation you are wrong, like any good chess player they will make moves to ensure their dominance.

            The media and news outlets have nothing to do with this other than to preach agendas and therefore have no relevance to the global happenings.

            I personally see the world through the eyes of a chess player, not a news channel, and so regardless of peoples individual perspective on the matter a power struggle is most certainly taking place and wars are often the end result of such power struggles.

          3. @Empty.

            Everything you have just said has all taken place before.
            That’s my main point. The only difference is the eastern bloc is no longer a sprawling Soviet Republic and the Middle Eastern nations have been maneuvered in a certain direction in the interests of the West.
            What we have then really, is East Vs West with the mid east in the middle. Where have we seen that before !?.
            Yes the west wants all if those fossil fuel utilities and the big bad Kremlin won’t let them have them, at least without rattling the sabres now and again. Nothing new there either. And as for puppet leaders, the latest are just additions to one very old, long list.

            And that’s the thing. It isn’t a game, far from it, but the media would have us believe it is.

      1. World wars are an anachronism. There are four elements which make world wars extremely unlikely:
        1) Nuclear weapons – Healey’s theorem of nuclear deterrence states that if there are just 5 chances out of 100 that nukes will be used, that’s enough to deter the aggressor. So far it’s holding true, from Kahn to Schelling and Freedman it’s known that playing the nuclear escalation cycle game is not just extremely dangerous but politically suicidal.
        2) United Nations, collective security and the imposition of democratic standards and higher government accountability – balance of power formula is now much more diplomatically coercive and easier to achieve.
        3)Technology and rise of guerrilla warfare efficiency – no more daggers, or pitchforks, technology is a great divider but also a great equalizer. Now its MANPADS, AKM’s and IED’s.
        4) Independent media and social networks – pair this with the relatively timid Western population and especially the inert middle class and you have an unbearable political pressure on the government.
        So what’s changed? Well the credibility of nuclear deterrence is rather small when dealing with limited wars and limited objectives, so if we presume that our states won’t collapse from within, wars of the future will be extremely limited in scope and fought with great duration. Proxy wars and proxy armies usually battling around contested areas applying the salami strategy.

        1. @ empty

          US took control of oil in Iraq already, theen gave it back. Why did we not keep it? We sit back, then get criticized for doing nothing. It’s a balancing act that is finely walked, and the world will never be satisfied. Hind sight is always 20/20, but we made a choice and were active, such as France made a choice and were inactive, at least they made a choice and stuck with it. I don’t always like the choice, but I stand behind my country.

    2. Interesting discussion, but most of you think in outdated ways, world wars aren’t going to happen between states anymore. You didn’t mention the greatest security concern, one that we can’t control, that is climate change. Also there is reliance on oil for main source of revenue in OPEC. When oil is no longer a viable energy source, geopolitical and social crisis will reverberate through the middle east and the third world. Also there is societal collapse. But those two last concerns we can control if we modify or abolish our current mode of capitalism.

      1. You obviously don’t mean climate change as per the green lobby’s interpretation ?. Because that’s The biggest scam we’ve been subjected to for a very long time.
        Cfc’s for instance. European legislation was passed giving rise to the white goods scam. Every family must get rid of their refrigerator and purchase a new, CFC free model, which, by the way, cost a fortune.
        Then, on to the energy saving lightbulbs, which cost five times as much as the bulbs you currently use, but give off a far less bright light, but last much longer. My arse. And many other mindless schemes.

        All in the name of repairing the hole in the ozone layer, not to mention taking care of the ever diminishing northern ice sheet, which, I might add, is bigger now than it has ever been.

        The green lobbyists always make that fatal error when evaluating their test models. The error being that they never consider All of the data in their calculations, rather they consider only the data that shows decline, or in other words, they cherry pick their data, the data which is released to Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs is a lie.
        Their notions were based mainly on their being a mass melting of the ice, which would have caused the levels of salt in the Atlantic to decline, thus causing changes in the various underwater currents like our very own Gulf Stream, which keeps the UK climate relatively mild. This is just one example of their con artistry.

        Not saying your points are not valid, as one person’s are as valid as the next, but I’d also say that while current capitalism is going way overboard, the crux of the problem for the general public is usury. The never never. It never did anybody any good.

        Oil by the way, is going to be with us for a very long time yet. There are still hundreds of billions spent each year on prospecting alone. Hence the 2000 plus new offices opening along Brazil’s eastern seaboard within weeks of their offshore oil being discovered.

        1. Climate change is a scientific fact, but what you’re talking about is anthropogenic climate change or man made climate change. That’s a controversial and irrelevant matter. The facts are that ice ages or little ice ages are normal periods of climate change, it always caused famines and disruptions and today despite our technology we have many more mouths to feed.

          What you call usury is simply called compound interest or interest in capitalist economy. It’s the most widespread financial instrument and the highest factor of profit. I don’t think “usury” is bad when it’s used against rich countries or rich individuals (examples being a decrease in borrowing costs and more equal distribution of capital). Real problem is that to much money is being accumulated by the wealthy for luxury instead of investments.

          About oil, you’ve misunderstood I never said anything about the global reserves of oil, I was talking about the viability of oil compared to alternative sources of energy. The developed world is trying to break it’s reliance on oil with other energy sources, it’s a potent but also potentially harmful geopolitical and economic strategy. The point is to remove oil as an instrument of policy and to profit from renewable sources (that are becoming more and more cost efficient). That would destroy the overwhelming influence of OPEC and about 80% of its countries revenue. I think i don’t need to explain how catastrophic that would be in the end for all of us, not just OPEC and developing countries.

          1. Agreed on the climate change issue. A multi billion dollar industry, but when all is said and done, nothing will halt the cyclical nature of huge global events. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

  19. Ahh this topic in particular is not something youth would want to hear, but it is a topic worth discussion and worth consideration.

    I have never been in war nor will I ever serve one, let alone the thousands of individuals fighting for one side, when they can just side with their families, but nevertheless war is inevitable.

    It is too unpredictable, to even choose a side without being confused, when your not aware of the other countries motivations and agreements

    On one side we have developing technological advancements as well as a swarm of nuclear power plants and nukes that will turn this beautiful earth we once knew into a pile of shit.

    On another side we have a minority who promise genocide upon millions of civilians (aka Zionists) to further their own agendas and provoking a 3rd World War if they don’t get what they want.

    I think that if we have any brains, they got even bigger brains thus know the inevitability of war on front (the BRICS), but simply let’s say they were to let go of their ties… then there would be no war to ensue.

    I truly believe that if we spread knowledge, and prepare for the worst to come, then we’d ultimately have to answer to ourselves. Is choosing the right to die, or in this case war, a notary to having peace in mind or does it bring grief? We don’t have aforementioned choices… we are born sheep… following our “trustees”… look beyond that… we are already in a war… I have never felt more pawned.

    They greatest hoax in human history was WW2 and after WW3 what will come next? Will there even be a victor?

    I have done my own research and tried uncovering the truth as well as read history dated back Before Christ himself. I just don’t know what needs to be experienced, to know what to say, about anything… I make my journey a self knowlegdeable one as I was born alone and mortal, and I will die alone and mortal.

  20. WWIII Let the games begin this planet needs a serious douche.
    WWIII will be a side show compared to any number of natural events that could leave our planet un-fit to sustain our fragile lives.
    War and the death it brings can be matched in an instant by events nobody can control.
    Life is more precarious than many can imagine.
    Enjoy each day you have…one day for all of us that day will be our last.

    1. Enjoy each day indeed, well I at least try to.
      That advice I fear may fall on deaf ears for many though @rayf, it’s as if many actually wish for so called Armageddon to come.
      It is all wind and piss though, because as you said, the end, the real end, for human kind anyway, will be dealt by mother nature. And there’s sod all anyone will be able to do about that.

    1. i wouldn’t really say “anti-American”. more like, anti establishment, anti authoritarian, anti-totalitarian, anti-commercialism, anti-Zionism etc. it’s not our fault USA boasts one of the largest herds of Sheep in the world. As such, they are an easy target, but all joking aside, the Americans are indeed waking up and shedding their wool, i guess because we made it look cool. πŸ˜†

    1. WTF? So Canadian authorities are trying to make it a hate crime to support a possible boycott on a few israeli companies (because of what they are doing to the Palestinians) and of course pulling out the anti-sematism card? I guess it’s a hate crime in their eyes but they ignore the war crimes past and present of IsraHell. Yeah, that makes sense 😐

  21. Jade Helm will start soon. July 15th, to be exact. And many southern states will feel the full wrath of pure evil. Texas is one of the supposed, states seen as rogue, and aggressive towards the American Military, and the Cabal. Also, after the Asteroid hits in the southern Atlantic, near Cuba, on September 23rd, it it said that the Russians, and the Chinese will take full advantage of this coming disaster, and invade the U.S. This is starting to make sense to me with all the plastic coffins, Fema Camps, Ammunition, Military Trucks, Tanks, and Personal Carriers coming from Canadian Trains from Quebec, to Alberta,and then, headed to California, and Texas. All the hushed, and rushed underground bunkers being stocked with supplies, and food for hundreds of thousands of the Elite, and Military Personel is too much to simply ignore. Christ, they have Cities underground in the desert, with 7 story buildings, laundry mats, and grocery stores in these places. The shit is about to hit the Global Fan, Boys and Girls πŸ™ For any of you guys living on the Eastern Seaboard, get the hell away from there and go inland. Head North West,,, for the hills, and Mountains, and stock up on food, water, and weapons, in order to hunt for food, because the stores will have none, and gas, lots of gas will be needed. Try to purchase old Motorolla Radio,s for two way communications, as all power, cell phones, and services will be knocked-out. I have not been on here for awhile because i have been doing my homework about this shit, and honestly, I think that this will be the big one. Too much is not making sense, and i have this awful feeling in my stomac. I HOPE THAT I AM WRONG GUYS!!! Love you all Brothers, and Sisters.

    1. Wow, what a leaping guess. War is what unites us Americans. As far as invasion, good luck! Mobilization must happen to fight a front. All of us are not fat and lazy, just some. You will be wrong. Just keeping this rant short and sweet for the “historians” whom keep digging until they find what they’re looking for (Hitler backers, Anti Jewish, west plot ng to take over) I suppose we didn’t land on the moon, control minds with chem trails, holocaust didn’t happen , and governments depopulate the earth with crop additives as well, huh? A few racial tensions and we are in civil war?! We had our civil war, we may have another , but we won’t see it in our lifetime. I may be a “sheep” according to you, but I’ll take that any day over being a fly, buzzing around looking for shit, just annoying hard workers in the process. Do you have a job? Oh, then you’re part of the system known as society! Write your thoughts on paper if you soo believe in the collapse, because from what I understand, everything is going to fall apart and you won’t have your precious www(world wide web, not world war whatever). As far as winning a war, wear a uniform and fight us man to man, I know who the victor will be. Stick with the guerilla warfare if you plan to win, which is kind of impossible on our soil. Good luck and good riddance!

  22. hmm i used to think WWIII was in the making.
    but after some logical thinking i came to the conclusion that we life in the most peaceful era of human history.

    one can even conclude that war is getting out of fashion

  23. I don’t really hate any country, i hate the concept of countries, It isn’t even real it’s a idea taken way too seriously. Personally, i don’t really care about another regions interests, I’m just some guy at home eating cheetoes it really doesn’t matter unless you make it matter. Like the cold war, all Russia and America had to do to avoid war was….nothing, just don’t look at each other until yall calm the fk down. Countries need to take a big step back take their heads out of their own asses and stop taking them selves so seriously.

  24. Interesting post. Its good to know there’s someone out there poking at the realities of life. We are not invincible as humans, we are only ashes and dust, and war is imminent, yes. The offspring of today’s society is horribly misinformed and extremely pampered; centuries ago the condemned by law were decapitated at the plaza where everybody could see, even children.

    Every time I hear about 9/11 I think about what Gabriel told Stanley in one of the last scenes in Swordfish (2001), which, as a matter of fact, precedes the 9/11 “terrorist attacks” by a couple of months:

    Gabriel: You’re not looking at the big picture Stan. Here’s a scenario. You have the power to cure all the world’s diseases but the price for this is that you must kill a single innocent child, could you kill that child Stanley?
    Stanley: No.
    Gabriel: You disappoint me, it’s the greatest good.
    Stanley: Well how about 10 innocents?
    Gabriel: Now you’re gettin’ it, how about a hundred – how about a THOUSAND? Not to save the world but to preserve our way of life.
    Stanley: No man has the right to make that decision; you’re no different from any other terrorist.
    Gabriel: No, you’re wrong Stanley. Thousands die every day for no reason at all, where’s your bleeding heart for them? You give your twenty dollars to Greenpeace every year thinking you’re changing the world? What countries will harbor terrorists when they realize the consequences of what I’ll do? Did you know that I can buy nuclear warheads in Minsk for forty million each? Hell, I’d buy half a dozen and even get a discount!

    Now, about World War III. It will all depend on a couple of factors, all of which will fuck all of us, regardless of where you’re POTUS or a simple hillbilly. The end of days is a horrible scenario of collateral damage; no one will win. It will be a simulation of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and sadly, in my opinion, it will be all in the hands of the country with the most nuclear weapons; the United States of America.

  25. Correction and common mistake: “WW3” has already been fought and won, it was called the “Cold War”, that went hot in proxy fights in Cuba, Africa, Indo-China; etc. The USA under Ronald Reagan won that one. To be correct, the next would be “WW4″….

  26. War’s will never end till the time mankind doesn’t stop subduing one another !! A guy spitted on my shirt in my high school , day’s because he thought i slapped him from behind when he was standing infront of me in a line ( actually i was done by his friend’s )..Don’t think i didn’t had the potential to beat the shit out of that guy , i had but instead of using force i camly said ” when you’ll realise who did it you will regret what you did “…Believe me , he come to my classroom ( i don’t know how he got to know in which class am studing in ) and apologies for his nad doing !! Well , see one person irritaes someone and other person gets troubled this is what’s happening in this world … It has become so messed up right now , its inevitable to stop it ..

  27. I don’t think there will ever be a WWIII. From now on there will only be military positioning, terrorist attacks and other skirmishes. A full scale war involving many well equipped nations, especially European ones will not likely ever happen.

  28. Just nuke the entire planet no more sides nor victors. We all die together with purity and nobility intact. Let the fags and whores in the government and the ass kissing invertebrates of the elite survive while the faithful die….The world needs to be purged.

  29. Maybe it’s about time Ares wreak havoc, and let Hades reap the souls, AGAIN… The atrocities of war will linger, unless humanity fully undertands that peace goes far beyond race, beliefs, social standings, mastery of science/technology and so on.

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